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  1. Japan (Preview)

    Your close-ups are so good it even looks like we're playing a different game... well done!
  2. Haussmann Reborn, Part 4 (Anno 2050)

    @tonyr, @jakis, @raynev1, @The British Sausage, @_Michael: Thank you for your nice comments! @Linoa06: You made my day :-) I did not know you were still active in Simtropolis. Nice to read you again!
  3. Central Park Lakes and some downtown work

    Nice lake. I like how the network is developing. (The music a bit too high, I put the volume down and then I can't hear you)
  4. More Rural Development!

    W. T. F... This must be the best landscape work that I've ever seen.
  5. Haussmann Reborn, Part 4 (Anno 2050)

    -------------------------------------------------------- [AUTHOR'S COMMENT] -------------------------------------------------------- This is the fourth and last entry of Project Haussmann. I hope you enjoyed this development in 4 stages: briefing-proposal-construction-result For the next entry we leave for a while the Urban Planning stuff and we start a new section in this CJ. The next entry will be something that you have already seen in Simtropolis, but I will be changing a few pictures to match the new storyline. It was posted several years ago, so probably it will be new for many of you. See u!
  6. Update 5

    Good improvements. Remember to hide the grid when taking the shots; this will add an extra touch and make the beach look more realistic.
  7. Union Pacific Rail #2

    Good choice on the retaining walls; they are helping the sunken station and the tunnel entrance to look great. Interesting stuff! By the way, being that far from the city wouldn't it be more common to have cheaper level crossings instead of the undergrounds passes?
  8. Haussmann Reborn, Part 3 (Anno 2047)

    @TekindusT I will try to use my influence on the City Council, but I can't promise anything... Nice to read you again :-) @kschmidt Thanks a lot for your compliments! @Urban Constanta Thank you @SIMplemente I made them using the lot editor. I can't upload them on the STEX for several reasons (I used random props and I'm not sure of the dependencies, ground textures show glitches depending on the zoom, etc). I created them for the sole purpose of this entry, and polished the result with Photoshop. In any case I uploaded the files to wetransfer if you still want to use them (https://we.tl/CHuvzsKKee). If this is not allowed in the CJ section, I'm happy to delete the link.
  9. The New Year's Entry

    Mosaic 19... WTF!
  10. Port de Caravella: Some more Suburbia

    Those apartments on the beach look fantastic...
  11. Haussmann Reborn, Part 3 (Anno 2047)

    -------------------------------------------------------- [AUTHOR'S COMMENT] -------------------------------------------------------- It's been quite a while, but I'm back :-) I hope you will like this new entry. For those of you who are new to Antarctica, check the previous 3 entries, or at least the preface, to understand what this City Journal is all about. Cheers!
  12. Haussmann Reborn, Part 2 (Anno 2042)

    @kschmidt - Glad you liked the canal. I'm using the regular hole digger that comes with the NAM; in this case the 16m one. @BLANKBLANK - I remember you with a different username ^^ Thanks for your comment. A lot more construction stuff to come in the next entry. @MushyMushy - Thanks for your comment and for the trick to plop residential! @MilitantRadical - Thank you! Two more entries to complete the Haussmann project. @GoKingsGo - Thanks a lot. I actually spent most of the time for this entry in Google Sketchup to create the 3D renders that you mentioned. For this Urban Planning entries I really want to focus on the process; from the briefing, to the proposal, to the construction, and finally to the result. @Themistokles - Thanks for commenting and for participating in our city council. The expected population when the project is finished will be of about 30.000 people, half of them children. Cars and traffic are now far from being a problem and the freeway is sort of a temporary thing while there's nothing between Grand Galerie and the starting settlement. I will however remember your suggestion when the city grows ;-) @NielsC007 - Thank you! @feyss - I tell you the same than to GoKingsGo; I put a lot of time in the 3D renders, so I'm very happy that you liked them. I understand your point about the canal, but I still like it this size. I've been using canals all the time in Leningrad's CJ and always liked what they add to the looks of the city. Thanks for your comment ;-) @Tonraq - Thanks for commenting. This roundabout is inspired in Charles de Gaulle Square (12 avenues converging!). For the current and short-term expected population of the city I consider this road network to be an overkill. No doubt in a much larger city this rondabout could be a hot point, but bear in mind that Alexadria is still nothing but a small town trying to bring back some of the glory that the World has lost :-) A new entry is about to be finished. Hope to see you all for the return of this City Journal!
  13. I've been away from Simtropolis and the game for more than a year. Today I logged in to download the new NAM and perhaps work on a new project, and... Wow! I see Leningrad awarded as City Journal of 2015. That's just amazing! Thank you everyone, and thanks as well for remembering me in the "Miss you" trixie. I will be back sooner than later :-) Congratulations to all the winners!
  14. Darlington (WIP)

    Amazing light contrast. If only we had those curve rowhouses in SC4 :-)
  15. Haussmann Reborn, Part 2 (Anno 2042)

    ---------------------------------------------- REPLIES ---------------------------------------------- Ln X: Thanks a lot for your support! Kschmidt: I do not think there's a solution to prevent plopped residential from being dilapidated (other than no dilapidation mod). In any case I do not care about in-game population figures. I use my own housing formula to calculate how many people can be housed in each building in order to have realistic numbers (for instance, I believe each duplex has an in-game maximum ocupancy of 24 people; in my CJ the number is 3,1). Thanks for commenting. takemethere: Thank you for your feedback and kind words. Feel free as well to criticize what you don't like. One of the ideas of the Urban Planning chapters is that you guys can be the City Council and have the power to alter the proposal. Toothless Stitch: Would be fun to have this kind of challenges! :-) TekindusT: Gracias! GoKingsGo: Thanks for your comment. As zoom levels weren't enough I added another dimension with the 3D renders