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  1. I've been away from Simtropolis and the game for more than a year. Today I logged in to download the new NAM and perhaps work on a new project, and... Wow! I see Leningrad awarded as City Journal of 2015. That's just amazing! Thank you everyone, and thanks as well for remembering me in the "Miss you" trixie. I will be back sooner than later :-) Congratulations to all the winners!
  2. Darlington (WIP)

    Amazing light contrast. If only we had those curve rowhouses in SC4 :-)
  3. Haussmann Reborn, Part 2 (Anno 2042)

    ---------------------------------------------- REPLIES ---------------------------------------------- Ln X: Thanks a lot for your support! Kschmidt: I do not think there's a solution to prevent plopped residential from being dilapidated (other than no dilapidation mod). In any case I do not care about in-game population figures. I use my own housing formula to calculate how many people can be housed in each building in order to have realistic numbers (for instance, I believe each duplex has an in-game maximum ocupancy of 24 people; in my CJ the number is 3,1). Thanks for commenting. takemethere: Thank you for your feedback and kind words. Feel free as well to criticize what you don't like. One of the ideas of the Urban Planning chapters is that you guys can be the City Council and have the power to alter the proposal. Toothless Stitch: Would be fun to have this kind of challenges! :-) TekindusT: Gracias! GoKingsGo: Thanks for your comment. As zoom levels weren't enough I added another dimension with the 3D renders
  4. Haussmann Reborn, Part 2 (Anno 2042)

    -------------------------------------------------------- [AUTHOR'S COMMENT] -------------------------------------------------------- Imagine that you're part of the City Council and this is the first project update that you receive. What would be your feedback? Anything you don't like, you think would not work, or just does not make sense? Feel free to shoot!
  5. Haussmann Reborn, Part 1 (Anno 2041)

    ---------------------------------------------- REPLIES ---------------------------------------------- gviper: Thank you! citybuilder: Thanks! Come visit every week :-) Terring: Thanks! feyss: Thanks! Tonraq: Thank you! Hope to meet your expectations. kschmidt: Thanks for commenting. Africa is overpopulated because the arks landed in Cape's Town. That's the reason why it is also by far the most populated city. At the moment the rest of the continets have just few small colonies like Alexandria in Antarctica. Linoa06: Thank you! TekindusT: Hope so! Gracias. Paulobergonci: Thanks a lot! SimEMS38: Thank you for your entusiasm! Doctoryzer: You're right! For a week I was trying to decide wether I make it an archipielago or not. In the end I decided to keep it as a full continent for the sake of the story line. However, we can argue that with the Earth's crust displacement the height of the continents changed (in the movie they say Africa rised thousands of feet), and since the sea bed of Antarctica is quite similar to the ice surface, there could be an explanation to its shape in this City Journal. Thanks for pointing this out! sucram17: Thanks for commenting!
  6. Haussmann Reborn, Part 1 (Anno 2041)

    ---------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR'S COMMENTS ---------------------------------------------------- First entry guys. I hope you like the style of CJ that I'm proposing. Feel free to express your thoughts wether positive or negative!
  7. BTT (CJ Section): 5 November 2015

    And another interesting week in Ben's fight against time :-) We're geting close to the year end!
  8. Entry no.28 - Industrial Sector G

    The indisputable master of the networks... just WOW
  9. Entry 28 - The Big Sights (5E135)

    If something can make me feel like playing Skylines is this City Journal. Your pictures are amazing.
  10. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Oh, that's a pitty, but thanks for letting me know!
  11. BTT (CJ Section): 29 October 2015

    Getting close to the end of the year, sir! Very useful for me to catch up with the stuff I've missed these past months. Keep them coming!
  12. Preface (Anno 2033)

  13. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed that my new entries are not appearing in the first page of the CJ section. They appear in the small "City Journal Entries" bar, but not in the main page. A screenshot below to show what I mean:
  14. The Final Chapter

    The Final Chapter Dear fellow simtropolers, this will be the final entry for the city journal of Leningrad. I want to thank all of you for your amazing support in every single entry. It is always a great pleasure to read your opinions, feedback, and (why not admit it) praises. In this I can't complain, as you all have pushed Leningrad to the top spot of BTT 16 weeks in 2015! The last picture I want to post is the first picture I uploaded. I had it in my mind for several weeks before I even had the idea of creating the city journal of Leningrad. In a way, it made it all possible. So what's next? There was a city journal called Antarctica that I abandoned after 7 updates to start the project of Leningrad. In this months I decided that as soon as I have some free time I would reset the whole thing and start from the beginning with more detail and care. Urban development is going to be one of the key areas of the new Antarctica, showing you the whole process, from the briefing to the construction; from the master plan to the reality. Photoshop is coming back and I will be using it a lot in the adventures to come (don't want to spoil the fun yet!). And last but not least, how can a city exists without its little and not-so-little stories? The Sims 3 will again be my tool to show you what happens inside the houses and in the streets of Alexandria. This is the Preface and first entry, posted again with some reworks and adjustments: ANTARCTICA
  15. NAM 34 Now Available

    Hi there! Great work with the new NAM release. Installed and working flawlessly. I've got a question about textures. I realized that when you use El-Rail over road 4 the texture being loaded for the sidewalk is in the file "mipmaps_sidewalks.dat" contained in NAM/El Rail/El Rail over avenue networks/z_mipmaps. There are three textures, wealth dependant I suppose, numbered 0x0810000A, 0x0820000A, 0x0830000A. I replaced the 3 of them with my own sandstone textures, deleted the original .dat file and place my own with the exact same name. Now, when I use the piece in the game the sidewalks do not appear and I see some red and blue colours where it was supposed to be. Does someone know why this is happening? I have replaced almost every ingame texture to Paeng's Sandstone, but this one is resisting... Apologies if this is not the right place for this type of questions. Regards.