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Found 396 results

  1. PEG-File needed!

    Hallo Everybody! I need your help. I downloaded a lot of the PEG CDK and Canal stuff. In the readme of the file PEG PPonds Canal Kit is written, that I should keep the file CSK2 Random Traffic from the older Version. Unfortunately I only got the recent version. So in my Canals and Streams no random ships are spawning. Can anyone help me? Where can I get theses file and perhaps the other two older files CSK2 Scows and CSK2 Small Port (Re-plop Lots) .
  2. Pet Cemetery

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! I'm back with another cemetery! In this time, a cemetery where our sims can bury her beloved pets, a honest place. INSTALLATION: Simply put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins Dependencies: Peg Memorial Park Kit (probably)
  3. Pet Cememetery

    I'm back, my friends! I recently made a place for bury the lovely pets from our sims. ENJOY! DEPENDENCIES: - Peg Memorial Park Kit (maybe) INSTALLATION: Simply put the .bat file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins Pet Cemetery_87e975e1.SC4Lot
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone would know where to go to get these 2 files? The first one is "SimPeg ploppable water" file. The 2nd one is "Becca, Fire-Fire & Rescue" file. I know about Peg's site is no more and I can't find them on the LEX or STEX. Was going to look on City-Builders site but that site is shut down with a message to look on STEX. Hope someone can send me in the right direction to get these files. Thank You.
  5. Hi all, Have a quick question. I did some googling and searching through the forums and couldn't find anything so I hope this is the right place. I have the PEG Utopia avenue medians installed and for the longest time I had no issues with it. But for the last few months I've noticed the PEG medians mixing with what appear to be the game's original ones. I've attached a photo. Not a huge issue, but something that just kind of bugs me. Anyway, thanks for any help you could provide!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Details from the original readme made by Paeng with updated links: ============================================================ Paeng's Urban Recreational Canals ============================================================ A series of shallow canals to create riverwalks or promenades with low sidings for more urban and recreational purposes, to mix with Peg's Ponds and Streams. ------------------------------------------------------------ LIST OF ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------ * 5 pcs. Walls and Extenders * 4 pcs. Promenade * 4 pcs. Narrow (single width) Canals * 3 pcs. Xtras (Addons) More Addons are planned for the future... ------------------------------------------------------------ DEPENDENCIES ------------------------------------------------------------ * JS Seawalls V3 * PEG Pond Kit II - Deluxe Edition -----------> (transparent patch) * PEG StreamKit-Deluxe Edition * The Terrain Kit (7in1) * Murimk Props Vol02 v2.01 (Park Props) * SG 01 Megapack * Porkie Props Vol 01 * SHK Parking Pack * SPOT ------------------------------------------------------------ DEVELOPER NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------ Experiment with the various sub-sets - all pieces can be mixed freely. Some pieces will need a bit of MMP-treatment to cover up the occasional 'neuralgic' spot. When plopping MMPs take care not to overdo it, otherwise the canal pieces will just "disappear" ;-) It is recommended to use this set together with the Free Waters Mod. The pieces are set with default white bases and are compatible with my Sandstone Sidewalk Mod. All needed info is given via the in-game menu. You find all items at or near the end of the 'Parks' menu with custom icons. ------------------------------------------------------------ INSTALLATION ------------------------------------------------------------ Unzip the whole bundle, or COPY the "Paeng" folder from the *.zip into your plugin folder. You don't need to keep the "Documentation" folder. To uninstall, bulldoze any instance of this lot in your city, then remove the file(s) from your Plugins. ------------------------------------------------------------ CREDITS ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks to the folks at simpeg.com for valuable feedback! :-) Thanks to Murimk for some additional props. Uploaded on behalf of Paeng by Tyberius with Cori's and Catty-CB's permission. ------------------------------------------------------------ SUPPORT ------------------------------------------------------------ There is a very limited support for these files since the original creator is no longer an active developer and the original SIMPeg site is no longer available as well. You can ask for support in the PLEX Support Topic at Simtropolis. Should you need support for these items please visit the Paeng Production Forum http://www.simpeg.com/forum/index.php?topic=10716.0 Enjoy!
  7. PEG's boats

    I have begun a massive project, relotting Diggis ponds. And I need some more boats. So I went looking for moar boats, like WMP skulls and punts, SG Grandpa Al's fishing boat et al. And Peg's beautiful sailboats. But this doesn't go into the "Can't find it" thread, because I am supposed to have them -- they are supposed to be in PEG CDK3 SUPER PACK, and indeed, they show up as "sailboat" in the Reader , (the ones I am looking for). But. I can't find them in the L.E. !!! First I had uploaded LAK7 pack of boats for plopwater (PEG, CAL, NOB) made with them. I have the deps for that --among which PEG CDK3 etc., as indicated in the readme. It works for CAL boats. PEG's remain AWOL. I even tried Paeng SmallBoat MMP (which sports both CAL and PEG's boats.) But additional snag here : when I tried to verify with the Reader that the boats were indeed there (and under which name), it refuses to open both the BSC CAL Small boats.dat and the SmallBoats.dat. UH ??? I've scoured the L.E. in all directions, and item by item. I can't find those dratted boats. HELP ?
  8. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    Version 1.0.0


    Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread,, and with the permission of the Simptropolis Staff Members this file has been uploaded on behalf of Jason5871. It was not available anymore due to the unfortunate demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by @Jason5871. This Cruis Ship Port Set was made by Jason5871 and originally was uploaded onto the PLEX. This upload contains 6 folders, and into these folders you can find the original readme files and pictures taken by the original creator (but I updated all the dependency links into the *.txt files) and a folder called Cruise Ship Port. Each folder (from the above mentioned six) has a so called Cruise Ship Port folder (what you will copy from the zip into you plugin folder). Into each folders the Cruise Ship Port folder contains one of the following subfolders with the LOT files: 1. AK Cruise Ship Building - This lot will replace the in game Cruise Ship Port. It will apearing in your Reward Menu in game. Lot Size: 6x6 2. CSX Pier Mall - This is the CSX Pier Mall It has been reloted it fit the Cruise Port. It has the same properties as the orignal CSX Pier Mall. Lot Size: 6x10 3. END Lots - These are the ends that go with the new Cruise Ship Port Set. They have 15 low wealth commercial jobs each. Lot Size: 2x6 4. Fillers - These are the 5 filler lots for the Cruise Ship Port. They have 15 low wealth commercial jobs each. Lot Size: 1x6 5. Fire Station - Here is the Fire Station for the Cruise Port Set. Lot Size: 3x6 6. OWW2 Transitions - These Transitions will connect Cruise Ship Port set to the OWW2 set. These have 15 low wealth commercial jobs. Lot Size: 2x6 Apart from the AK Cruise Ship Building the rest of the LOTs take place in the Water Transport Menu in game, you can find them near to the PEG OWW2 set. It's not part of this set directly, but you may want to try Pezzajn's Cruise Ship Port (CSP) _ Broadway Cruise Ship Terminal as well, since it's an addition for this set. Dependencies: Peg-OWW2_Resource Peg-OWW2_Resource2 Peg_Marina_Resource (THIS ONE IS INSIDE THE DOWNLOAD) Peg-OWW2_1x3_Pierhead Peg-CDK3- Fountain Peg_CDK_SV_FoodCourts Peg-CDK3_2x3_Marina-Parking Peg-Oww2_1x3_LeftEnd Peg-Oww2_1x3_RightEnd Peg-OWW2_2x3_Obsdeck Peg-Oww2_1x3_Ramp Peg_CDK3_4x3_Marina-Docks Peg-CDK3-CG_Resource Peg-OWW2_FireStation CSX Pier Mall - Only dependency for the CSP Pier Mall Lot (you need the LOT file from Don Miguel's upload) PorkieProps-Vol1 Taxi Props Shmails Park A Lot 1x3 (you only need the models and desc files from this) SG_SuburbanFireHouse NDEX ITS Mega Props Vol3 - this is for the AK Cruise Ship Building only Bsc_Texture Vol2 BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_Vol1 Have fun and enjoy! - Tyberius06
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread, this file has been uploaded on behalf of Pegasus. It was not available anymore due to the the demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Pegasus. The PEG CSK2 Locks have been updated for use with the PEG PPond Canals and ploppable water. This new lot is a "one lot fits all"... in that it can be used both with the canals and the PPond ploppable water. But wait... There's more. This is also a "2fer" lot... as in 2 for 1... as the same lot now replaces the CSK2 Ocean Lock as well. It can also be plopped along your coastlines and used with the PEG CDK3 & OWW2 coastal collection of lots. That's one less menu icon to scroll around looking for. [YEA !!] * If you are not familiar with these Lock lots, they are used to allow your canals to change altitudes. The PPond ploppable water that is used to make lakes, rivers and streams has waterfall lots for that purpose. However, the Locks are the only viable & realistic way for a canal to traverse down a slope. The Lock uses timed props to create an animation effect. During the day, the Lock will change several times from being full to being lowered. Various river Scows will also appear in the Lock. Like the original, the Lock will automatically adjust to various heights of the slope. There's no need for precise terrain editing... although the area above and below the Lock should be level. The new Lock has been reduced in size to only 4 tiles deep... but it is still 2x tiles wide. The upper-level canal section on the original has been removed so the Lock is not limited to use only with the Canals... and it could also be used with any other type of ploppable water or canal style. * Please be sure to consult the Developer's Notes section of the included readme file for details on plopping and using this lot. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here. Dependency:
  10. I'm missing the reward slots for the PEG navy mod for Navy bases 3 and 4. They never seem to show up in the rewards section, even with cheats used. Help?
  11. PEG done

    Ive noticed peg is down and cant find downloads for it, i still have a few on my computer...wondering if it would help to upload them somewhere. if so, tell me what to do so the stuff doesn't die.
  12. i was wondering if this is a common issue in the game... you can see the middle normal road has a nice 90 degree natural curve, now when i try to apply it to the dirt road version it doesn't work or just goes back to the normal road look. Anyone know any solutions around this?
  13. New Cemetery

    Version 3.0


    This is a new cemetery for your city!. Cost $12000! DEPENDENCIES: PEG Memorial Park Kit INSTALLATION: Put the dat file in Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins ENJOY!
  14. Version 8.0


    This my custom version of the excelent mod PEG Memorial Park Kit by Pegasus. Finally I found the Mausoleum in Lot Editor and feel so happy. DEPENDENCIES: For work without problems (thanks RandyE for comment) you must install the PEG Memorial Park Kit INSTALLATION: Put the .dat files in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins ENJOY! bone wall corner 3_251bd0ae.SC4Lot bone wall edge 3_e51bd4cd.SC4Lot PEG_Cus3x3_Mem-Park-Gate 3_e52642e7.SC4Lot PEG_Cus3x3_Mem-Park-Gate 4_652644ef.SC4Lot bone wall corner 4_452ba7ba.SC4Lot
  15. Hi! I'm about to put together the dependency list to my Seaport Project and I ran into a little problem. I put the current dependency links into the read me documentation and when I wanted to attached the link of the subjected file I couldn't find it on the STEX. I found the old CSK2 Lock, but did not the PP Locks, what I use for each of the transition lot. I don't know if I overlooked something and the mention file is on STEX, or it has been left out so far? Can someone confirm the current status of this file? And if the file is on the STEX, can someone navigate me into the right direction for example with a link? And if that file isn't on STEX, who has the right to upload that one? Thank you in advance! Regards, - Tyberius06
  16. Miren las fotos. Una es de un mausoleo del excelente mod de PEGASUS y la otra de un auto negro. Mi idea es la siguiente para aquellos que crean mods para el SimCity 4 Rush Hour: 1- El mausoleo sea un objeto a parte para que se pueda un construir tu propio cementerio como el mismisimo PEG MEMORIAL PARK, con su respectivo sonido de cuando hacemos click en un cemenerio del juego. 2- Que el coche sea un adicional o de reemplazo y manejable cuando pongamos un cementerio en tu ciudad ya que el coche es muy parecido un coche fúnebre '''moderno''. 3- Que alguien haga un cementerio de mascotas con dos estatuas de bronze de perro como las del juego en la entrada como lo están el PEG Veterans Memorial Park de Pegasus.
  17. Anyone know where I can find the end pieces to these cdk sets by peg? I have a bunch of pieces, but no ends to finish them off
  18. I am having some major problems trying to make a marina in one of my coastal cities. I have lots of experience with the seaports (CDK, OWW2, etc..) and have never had any issues with slope before. I am aware that the marina is slope tolerant to allow the docks to sit on the water surface, however when placed side by side the two adjoining lots now don't line up evenly. There is no issue on the front (land) or back (water) side, but the slope is extremely inconsistent piece to piece along the harbor. Basically my poor Sims have to walk down the boardwalk and take a leap of 8-10 feet to jump down to the parking lot docks. SO, I figured that I needed to make sure my slopes were perfectly flat (even though I had used a combo of road and RHW flattening). I smashed out blocks of RCI and a highway and did a quick level god mode brush and started over building in a perfectly straight coast and even slopes both below and above water. The same damn thing happened. I am pretty sure in the past when I downloaded the PEG Marinas originally I had this problem and just gave up but now my city really needs a nice marina for the richy-rich folks. Please advise.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP Potty Pack By Pegasus Pegasus Productions is proud to present 4 new potty lots for your pooping... um, er... plopping pleasure. The need for these facilities was pointed out by a couple of astute members who rightly concluded that the only load you should carry on the trails... should be upon your back. We start out with your very basic porta-potty... except that these are located way out on the trails. So they of course just sit over a hole in the ground and there is nothing "porta" about them. And despite an over-abundance of natural pine air freshener, we all know how much gas and fumes can build up in these little ovens. So for God's sake, don't light up a smoke or you'll be waving at the space shuttle crew as you zoom past them at Mach 12. Also, be sure to bring your own roll as Sears stopped delivering the catalog in these parts about 30 years ago... and corn don't grow at this elevation. Plenty of pine cones, though... (Oh, the humanity...;-) From your basic "single-holer", we step up into the deluxe models featuring solid walls & real honest-to-God plumbing. Of course, you still have that ever-popular 60-grit sandpaper they call TP... and if you linger too long the soles of your shoes might start to dissolve. But it still beats shooing flies away as they try to crawl inside your gas mask. And for your more upscale campgrounds, we offer the creme de la creme of crappers... the Restroom Shower combo. Campground's started putting in shower's when they finally realized that campers would hang around longer if they weren't always trying to move upwind of each other. Although still no substitute for cable, the showers do provide a little touch of home and are very much appreciated by the folk downwind. All of the potty lots are designed for use with the MTP Trails and are parks with minimal YIMBY properties. They are cheap to plop & maintain, are fairly slope tolerant and feature custom query sound effects. Like all PEG-MTP lots, they are PEG PCG tested & Tree-Hugger approved. Dependency: PEG MTP Super Pack All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP Civic Center By Pegasus This is the first of the civic reward replacements for the MTP. It is identical in all regards, except size & appearance, to the game-default City Hall. However, it does not replace it the game's Rewards Menu. This will allow the player to choose either style of city hall they prefer and to use the default city hall in non-MTP themed cities without any issues. The Civic Center sits on a much larger and more realistic 5x5 lot.. Its features a transit-enabled stone portal entrance, decorative fountains and ponds and parking that surrounds the entire structure. The building is night-lighted.. including the clock faces in the clock tower. The lot is also Christmas-Enabled with Christmas lights & decorations that appear only during the holiday season. The lot also features a custom UI that displays some extra, convenient city statistics... including the current Mayor rating & the current monthly profit (or loss). Dependencies: PEG MTP Super Pack PEG Christmas Development Kit All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP Parking Lots By Pegasus This is a collection of 4 small parking lots designed for the MTP and/or use in rural areas. Two of the lots are asphalt... and two have a dirt surface. Both styles are offered in a 1x1 and a 2x1 lot size. All 4 lots are transit enabled and all 4 function as Parking Structures with their capacities reduced from the default 5,000 down to 500. The plop costs and maintenance are also reduced. In the game, Parking Structures increase the efficiency of nearby Mass Transit stations primarily in residential areas. These parking lots can be used for that purpose but are so cheap to plop and maintain, you can easily afford to use them just about anywhere for eye candy. They also look great in urban areas, particularly next to parks and other 'green' areas. These parking lots will appear in your Misc. Transportation Menu right above the default Parking Structure. Each parking lot is installed as a separate file so you can easily remove any ones you won't use after installation. Dependency: PEG MTP Super Pack All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP Mountain Trails By Pegasus As part of the MTP upgrade, the classic Pine Trails have been modified to be "tree-type indifferent". In other words, you can now use them with any trees types you choose. Based upon requests on the support site, the pine tree props have been removed and these new Mountain Trails are now more flexible than ever. Other modifications include the use of the new blended MTP forest floor texturing along with a new & more subtle 'dirtier' dirt path. These are the same textures used in other MTP lots so they will all blend together quite well. Also, there has been an overall reduction in YIMBY effects to avoid blowing over caps... and the plop prices have been reduced accordingly. All other aspects of the lots remain the same and they still adapt to sloped terrain extremely well.. This Trail Park pack contains these lots: 1. A 1x1 Straight section. (§10/§1) * The standard straight piece. 2. A 3x1 straight section. (§15/§2) * A 3x1 version of the standard straight piece. 3. A Corner section. (§20/§1) * A standard 90 degree turn or corner section. 4. A Tee section. (§25/§1) * A standard 'Tee' or 3-way intersection. 5. A 4-way section. (§30/§1) * A standard 4-way intersection Dependency PEG MTP Super Pack All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP City Portal By Pegasus Now available for the MTP, this Alpine-styled City Portal/Gate will really bring the feel of the mountains to your MTP enhanced communities. Every mountain community needs a landmark to grace the postcards in their gifts shops. Here's yours!! Merry Christmas... And speaking of Christmas, this lot is "ChristmasEnabled". The lot appears normally throughout the year, but in December (game time), Christmas lights appear and the trees in the median are decorated and lit. The lot is transit-enabled for avenues and will plop right over an existing avenue or can be manually connected. All road traffic (cars. peds, trucks, buses, Santa's Sleigh, etc) can pass through the portal. The lot is a 4x3 Landmark and is located near the top of your Landmarks menu. It is also a Tourist Trap and will help promote tourism in your city. * This model was modified and re-textured from the Portico de Gramada lot created for the SimCity Brasil fan site. It is a replica of an actual small landmark in Brazil. Dependencies: PEG MTP Super Pack PEG Christmas Development Kit All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    PEG MTP Economy Airbase By Pegasus Alarmed by reports that a neighboring SimNation has gained air superiority, the Air Force is offering to build a new air base in your city. But after the recent budget cuts, they have little more than two pennies to rub together. Rest assured, they will have the 200 Simoleans a month they promised to pay your city, but they will have to cut some corners with the base facilities and especially, the operational aircraft. Rumor has it that the base will be home to a squadron of F1 'Splinter' fighters. Although considered slow and fragile compared to modern fighter jets.... with a nasty tendency to loop and fly straight into the ground... these venerable aircraft are cheap to produce, easy to fix... and require virtually no training to fly. And with petroleum prices continuing to soar... much higher than these planes ever will... the "alternate power source" used by the F1 Splinter can save millions in fuel costs. (Rubber Bands not included) This Air "Farce" base is a conditional reward that you can easily earn with a city population of just 12,000. It was designed for the MTP but can easily be used in any city or theme. Like most military establishments, it creates some pollution. But not too much considering that the base costs you nothing and will generate §200 a month in income... and also provide civilian jobs to local residents. And because this base is so poor, there's nothing of value to interest the local crooks. So unlike most military bases, this base will not escalate crime in the area. The Economy Air Base is conveniently located in your Airport menu.... primarily as this is one of the few menus we haven't yet stuffed to the gills. Dependencies: PEG MTP Super Pack PEG CDK Fishery (Optional - for chainlink fences) PEG One Flag - Many Nations (Optional - to fly flag of choice) All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  25. SurPLUS - SimPeg LUminary Society There comes a time when all good things must come to an end, however in the great circle of life, sometimes when we get to the end - we start at the beginning again... or in the time honoured tradition of Simcolumbus, we grip tightly to the yellow arrow and sail over the edge into uncharted territory. Whether we fall into the abyss to be devoured by garbage eating dragons, or pass safely to the 'other side' is all part of the adventure. Here at least we can provide a (more or less) safe haven, a resting point on our journey, for those of us mercilessly cast adrift by the harsh realities of data corruption and server implosion. May we stop a while, and reflect... raise a glass... (down a glass)... and reminisce on good times past. ----- Right enough of that mushy stuff... pass the beer and nuts. Especially the nuts.

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