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Found 30 results

  1. Royston - The Capital

    Welcome to Royston, the capital and second largest city of Jarraban. With a population of 472,000, it is small in size. However, it packs a punch, wielding significant political and economic power nationally and throughout Australasia. Since becoming Jarraban's capital in 1924, it has evolved to be a cosmopolitan and chic city, embracing the modern whilst retaining elements of the old. Today, we'll be going on a little tour.Aerial view of the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Royston's CBD is compact but eclectic, housing important financial and political institutions, world-class eateries, vibrant nightlife and superb shopping opportunities.Closer view of the CBDThe CBD at night. Abuzz early in the evening when Roystonians eat out, and then later on when revellers hit the city's numerous pubs and clubs.Royston's waterfront precinct. Redeveloped in the late 2000s, it features a marina, offices, apartments, shops, restaurants and the historic Royston Yacht Club.Parliamentary Precinct, which incorporates several key buildings. Below is the Jarrabanian National War Memorial, built to commemorate the armed forces and those who have died or participated in wars. Left is the National Gallery & Library (completed in 2014), in the centre Parliament House (built 1928), and right the High Court of Jarraban.Darwin St Mall in the city centre. Notable for Commonwealth Square (middle), delicious coffee shops and - for those looking to splurge - high-end boutiques.University of Royceston (below) and St. Anne's Hospital (above to the right)North Royston. Numerous government institutions are headquartered here. In the lower half of the image is Eppa Plaza (orange building), Jarraban's second largest shopping mall. Just above is Royston Station.Norfolk Park, the city's main stadium. With a capacity of 48,000, it regularly hosts major events such as concerts, international rugby, cricket and soccer matches. Many famous sporting contests have taken place here.Jarraban's wiki page: http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Jarraban
  2. Everyone is invited to witness the opening ceremony of the 7th AIN Expo live from the Exhibition Center in Hakata ward, Kaijo Metropolis, Federal Kingdom of Teiko. The ceremony will feature a wide array of Teikonian culture ranging from folk to modern popular music. Join us as we celebrate AIN's largest gathering of minds. VISIT HERE for more details.
  3. Welcome to the Alliance on Simtropolis!
  4. Well, 2 years without activity? atleast I'm back here and with an update of Nakama. This update will mostly about the Last Run of 285 series Train in Mizawa Line, Mizawa, Nakama. This update mostly based on the last run of 205 Series Train in Yokohama Line back in 23 August 2014. There're several station on route not shown: Amagi Station (between Hashimoto and Mizue) and Higashi-Mizawa Station (Between Iguchi and Mizawa) because I havent finished the area. ()sad() but hopefully I'll post it later as different update. If there's something is rather incorrect about thing I dont know, please tell me. And credit for several picture I took from Internet as written +--------------------------------+ Nakama 6th - Memories of Snow Part 1 Mizawa line 285 Series Last Run 三沢線285系ラストラン credit to: http://home.a08.itscom.net/yokohama/205/lastrun/index3.html Sunday July 16 2017, Hashimoto Station on Mizawa Line crowd of people gather in 4th platform on this Station. They waiting for the train, but not a usual train. This train is part of event "Mizawa Line 285 Series Last Run" which is basically the final commercial run of the 285 Series train in Mizawa Line before retired. 10.23 am, the train arrived from Mizawa Station direction in the 4th platform of station following a big banner about the farewell to the train. Hashimoto Station in 10.25am Many railway enthusiasts come to the station and took the trip with the train or just took the photo and video in the station about the last trip of this fleet since the next trip on this line will be served by the new fleet, 323 Series. Inside the train itself is pretty crowded almost similar like weekday rush hour of this line, but for now, its a different case. On 10.26am the train left Hashimoto Station as a rapid service while the LED display sign on train changing from "For Hashimoto Station Local Serivces" into "For Mizawa Station Rapid Limited". This train wont serve Hashimoto Station anymore which been served since 1990. Front of the 285 series car in the last run, 285-71f. A sign being set in the front and back car since last week which is about the last run and the farewell sign. "We welcome aboard to the train 1822a rapid limited service of Mizawa Line to Mizawa Station. Train will stop in Shin-Mizawa Station, Kurihama Station, and final station Mizawa Station. Please give the prioritize seat for the elderly, disables, and pregnant woman. This is the last run of 285 Series on Nakama Railway Mizawa Line, please enjor the ride and thank you." as the conductor announce after the trains depart from Hashimoto Station. Train 285-71f passing through suburban of Amagi-cho, Mizawa City. at 10.33am, train approaching Mizue Station. It wont stop in this station since it's in the rapid limited service. In Mizue Station, there're several people waiting not for regular local train, but to capture the moment of this train last run passing through the station. Train 285-71f approaching Mizue Station This train, 285-71f alongside with other 27 set of 285 series fleet previously served this station as local services. The other train sets on this fleet as for 16 July have already retire from this line and currently in depot, awaiting for the next action for this trains. 285-71f leaving Mizue Station Inside the train, many passenger took video alongside this train run to record the final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line. 285-71f in Mizue-cho, Amagi Ward, Mizawa City Leaving Mizue Station, the scenery changed, from dense suburban area into semi-rural area. Alongside Mizawa Line there are various area from Bustling downtown Mizawa City near Mizawa Station into rural area between Kuramoto Station and Akitsu Station while in the middle mostly suburban area. Rural Scenery between Mizue Station and Kozue Station. 10.37am, The final run of 285 Series train enters Kozue Station 4th Lane as it passed the Station. Similar like in Mizue Station, some people waiting for this train and took picutre or record video from the platform of station or the bridge of trainway. Kozue Station was used for the nearby Mizawa International Soccer Stadium which was used in several international events. Atleast during 1990-2017, 285 series serving the stadium attendant even for abroad attendant to come to this largest Stadium in Nakama. 285-71f passed Kozue Station. After Kozue Station, scenery changed back into sprawling suburban of Mizawa which is the second largest city of Greater Nanohana. 285-71f after leaving Kozue Station "Next Station is Shin-Mizawa, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Matsukawa Shinkansen and Mizawa Municipal Subway Blue Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Shin-Mizawa. The train entering Shin-Mizawa area. Shin-Mizawa Station, a major Station of Mizawa build alongside the construction of Matsukawa Shinkansen back on 1980s. Although 285 series wasn't served the line yet when it's opened, the train series as it served Mizawa Line have an important role to serve passanger of Matsukawa Shinkansen who want to go to the Mizawa Downtown area. 285-71 entering Shin-Mizawa Station. in the same time where a Shinkansen Train enter Shin-Mizawa Station from Nanohana. "Door will be opened". 10.39am the train stopped at Shin-Mizawa Station. In this station, several railfans who not following from Hashimoto Station, just entered the train to see the final departure in Mizawa Station later on. some other just took videos from the station platform. 285-71f in Shin-Mizawa Station of Mizawa Line "Door will be closed". 1 minutes later at 10.40am, the train departed again from Shin-Mizawa Station and heading toward the next stop at Kurihama Station. Between Shin-Mizawa and Kurihama, the train already pretty packed with people who want to board with this train for the last time in Mizawa Line, some train window intentionally opened for better view on the joyride with this train. "Next Station is Kurihama, the door is in the right side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Nazawa Line for Arakashi Station and Through service for Shinwangan Line. Be careful with your step and check your belonging before leaving the train. Thank you" from the announcer of the train as the train approacing Kurihama Station. at 10:43am, 285-71f arrived in Kurihama Station. Similar like in Shin-Mizawa Line, some people just board from this station. As the train stopped at Kurihama Station, Nazawa Line 5000 Series also arrived on the Station from other direction. this will be the last time of these train encounter each other as in commercial purpose. 285-71f at Kurihama Station alongside with 5125f from Nazawa line. "Door will be closed". at 10:45am the train leaves Kurihama Station and heading for the last station of his service, Mizawa Station. 285-71f between hilly area of Iguchi-cho. 2 minutes later, 285-71f approaching Iguchi Station without stopping in this station, giving the farewell on running. 285-71f as it approaching Iguchi Station 285-71f passing through the bridge crossing the Nakama National Route 1. few moments after leaving Iguchi Station, Mizawa Line merged with Saikaido Main Line which is the main line connecting Nanohana with Matsukawa until Suzukake. at the time the last run train enter this part, there's not yet any train in Saikaido Main Line to encounter with, atleast for now. 285-71f as it enter the track parrarel with Saikaido Main Line after passing Higashi-Mizawa Station, at 10:49am the train will enter the final destination of this last run, Mizawa Station. 285-71f entering Mizawa Station. In other track 321 series of Saikaido Main Line just left the Mizawa Station and Heading to Nanohana Direction "We will arrive at the last station, Mizawa Station in a few moments. The door is in the left side of train from the train heading. Transfer available for Saikaido Main Line, Miwangan Line, Izumi Line, Serihama Line, Nazawa Line and Mizawa Municipal Subway Red Line. This train that you are currently riding, 285 series will retire as of today from service on the Mizawa Line after serving since 1990. Please make sure that you take all of your belongings with you as you exit the train. We sincerely hope that you take all of your happy memories of being on this train home with you for safekeeping as well." As the final announcer of the driver of 285-71f 285 Series train served between Mizue Station and Kozue Station during winter time 10:51am, the train arrived at Mizawa Station as scheduled and will be here for photo session until 11.00am before it go to Depot in Kagawa. In Mizawa Station itself, there's a lot of railway enthusiast already there taking photo of this train and recording the final moment of it serving this line as it arrived at Mizawa Station. During 9 minutes stop, a lot of people documenting the interior of this train. Final moment of 285 Series serving Mizawa Line. as the time showing 11.00am, 285-71f as the last train of 285 Series in Mizawa Line departing the Mizawa Station. as the train departing the station, the driver honk the train horn and everyone bid the final farewell of the train giving the thanks for the whole fleet of 285 series for last 27 years. as the train leave the station, it will join the other train of 285 Series Mizawa Line at Kagawa Depot while Mizawa line will be served further by 323 Series. to be continued....
  5. The City of Blois

    Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted here, why not spice things up again? Much has changed since the last time I posted, I have completely moved over to Cities Skylines and remade all my previous cities in cities skylines using the original SC4 maps. Anywhoo, no more chatter, let's get to the pics! Outside Blois Stadium, the main stadium for Blois' bid for the Alliance's Summer Games, showing the flags of New Duveland's provinces and territories in alphabetical order starting (left to right) with the national flag, the territory of Avaiki, Laperouse, New Caledonia, New Herault, New Munster, New Ulster, the New Duveland Capital Territory, Norfolk, Tasman, and finally, the national flag of New Duveland once more. Apartment living in Blois is becoming incredibly more popular, as it offers a luxurious lifestyle close to the heart of the city, while maintaining peace and quiet. Even though Blois is home to just under 400,000 people, the city's metropolitan train network is one of the most efficient in the country. Here we see commuters at Pontlevoy Station heading towards downtown during the morning rush. Another view of Blois Stadium, showing the lush sub-tropical vegetation that is featured in every park around the city. With a seat from here, you would get an impressive view of the city skyline! The city from above, laid out on a warped grid system, driving through Blois can be a breeze. Wide tree-lined boulevards offer an efficient way to get through town, or you could take the Devereaux Freeway, which travels along the edge of the city. The city skyline from Île de Waipapa (Waipapa Island), one of the most popular getaway spots for exclusive holidays, and is also home to a large collection of early French colonial housing, as well as several large open-air events. It's just a shot ferry ride from the heart of the city. Nothing says national or provincial pride like having your flag everywhere! Just in case you forgot that you were in New Hérault, New Duveland. Extras
  6. San Foca 2.0

    San Foca 2.0 After a long break and Besides trying to recover data of cities after my hard drive died I recreated a more modern and realistic version of San Foca. I posted in the forum of AIN several images in the new version of San Foca and generally to Siculia even if you are currently the accomplishment of some cities in Cities Skylines. But now let's see San Foca. Here is the old part of town with a nice high speed railway train station A canal in the city centre The industrial zone of San Foca This is the national monument of the fallen for the fatherland We move in the main street where there is a high speed train station An area where citizens of San Foca live in peacefulness A piece of the Ain Nations embassies The autobahn in San Foca The Sun is setting and the light at night will light up. This scene seems catchy with this music And while the electric lights replace the sunlight here is the autobhan at night The Federal Parliament during thenight The President's House and the Palace of ministries San Foca and the sea Another area where there are embassies with a high speed rail terminal During the night the city becomes magnificent Here is the highway with its tunnel that divides the old with the modern part with its skyscrapers Finally we give a small insight in the financial district of San Foca And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next article. COMMENT REPLIES: VIGATA kschmidt: Thank you very much. Aleister: I was experiencing the saturation of the colors are in the right path but there is much work to be done. korver: Thank you sunda: Thank you very much Takingyouthere: Thanks for the comment. To get that result, I had to struggle with the effects of photoshop.
  7. Derby - Jarraban's largest city

    My first CJ entry! Hope you enjoy it! Jarraban is the newest member of the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN). Here, I present to you the CBD of the country's largest city - Derby (pop. 1,878,210). Nestled beside a large natural harbour, the CBD features extensive parks and gardens and is a mix of the old and new. World-class eateries, nightlife, sporting/cultural venues, financial institutions and shopping opportunities await visitors, not to mention pristine beaches. Jarraban's wiki page can be viewed here: http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Jarraban Aerial view Closer view of the CBD Queen St Mall, the heart of Derby. Immediately surrounding it is most of the city's skyscrapers. Dominion Square and St James' Cathedral. In the top-right corner is the historic Smith & Turners Department Store. Chinatown (looking east) The Harbour Park Entertainment Precinct. Redeveloped during the 1990s, it features old warehouses converted into shops and apartments, parkland, a marina, and various cultural facilties. Pictured here is the O Dome (hosting concerts and similar events), Bay Tower and Derby Convention Centre. More of Harbour Park. Pictured here is Silvers Casino, the Derby Exhibition Centre, Derby Museum, and (to the back) the Northside Centre - a large shopping complex completed in 2010. Harbour Park Stadium and Commonwealth Arena Eastern Oval and Station Row, a renowned dining precinct Royal Botanic Gardens The University of Whartonia, Jarraban's oldest and most prestigious university Neighbouring suburb of South Derby
  8. Siculia' ll be back

    Siculia' ll be back After a few months break, here is the return of Siculia, but in the meantime, enjoy some preview of cities in Siculia COMMENT REPLIES: SURBO jmsepe: Restructure the transport system is very complicated but the traffic is the thing thatbothers everybody takemethere: Thanks for the comment. Southern Italian-style train station, that's where I found it. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3340 kschmidt: Thanks for the comment. The Park was to be a common City Park but I was inspired by the Palace of caserta. As regards the channels I decided not to round them andmake them a little squares. Ln X: Thanks for the comment vinlabsc3k: Thanks for the comment, as far as the junction was a junction on the T, but then I decided to create a small road connecting the highway with the industrial zone. Anyway thanks for the tip.
  9. Tropea

    Republic of Tropea,Tropea and International Airport Giuseppe Colucci more information on the wiki. TROPEA 27/1/2016 10:30 TROPEA International Airport Giuseppe Colucci Runway 9R. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to land at Tropea, if you can see the Windows you'll see Tropea Beach located near the airport. Thank you for choosing KLM. This is a classic phrase for those who land at International Airport Giuseppe Colucci who is close to the beach of Tropea, here is a picture of our flight. A few minutes later our plane arrives at its destination gate here begin our adventure. Tourists began to visit Tropea especially its historic center. The beach of Tropea is a beautiful tropical beach very equipped. Someone wants to make a football game on the beach? The sun sets is the beach of Tropea has a key piece much famous in tourist destinations. the Beach Airport HERE'S THE PLANE TOUCHING DOWN AT LOW ALTITUDE WOWW!!!!! And after an afternoon in the sea we go to do some shopping in the Centre of Tropea Finally we arrive at the casino hotel Mirage in all its splendour during sunset After the Sun went down finally comes the night is time that is unleashed: MOOSECAAA (cry of a guy "ignorant" you want spliffed overnight) Here is the central square of Tropea overnight. What beautiful historic buildings that unfortunately have been spoiled by Disco Concorde. It was a beautiful old town but now it's too noisy due to Disco Concorde and the damn roundabout. Italian-siculian mafia and Colombian cartels in their favourite area overnight PSSS. Been silent are selling drugs and weapons better not ping them. And with this news silent, is now closing! See you in a next weeks. COMMENT REPLIES: Welcome to Federal Republic of Siculia Themistokles:Thanks for the comment after some time off I am back city89:Thanks for the comment is this version will be very rich in content wes4:Thank you very much
  10. Welcome to Federal Republic of Siculia Siculia , officially Federal Republic of Siculia (Italian: Repubblica Federale di Siculia and Portuguese: República Federal de Siculia) is a Federal Republic situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South america, with a population 21,856,345 inhabitants. The capital is San Foca. Federal Republic of Siculia joined the Alliance of Independent Nations on 10 December 2015. Here's the official position of Siculia. Here are the 10 federal States (and its smaller islands) that make up the Federal Republic of Siculia A State that has a mix of the wet tropical and Mediterranean climate, I mean a State that sees little winter. The official language and Italian and English. But now we go into specifics:. How will this City Journal? The financial district of San Foca It will be a city journal where I show you the various cities and natural landscapes of Siculia How will it be structured? High speed train that runs through the countryside I'll try to do it in a particular way: City Journal Standard The classic version of a city journal where I show you the various cities and counties. City Journal Story A city journal that talks about a story of people who travel to the Federal Republic of Siculia. SBC News 24 The most important news of Siculia pass through Siculia Broadcasting Corporation News 24, then you will discover the political parties and key people of this State. Siculia Web 2.0 Facebook and Twitter with politicians Siculian. (Laughter secured) Tropea's main square during a sunset In short, we would see much about this city journal, also thanks to the support WIKI of Siculia where there are facts about Siculia, culture, companies and key people of this State. Most of the activity will take place in this Siculia in Alliance of Independent Nations site that minor news will only be posted there, anyway see you next week to start this new city journal.
  11. Introduction | Welcome!

    Welcome, welcome! The Atlantic Federation, officially the Union of the Veratlantean States is and has been a member of the Alliance of Independent Nations for almost 5 years now. It is a Union of 7 Republics over the 'subcontinental' Veratlantic Archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of complicated details about how exactly it works. I'll leave those to tell you on the go... But you can always check the infoboxes to the sides! How it started, and why now? Since I discovered Simtropolis and the community, I have been devoted to creating my own country for the world to see. I mustered up all ideas and decided to start a big what-if-land in the middle of the Atlantic. But it needed to make sense in the world, I didn't want it to be alone. I thought it was a good idea to join a CJ Union, the AIN. Early May 2010 and I got my Junior Membership and an avalanche of ideas for my Atlantic nation. In these 5 years, I learned from some of the finest CJers and decided to continuously improve my CJ, in all aspects I could. Now the result of all these years is the Union of Veratlantean States, a fancy name for the "Atlantic Federation v6.0", which btw has been my sole endeavor during all these years. No other CJ's, no side projects. What style will this be? The AF is very diverse. It is made of 7 Republics with very singular histories. After all, I think its the diversity of it that made me stick with it. There's Dutch, Americanized, French, British, Latin-Iberian-Mediterranean architecture, along with some communist blocks in the previously red republic of New Oren. There is a touch of Hong-Kong and Tokyo in some of its east coast largest metropolises, since they tend to be very dense. Here's what I mean in this WIP image: Besides that, the AF has a beautiful geography, with extensive climatic variety. I will do my best to portray its beautiful beaches, mountains and countryside. La Nouvelle Aquitaine, is truly beautiful, IMO. Can't wait to drive you through it! Hint hint, they speak French there! Ah the South... The Portuguese/Spanish speaking, ever-summer south... We have Overseas Territories too, like the gelid Greenlandic island of Svärda! Where we maintain not-at-all suspicious activities... How will the Updates be like? Most of the updates will fall in one of the below: 1: The Discover kind of update These will be narrated updates, in which we'll travel the federation using its means of transportation and following the stories of a character or more. 2: The BBC VBN kind of update These updates will be documentary-like, narrated updates, covering the most various topics about the AF. 3: The WIP kind of update These will be Work-In-Progress updates and teasers mostly so I can ask for your help to keep improving the CJ and also try suggestions left in the comments, if there are any. 4: The TV/Media kind of update These will be brought mainly from the Alliance itself and will feature newspaper articles to tell what's happening in the AF and its CJ neighborhood. Accidents, elections, music festivals, sports, international events, these fall here. 5: The Random Kind Whatever else comes to mind! How often? I will try to have them be regular, one a week, but certainly I will keep you informed about what's going on with it. I'm currently on a "gap semester" since my college schedule went out of sync as I will be moving across hemispheres this year. So basically it means lots of free time. Wiki Support Beware that I will do my best to provide extensive Wiki Support to the CJ, thanks to the AIN's amazing wiki engine. So every city, state, and region you visit and most things mentioned about the Federation will have its own Wiki article, to further enhance the depth of the CJ and explain details too lengthy to post here. It is currently being revised, so bear with me if you're interested in that. And finally... I will do my best to keep those of you joining me immersed, with fancy graphics, mood boosting music and attention to detail. Suggestions are most welcome, and I hope to learn a lot by exposing the AF to an even larger community. Welcome, to the Atlantic Federation! Thanks for viewing! and if you're coming with, See you soon!
  12. Port of Mayumba Tour

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dCkWDcrq7s Port of Mayumba Tour Hello, hello, Welcome to Nyanga! I hope you enjoy your stay here and make sure to visit all the wonderful sites to experience what Nyanga has to offer! Today we will be looking at the old port of Mayumba. At this location the original European Settlers came and met with the tribesmen of Nyanga, and so began the arduous journey which makes what Mayumba is today. The port is a thriving hub of markets, industry and crime, so lock the car doors and put up the windows... Fruit and vegetables are being unloaded and sorted, to be ready for shipping, some of it ends up on the street markets or in local shops. Trucks also stop here for rest stops or a tire change. Some factories are located here as well, such as D'acton's chemical production facility (the factory lot in the centre) and Patriot Protective's workshop (on the left). Some of buildings here have been around since colonial times, where sugar was processed from the plantations. There are also some warehouse depots throughout the port, where storage facilities and smaller factories are located One of the busiest freight terminals is the bulk freight dock, everything from food, to chemicals and clothes is shipped out from here. The boats though are small and mostly head north to neighbouring Gabon, some go to Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea. Here are the grain processing docks. Wheat, maize and hops and brought here by truck for processing and then shipped all over the world. These mills are owned and operated by the government, but have been infamously known for the poor conditions and terrible quality housing provided for the workers. The coal docks take up the majority of large shipping traffic in Mayumba. They also take up the most space in the port, by having a massive coal storage yard. In some effort to provide housing for the workers employed at the port the government built council houses and flats. Sadly they were poorly constructed and not properly mainitained, today they are riddled with crime and are in very bad need of re-development, but many workers have no other choice and have to live here to keep their families alive. Our last visit for the day is to one of the many very busy street markets at the Portside Townships. These usually occur all through the week and many stalls and shops continue selling right through the night. You can get everything you could ever think of at these markets, much of the stuff like food and some clothes are not terribly bad quality, but stay away from any electronics or branded clothing, these are almost always fakes and a waste of money! You also have to watch you pockets, pick pocketing is a frequent occurance in any city around here. We're back at the hotel, I hope you enjoyed your day out! Thanks guys for the comments on my last post! They are much appreciated!!
  13. The Big City

    Welcome to Tasbury, population 3,649,987 is the largest city in New Duveland. it is also the largest city and capital of New Munster Province and is arguably the economic, cultural and historic centre of the country. The city began as a penal settlement of the British but soon begin to thrive as an economic point, due to increasing immigration after gold was discovered in the surrounding areas, leading the a rich mix of cultural heritage today, with strong European and Asian settlements in the city, most notable China Town in the CBD. It's location also gives it a unique style, being on the entrance to the New Munster Sea, the largest brackish water in the Southern Hemisphere with cities such as Albury, Parahaka, Port Laoise, Tralee and Kinsale all relying on the small opening for shipping. That's just some history of the city, now for the images! The city is constantly changing, with new skyscrapers popping up all over the CBD and in key activity centres. The current tallest, Royal Tower stands 300m tall, overlooking Central Park and the crystal waters below. The Tasbury Opera House is the most famous landmark of the city, millions of tourists visit the site each year. Well into the night the city is still very much alive, offices still lit up as people work well into the night and residents and tourists getting ready for the night. I hope you've enjoyed Tasbury! Next up, the southern city of Leinster, capital of New Ulster Province. Bonus night view of New Duveland! See if you can match the cities from my wiki! http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Cities_in_New_Duveland_by_Population
  14. Tsaritsyn is the Capital of Soviyya, located on the north part of the country, becoming the main government center for United Kingdom of Soviyya. Thanks for viewing, comment & giving a rate
  15. Soviyya (AIN) | Introduction

    Hello , this is my first ever City Journal in Simtropolis, and before post my stuffs, i'll introduce to you all about my fictional country, based on Russian style. my fictional country named : UNITED KINGDOM OF SOVIYYA, located and take a part of Southern Russia (Volga & Don) and also Northern Caucasus. these are my country's flag & national emblem and, for the closing of this Introduction, i'll give you all some teasers : watch more later guys
  16. Another Scene

    It's another scene from Jl Prof Dr Watson, Kota Meriah in a rainy day:
  17. Haze.....

    Kota Meriah received haze from the west.... the current status of PSI is around 200-290
  18. Avno, a reinvented city

    As I was too busy studying to release this update on the weekend, I can now seeing as I have had most of today and tomorrow off! Enjoy! (warning, pictures are from pre-updated city, maxis buildings will most likely show) [start/cj] We arrived in Avno, it was such a calming city, small but full of life. As much as I can understand, the city was once the site of a large port, the largest before Crestview's, although now it has transformed into a vibrant city centre. The docks were turned into extensive parks, stretching right across the coastline. This may be one of the only cities in the whole of Mirani without a CBD beachfront? Nevertheless, my friends and I wondered through the waterfront, visiting shops and cafes across the road, and setting down for a short brunch. We continued to walk the waterfront for an hour, reaching the town hall, which was separated into 3 different buildings, above ground at least. Now, we had to check into our hotel, we caught one of the cities bright green taxis and headed back to the centre of town, driving past the cities' suburbs which made me think of suburban Melbourne minus a few tropical roofs here and there otherwise the architecture were quite similar! We got to out hotel, unpacked what we needed and collapsed onto our beds, each having it's own carefully placed chocolate for us to enjoy. We were to stay the night and then head to the next city, Kingstown. BONUS REGION SHOT! Around Crestview's CBD and the inner city Parliament house is by the 2nd Marina heading north, with a quite large park. I still need to update the other parts of the city that haven't been updated yet, as you can see the style of hosing varies greatly in between the newer/updated tiles with the older versions, hopefully will update those parts soon! Replies - Swimming over the coral Schulmanator: No sharks here! Only friendly dolphins and turtles! Gugu3: Thanks! Ace: Thanks, glad you liked it! Aaron Graham: Thank you! SimCoug: Thanks! Konstantinll: Yes, I saw, he has some great stuff! Woodnava: And a lot of fish too! Harbin91: Oh dear, looks like i'll have to reshape the island! MayorJacks: Why thank you sir. Replies - Long Overdue Update Schulmanator: Yes, it was very overdue.. heh The disk-shaped building looks to be a hit! Hazani Pratama: Thanks! ROFLyoshi: Thank you! I'm in yr11 now, English, Maths, Geography, History, Media & Visual Communication! Only 2 more exams to to! Terring: Thanks! NMUSpidey: Thank you! Yes, it took a while to get it all neat and organised. Fox: Thanks! No problem, your hotel makes Crestview's skyline iconic! Prophet42: Glad to see you checking out my journal! Yes, make sure to keep updated with Mirani! TayMay27: Thanks Alexander.ct: Oh, i'm not quite sure, i know it's somewhere here on the STEX but forget the name, you can always ask in the "", click to go there. Newyorka: Thank you! The downtown may expand in the future, but not by much, maybe 1 or 2 more skyscraper here and there. Geometry: Thanks! I can't remember off the top of my head, but go ask in the "Can't find it thread", link above! Visit Mirani's AIN wiki to find more about the country! http://aoin.eu/wiki/index.php?title=Mirani The first comment will become Mirani's 100th comment! Who will it be?
  19. Long Overdue Update

    Ok, so It's been a while since my last update, I've been very busy with school, exams in 2 weeks! But, I have redesigned Mirani's capital, Crestview to be more in line with the country size. Here's some pictures from around the city! (Keep in mind, some of the sea walls broke while taking these pictures, they haven't been edited in anyway other than cropping and the city is largely a hotel/resort city.) Enjoy! The suburbs Asgard International Hotels, Cresview Close up of the downtown Whole city shot Another further out shot, but further south, showing the port redevelopment areas. (The large clump of tall buildings near the bottom of the picture are public housing, every city needs them!) CC Observation, the international landmark of the city The Crestview Cricket Grounds (CCG) The city's extensive beachfront And the city's tallest building, Capri Tower. () Replies in the next update! Which will hopefully be soon, continuing on from where I left off from.
  20. So this is a teaser from what I work on now.... It's a scene from Jl Prof Dr. Watson (the avenue one) in an intersection nearby Pasar Pakerisan, Pamekasan Selatan, Kota Meriah.
  21. In the Suburbs

    After getting out of our hotel, we went back to the beach for a while. Mirani beaches are some of the best in the world! We had to come back, I had a go at some fishing, I caught a rare native fish, but due to strict fishing regulations, I was not able to keep it, not that I wanted to. I gently placed it back in the water and watched it swim away. I will decide when I get back home to Coffs Harbour, wether or not to stay in Australia, or move to Mirani. I began looking at one of the few suburbs in Fernston. They are very green and have various different styles of architecture, mostly Australian mixed with European and American styles. There are lots of open parks and green spaces in the suburbs, with Australian Football dominating the local sport, there are always many parks open to everyone. My friends and I stopped off at one of the parks and kicked around a footy, I felt like I was back home! Upon getting to the edge of town, we realised we were in the richer areas of town, where famous Miranians live to get away from the bustling streets of Crestview. Drving past, I saw that they were relatively new buildings, is this the true Miranian style? I would love to live here! Replies RepublicMaster: Thank you! Fox: Thanks! Ah well, people do some crazy things! Sylvio Jorge: Thank you! Schulmanator: Beach party? Great idea! I'll send out the invites! haha Hazani Pratama: Thanks! Ggamgus: Glad you liked them! I like those boardwalks! Sam.: Thank you! Dabadon5: Thanks Jeckyll: Thank you! Looks like I did! Felano: Thanks! A simple effect can make a great photo! Ajee: I use this beach kit, TekindusT: Thanks! Spursrule14: I am honoured to have won "Excellent" Thank you! -Note, Miranian cars drive on the left, the cars are on the right because I have had a problem with NAM, reinstalled it so the cars will be on the left in one or two updates, thank you-
  22. New Holland | AIN

    Welcome to New Holland! Here are the stats. Flag: Location: http://puu.sh/23lUb Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Commonwealth Realm of New Holland Nation Name (Native Form): New Holland National Anthem: For these Lands National Motto: Libertas, et prospera Capital: Victoria Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II (Queen) Governor General- Queens Representative: Edward Salway Prime Minister: Grant Fredericks Offical Language(s): English Population: 3,805,505 Area: 152,256km2 Climate: Temperate GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): $36,769 HDI: 908 Drives on the: Left Major Natural Resources: Medium deposits of Gold, Coal, Oil and Uranium. However the Uranium is not mined Major Import/Export Partners: Australia, US, NZ Main Industries: Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Tertiary Education, Manufacturing, High Tech goods and services, Tourism Link to map: http://i.imgur.com/2fHLzAU.png (it's big) History: The Islands of New Holland were first discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642 he named the islands after the province in the Netherlands. The Area was largely unexplored until James Cook returned in 1769 and mapped the entire coastline of New Holland. Settlement occurred in 1832 along with NZ. The colony progressed at a fast pace with over 10,00 settlers by 1840. New Holland became a Independent colony from New South Wales in 1851. The Representative Government was formed in 1852, in Victoria. Gold was discovered in the Southern Area in 1876. This caused a Gold rush with prospectors arriving from all over the world. This caused the City of Cambridge to swell with population and wealth as the miners moved to the region and other services. In 1907 after deciding not join the Australian Commonwealth the Colony gained Dominion status in the British Empire along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The New Holland army sent soldiers to WWI to fight with the British. Afterwards, the public seeing the heroism of their soldiers, there was a wave of national pride. Which gave impetus for the government to campaign for more sovereignty. This was ignored by the British Administration. In the 1920's New Holland gained a more Liberal approach to foreign affairs and national security and decreasing its dependence from the UK. When World War Two arrived NH troops were sent to Europe to fight the Germans. The defense of the Nation was left to the Royal Navy and later after the presence was diminished the US. After the war when NZ, Australia and the US signed the ANZUS treaty, New Holland declined to join wanting to keep foreign influence out of the country. When Britain entered the European Economic Community, New Holland embarked on a liberal Free-Trade economy, in order to protect its economy and people. Over the years Respective government have adopted a People First policy regarding the Economy and Foreign relations. There are constant referendums on upcoming laws and changes in government. There is a high level of Public immersion in National politics. Citizens enjoy a high level of living and safety. For more info see the New Holland wiki page. Now here are some pictures of Cambridge City. Out in the Suburbs Southern Cross Arena Night shots! Central Station. Thanks for viewing. If you liked it Comment and Rate
  23. Replies: @Schulmanator:Oh yeah! It was Boxing Day! Haha, I had completely forgotten. Thanks for reminding me lol. @TekindusT: I had no idea lol, but that's great! Thank you very much Daniel! @ggamgus: Thanks Emir. Luv ya @Forthwall: Lol, Thanks Shub @111222333444: Lol Carl @Fox: Thank you very much Foxy! @elavery: Ah yes, the 12 days of chirstmas! Happy 11th day Eugene (: @Hazani Pratama: Thanks! @Hellken: Thank you! @444: Thanks Mrs. Dufour @RepublicMaster: Lol, Thank you Will! @stonie03: Thanks, glad to hear! @NMUSpidey: Haha, that's great! Thank you very much Spidey! @dubaidude303: Thank you very much man! Glad to know you enjoyed it! @raynev1: Thanks! @MilitantRadical: To you as well. Thank you very much! So wait, what? Well, yeah, I forgot to make a new year's update with fireworks and jazz. I was in Washington D.C for New Year's Eve, watching fireworks over the Potomac River lol. The hotel didn't have free wi-fi ($10 per night ), so I didn't make any New Year's pictures... But here's a little something coming soon to Atlantsia...For those of you that have been paying ridiculously close attention, you may note that the one city of Atlantsia I haven't covered is Badi al Zaman, which is about to come up. I want to make some special thanks before I show the teaser: First I would like to thank Fox for constantly reminding me about the Badi al Zaman project, and for even scheduling flights to the airport before I had started working on it. Thanks my motivational friend! Second I would like to thank Ernst (Peter007), for helping me last summer working my way through BAT. I would have quit BAT long ago without his assistance on Skype. Finally, I want to thank all the great guys at AIN, USNW, CINL, and Simtropolis. Whether it's commenting, Skyping, or Private Messaging, many of you have helped, inspired, motivated, criticized, and encouraged me. This CJ would have ended after the first update had you not. And without further ado, here is Badi al Zaman (BAZ) International Airport: (Note: This is only a Teaser, full update next time) Atlantsia is today the #1 CJ on Simtropolis by rating (If you don't believe me, go to the New CJ Section, click Custom Filters, and select CJs by Rating). I am so glad to know that, and am very happy that you guys are enjoying this CJ. Thank you very much for your continued support, and I hope to keep things alive throughout 2013 .
  24. Holiday Greetings from Atlantsia

    Replies: @k50: Actually you're right. It's the title of a song by Taylor Swift . Thank you very much for your compliments! @Hazani Pratama: Thanks. @Fox: Thank you my friend! Always nice to hear from you. @NMUSpidey: Haha, thank you very much! Happy Holidays to you as well! @Schulmanator: Partayy! =D @Kruness: Thank you Krijn! @dubaidude303: Thank yoU! @ThomasSimpson:Lol, Thanks Thomas! @SimAnt:Thank you very much! @InvaderNat: Thanks! @ggamgus: Lol, it sure did Emir , Thanks! @RepublicMaster: Thank you Will! Btw, love the avatar (BF3 Fan =D) @TheOlympics: Thanks! @elavery: It's Maxis @raynev1: Thank you! @Evillions: Lol. I appreciate you saying that @Forthwall: Thanks Shubby Wubby =D @dabadon5: Thank you! @th3_jok3r: Hope I answered that in the comments section (: @MilitantRadical: Thanks, I am very glad that I was able to sucessfully do so! Big relief! @elavery: Sorry man, don't know what that one is...I've collected all these BATs over a two year period, so my memory isn't that good...I reccomend you try the SC4D lists to all sites relevant to SC4 though (: Quick Note: Ok Ok, I get it. I'm a day late . Maybe we can make the spirit last a bit longer? Oh, and the first mosaic is all JPEG btw. Not PNGs. -wink- The second mosaic is PNG -trollface- Well, THAT wasn't very Christmasy. The desert isn't exactly the best place to celebrate the season is it? I guess it's just the spirit that matters....
  25. 3 - Izumo - Ongaku

    3 - Izumo - Ongaku Replies : Arthur : Thank you again for your help Hazani : Thank you ! mystic destiny : Izumoite trains have some problems ... (I hope too ! ) Ying Blanc : Arthur helped me for the sidewalk texture For the stuff, there are a lot of Japanese websites which propose beutiful things ! Forthwall : He is missing something, not someone, it's not a problem Shulmanator : Thanks ! lovemax : Thank you =) raynev : Arigatô ~ Superbacon : Hopefully they aren't ! NMUSpidey : Thank you very much ! =) Efkin : +1 for me, +2 for you Tekindus T : The quickers planes of the world Gugu : Thank you very very much __________________________________________________________________ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dIs_vSG400&feature=fvwp&NR=1 ! Listen viewing the entry ! Ongaku or the city which never sleeps If you liked this uptade, put +1 ! Don't hesitate to comment

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