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  1. No Panic On The Simtanic

    Album Seasons... ;-)
  2. Hi there!  I'm trying to download quite a few of your files (I'm new to SC4 - been playing SC5) and with SimPeg no longer around, I'm having a heck of time getting the dependencies that I need for them.  Am I just out of luck with your mods and many of the other modders files?  I'm not sure what to do.  Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thanks for your time!  ~Cassie

    1. Cassie8796


      Sorry, I meant to send this as a message.  Did so, but didn't know how to delete this!  My apologies>....

    2. catty-cb


      Look here for current location of SimPeg files

      SimPeg Exchange (URL Updated)

  3. Banished

    Banished is a really good game (for me)... The learning curve is steep - mainly for the reason that when you think you finally understand - everybody dies ;-) Actually easy to learn, but (very) hard to master... I must admit, I'm a bit hooked - I play every day... But by now I have a pretty good handle on it. Unfortunately, when I get beyond a 1000 residents, my computer starts to strike (well, at least to lag heavily) - people with better hardware get 2 or 3000 population no sweat. It's too bad that many people give up way too fast... up to a point where the developer put out patches that dealt with a few minor bugs, but on the whole made the game too easy... I went back to the original 1.0.0, now I'm happy again (luckily I never had any technical problems with the game, works like a charm ever since) ;-) You are really into Banished? Visit here: http://banishedpeople.freeforums.org/index.php
  4. You could make a copy of the casino exemplar. Store it with a z_... prefix so it loads after your regular casino. Open the copy and delete the property CityExclusionGroup - now you can plop as many casinos as you want.
  5. (Banished) - Minetoe - A Logging Dynasty

      Nonny, for what it might be worth - I'm running fine with a   NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450      Which is not so brand-new either... :-)
  6. The Nobel prize-winning Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of One Hundred Years of Solitude, dies in Mexico aged 87. I'm sad.
  7. (Banished) - Minetoe - A Logging Dynasty

    Well, to be honest - I'm amazed at myself... because I'm not a number-cruncher. Actually I hate number-crunching games (plenty micro management). So I'm not sure what it is with Banished, where I not only don't mind but actually enjoy the micro management. Despite the fact that there is not that much different stuff yet (waiting for the mod packs) - once you understand the mechanics you can start thinking up your own challenges (other than the predefined "achievements"), and have loads of fun (and headaches)...   And of course - the scenery is just lovely... :-)
  8. (Banished) - Minetoe - A Logging Dynasty

    Thanks :-)     Yep, during the early 'career' every mistake in planning gets punished, and heavily so... =:-)   Just let things grow slowly, and check everything all the time - you'll get there :-)
  9. View Album My initial situation (hard, medium map, valleys) until year 6 - I laid out a basic village plus blueprinting the Trade Posts and planned expansion across the river... with the fewest people possible (17 adults and 7 kids), meaning I did not have too many resources yet... I spare you the pains of the growing years with starvation and disease, cheating traders, fires and other calamities... so we jump right into year 115, where things have already settled a bit... The original village has filled out nicely... Logs and Firewood being the prime export item - Large agricultural parcels and pastures were added in the western and eastern areas... East Harbor Lakeview - the 'ritzy' part of town... Even in banishment, some do better than others - As the nouveau-riche brewer's wife puts it (with plenty rolling eyes): Waltzes off shaking her head. Timber! A typical logging pickup area... The three Forester's Lodges (Logging) along the diagonal, with a support 'pod' (Hunters, Barn, Stock Pile, Housing) - In autumn large bands of Nomads come in from the cold... Overview during wintertime - easier to see the developments... Hope you enjoyed visiting a different universe ;-)
  10. Who uses money cheats/mods?

    My favorite "Bank" is still this one: Mainly because I can just take as little as needed (and even put it back), as opposed to just pumping in 1 Trillion and kiss any budget play goodbye... All in all I like to keep a balanced 'budget' and tinker with taxes, income from exports or business deals and so on... so I take out only money for super expensive (infrastructure-) projects.
  11. AUSTIN, Texas—April 10, 2014—Aspyr Media announced today that fan-favorite and best-selling city simulator SimCity™ 4: Deluxe Edition is available now as a digital download. The game has been updated to support OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion (and above) and includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and other updates such as native resolution support. Customers may purchase the game now exclusively through Apple’s Mac App Store, and the game will join Steam and other Mac digital outlets in coming weeks. “We’re so happy to give SimCity fans on the Mac a new chance to play this classic title,” said Aspyr Media’s Vice President of Publishing, Elizabeth Howard. “We took extra time updating the game to offer SimCity 4 players the best possible experience on the Mac, and we think both old and new players alike will come away impressed.” SimCity™ 4: Deluxe Edition includes the best-selling SimCity™ 4 and SimCity™ 4: Rush Hour Expansion Pack and tasks players with building out a city or region of cities while trying to meet the needs and demands of the cities’ residents. Game features include: Full control over the environment and the ability to unleash natural disasters to create (and destroy) a world all your own. Ability to deploy emergency vehicles and join in the action as they battle blazes, mobs, and more. New transportation options, including monorail and ferry system. Interconnectivity with The Sims, allowing players to import their sims into their city. And more!
  12. I read your post again, now with a bit more time... that first problem (arrows turning back toward the road) - that is not a bug, but program... the lot will always try to orient itself towards the higher priority network - road over street, avenue over road etc. You can try to override it by holding down CTRL and/or ALT - in some configurations that will work, in others it won't... The other one (red to blue) - yeah, I get that also sometimes... basically you just need to wiggle the mouse a bit over some other spot and the red will turn to blue... weird, but not really critical ;-)
  13. Both are common problems, as far as I know... For problem 1 - just demolish a stretch of the adjacent road, plop your items, then re-draw the road. For problem 2 - try to de-zone the complete area where you cannot plop an item... sometimes there are so-called 'Ghosts' from previously plopped (and bulldozed) items.. very typical when building waterfronts... another thing that may help is to just raise a bit of land around the jinxed spot, then level it again - may not be suitable in tightly developed areas though (too much destruction)... :-) Hth...
  14. LOT EDITOR graphics listing

    Hi Ken, this would be quite an effort... Valiant - yes... Worth your time and effort - hardly... Specially your approach of doing it lot-based seems to be heading for a bottomless pit of redundancies... If you look at any of the existing listings (or just in ILive's Reader), there are fewer props than you might expect, but they are used over and over again, in countless configurations. To list each and every instance like you show in your spreadsheet excerpt above would in the end probably be more confusing than a straight commented text-listing. If you really want to do a sort of prop-catalog - maybe make a series of lots (like 3x3 or so) and populate them with default props. That way you could group them in meaningful batches, and without redundancies. Paeng <= another retired 'trooper'
  15. Adamson

      All you need is the Teirusu Rain Tool... and a steady hand for some terraforming ;-)