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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. Do ALL trees -Maxis and 3rd. parties- really influence pollution ? I started a new city for this purpose. So I built an electricity factory in one corner, some distance away laid several industry zones, some more distance away i put some commercial zones, and still further away and build the residential zones. There a tile free from the zones and the road along one and/or two sides of the zones. Then I peppered those empty zones everywhere with ALL kind of trees. Then I ran SC4 and let it run for almost three years. Then I checked the pollutions levels and I didn't notice much change. Ergo, my first line.
  2. Version 1.1.0


    This lot has been tested in-game, it was found that at least 2 of them are required to almost completely reduce pollution across a large tile as well as to provide water across a grid of pipes covering the whole tile. It was tested also with the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Modd. Use the Data View and Cheetah Speed to monitor changes in water supply, air and water pollution. The pump is programmed to consume a very small amount of water so plop the pump in a non-polluted area as tests indicate it will not immediately clean its own base area and may fail to operate. Location: Water Menu under Utilities Menu, and Power Menu for 1x1 Generator You must connect both the large water pump and the sewage treatment connectors to realize both the effect of the radical volume of water and the treatment. The large water pump is the re-lot that will appear in the water utilities. The dual purpose is combined into one lot with its own unique menu icon. Stats: Lot Size: 5 (width) by 6 (depth) Water Produced and Treated: 1,000,000 cubic meters per hour. Pollution Reduction: -1200 over 300 Plop Cost: 25,000§ Maintenance Cost: 10§ Jobs: 15§, 290§§, 15§§§ Moderate Landmark and Park Effect. Transit and Network Enabled Power Consumed: 200 MWh (megawatt hours) Dependency: Included base texture .dat file. Maxis Night-lighting FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction V1 File: List of Alternate Water Systems.txt File: Preview and Install.html File: Readme.txt SUB-FOLDER: Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction This is the folder inside the unzipped title folder to be placed in your User\Documents\SimCity 4\ Plugins folder. It contains 2 files: 1. the Radical_Water_Pump.SC4Lot, and 2. the BaseTexturesElements_RadicalWaterPump.dat file with base textures extracted from my Vol.1 Base Textures Elements package. If you use the larger package then delete the smaller .dat file included as the textures don't need to be loaded twice. The larger package is linked below: Base Textures Vol 1.1: Elements, for SC4 1.1.0 SUB-FOLDER: 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1 File: RadicalWaterPump_PowerGenerator.SC4Lot I've added a 1x1 lot to generate power for the water pump. If you use the Data View Moisture Mod to locate a high volume of water it may be in a remote area, otherwise a non-polluted area may also be in a remote area. The power generator is equal to 2½ times the wind power plant. Previews: The 2nd preview shows the progressive reduction of air pollution; the reduction of water pollution is about the same. The test city has 2 heavy industry areas and congested traffic generating severe pollution over the entire tile. A third radical water pump would completely eliminate both across the entire tile. The 3rd preview shows at bottom Cori's Data View of Moisture mod which uses the radiation data view to show changes in moisture from rainfall. In more complicated terrain the moisture data view is useful to see where to place water pumps which depend on aquifers. The mod is linked below: Cori's DataView - Moisture v 2017.01.22 by @CorinaMarie The top 2 frames show the progressive increase of water-flow over the entire tile. Water pipes are tedious to place in large tiles requiring about a 30x30 grid. To make the task of watering the tile easier use the Utility Radius and Traffic Pollution Reduction Modd by RalphaelNinja linked below: UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd by @RalphaelNinja The last preview is of this .SC4Lot in production in the Lot Editor for anyone who has enjoyed using SC4 as a design tool, creating .SC4 city tiles, and who may be considering taking the next step of creating .SC4Lot files. Using Lot Editor is not much more complicated. Below is the tutorial that got me started almost a year ago. Lot Editor: Beginner's Tutorial by @jbbry232 INSTALL: To install copy and paste the Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction folder into your User\Documents \SimCity 4\Plugins folder. To also install the power generator copy and paste the 500 MWh Power Generator 1x1 folder into the folder above.
  3. Entry no.38 - The Apotex Refinery pt.1

    Entry number 2 from the city of Baycole, this time I'll by showcasing the industrial sector of the city which contains an oil production facility - the Apotex Refinery, a small coal power plant, incinerator and the associated docks, rail loading and storage facilities for all of the above. The Apotex Refinery is located on the north shore of Cisco Bay in Baycole, it is owned and operated by the Avalon corporation, one of the largest multi-national conglomerates on planet Azura. It is one of two massive facilities located in Industrial Sector C, the largest industrial area in the the region. The refinery has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 160,000 bbl/d (23,000 m3/d), is nearly 500m wide and over 1,100m long. Which is comparable to an oil production facility of its size in the real world. This entry was suppose to be finished last week but I just couldn't stop myself from continually expanding the facility, fine tuning the game modification I used and making new custom content for it. In the end I've decided to spit the entry in two, there's just too many pictures and things to show in a single entry. The first entry will focus largely on the custom content(BAT's, relots & textures) that I made and cover the peripheral facilities and strucutres around the refinery. First on the agenda is a look at some of the other custom embankment walls I've recently made. The wall on the top is made from precast interlocking cement blocks, while the one at the bottom is poured concrete or at least that's what I hope they look like Also upgraded the radio tower and added a large water tank as the top of the hill is an ideal location for both. The hill actually isn't as tall as it may look, being only 110ft above the highway, 160ft above the refinery level and almost 200ft above sea level. The interchange below is the only interchange in the city of Baycole between Highway 705 & Naphtha Rd. and is a generic design. The radio tower is 410ft/125m tall for an HAAT of 606ft/185m broadcasting TV & radio signals to the residents of Baycole. Close up of highway 705. A lot of gasoline trucks run down this highway on their way to and from to the refinery. Time to check out the new BAT's. Here's the main project which I previewed earlier this month, a new type of hydro pylon; As you can tell it's of a very unique design and there's a very good reason for that I withheld. It's because these pylons are designed so that you can actually run railways directly underneath them! This power line is known as the Eastlea Hydro Corridor and transfers power to central Pretoria originating from the Eastlea power plant, it runs directly on top of a portion of the ICR mainline(Lakeridge sub). Tank farm B(7 tanks) is located to the north of the combined power & rail line while the refinery itself is located to the south. A half a mile long ICR oil train is also seen here, stopped for switching on the mainline. This particular train has two locomotives and is hauling 44 tank cars. 9. There are several other custom BAT and relots here as well to go along with the replacement textures I used to give the area a more industrial and grungy feel to it. On the western edge of the property straddling the ICR mainline is the rail fueling depot, where refinery products are transferred into rail cars. 12. Gasoline is transferred onto trucks at a fueling station just south of the rail depot. Petroleum is also transferred via a pipeline running just north of the depot. 14. 15. Further south of the rail & truck depot and on the western edge of the refinery(and city) is the LNG terminal. The LNG is stored in 6 large tanks, 4 partially underground and 2 above ground. The LNG is transported from the facility either by truck or via an underground 48inch pipe. 17. One of the refineries 500ft(152m) stacks looms large over the LNG terminal. 19. Lets jump back to the hydro corridor & tank farm. The feed lines to the tank farms diverge just north of the tracks. The pipes that go east lead to tank farm A while the pipes which turn west(left in the image below and towards the rail fueling depot) lead to tank farms B & C. Tank farm C is actually in he next city over, the pipe line which goes underground leads to it. I relotted NBVC overhead pipeline to go over 3 space here. I could of relotted it to go over the road as well but I think using bipin's underpass here and having it hook up to somy's huge tank looked cooler in the end With regards to the power lines. I fully intend to release the set once I've decided on the different possible directions/connections, such as diagonals, possible FAR angles too. Offset models will be offered as well. In fact tested one for this entry 23. 24. 25. From here the Eastlea hydro corridor runs along Petrol Drive. Yes, you will be able to run these power lines down roads as well Truly a godsend for cities lacking space for new hydro right-of-ways. 27. The road ramp takes Naphtha Rd. over the ICR Lakeridge sub and that half-mile long freight train while the piping leads to tank farm A. 29. 30. And with an even 30 pictures that concludes the entry. The next one will showcase the core of the refinery, power plant and docks. Feel free to ask me about any of the content shown in this entry or if you have any recommendations for the content shown.
  4. Pollution

    From the album Two ways

    This is a city that has developed around the industrial, traffic and concrete, with little or no green areas or laws against pollution, the population suffers from various diseases.
  5. Portrait of a Chemical Plant

    From the album Photoshop Challenge (S3-05-E)

    An aerial view of one of the largest(and most detested) industrial facilities in the region of Pretoria, the Apotex petrochemical refinery. The idea behind the image was to 'uglify' the plant as much as possible while still making it look cool/interesting. The first step was to stitch together 6 individual images of the facility at zoom level 4. After completing the mosaic, some minor photoshopping of vehicles and shadows was done. Next the image was modified with a rather peculiar filter and then it was mirrored. Following that I adjusted the hue, saturation, contrast and brightness levels. Lastly the image format & resolution were reduced to fit within the 2mb limit while maintaining as much detail as possible.
  6. Hi all, Just a little stupid question I usually put all commercial venues in the few central block of the city, surrounded with residential area, but I'm thinking about changing it. Could you give me some suggestions on where to realisticly place commercial zones? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I really don't like the idea of separating completely commercial and residential area from each other because it seems very unrealistic, but do otherwise and you'll have residences smothered by noise pollution from their nearby shops. Is there anyway to neutralize or reduce the noise pollution? Thank you
  8. Hi all, Could you give me some suggestions on how to bridge dirty industrial area with the rest of the city? When starting off I usually leave a huge space between the city and the industry and connect the 2 areas with road or avenue, but as the city grows, more lands are needed and as the city expands that huge space keeps making me feel uneasy, because I can't place anything near or around the industry because of the pollution. So how do you usually deal with that? Thank you!
  9. Dirty industry lots are some of the coolest but the games hates you for using them. Which in my opinion is kinda dumb.
  10. Hi, SC4 trees should have full city anti pollution radius. I am only using the default Maxis trees and they work only in 4-6 tiles.... but in real life a tree contributes to total global city wide air purification effect... Any mods? :/ Thank you
  11. COMMENT REPLIES : Along the interstate 3 Mymyip: Thank you very much Schulmanator:This is just the beginning anyway thanks Huston:Thank you Kim Sunwoo: It is a very rich State and anyway thanks a lot Welcome to the city of industry and pollution Hi today I show you a very important city for the industrial apparatus namely Taranto The city of Taranto is divided into two parts: the real city is its The port is one of the busiest ports in the world PORT OF TARANTO The port of taranto hosts ILVA largest foundry in the State The port is an essential part of town although it's send of accommodation remains important, however, is to close the harbour area there is a nice nuclear right and the iron bridge of Interstate 36 going towards a federate world's most beautiful but more danger in the world (I speak of crime) TARANTO After visiting the port city now I show you the real city is its close to the river there is the area of offices to handle all those lovely industries industries everywhere There is a small island that has two connections quite a submarine tunnel and the ferry terminal Although many use the tunnel there is still people who use the ferry especially during sunset Seen as one of the most polluted cities in the world the Federal Government is developing a revolutionary project for the time being the air cleaner is in full swing in the air is much cleaner To conclude this journey in an industrial city I see other industries so that the city motto is "INDUSTRIES EVERYWHERE"
  12. All right. So I have the Prima guide, and I have a mathematical question regarding pollution control. Now, a little background is this. I have started a city, and the first form of Mass Transit I created was Bus Stops. While these are cheap and only take up a 1x1 space, that still takes its toll wherever you plop them because it always makes the two additional spaces behind them unusable (especially in the residential areas where the "No Road Access" icon will pop up). Now, this isn't a big deal to me, because I'll simply use this empty space to create parks as a form of pollution control. Now, here's where it gets tricky. According to the Prima guide, the Ranger Station negates 3 units of pollution. The ranger station also takes up 2x1 spaces. The Small Flower Garden and the Community Gardens only negate 2 units of pollution, but they also only take up 1x1 spaces respectively. With that being said, if I placed two Small Flower Gardens or Community Gardens in the same spaces I would have placed one Ranger Station, would that be more efficient? Because the two Small Flower Gardens or Community Gardens combined would (if I'm doing the math right) equal the effect of 4 units of pollution being negated. Whereas if I were to plop down just a Ranger Station, that would be -3 pollution in its entirety. Am I correct? Also, if anyone has any additional tips on pollution control in general, feel free to add them.
  13. I feel like I've done it before, but I'm having trouble in the city I'm currently working on. I don't have a university, but plenty of community colleges and a high school. Education is maxed to four, all of my industrial buildings are medium tech, but I only have one gear in the education menu. Is it possible to get all high tech industry without a university? Maybe ground pollution is the problem? I'm on seven game years so pollution is pretty bad under my industrial sector.. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  14. OK, if you could add any TWO cheats to SimCity 2013, what would it be? Let everyone know what your two dream cheats would be for SC2013. I am anxious to hear what everyone has to say. I would add a 'Add $5,000,000 to City Budget' cheat, and the command would be ALT+B* My second cheat would be 'Quick $$ & $$$ growth', it would make the bigger and better buildings grow very quickly after starting your city, and the command for this one would be ALT+G* * I would replace whatever uses these commands in game with my new cheats.
  15. Doc's Anti-Pollution Trees

    Version 1.0


    This is a pack of 5 tree types that can be used to control pollution in your cities. They are identical in looks and growth behavior to the 5 tree types in the default game. They are planted and grow just like the default mayor mode trees. I looked for trees that did this but couldn't find such a thing, so I made these. They don't modify or replace the default trees. I tried to just modify the default trees, but that caused me problems. Therefore each of these trees is it's very own independent instance; these are not reliant on any dependencies. They are 12½ times more powerful then the standard trees in terms of air pollution reduction and they affect a slightly larger radius. They also reduce water pollution slightly; the default trees don't at all. They cost 12 times more to plop per tree (36). You no longer have to clump max density trees onto a tile to receive the pollution control that would provide. Now strategically placing individual trees can effectively hold back the pollution. These will only affect air pollution caused by buildings, not traffic. If the tree is bulldozed the pollution returns; there is no long term side affects. They can be found at the bottom of the list with the other trees in: mayor mode > landscape tools > plant flora. I hope you find these useful! Install/Uninstall To install just put the "Docs Antipollution Trees.dat" into your ....\documents\SimCity 4\plugins folder. To uninstall just remove the .dat from plugins. When you return to game after uninstalling you will see brown boxes where those trees used to be, you will have to bulldoze them. No dependencies! Note: I placed 7 of each tree type in the display picture to demonstrate effects. Notice: I have not been able to produce any negative effects while using these. I also have not found any instance in which they don't work, or stop working. If a tree is no longer in place the effects will cease. I do not guarantee using these trees with other game modifications will always work perfectly; I couldn't possibly have tested all variables. The potential for problems to arise while using these might be increased if you use them with other certain flora mods.
  16. I'm in a pickle. I have no solution for pollution (hehehe, it rhymes) I have tried to make many gardens, gardens with gardens in them! I then added hundreds of trees in a very dense area through out my pollution/residential border. I DO NOT WANT TO USE MODS. I need to have a good commute too. Please help because it is getting ANNOYING!
  17. Check this screenshot out. Side by side air pollution and germs overlays: Note: One single city, on a 2 city region nothing built in the other city. Industry build to the edge where the wind is to take the air pollution to the end of the map. Then I get a warning : Air pollution levels rising, I turn on the air pollution overlay and now I have huge clouds of polluted air floating over my residential area. Anyone else had this problem? I would call it a bug, because I don't see any reason for it.
  18. Hi all, I'm wondering if there's anyway to fix ground pol;ution once it has happened. i've tried a sewage plant and parks but the pollution continues to spread. I guess I have to destroy the mine I have but will the ground then come back to life? I guess there's no way to fix radiation either.
  19. I have a building that produces AND filters the MAXIMUM amount of water in one but no matter how many I build they ALL keep getting shut down due to water pollution! it filters ALL (maximum) water but it STILL keeps being shut down due to water pollution! and the efficiency remains at 0 water drop icons ALWAYS! please help me fix this!!! my city only has just under 5,000 people so pollution should NOT be a problem! please help!
  20. REPLIES __________________________________________________________________ Benedict: Thanks Benedict! lew1984: I know right? Thanks a lot! Fox: Thanks Fox. I can't imagine 3 1/2 days of night either, It'd probably be tiring haha. MilitantRadical: Thanks! InvaderNat: Oh, that's not really how dark 'dark nite' is. I just made it intentionally darker with PS to emphasize on the total darkness experienced on Elmere. That and I wanted to get rid of the green color of the terrain cause of course, it's a barren gray moon and I used a lush green terrain texture andisart: Thanks! Forthwall: Thanks Shub ggamgus: Uzbek sea indeed Thanks! TekindusT: Thanks a lot! Schulmanator: Thank you! Gannet: Thanks! KonstantinII: Sure, I'll keep that in mind! SilverCyric: Lol, Thanks for that Republicmaster: Thanks so much! __________________________________________________________________ Welcome back to the Milky Way, in a time ahead of our time... We've now left the Aerene star system and headed for the a not so distant star system called Nesu'luun. In this solar system, a marginally habitable planet is situated 0.89 Astronomical Units from the star Nesu'luun. It's a world choked in Carbon Dioxide, and flooded with polluted and toxic oceans of water and significant amounts of ammonia; Kanaze. As a result of rapid industrialization by corporations putting profit first, dirty mining operations and sub-standard industrial factories are scattered all over the planet in small colonies, slowly destroying the planet and increasing it's already scorching temperatures to higher and more intense averages. But there is more to this scorching globe that's riddled in swampland. Besides companies and crooks dwelling on Kanaze Archaeologists, scientists and galactic historians alike have flocked to the planet to take advantage of the many still intact ruins of an ancient civilization which were mysteriously wiped off the face of Kanaze - Such ruins as the Ruins of Selutz, located only a mere hundred kilometers north of the planet's largest city and capital; Ark'bor. Today, we'll visit the very ruins of an ancient city with the given name, Selutz. Currently being researched and explored by a group of independent scientists, historians and archaelogists who take a prime interest in Kanaze's many millenia old ruins; ruins that have somehow endured the test of time. The ruins of Selutz are situated higher up on a mountain and what remains visible above the thick flora is only a tenth of what really once stood here. Although many of the researches based here speculate that the city extends further down underground, and that what is currently visible is only 5% of the entire Selutz city complex. But most of the people based here are still more intrigued by the temple, labeled The Sanctum of Selutz, that stands almost completely intact with no extensive damage or faults on the building. Historians after making an extensive survey of the structure believe that it stands as the city's, if not, the mysterious ancient civilization's possibly most holy symbol, being an ancient religious structure. By considering its location, there are further beliefs of the city being built around this ancient temple. As researchers get in deeper into the history and reality of Selutz, uncovering the city's hidden secrets; findings become more intriuging and peculiar. Thanks for viewing! Rate 'n' Comment! ________________________________________________________
  21. The Giving Tree

    Version 1.3


    The Giving Tree The tree decreases pollution in a 20 tile radius and is only 2x2 size. Although the tree comes with a set back of 1000 simoleans a month to mantain and 10000 cu3 ​water to maintain. But in a large city it may be well worth it for the extra ratings and growth. Details: Building Cost: 100 Monthly Cost: 1,000 Bulldoze Cost: 1,000,000 Residential Desirability Boost: 1000 at a 1000 cell radius Effective Radius: 20 cells Pollution Deduction: 1000 Water Consumed: 10000 Dependencies: None The 100 monthly cost and 500 monthly lots are also included, (name- 100 or 500). The building cost is increased. Only install one of these files at a time.
  22. Having pollution in your city? No problem, This power plant will suck in the pollution and turn it into power http://community.sim...to-power-plant/ Disclamer: I do not own or created this, This was found from a Youtube video with the user named KorbinBill Plagiarism and piracy are not allowed on the STEX, nor on the rest of SimTropolis. Topic locked. -- MandelSoft (moderator)
  23. Whenever I click on a manufacturing plant, etc. It will say that it is producing high or medium pollution, and if I click on a dirty industry structure like a burner or something, it says it produces low pollution. Is this normal? If so, why does dirty industry have a more negative impact on your city's desirability than manufacturing industry if the "dirty" industry is actually cleaner?
  24. These air cleaning lots submitted through Simtropolis is quite useful in terms of decreasing pollution, but if anyone have noticed that if you remove these lots, your city will create the heaviest pollution ever, every part of pollution data shows either red or orange colours, which creates a problem, assuming this is a bug, the pollution will not decrease naturally, if anyone know how to fix this, opinion, comment, all welcomed. Many thanks.
  25. New Hope Ionizer

    Version 0


    This Lot will clean the air in your entire city with just one plop. Covers the small,Med and Large Citys. Because it covers the entire city and cleans all air pollution except Car Pollution this baby will cost you $500 a month. It also shows up under Garbage menu in SC4 If You have any problems with this lot please let me know. Dependency: bldprop_vol1

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