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Found 26 results

  1. Be sure to read and follow the procedures carefully and make backups of the affected files as suggested. As many players already know, the game has a bug that does not allow R$$$ sims to work in I-HT (High-Tech Industry). It does create demand for R$$$ (10% of the I-HT jobs) but does not actually employ them. Checking the I-HT buildings (with the Route Query Tool) can verify this. If the city does have neighbour connections, these R$$$ sims might be able to find jobs in other connected cities, otherswise you will get "No-Job" zots at your R$$$ areas. What causes this problem, seems to be the wealth-level breakdown of the I-HT jobs: 10% $, 80% $$ and 10% $$$. The algorithm appears to not work correctly if two of the above percentages are equal. The bug affects all I-HT buildings (Maxis AND custom content), as well as the Medical Clinic, the Solar Power Plant and the Nuclear Power Plant. The fix can be found on the STEX. Click on the link below: - IH missing $$$ jobs fix (update!) 1.11 It works by setting the I-HT jobs as follows: 10% $, 78% $$, 12% $$$, instead of the original 10/80/10 (which caused the problem). It has a small impact on demand (+2% $$$, -2% $$ - of the I-HT jobs only), but this is really unimportant. The problem with this fix (as well as all other mods that modify the RCI-type exemplars) is that it causes another incosistency: some regional statistics (regional jobs, regional residents etc) are double-count. It is unknown what effect this has on total demand, gameplay, city growth etc, and I doubt if anyone has carried-out any testing/evaluation, so it would be best to have this problem sorted-out as well. For some reason, the problem is caused if there are two copies of an RCI-type exemplar in the installation. As with all other exemplars (and other file-types too), the 2nd exemplar will override the 1st one, however some calculations appear to run twice. The solution is simple, have only one occurence of the above exemplar in the installation, and the correct place to put this is of course in its original place, namely simcity_1.dat (a Maxis file, located under the Simcity main installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4). Easier said than done, as iLive's Reader (the community's main modding tool) can't modify and save correctly a file as big as simcity_1.dat! (otherwise the fix could be applied in-place). The workaround is to use wouanagaine's SC4 DAT Packer. To apply the fix correctly, follow the steps below. Installation Procedure: - Download and install wouanagaine's SC4 DAT Packer. - Make sure you have the latest SC4/RH or Deluxe versions plus Patches. Right-click on the simcity executable and check the version number. Mine is 1.1.640.0 (SC4+RH+Patches). Refer to other threads to find which is the latest version for your installation. - Backup simcity_1.dat! (Copy this file somewhere else - outside of Simcity's folders, eg under your My Documents folder). - If you are unsure about the SC4 DAT Packer's operation, or you are afraid of possible user errors, better backup your plugins folder too. This may take some minutes if you have a multi-GB installation. Alternatively you can temporarily "move" the Plugin folder contents under another folder - if the folder is in the same drive and volume, moving the files will be virtually instant, as it is technically a "rename" rather than a real "move" operation (no file transfer actually takes place). - Create a new folder under your My Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins folder. - Copy simcity_1.dat under the above folder. - Copy the fix (IH_census_10_78_12.dat) under the above folder and rename it to z_IH_census_10_78_12.dat. This specifies the loading order, and causes the exemplar in the fix to replace the exemplar in simcity_1.dat, as z_... is alphabetically "after" si... - Run SC4 DAT Packer. Initially all folders in the list are selected (highlighted). Find and highlight ONLY the folder you created. This will limit DAT Packer's operation under that folder only. Click on the Start button, wait for the operation to be completed and close SC4 DAT Packer. - DAT Packer should have created a new datfile, containing simcity_1.dat plus the fix. This is located under a folder by default named Plugins_Compressed. Rename this file to simcity_1.dat, and copy it under Simcity's main folder, overwriting the original - you have made a backup, haven't you? - Go back to the Plugins folder and delete the Plugins_Compressed subfolder. Also delete the folder you had created (containing simcity_1.dat and the fix). Alternatively you can move it outside of the Plugins folder and backup it, to remember the operations you performed (for future reference) - you may want to modify it again at some point, eg add more modified RCI exemplars, or "stuff that goes into simcity_1.dat" in general, like some LUA fixes or mods. - If you had (temporarily) moved the Plugins folder contents in step 4, get them back. - You are done!!! Some notes: - It is suggested that you keep the original simcity_1.dat, you may want to apply additional patches in the future. The backup wan't only for safety. - You may want to make similar fixes for the other files affected by the bug, ie the Medical Clinic, the Solar Power Plant and the Nuclear Power Plant. Refer to the modding forums to find how to modify civic buildings correctly. The fixed versions can be inserted in simcity_1.dat as well, or instead placed in a separate plugin (these are normal Building-type exemplars, not RCI ones, so having a 2nd copy will simply override the original, without causing any problem). It is highly suggested that before installing or applying the fix to the above buildings, you enter your cities and bulldoze all instances of them, in all of your cities (save them before exiting). You can replop them after applying/installing the fix. Hope you find this tutorial useful.
  2. Note: This is in reference to Windows 7 64 bit / 1 step instant guaranteed performance and running with absolutely ZERO CRASHES EVER! Over time, I've read so many 'fix's' or attempted 'fix's' for installing and successfully running Simcity 4 on a windows 7 PC, from setting the affinity, or switching to compatibility mode, administrator, or windowed mode. I've tried pretty much all these and I still had problems, and I know of many players whom simply have held on dearly to the XP operating system, which is now so far out dated, considering it was released 12 years ago. The problem people have with installing Simcity 4, rush hour or whichever, is they allow it to auto install in the C:\Program Files (x86) directory, as we know, any changes in this directory require admin authorisation, and for some reason it just does not work well with Simcity 4. I simply installed it in C:\Program Files, note that it is not the (x86) directory. This directory has free reign and does not require admin for changes, anyways the point of all this, is I have now clocked over 120 hours of game play, with over 200 plug-ins, and had absolutely not 1, crash. I have it running on max graphics, max everything, and it runs perfectly. This fix is so simple, so extremely basic, I'm not sure why I have never seen it posted anywhere on the net on any site, perhaps this has already been covered, It is something so basic, I would be surprised if it hadn't already. But the main thing is, IT WORKS! Mechalic * Note : Please post on here, if this has worked for you as well
  3. Hello everyone, I want to suggest a idea. Why we don't add SimCity 3000 section on Omnibus? It's useful for players, especially new players. It's for filling the Cori's SimCity 3000 Forum section gap. Thanks. Zaydan Edit: The 'typo' is correct. Latest is correct alternative to 'most recent', while lastest is typo. Based on (not-clickable) best Cori's suggestion.
  4. Hi simmers, Is there a mod to stop this deathwave nonsense? I've tolerated it for a few weeks now but it's getting on my nerves. I'm a city painter and hundreds of abandoned buildings and boulevards filled with ambulances on the bad end of a death wave are ruining my screenshots. My pop is on a steady sine wave from 90k to 160k and back and forth. I've read the steam guide about death waves and although that was great and very informative, it doesn't offer any easy solutions. Is there a mod that will make it stop? I'd really love a "press-a-button" solution for this utterly silly and totally unrealistic problem with the game mechanics.
  5. Mod is available in Steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=820157360
  6. A topic that got my attention since the release of After Dark is tourism. The new option is flawed and people are often discussing that it should be fixed. There aren't enough tourists and especially when you're building a lot of unique buildings to attract tourists it is annoying to see that almost nobody is visiting them. I think that problems with tourism are mainly caused by how Paradox approached tourism. Tourists are visiting the city, which basically means that you will have a problem with agent-limits. This approach could lead to other problems with simulation of traffic-patterns of citizens if you want to get it fixed. Which makes it seem quite impossible to fix. However, I got an idea which might be able to fix tourism without messing around with agent-limits: Just treat tourists as residents. First of all I want to state that treating the tourist as resident needs some serious alterations. However, this might be easier to do since traffic-patterns of tourists might be easier to calculate than traffic-patterns of residents. Tourists need hotels in order to sleep and go on the next day. However, they don't work, are less likely to commit crimes and don't need education. Tourists therefore have less needs than residents which could make a large simulation easier. The idea is quite simple: Tourists are going to your city and stay there for a few days. If a tourist leaves another tourist might be traveling to the city, this goes on forever. Tourists 'live' in hotels, which means that hotels should have a residential type with tourist-specialization. I think it is better to approach hotels this way. The main goal (at least for the simulation) is to house lots of tourists for a short period of time, the fact that they raise money is kind of irrelevant in this case, it is nice that they do but housing tourists is the main goal. The 'life' of a tourist could look like this: They move into a hotel, they go to unique buildings, they move out. If simulating migration in large numbers would become a problem with agent-limits and computer-power you could also 'kill' them. Which seems cruel but might be working fine for simulation, basically tourists are being 'born' in hotels, go to unique buildings and 'die', in order to make this work concepts like age should be let go. Furthermore the simulation should be less deep for these tourists, since you don't want to pick up dead bodies. This simulation would roughly be like 'they appear, do things and disappear'. Preferences of tourists are somewhat different than preferences of citizens. They want to move into hotels that are close to parks, unique buildings and public transport but schools and hospitals are less important for them. They are very picky, a hotel that isn't close to unique buildings or parks will have less tourists in them and will more likely get vacant. Furthermore tourists prefer leisure/tourist buildings over normal commercial buildings. In another thread I've made the suggestion to split up tourism into hotels and bars/restaurants, this could be in addition to the suggestions I'm making in this topic. Other suggestions made by OcramsRzr on hotels are also very nice, especially his suggestion to make a different demand is very nice in this case (number two in the thread linked to earlier). In this case demand would be a little bit like demand for residents, but in this case for the tourists only (which could be connected to tourist/commercial as well). In an average day a tourist would visit at least one unique building and a restaurant/bar. Unique buildings should work more like commercial buildings. Not the number of visitors, but the tax-income they gain is important. They still cost (a lot of) money, but it is possible to earn it back. I'm always annoyed by the fact that I plop some unique buildings which cost at least $1000,- a week and they barely get any visitors at all. Therefore the focus should be on income and not on visitors. Just like commercial buildings, getting enough visitors is important too but the most important thing in this case is earning money. Unique buildings sell tickets in order to get you in and this way they make money, which could be taxed. The stadium, aquarium and expo clearly have something to sell. But also monuments like the Eifel Tower sell tickets (at least I never managed to get in the Eifel Tower for free ). Therefore it would make sense to treat unique buildings as commercial buildings. This would mean that you don't know how many people are visiting the buildings (lets be honest, that doesn't work properly), you only know how much you earn from them and how much it costs you. What I like about this approach is that unique buildings could still cost you money, but if you would do it right it could be possible to earn that back. These are my suggestions about improving tourism this far. There are still lots of things to figure out but I think this would be a nice start. Do you have any suggestions on this problem? I would like to know your suggestions on this topic!
  7. Hello, simtropolis commumity. I used to have a CAM mod for the CAM that makes all Stage 15 skyscrapers appear instantly. Is there a download to the file that I was talking about?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Though you wouldn't normally notice it but at least the Maxis monorail models have some UV map (= texture positioning) problems. Just take a look at the orange rings in the picture to see what this actually means: This wouldn't be a problem for the average user but since I plan to create some monorail liveries that depend upon a good UV map I had to fix this before I upload any more stuff regarding the default monorail and its skins. Because the UV map depends upon the actual 3D model, this will conflict with any monorail model-related mods. The single DAT file contains just the S3D files for the engine and the passenger part though, so texture mods are fine (which is the actual purpose). So, if you enjoy a clean texture positioning, you downloaded some of my work for the monorail liveries (like my first monorail color pack) or just noticed this and you want it to stop, I recommend you to download this.
  9. This website is broken?

    Why is it so frustrating to find what you need here? The search sucks and is pretty much useless, any link from before 2011 for some reason DOES NOT WORK, so you have almost no luck getting dependencies for older files. I'm trying to download this casino and the dependency link is broken and the name of the dependency is unknown so i can't google it. Also several files have MISSING download buttons. Who runs this place? Does anyone care? It's freaking irritating because i can't even find help for these issues because nothing shows up on google either. Here is an example: WHY IS THERE NO DOWNLOAD BUTTON? WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN FIXED? Also this: Click the link he posted for the dependency to find your dead-end. This is just two examples off the top of my head i just encountered.
  10. SC4 Launcher

    Version 1.5.4b - R12


    SC4Launcher allows certain settings and stability issues to be set/solved before the game is launched. The features are as follows: - Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode. - Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX. - Quick Launch (Launch instantly with the latest settings). - Auto-Save Feature with Interval selection. - Resolution Selection. (Auto-Detected). - Color Depth Selection. - Ability to change the number of Logical Cores used. (Auto-Detected). - Loading & Saving of last used Configuration. - Ability to set the CPU Priority. - Render Mode Selection (DirectX, OpenGL or Software). - Ability to turn audio On or Off. - Intro Screen/Movie Disable/Enable; and - The all important Force Draw On Scroll Fix. - Mod Manager to enable & disable mods on the fly. The 'Force Draw On Scroll Fix' fixes a compatibility issue that exists between SC4 and AMD cards, the fix utilizes the 'Graphics Rules.sgr' file in order to force SC4 to draw details when scrolling, regardless of AMD/ATI hardware. Please note: The file within the Zip/RAR Archive is an installer, please run it and point it to the root of your SimCity installation and DO NOT simply add it to you plugins folder. Bugs: Please report any bugs via PM or the Official thread (Link Below). Official Thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/54082-SimCity-4-launcher-sc4launcher/
  11. Automata Fix Pack Vol1

    Version 1.0


    FANTA1990 Presents: There are many reasons a gamer may choose to forego automata replacement mods, preferring instead the default vehicles shipped with SC4. In so doing, certain cosmetic anomalies that were present from the beginning have to be overlooked, at least until now. The files contained herein do nothing more than re-render standard objects the way they were originally intended to appear. Hence they are very small, have no effect on performance, and will function under any platform and configuration supported by the game. Naturally, there are no dependencies and no configuration is required. This package is intended to pick up where Maxis left off, preserving the integrity of the game in a small, but still relevant way. Maxis FreightEngine Fix.dat - Restores the forward facing panels and far side framework of the Freight Train Engine when viewed from the right-front. MidJetPlane FIX.dat - Restores the rudder and fin assembly directly beneath the horizontal stabilizer on the Mid-Size Jet when viewed from the left-front. SkyDiver Skin Fix.dat - Eliminates a section of the fuselage protruding through the wing above the cabin on the Skydiver Plane when viewed from the left-rear. armybase_jumpjacksX3.dat - Reconfigures the formation of troops gathered at military installations to eliminate overlap and realign 3 distinct groups of soldiers performing calisthenics (Additional arrangements are available on Fanta's website). *** For the latest updates and other spectacular creations by Fanta Soda, visit his homepage on SimCity China at the following URL: http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-99303-1-1.html Fanta has taken considerable measures to make his site accessible to English speaking users. However, I encourage you to exploit the automatic translation features available in browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, or one of many Add-ons for Internet Explorer. Mandatory registration will unlock Fanta's downloads and all other custom content on SimCity China. One login prompt and two verification screens may seem excessive, but are well worth it. Since Fanta spends considerable time manufacturing custom mods, he specifically requested my assistance publishing his work to the mainstream English speaking audience. All credit and responsibility for this download lies solely with Fanta Soda. He will personally read and perhaps respond to any praise, feedback, criticism, or suggestions to this post. More impressive works from FANTA1990 will follow.
  12. Job Ratio Changer

    Version 1.0.0


    NOTE: Mister Giggles notified me of a problem and realized that this mod basically touches the same parts as the I-HT fix, which means you'll have to dat-pack. Find the instructions in here http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/48632-tutorial-applying-the-i-ht-bug-fix-correctly/ Hello, this is my first mod creation. It's one that changes the job ratios (Generally boosted R$$) CS$: 100 - 0 - 0 => 93 - 7 - 0 CS$$: 68 - 27 - 5 => 60 - 35 - 5 CS$$$: 62 - 30 - 8 => 45 - 46 - 9 CO$$: 40 - 50 - 10 => 35 - 55 - 10 CO$$$: 20 - 65 - 15 => 18 - 66 - 16 I-D: 100 - 0 - 0 => 85 - 15 - 0 I-M: 50 - 45 - 5 => 55 - 40 - 5 ($$ employment decreases) I-HT: 10 - 80 - 10=>14 - 75 - 11 ($$ employment decreases) You can see that the ratios are a bit skewed toward the R$$ jobs in general, especially the CS types. I have tested this one several times, and you shouldn't have problems unless you use another mod that touches the census parts (most notably the I-HT fix, but this one probably fixes I-HT too.) , or have a very delicate balance of jobs (which isn't really recommended anyway. Having a balance is good, but having just enough jobs for the sims isn't. To be safe, use the 2-to-1 ratio (Ex. My region has 3.6 million sims, and even with 2 mil. R$(over half) and 1.7 million jobs(mostly CS, CO and ID mixed with IM), and it hasn't caused me problems apart from a bit more "future" R$$ and a bit less R$.) Unless you have a whole bunch of CS or I-D as your main jobs, it will probably change gameplay in a rather delicate way.
  13. Hi all, for those who are still playing this game, I am working on this which is based on Oppie's No Futuristic Passenger Train Fix However, it is truly hard work going through the original game file to look for all the train car files one by one. So far I have located most of them, but still require more effort to complete the task. Check the screenshots below that I was able to revert back the original freight train engine. Now, in fact, if anyone can help to provide me the very original SimCity_Game.package (Before the Cities of Tomorrow update was released), this fix can be done in a minute! Or else I have to continue trying for hours before it is done. Thank you in advance!
  14. My problem is with "Marrast Underwater Cable Kit 1": http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16789-marrast-underwater-cable-kit/ Basically, it's supposed to be underwater aka invisible and obviously NOT obstructive to any naval units. I have never had problems with this before, where as I have had this mod for over a year. It decided to literally randomly happen out of the blue a few hours ago (in terms of posting this topic of course). It simply gets the (I think) infamous beach bug. Not sure if that's the right term, but as you will see in the pictures, the mod literally "eats" the water textures that are above each piece of it. Now you may think "Just a visual bug", nope, check out the third picture link. If I exit the game completely and reboot it, it's all good, but then It happens again when I choose "Power" in the "Data Views" tab, which one can obviously not simply avoid checking. Other ships and boats crash into it and sink aka vanish as well. Haven't noticed anything with ferries yet, but i'm 100% convinced that they are affected as well. Anyways, here are the links to the three pics, in order: #1: s29.postimg.org/6u7knm40n/image.png #2: i.imgur.com/sqrqFBH.jpg #3: s29.postimg.org/wohdde40n/image.png Reinstalling the mod didn't help, I can't find any comments on the mod's page that have the same problem and a fix as a reply, there is no update I am aware of, changing graphic settings or rendering modes doesn't effect it either. The funny thing is, I had these cables in my city for a while (at least 15 years+ game time, I play on turtle speed) and it only just now starting acting up. Destroying the cables and rebuilding them didn't work either *mumble*... Heck even destroying them, saving and rebooting the game, and THEN rebuilding them didn't help. Now you understand my topic title? It seriously confuses me. Haven't found any solutions google or ST-wise yet, and thus I rely on you smart people to possibly help? I use this mod because as seemingly quite a few people, I find dragging power line poles across the water very unattractive and really only want to use them on land.
  15. Updated Asphalt Highway Textures



    This package contains a variety of updates for Throvin’s Asphalt Highway Texture mod which helps to make it more compatible with the NAM and other downloads lurking in your plugins folder. Since the mod’s release, various new pieces for the Maxis Highway (MHW) network have been added by the NAM team and do not contain an asphalt texture. They will remain concrete-based while the rest of the highway is asphalt-based. An alternative is to use Mandelsoft’s Highway Restyling (HRS) mod, but some still like the grey look of Thorvin’s textures on our highway network. The screenshots displayed show compatibility with various components -Screenshot 1: Pieces fully compatible and textured for the NAM -Screenshot 2: Textured base Maxis highway network pieces -Screenshot 3: Pieces fully compatible and but not properly textured for the NAM Dependencies: This mod has only one dependency file, and that is the Asphalt Highway Texture by Thorvin Credits: -Euro Highway Texture replacements by Thorvin -Highway Signs remover by Mandelsoft -On-Slope connection texture by OnlyPlace4 -Diagonal ramp pieces by Warrior -Updated Asphalt Highway Textures by Samerton -Packaging and documentation by Haljackey If you have any questions regarding the mod, post below for support. Enjoy! -Haljackey
  16. So you've installed your shiny new terrain mod, a nice water mod for that tropical island (or whatever) look you're trying to re-create, and lo and behold! Beaches just SUCK! Sound familiar? That happened to me recently and I've spend the past week fixing it. Read on to discover how to make your shores look like a postcard from the Bahamas (or whatever). = Ugly. = EWw. Ok enough pictures. Lets do this. Difficulty: Medium to high Tools needed: 1. Ilives reader. Several versions out there, google and get the latest. Here's a link to a tutorial that sort of explains the basics http://goo.gl/zFrvcV 2. Basic knowledge of plugins, where to find them etc, which you should have anyway if you're reading this. Intro: This set of values I'm about to show you how to set will give you the result from the images at the end of the post, with varying colors and textures depending on your terrain and water mods, of course. You can achieve different results by tweaking the values once you get the hang of whats what. For the record I am using Columbus Terrain Snowcapped and RVT Costal Mod 2009 with yellow sand, dark cyan offshore and emerald inshore. You may want to make a quick backup copy of your terrain file to save you having to re-download it if we break something. Step one: modifying Texture39 (beach). Notice in the picture how the "before" image has ugly jagged edges in the sand at the point where it meets the grass. This happens where it blends with the water too, although it's not so evident in the image. Here we are going to modify the way the beach sand texture blends in with the other textures, this will get rid of the pointy corners in the sand, where it mixes with the shallow water texture as well as with the grass. a. Locate your terrain parameters file and open it with iLives reader. (This is the file you installed to change the look of your terrain. Mine is called CP_ColumbusPlayTerrainParameters.dat) b. Click on exemplar analyser then click "tree" in the toolbar. c. Now find the terrain exemplar called Texture39. d. Set TextureBlendStrength to 12. e. Copy paste this next line of numbers and paste it into all five TextureSpreadCurve values. 0.000000,1.000000,0.000000,1.000000,16.000000,0.950000,32.000000,0.400000,48.000000,0.100000,64.000000,0.050000,80.000000,0.000000 f. Open simcity and check your progress. I'd like to take a moment here to give credit and to thank Indiana Joe for teaching me how to do this part. However, to get the best possible values I had to do some tinkering around, and eventually ended up remembering how the normal maxis terrain beach was decent enough. I copied the curve values from the SimCity_1.dat Texture39 exemplar and bam, done. Except for blend strength, which I doubled to 12. Step two: Fixing the water in Terrain Properties. So now that our sand is nice, we will work on the water. (Note: these parameters I'm giving you will achieve a similar look to the image below, to get your own look you'll have to play around with these values) Notice how it runs right up against the edges of the beach and you can see the hard edged border of the water. The waves stop a bit before that edge so it looks ugly. Additionally we have a flat deep-sea color throughout. Blegh. Lets remedy. Exit simcity and open your terrain parameters file as above, but this time find the exemplar called Terrain Properties, you'll notice this has many more entries. We are going to modify a few working down the list. a. Set WaterDepthForMaxAlpha to 75 We want to be able to see the sand on the seafloor when the water is shallow to create a nice realistic shore, which will also allow us to see underwater cliffs near the shore, and any flora/props etc you may add. b. WaterMinAlpha to 0x05 This controls the transparency of the water surface, note that these are written in Hexadecimal so if you want to set this higher than 0x09 you need to check the ascii table for your desired number. 1 to 9 are 0x0 to 0x09, after that 10 is 0xa i think and all weird codes. More on this in the comment by A Nonny Moose below. I suggest to keep this low because this will get rid of that ugly hard edge of the water. c. MaxNormalYForCliff to 0.77 Warning: This is basically the diagonal edges mod fix, most people keep it around 0.675, increasing this will increase the amount of "cliffs" or "rocks" that show, as well as other stuff, leave this as it is if you prefer, I like it at 0.77 because it makes the shore rockier. d. MinWaterDepthForDeepSeaBedTexture to 100 At this point, water will take on the darker hues, this value you can play around until you are satisfied, I like to see the clear seafloor until the sea gets really deep, so I keep this value above 75. In my experience, for best effect it is usually better to have this value always be above your WaterDepthForMaxAlpha from substep A above. e. MaxBeachWidth to 0x02 This is same as WaterMinAlpha in that its not an integer, so if you desire more than 9 check the asci table. That said, I keep this value below 4 most of the time, unless you need REALLY wide beaches. f. MaxBeachAltitude to 8 Important: If you bring this below 8 with this setup of values I'm giving you you will get ugly green smudge stuff on rocks and grass when they meet water that's too far below, it seems to be related to the MaxNormalYForCliff. In fact you may still get it on some spots but they can be removed by a touch of terraforming. Please check back, I will update the article if I find a definitive fix for this. DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything that might happen to anything or anyone as a result of you following this tutorial, it is your responsibility to take due care to backup your files before attempting to modify them. Also, I did my best to accurately reflect the steps I took to reproduce the look from the image, but as I am a human being I am liable to error, so, if for any reason you follow these steps and it doesn't work, please post a reply and I will try to remedy. Ok. One more picture. Finished! EDIT: Lets face it, the above final result image still leaves a lot to be desired, even though it is a MASSIVE improvement from the initial photo, it is still far from perfect. You can easily see three different transparency zones in the sand.. so with that in mind I've continued tweaking the curves further. I also discovered that Z0 - Z4 prefixes in the TextureSpreadCurve stand for the different zoom levels, this allows us to tweak the blending curve for each zoom, which is providential seeing as the same setting wont give good results at all zooms. I didn't show you guys in the previous section, but those settings are kinda wonky at the furthest away zoom levels, the three layers are too evident. This process is quite tedious and time-consuming, so my results so far are still pretty bad but improving. In this image I'm using curves of 0,1,8,1,16,0.95,24,0.7,32,0.1,40,0.03,64,0 for Z0_TextureSpreadCurve and Z1_TextureSpreadCurve (furthest out zoom levels). and 0,1,8,1,16,0.95,24,0.7,32,0.3,48,0.1,64,0.05,80,0 for the other three. (Z2, Z3, Z4). It's a bit grainier than reality due to jpeg or something, but anyway, the only one I'm fairly happy with is Z2. Z3 and Z4 are showing geometrical patterns too much. Z0 and Z1 need more work on the edge, still too jagged. I just though I'd share my progress, have a nice day.
  17. Version


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As you know, I'm no modder. There seem to be problems with my lots and with it, comes a new set of files that'll resolve the issues. This new upload doesn't include the original model files, but contains a set of new lots for both the Mayhem Memorial Plaza and Neihu Plaza. The two structures grow as CO$$$, and should hopefully have no problems working. Thanks to T Wrecks for modding them to function, and ultimately resolving the issues with these buildings; or more so, my lot modding It also comes with ploppable versions, including jobs and functionality. These downloads DO NOT include the model files, and will be linked as a dependency to the original sources. Modded/Lotted and Tested by T Wrecks! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Growable - Neihu Plaza --------------------------- Lot Size(s) - 3x3, 2x3, 2x3 (ploppable with jobs) Type - Commercial Offices Wealth - CO§§§ Jobs Provided - 840 CO§§§ jobs Growth Stage - 7,8 (high density) City Style - Euro Contemporary Miscellaneous > Works as "entry-level skyscraper" that could grow when your city is at the threshold of becoming a true metropolis - it can help compete with buildings such as Ajjanagadde Inc. and Vu Blue Denim HQ. Basic Lot Information: Growable - Mayhem Memorial Plaza --------------------------- Lot Size(s) - 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 2x2 (ploppable) Type - Commercial Offices Wealth - CO§§§ Jobs Provided - 230 CO§§§ jobs Growth Stage - 6 (medium density) City Style - Houston, Euro Contemporary Miscellaneous > Mayhem Memorial Plaza is a welcome addition to compete with in-game buildings such as Reflect Systems Inc. and Brink Real Estate, both of which can become quite a plague. At similar occupant figures, the same growth stage and equally sized lots, MMP should be able to break the monotony a bit. Dependencies TRP: Mayhem Memorial Plaza TRP: Neihu Plaza Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. _________________________________________________________________________ EDIT: Accurate Lot and growable details courtesy of T Wrecks. Also, the current lone file up for download contains both files, despite saying MMP specifically. I packaged it incorrectly and didn't divide the files. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Hey guys I just installed the private schools with sliders mod ( wanted to rebuild the private school I had to delete before. Now I can't find the new private school in the menu anymore (its not even grey). Also after uninstalling the im still not able to build one. Has anyone an idea how to fix this?
  19. I like running SC4 in hardware mode because it is faster, but somehow it wouldn't work right with the new 7870 graphics card. Tried some stuff like adding my graphics card to the .SGR file, etc, but no luck. So I deleted the Graphics Rules (no rules! ) and Video Cards. SGR files. They are found in C:/ program files (x86 if 64 bit) / Maxis / SimCity 4 Deluxe. You will see the 2 files and drag them or click and delete em. I saved mine to a backup folder in case something happens down the road, although I doubt it. Now I have no problems running SC4 on the max settings with a modern graphics card and no buildings or textures disappear when moving around the map. Hope this helps I hardly see it as a fix, because I just deleted the darn thing. Sometimes the easiest solution solves the biggest problems.
  20. Hi all, So I am new to simtropolis and downloaded a bunch of mods last night; this was the first time I have ever put mods on sim city 4 deluxe. I did the standard extract and drag into doc/simcity4/plugins. However, only some of the mods seem to work most of them have no buildings or leave a transparent blue outline. I also downloaded the hov lane pack but it only lets me plop one tile at a time and it is impossible to connect the tiles, like ill set two next to each other but they will plop perpindicular, not connecting. Anyhow I probably have a bunch more questions but I will start with this and I am not a computer whiz, I am a novice at this stuff so any help would be great thanks guys.
  21. Fire Plane UDI mission fix

    Version 1.1


    +===========+ |DESCRIPTION| +===========+ Fixes Fire Plane UDI both Good missions (for player made and natural fire) by changing/fixing script adv_rewards.lua, so now it's possible to obtain Zoo as reward as it should be from start. If you are using MrTruesage's City Halls Fix, skip main file and use patch in CityHall Package\ folder instead. +============+ |INSTALLATION| +============+ Just unzip archive and copy&paste Fire_Plane_UDI_fix_by_Acron.dat file to your Documents/SimCity4/Plugins folder. File can be DatPacked without any problems. If you are using MrTruesage's City Halls Fix, then copy&paste ONLY RewardsLUA.dat from my archive into CityHall Package\ folder in your Plugins\ folder. DO NOT USE it together with Fire_Plane_UDI_fix_by_Acron.dat, remove it if you installed it beforehand. +=============+ |REQUIREMENTS | +=============+ Rush Hour/Deluxe + 1.638 patch or higher +============+ |DEPENDENCIES| +============+ None. +=============+ |COMPATIBILITY | +=============+ Base fix is non-compatible with mods changing adv_rewards.lua file, like MrTruesage's City Halls Fix. To make it compatible look at this post: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/58624-fire-plane-for-city-zoo/?p=1391999 +==========+ |DISCLAIMER | +==========+ Modify and use it to your heart content, if you want to include mine file in your mod, just do it, I don't care, it's not rocket science anyway, anyone with reader could this mod, but giving a small credit would be nice.
  22. Version 1.0


    +============+ | DESCRIPTION | +============+ Carpool Incentive Program Ordinance Fix as name implies fixes bugged ordinance. Costs has been changed to same as Automobile Emission Reduction Act, and as Automobile Emission Reduction Act decreases only Air pollution, Carpool Incentive Program decreases only Traffic Pollution. NAM's version of Clean Air Ordinance already decreases Traffic Pollution by 60%, so I have chosen mild value (10%) to not make ordinance overpowered. Cost to enact: §20 Cost to retract: §10 Monthly cost: §20 + §0.005 per resident Traffic pollution decreased by 10% +============+ | INSTALLATION | +============+ Just unzip archive and copy&paste file to your Documents/SimCity4/Plugins folder. File can be DatPacked without any problems. +==============+ | REQUIREMENTS | +==============+ Rush Hour/Deluxe + 1.638 patch or higher +==============+ | DEPENDENCIES | +==============+ None. +==============+ | COMPATIBILITY | +==============+ Non-compatible with almost all known to me ordinance mods, as Carpool Incentive Program is almost always used as base for new ordinance. +===========+ | DISCLAIMER | +===========+ Modify and use it to your heart content, if you want to include mine file in your mod, just do it, I don't care, it's not rocket science anyway, anyone with reader could this mod, but giving a small credit would be nice.
  23. Having pollution in your city? No problem, This power plant will suck in the pollution and turn it into power http://community.sim...to-power-plant/ Disclamer: I do not own or created this, This was found from a Youtube video with the user named KorbinBill Plagiarism and piracy are not allowed on the STEX, nor on the rest of SimTropolis. Topic locked. -- MandelSoft (moderator)
  24. Updating/Fixing

    1. I tried getting the 1.1.640.0 update, and it told me it was fully completed, but the version number of the .exe file remains as 1.1.638.0. Anyone know why this is? 2. There used to be a thread on Simtropolis that had a full list of every update and fix a player would ever need in the game, plus links. It included the basic EP1 and SC4BATUpdates, the bldgprop downloads, the Opera House download, NAM, and a bunch more. I thought it was Boggy's Guide to Everything Custom Content, but I checked it and it doesn't have that list anymore. Has anyone seen the thread I'm talking about?
  25. These air cleaning lots submitted through Simtropolis is quite useful in terms of decreasing pollution, but if anyone have noticed that if you remove these lots, your city will create the heaviest pollution ever, every part of pollution data shows either red or orange colours, which creates a problem, assuming this is a bug, the pollution will not decrease naturally, if anyone know how to fix this, opinion, comment, all welcomed. Many thanks.

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