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  1. SimCity 4 turns 15!

    It's still the best. See you dudes and dudettes right back here when it's 20 years old.
  2. The sheer number of programs that will stop working is going to be enormous because developers won't get a new port completed within a year. This will be a disaster for Mac users no matter what. Now, that said, the fault here is probably really on the many companies and programmers who have continued to produce updated 32-bit versions of their old software because re-writing a 64-bit program would be a lot of work. They knew this was coming; Apple is just trying to be stubborn about it and use their influence force it to happen overnight. The biggest problem comes from all the programs people use from the last 10 to 15 years that are no longer maintained and updated, like our SimCity games here. And there will be a lot of those.
  3. Industry Quadrupler

    Additionally, you must start a new city to see the effects; it won't work properly in cities that are already built.
  4. The Greater Terran Region

    That's a terrifying mess Hal. I'm curious just how long it has been since you've loaded that city; I noticed in the news ticker bar there's a message welcoming you back to town that I've never seen before. If you get the chance to open it and read it I'd like to know what it says.
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    These downloads are unavailable on the Screwpile Developments website that the STEX lists, but the links all seem to be working here: https://simarchive.wordpress.com/SimCity-4-official-downloads/ Note that I could only find them available separately, not as one big package.
  6. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    Taking advantage of as many earthen embankments as possible. Matt
  7. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Here's all the highway textures I could find. First, to clear up the small chance that you are really confused, this is the default look of the Maxis highway: Here's texture options for the highway in the default form: (Note that these are the most updated editions and they may have dependencies that are previous editions of the mods) And here is a concrete texture set that requires the installation of the Maxis Highway Override, part of the NAM:
  8. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Anyone have the RedBrickPlaza files? The download links are dead. My thoughts for why it should be a candidate for file sharing and/or re-uploading to the STEX: - These files are still advertised as available for download on the author Kazuki's website, the download links are just dead - Kazuki seems to have made no attempt to purposely remove them - They come with no disclaimer, that I can find, that requests consent to distribute (other than the implied natural copyright of course). Matt
  9. Crashes and Problems - Look Here First

    Original Thread: Guide: Running SimCity 4 on Windows 8 Running SimCity 4 on Windows 8 The Almost Definitive Guide By Indiana Joe, with innumerable contributions by the esteemed community September 8, 2015 -- Microsoft ends support for some CD programs including SimCity 4. Latest Windows updates will prevent the CD from working. Disclaimer: This guide should be applicable to most PCs with modern hardware running Windows 8. Much of the information is also applicable to Windows Vista & 7. For further help or clarification, please be encouraged to start a new topic! SimCity 4 was built to run on the 32 bit Windows XP operating system from 2001. Over a decade later, Windows 8 and 64 bit computers can have some trouble cooperating with this old software. This guide will take you through the proper setup of installing SimCity 4 on a modern PC and addresses some common technical problems. By the end, your game should run smoothly. Installing SimCity 4 Patching the Game Important Setup Steps Graphics Plugins (Mods) and Fixes Resources Original Thread: Guide: Running SimCity 4 on Windows 8 Return to Top
  10. 2016: Year in Review

    Trixies open in 5 days and you expect me to believe this post is a coincidence? I think not. Congrats on one year! This has been one of the most incredible city journals in Simtropolis history. I never know whether to be more blown away by your skills in the game, or in Photoshop. But put together they are something magical. Here's to another year
  11. Did you install the dependency files listed in the readme?
  12. Primordial Dream

    I always enjoy recognizing resampled sounds in music and soundtracks. Certain senses, like smelling and hearing specific familiar things, can trigger some pretty strong nostalgia. I remember discovering Primordial Dream and being pretty weirded out by it too. I was always one to go poking around in the menus of a game to see if there were some cool features I hadn't found yet. I saw all of the rumors in the Youtube comments that it would play if you obliterated a city. I'll have to test it some time. But I think Alex is right in that it was simply a part of the soundtrack, something the composers were proud of, but someone reviewing it said it was too creepy so they just left it turned off by default.
  13. Cori's First FLUP - With Pics

    Cori is referring to installing the NAM, not SimCity 4. In the NAM installer you can customize which NAM features are installed: In the section above you can select the desired appearance of roads and streets. The "Retextured Standard Road Textures" will give you American streets with cul-de-sacs. There are also several European-inspired options to choose from.
  14. That Unused Moisture Data View

    A tad bit off topic but here's an old blog post by Ocean Quigley about designing the terrain for SimCity 4. http://oceanquigley.blogspot.com/2009/04/simcity-4.html And we're still figuring out all of the intricacies of what he describes there. Gotta say I love that man, SC4 has some of my most favorite artwork from any strategy game ever. Wish I'd had the chance to thank him three years ago when he was all the buzz. Can't help but feel sorry that his 2013 game flopped so hard, causing him to leave EA, and probably the world of city designing, forever.
  15. Maxis Roads with NAM

    All of the existing road networks in the game will be unaltered*, it just adds new ones. There is an optional feature to override the Maxis highways with a network that matches RHW, but that's not part of the standard install. *some "under-the-hood" changes are made, but you won't have to re-learn how to use roads and streets.