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City-building game(s)

Found 60 results

  1. I run the Asset Editor in -noWorkshop mode. I've copied the NexT 2 folder (812125426) into my local mods directory and enabled it ingame, yet I still don't see any of the roads. Is there a trick that I'm missing? Another question: I'm unable to move pink pedestrian paths when I'm in offline mode, even though move-it works for everything else (move-it is installed locally). Somehow I can move them when I'm using steam. Any idea why this would be the case? I want to be able to move them in -noWorkshop mode.
  2. Hello there, I was wondering if there is a way to force the game checking agents numbers to get rid of "phantom" criminals and "phantom" trash/recycle cans showed in the respective panel when the data map is totally clear. Or at least if there is a save editor or a way to fix those bugged number with an hex editor or something. I know it's not game/breaking to have fake counters but it still bugs me and I'd like to solve it if that's possible. Cheers and thank you in advance. Edit: I have 2 things I gotta add, I tried the RealPopulation mod and it doesn't seem to solve the issue in any way, also I am experiencing this bug with incoming workers too, I went from a situation where I needed mostly high and mid wealth workers cause my population was mostly low wealth to the opposite, cause after building the arcology I "upgraded" my city population to mid and high wealth, now the game shows me thousands of incoming workers a day in the Pop Detail windows when I have none. It would be cool to somehow force the game to "count again" the actual agents or at least to have a save editor to manually fix those empty numbers, someone could point in the right direction of how to do it if a "Premade" tool doesn't exist?
  3. Version 1.0


    Hey all This mod adds a brand new module to your solar power plant; solar storage batteries! These batteries can store up to 50 MWh and matches the daily power output of the plant itself. The module can be bulldozed and can be found in the solar power plant's module menu. It will be the last icon. A video will be posted here soon. How to install: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Install the .package file into your SimCityData folder. I used oppie's SimCityPak program to create this mod/building. Go here to download it: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/releases/view/122600 Enjoy! More mods and buildings are coming!
  4. udon-addon

    Version 1.1


    udon addon(offline only) If does not work, or do not understand how to use. Please stop the use of this MOD. install 1.you need install udon 1.5 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29585-offline-only-mod-"unidirectional-networks-udon"/ 2.you need install Project Akar. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar-ui-enhancement/ 3.package in simcitydata folder.(if you installed Udon-addon1.0. Delete it.) add(1.1) 1.All bridge and tunnel(+UDon Tunnel) can break pieces. 2.UDoNHDStreet,HDStreet,HDAvenue can change bridge directly for region road.(upgrade menu) 3.UDoNLDStreet,LDStreet,LDAvenue can change Tunnel directly for region road.(upgrade menu) 4. can change udonMDstreet to normalMDstreet and reverse. note. Arch,Suspention,StreetCarAvenueBridge can not connect road directory. Now investigating.
  5. Hi This is my first time on here so hopefully I'm doing this right. I have modded my simcity and recently installed it on a new machine. However when in offline mode either normal or sandbox the cheats do not work. I have tried ALT+W and CTRL+ALT+W but nothing works. I also tried removing the mods and testing to see if it was them but I had the same issue. I tried the cheats online and they work, so the problem is offline. Is there away to fix this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mat
  6. Version 1.9 / 1.7


    One Way Roads and Freeways Elevated and Ground Level NEW USERS TO THE SITE BE AWARE YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AND LOGGED IN TO BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD THIS OR ANY MOD. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. Will add more detail Later on.. but welcome. Mod was Created so with new data and the use of foundation improvements built into 10.1 (YOU MUST HAVE 10.1 but in offline mode) 9/3/2014 - 1.9 Minor / Major Update from 1.8 to fix some problems with Upgrades and Downgrades that were being explored from version 1.8 with Yayie and HinataaHyuga. Those have now been completed and seem to be stable enough to update and release to the general public as a fix. 2.0 is currently in planning mode with 5 and 6 lane ave with zone and express ways for greater regional interactions. 8/20/2014 - 1.8 MAJOR Update Release to work with New Akar and Akar Roadsets along with a number of improvements and changes by members of the SUGC. Icon and Graphic Improvements by Ban, Script and Upgrade Improvements by Yayie and HinataaHyuga with Regional Additions which in Akar now have a new menu structure to make the Regional Aspects easier to understand. 8/22/2014 - 1.9 is in the works to fix some bugs and issues. Reported problems due to Bi-Level Mod by max due to using an UDON path to create his. He is working on a fix. Upgrade and downgrade side effects being worked on introduced in 1.8. 5 and 6 lane roads are being looked at to introduce into version 2.0 . Instructions are simple drop it into the same folder as it was originally listed and REMOVE the old one. I keep all my versions of updates online and in the download button so you may go back if you have issues that you find a little overwhelming due to new directions and changes being looked at. However we are on top of them as a group and working to make all of them play nice with each other which was the whole reason for Akar and the SUGC team being formed to begin with. 8/14/2014 - 1.7 was uploaded and all other files tested ok even though someone reported issues. Today 7/7/2014 - Version 1.6 has incorporated our new Icons and Images into our mod to make the game easier and more similar to the unification of graphics and style to be that of Maxis and the Original games look and feel. Thank you Banwashere (Ban) for the hard work and dedication for becoming our community artist and champion of our new efforts in creating an identity as our graphic artist and champion of our new identity and graphic art on this subject and with all our mods that have been release and our future releases to the community. These will be added to Akar and each individual mod as are required and represent the first update of many in a series that will unify mods and our interfaces. We are very happy to have him on board and the quality that his talents will bring to our mod community and in general to our future developments. Both Regional and UDONS updated to 1.6 for that specific update. Today 6/23/2014 - Version 1.5 Uploaded Online Beta Testing edition. (May Cause Roll Backs At 20 Minute Points) Uncertain need more testing have at it. ( DO NOT USE WITH EXTENDED BOUNDARY OR ALL RCI PLOP AT THIS TIME IT WILL ROLLBACK IF YOU DO). CoTs may be required EP to prevent Roll Backs .. do not yet know for certain. Today 5/17/204 we have been listening and watching so many people so there have been reports of issues and odd behavior which we have now been able to contribute to some ODD corruption of the actual installation unfortunately. Some crashes and issues have and are not the mod but brought out by the mod itself. Uninstalling mods one at a time can temp solve the issue however the ultimate fix was installing a clean copy of the game unfortunately... I would put the percentage at less than .5% of the installed base have reported this drastic step but wished to be as honest as possible with you incase you have any issues. OMG there is so much that needs to be said and needs to be given out on this mod and its features but MOST of the features speak for themselves.. THERE ARE TRICKS to use Connections can be tricky. HOWEVER .. I NEED TO THANK ALOT OF PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT OR THIS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE.. since that can't happen in the normal way THANK YOU EVERYONE WHOM HELPED MAKE THIS HAPPEN. 10.1 made it possible by adding some foundations that have and were needed to even allow ONE WAY possible. SO THANK YOU MAXIS and UPDATE TEAMS for adding the core code that make it possible to do this type of mod and make it a reality that took 6 months. FEW will every realize how much it took or what went on onto make this happen. AS I have already been reminded there are many many details I need to post on use to help you all and I will over this weekend. THIS IS AN OFFLINE ONLY MOD DO NOT USE ONLINE --------------------------------------- CREATIVITY is key.. how you build and what order you build things is what matters There are some aspects to how you use the direction of drawing as the direction of the one way. Make sure you build ELEVATED prior to Transitions or it will not connect but practice makes perfect 10.1 added new paths to the game that allowed this to be possible. As mentioned by Niclistin on Reddit one of the mod testers like buggi and yuttho.. there are ALOT of aspects to this mod that take time to use and understand but the complexity is beyond imagination .. REALISTIC is not the word for it. 2 Lane Roundabout 4 Lane Roundabout 2 Lane, Low Density One Way Street 4 Lane, Medium Density One Way Street 4 Lane, High Density One Way Road 1 Lane Freeway Ramp 1 Lange Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp 1 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Elevated Freeway Ramp 2 Lane Freeway 2 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway 2 Lane Elevated Freeway 4 Lange Freeway 4 Lane Ground to Elevated Freeway 4 Lane Elevated Freeway If you DO NOT use a roundabout but use a 2 or 4 lane ELEVATED you can manually make an Elevated ONE WAY and actually intersect with it (trick) TIP and Suggestions: Camera Angle, Angle of Road draw and stretching out the draw before going to desired position can help you draw things the way you wish.. going big and back to smaller size in circles and turns. Going UP with M or DOWN with N can help connectors. Remember to use your transitions sometimes its just a matter of drawing it a longer distance so the engine thinks its smother than it really is. We have to work with the engine not against it to get things to work and function. XoXiDe UdoN Connection Chart.pdf
  7. Version 1.1


    Hey guys . What this mod pack does: - Reduces construction and maintenance costs - Increases number of jobs - Reduces minimum workers needed for production - Increases sewage outflow rate - Increases module count (for Sewage Treatment Plant and Sewage Sanitizer only) - Reduces water consumption - Reduces power consumption - Reduces garbage production - Reduces ground pollution production (for Sewage Outflow Pipe only) - Reduces ControlNet usage (for Sewage Sanitizer only) The things listed apply to the following (unless stated otherwise within parentheses): Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Tank, Sewage Outflow Pipe, Sewage Sanitizer, Sanitizer Tank NOTE: You must have the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack in order for this mod to work. How to install: Unzip the file. Place the regular .package file into your SCData folder and the two scripts files into your SCUserData/Packages folder. Enjoy the mod! More are coming!
  8. In my various Shoppes threads I've recommended for peeps to save a copy so they'd have them available if Photobucket ever borks my free account and the pictures go missing. I'd done that myself a few days ago. You know, File --> Save Page As ... --> (Type) Web Page, complete. I had this silly idea that saving the complete web page would be, well, COMPLETE. Like all the text and pictures. Turns out in Firefox that's not true unless one has this Add-On. And then one also reads this documentation. And then one adds a missing variable: Once I did that (and restarted Firefox) I then did complete saves of my map making and shoppes threads, copied the files to a flash drive, loaded them onto one of my SC4 game comps (which is not connected to anything else), and then I could view the threads completely offline with all the pictures. So, this is just a heads-up post for peeps who might believe they've made a complete copy using Firefox and really didn't get the whole thread saved in a useful way. And, it would be nice if the gurus with other browsers test if theirs can make a true, complete offline copy and let us know here. Edit: I'm adding CB's quote here since it's extremely relevant to my premise:
  9. Please, I begin in the mods world and I'm lost : can you give me a link witch I can download this mod ? Thank you !
  10. Can anyone recommend a mod pack that is offline only mods??
  11. Version 1.0


    Hey guys This mod adds a brand new module to your wind power plant: wind storage batteries! These batteries can store up to 50 MWh and matches the daily power output of the plant itself. The module can be bulldozed and can be found in the wind power plant's module menu. It will be the last icon. A video will be posted here soon. How to install: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Install the .package file into your SimCityData folder. I used oppie's SimCityPak program to create this mod/building. Go here to download it: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/releases/view/122600 Enjoy! More mods and buildings are coming!
  12. Version 2.0


    Hey guys . This is a pack that consists of all of my city wide distribution mods. It will be updated as new city wide distribution mods are created. Contains the following city wide distribution mods: City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Recycling Vehicles City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Drone Hangars City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Garbage Vehicles City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Bus Vehicles City Wide Distribution Enhancement of School Vehicles City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Fire Vehicles City Wide Distribution Enhancement of Police Vehicles The mods in this pack are all up-to-date. The screenshot used for this pack is the one for the recycling distribution mod, which was the latest one released. Here's the video for it: Installation Instructions: 1. Install any file in the zip file that begins with 00_OFFLINE_CAPTON into your SimCityData folder. 2. Install every other file in the zip file into your SimCityUserData folder. I apologize if installation is confusing. I tried to group the files into folders, but my zipping software wasn't working correctly. I hope you enjoy the mods inside this pack!
  13. Version 1.5 / 1.2


    This mod adds the roads with only stop signs at the intersections. Features: - High Density Street and Medium Density Street with no traffic lights. - High Density Avenue and Medium Density Avenue with no traffic lights (version 1.1). - High Density Streetcar Avenue with no traffic lights (version 1.2). - Major roads and Secondary roads. - Cars pass pedestrians at the intersections. - You can add the traffic lights using "Road Upgrade" and remove them again according to your wishes (see screenshot below). You should save the game after creation of region and restart the game, so you can upgrade the ordinary roads to the roads with no traffic lights. This mod can help to reduce traffic congestion in the city. You need to place a road in a value "a secondary road" at first and then a road in a value "a major road" (It doesn't matter when the road crosses the Avenue). When you use this mod with the Project Akar by Yayie (http://bit.ly/1ooMyA4), you can find these roads in "Custom Roads". Thanks to Yayie for assistance in preparing update 1.3 and Banwashere for preparation of icons in update 1.4. THIS IS AN OFFLINE-ONLY MOD. How to install: Unzip the files, copy and paste the .package files into your SimCityData folder. Regional Roads With No Traffic Lights should be used ONLY WITH the main mod "Roads With No Traffic Lights".
  14. Greetings So I just started building in my second map, being this Trinity point, and it happened that when I zoned for residential in the boundaries of a high-wealth zone effect(provided by the aquarium plaza on the left) some kind of lake originated instead of a building. At first I thought.. Ok..maybe it is some kind of high-wealth pool.But honestly I think it must be a bug. I can't bulldoze it and can't query on it. It's indeed a lake and not a visual glitch because If I try to build a road on it a pop-up message notifies me of wrong bridge placement. I am not using any mod, just the vanilla simcity with the official DLCS. So, has it happened to you before? Regards. EDIT: Oh wait after inspecting the lake I found the building using my x-ray vision(Happiness MAP). It is in the bottom of the lake.. COOL PD2: Lakebug2 is a gif(so the low quality) EDIT 2: Bulldozing the now clickable mansion beneath levels back again the terrain
  15. Version 1.0


    Hey guys This mod adds a brand new building to the game called Public Works! This building produces both power and water and supports up to one hundred jobs. The building also costs $25,000 to plop and costs $250 to maintain. The building can be bulldozed and can be found in the Custom Content menu from Project Akar (can be downloaded here: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar-ui-enhancement/). A video will be posted here soon. How to install: 1. Unzip the file. 2. Install the .package file into your SimCityData folder. Special thanks to: Danny50205 - For finding this building for me. I used oppie's SimCityPak program to create this mod/building. Go here to download it: http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/releases/view/122600 Enjoy! More mods and buildings are coming!
  16. RCI-Mod

    Version 1.2


    Firstly, here are the aspects of the game that I think need some tweaked. 1. Why tax income are very low, whereas country's revenue mostly come from tax. 2. Why goods are too few while shoppers are so many? 3. Why there are too many unfilled jobs? 4. Freight output seems can't fulfilled commercial needs. (Too many factory mean you need more workers/or zoning more residential, which mean zoning more commercial that need more freights, which mean zoning more industrial. This is a broken system.) So... guys, I made this mod, intended to make a balance to the game. I hope you like it. UPDATED TO : Version 1.2 Previous versions with some fix: 1. The population inside Medium Density Residential building has been slightly increased ( New Version : Default x1.5) . 2. Improved speed an acceleration of Industrial Freight Trucks / Heavy Trucks. HOW TO INSTALL : 1. Backup your previous saved games. 2. Delete your saved games located in "C:\Users\.........\Documents". 3. If you have any RCI mod or previous version of my mod inside your SimCityData folder, remove it. 4. Unzip / Extract v1.2-RCI-Mod.zip 5. Copy file "0FFL1NE-v1.2-[Papa_Bear]-SimCity2013-RCI-Mod.package" to "\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData" folder. 6. Copy file "SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" to "\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages" folder. IN ORDER FOR THIS MOD TO WORK, YOU NEED TO : START ON A NEW REGION, CLAIM CITY/CITIES, PLAY (DON'T ZONING YOUR CITY YET) . SAVE, QUIT GAME, RELAUNCH YOUR GAME, LOAD YOUR SAVED GAME (YOU CAN START ZONING YOUR CITY) . THIS MOD ARE INTENDED FOR OFFLINE PLAY. PLAYING ONLINE MIGHT LEAD TO CITY ROLLBACKS! HOW TO REMOVE : 1. Delete "0FFL1NE-v1.2-[Papa_Bear]-SimCity2013-RCI-Mod.package" along with "SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package" from the installation directory. 2. Delete your saved game.
  17. I did... a little bit offline. Don't worry 'bout it.
  18. Version


    I've been working on this one for weeks, but it's finally here; the elevated railway based on MaxisGuillaume's 'Maglev as Subway' mod (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29428-maglev-as-subway/). This mod uses the maglev network to create a Chicago/New York style "EL-Train" with tracks and stations that can be placed above roads. Can I still use the maglev? Yes, this mod exists as a completely new network - however, due to how the game is implemented, the EL-train vehicles replace the default maglev ones. So, you can still build the vanilla maglev tracks and stations, but the vehicles that will travel on them are EL-Trains. Can I use this in combination with MaxisGuillaume's Subway? Yes - while this mod is inspired by his, it exists as a completely separate entity, although just like with the maglev, the new EL-Train vehicles will travel on the paths - of course, in case of the subway this might actually be preferable if you want a more realistic subway. For the time being you can't connect the two networks together yet, but I'm planning on making this possible. (Many thanks to MaxisGuillaume for helping me to get this to work)
  19. Version 1.0


    Hey all What this mod pack does: - Reduces construction cost - Reduces maintenance cost - Increases module count of regular coal mine coal shafts to 16 - Increases number of jobs - Decreases number of workers needed for production - Reduces power consumption - Reduces water consumption - Reduces garbage production - Increases resource extraction rate - Increases coal storage for regular coal shaft - Increases coal production update rate for regular coal shaft The things above apply to: - Regular Coal Shaft - Advanced Coal Shaft What I plan to add: Increased coal storage for advanced coal shaft. And here's a video: How to install: 1. Unzip the files after downloading. 2. Copy and paste the .package files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityUserData/Packages. NOTE: If pasting the files into this folder does not work, just put them in your SimCityData folder. Enjoy! More mods are coming! Spark_2015-12-30_23-55-04.avi
  20. Version


    Hey all What this distribution mod does: - Allows you to plop school bus garages anywhere in your city (still as modules) - Allows you to plop up to twenty of them NOTE: This mod is NOT a cheat. It is a trick to be used for the efficient distribution of school vehicles in your cities for the ultimate school bus coverage and transportation. Here's the video: How to install: - Install the 00_OFFLINE_CAPTON_10_citywideschoolvehiclesdistribution.package file into your SimCityData folder. - Install the other two files into your SimCityUserData/Packages folder. Enjoy the mod! More are coming!
  21. Version 1.0


    Hey guys . What this mod pack does: For the fusion power plant and its modules: - Reduced construction and maintenance costs - Reduced ControlNet usage - Increased power production - Increased number of jobs - Reduced minimum workers needed for production - Reduced water consumption - Reduced garbage production For the wave power plant and its modules: - Reduced construction and maintenance costs - Reduced ControlNet usage - Increased power production - Increased module count (for power plant itself) - Increased number of jobs - Reduced minimum workers needed for production - Reduced water consumption - Reduced garbage production NOTE: The mod is not compatible with Danny's WTC Pack. Make sure that you have that mod uninstalled if you wish to use this mod. How to install: Unzip the file. Install the regular file into your SCData folder and install the scripts file into your SCUserData folder. Hope you enjoy the mod!
  22. Version 1.1


    NOTE: IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU WHEN INSTALLING IN YOUR SIMCITYDATA FOLDER, PLEASE ATTEMPT TO INSTALL IT IN YOUR SIMCITYUSERDATA/PACKAGES FOLDER WITH THE SimCity SCRIPTS FILE. Hey all I'm back with a new mod. Now, in your offline-mode cities, you can have up to 230 landmarks! Note: I didn't create any new landmarks. I simply allowed you to plop 230 in one city. How to install: 1. Unzip the file after downloading. 2. Copy and paste the .package file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/SimCity/SimCityData. Special thanks to: MaxisGuillaume for showing me what I needed to do and giving me a head start on offline-mode only mods. Enjoy! More are on the way! Want to mod for SC2013 but don't know where to begin or how to do anything? Go here and apply for help! http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/62213-simcitydefined-offering-sc2013-modding-help-to-all/
  23. Version 1.1


    This mod adds a park bench to the Basic Parks Palette. The bench can be placed on sidewalks, much like a bus stop, and acts exactly like a Blacktop Park. Its compatible with Pedestrian Paths Mod, in that you can place benches along the pedestrian paths as well. To install this mod, just extract the rar into your SimCityData Folder
  24. I can't launch SimCity when I'm in offline mode on Origin or when I'm not connected to the internet. I open Simcity and I get the normal Error message. I click Single-Player, it closes for a bit, then it comes back up with the same exact thing. No matter how many times I click single-player it won't open in single-player. I tried starting the game with internet, switching to single-player mode, then exiting the game and trying to relaunch without internet and it won't work. I haven't been able to do this on my previous computer either. I even have a video of the issue attached to this. If anybody could help me with my issue it would be great! SimCity Bug Video:
  25. I built the arcology in my region. It's level 8, but it doesn't seem like it feeds workers, shoppers or student to my city. I still have a lot available jobs. Is this supposed to be how it works? Thanks!

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