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City-building game(s)

Found 40 results

  1. https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/929303676574856972/C67ECAF3CEC9F359E42E3574CFA1659EECC02091/ When I load an old save this happens (new city loads fine) - grey screen with weird completely white people doing weird animations. Any ideas on what is causing this? I thought it was a missing mod, or perhaps the incompatibility with Advanced Toolbar and 81+ tiles but still shows that with only Loading Screen mod loaded - is my save unsaveable? The thumbnail seems fine, as does an autosave 5 minutes later.
  2. Ok so I've taken a few screenshots of an area in my city and It turns out the zoning is still visible in the pictures.Here are a few examples How do I get rid of this?It's ruining the quality of my images.
  3. Floating fences

    Ok so I saw fences floating around houses I've built. I've tried to demolish the trees and grass around but that didn't help.What is going on?!
  4. Ok so recently I created an intersection and I wanted to cover up some markings with the ploppable asphalt mod.When I tried to add my custom markings to the intersection it didn't appear at all.I used the decal version of it yet other people use it and it works fine for them.What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hello everyone, I just commented in this area because I first encounter a serious problem that needs to be taken into consideration quickly: Simptropolis bug and I find myself on accounts at other players. Tonight, I logged in to my Simtropolis account, I did what I had to do and I left on other websites. Back on Simtropolis, I found myself on the account of another player instead of mine (I will not mention his name here). At first I thought it was nothing serious and I updated the page and it was all good. Then, same story, but this time I arrive on the account of the Webmaster, and even while updating I was connected to his account and if I wish I can read all these messages, do all the actions I want (I read no message and I immediately stopped the connection from ST, believe it or not). I have now come to tell you about this problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible, I can not accept to be logged into an account of another player, I risk problems on my behalf, and it also means That other players may have the same problem as me and end up on my account unintentionally. This is a proof that I was on the wrong side tonight, without trickery:
  6. So I've built a city hall for one of my city journals and when I loaded my savegame after I've built it nearly all of the trees are missing.Here's some evidence Before: After: As of now I have no clue what could be causing this.I've noticed trees disappear on a couple of other places in my city.I don't understand what could be causing the trees to disappearing and I am not bulldozing them.What is going on?!!
  7. When I play a certain city, the game sees to crash to desktop whenever it's on simulation in approximately 3-5 seconds, it's went one minute before but also still crashed. This city has had the simulation started on it before, however I keep the simulation off when I build new zones and such. I'm on windows 10, alienware. SimCity 4 Deluxe from Steam, and my oplugins folder is 8.06 gigs, if you need a copy of the city to troubleshoot then I'm willing to provide if what I have is not enough info
  8. So I've decided to get rid of all of my mods and assets by removing them from the folder they are stored in.When I start the game there is no detected custom mods and assets in game but when I go to my workshop items,it says I'm still subbed to them.Is there anyway to remove them from my subscribed items list.
  9. hello, guys, I've been concern about a bug I have in part of my cities I've maken. some of the zoned areas are looking as in the image below. They look horrible and I don't know what to do to delete that... the thing is that not in all zones this is happening but in some parts of the city. If it was a matter of dependencies or anything like that it would be for all zones in all areas in all my cities but is not, can somebody help me with this? please. The trees, flowers and all details in the houses tilesets are not showing up they look completely empty.
  10. Somebody uses the Brooklyn Bridge by Shroomblaze? After ND(?) update terraforming began to fail and it is impossible to align with Move It. Because of this also cannot put the second part of the bridge (Anchorage). Maybe someone knows how to solve the problem? It would be strange that such a project on which spent a lot of time and effort was useless rattle.
  11. CPU Issue

    Hello all. I am new to Cities Skylines. Installed a 360k population save game on Steam and my CPU is reaching 95-100%. My PC Specs CPU: i5 4670k GPU: 780 GTX RAM: 8GB Should my PC handle such a high populated map?
  12. this game doesn't like me at all. I've been attempting to play Cities: Skylines recently and I've found it just doesn't work. It's in fullscreen so my computer fullscreens to a black screen with my mouse doing the loading animation, it does this for ten seconds before the game shrinks to my menu bar and refuses to even open. mousing over it to display the window doesn't work. on the rare occasion i've opened it, it shows a *fully functioning* menu for a tenth of a second and then fades out again. My parameters are -force-d3d9 (or however it's called) -disableMods, and -noWorkshop. I use every mod from this pack (no more) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751408249 except for timewarp and nocrash because timewarp doesn't work and nocrash is obsolete. I have tried verifying the game cache, and reinstalling cities: skylines. I run a Windows 10, any ideas?
  13. Greetings everyone! A problem has arisen for me to which I havent been able to find an answer on google and in several mod discussions on steam. When I plop trees, save the game, load the game and delete those trees (with either the tree brush or bulldozer), they return upon loading the game again. This is of course frustrating if you want to remove a certain patch of trees for a building project etc. I have tried with the tree deduplicator, but it only removes several tree instances which are on top of each other. Does anyone have any thoughts of what the problem could be? Thanks in advance, Johan
  14. Can't go fullscreen.

    Simcity 4 does not go into fullscreen with the windows 10 version of steam. I've attempted to remove -windowed, i've tried -fullscreen, -full, even just removing it, but it doesnt work? any suggestions?
  15. SC4: DE Win7 issues

    So I wanted to play my SC4 again but now when I plop in the disc I get no auto start. When I click the icon to open the game I get the circle loading above my mouse pointer for about a second and then it disappears and nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it still does the same thing. I haven't played in maybe 2 years or so. I am not sure as to what is going on as the only thing that has changed is probably some windows updates. Please help :< *According to the Event Viewer this occurred "The device, \Device\CdRom0, has a bad block." Also this "Event 1001 Windows Error Reporting Fault bucket , type 0 Event Name: PCA2 Response: Not available Cab Id: 0   Problem signature: P1: SimCity 4.exe P2: 1.1.610.0 P3: SimCity 4 P4: ?Wʄ P5: Maxis P6: 200 P7: -1 P8: P9: P10:   Attached files: C:\Users\Sony\AppData\Local\Temp\{eaabc15a-bbfd-4b8c-ba2a-1df95a009c39}\appcompat.txt C:\Users\Sony\AppData\Local\Temp\Tab3A14.tmp   These files may be available here:     Analysis symbol: Rechecking for solution: 0 Report Id: 0b60ea4a-422d-11e6-b57e-78843ce34083 Report Status: 0"*
  16. Orien's belt

    Hi, I am having trouble with the "Orien's belt" mod pack, I cannot figure out where to put it as there is no such thing as "Program files" on mac and theres no other inductions, please help as soon as possible. Thanks.
  17. I just recently installed CAM and when I loaded the city I had been working on, the mayor rating had been very positive, but had dropped to negative, and I had done nothing. No matter what I do to try and raise it, it doesn't come up. Does anyone have a clue why this is happening?
  18. Once upon a time last week, my game worked perfectly fine. Took awhile to load saves (as it always does, given the number of assets and mods) but it worked, sometimes it crashed in content manager but most of the time it worked perfectly fine. Since then, some things have updated, an asset or three got downloaded and used, so to did a mod. I moved the game from my harddrive to my SSD to see if I could increase the speed of which it loaded workshop content, and copied the workshop folder over with it. The game loaded the menu and I began reenabling mods in the content manager, working my way down the list until I enabled Traffic ++ V2. As soon as I clicked the checkbox, the game crashed. 'Big deal' I thought, 'It does that, I'll just reopen the game and continue on'. However the game has refused to load. I've verified integrity cache. Started checking Steam Workshop descriptions to find incompatibilities that might hinder it and to no avail. Mods which worked perfectly fine with each other before is now somewhere causing my game to throw a paddy and not work. Normally the method of troubleshooting would include a 'safe mode' and enabling/disabling mods one by one until I get the stable game and then I know which mod has issues. Unfortunately I'm unsure where that safe mode exists. I know there are switches to disable workshop content and mods but using the -disableMods switch disables every mod from loading, instead of just populating the list so I can disable them. Mods I have enabled (not in any particular order): Rush Hour (Beta) Ploppable RICO Network Skins (Snowfall) Precision Engineering Building Themes (Snowfall) Extended Building Information Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance v1.5 Traffic ++ V2 IPT - Improved Public Transport 3.8.6 Fine Road Tool Save Our Saves Realistic Population and Consumption Mod v7.6 Building Theme: Brooklyn - Update: Industrial L1 Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing Building Theme: UK Terraced Housing #2 Building Theme: UK Terraced Shops And Pubs Building Theme: UK Semi-detached Housing Building Theme: UK Detached Housing Building Theme: Manhattan Building Theme: Victorian London - 1850-1880 - Terraces and Houses Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Terrace #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Terrace #2 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Semi-detached #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Semi-detached #2 (L1-5) Building Theme: Residential (Low) UK Detached #1 (L1-5) Building Theme: Edinburgh Row Houses Enhanced Zoom Continued Local-Only Transport Stations City Vitals Watch CSL Show More Limits More Network Stuff Cross The Line No Border Limit Camera Extra Landscaping Tools Extra Train Station Tracks Sub-Buildings Enabler LOD Toggler Sharp Junction Angles Minimap More Beautification Network Extensions Project European Buildings Unlocker (+vice versa) [Snowfall Compatible] Advanced Vehicle Options (AVO) All Spaces Unlockable Infinite Oil and Ore Redux Enhanced Zoom Continued Multi-Track Station Enabler 1.1.0 Cimtographer (updated for Snowfall) I have been looking at purging some of these mods, especially those which have been deprecated by in game updates or merging/updates with other mods. I'd imagine some others to have eventually been absorbed like the MTSE, unless it has and I didn't notice. Not all of these mods are enabled. Some are enabled/disabled as/when needed. Save our Saves, IPT, Extended Building Information, aren't enabled. I'm also aware that incompatibilities have been noted between European Buildings Unlocker and NEXT but I've not encountered any issues between the two. I'm also aware of the memory issues associated with NEXT but haven't encountered any issues per the memory bug. I am aware I have a damn load of mods. For some reason the building themes are categorised and shown as mods both on the Workshop and in game. Probably due to awkward ways have having to do it at the time. I have cleared out a large chunk of redundant saved games, that go so large because I preferred to keep rolling saves. I've not had it actually crash whilst in game. Just on and between the menus.
  19. Anyone can explain me why happens this to my model?
  20. So I'm building a city that's basically a transition from suburb to farmland, but I built the suburban area first and now the farm demand is non-existent. How do I fix this? Or is there a lot I can use that will boost Agriculture demand?
  21. Hi everyone, I just signed up to this great forum I have some questions : -Is there a topic where I could present myself ? -And now a true question/issue. I just published on Steam workshop my asset, a cereal depot meant to be part of a rural landscape (genesteeler's Grain Depot). I have some problem. There is no illumination neither lighting props appearing on the asset ingame, though all works fine in the asset editor. What did I do wrong ? Dont hesitate to ask for documents like screens, files, maps etc -And last question : why do I get crappy shadows/darkened faces on every asset I create ? http://imgur.com/8g2J2f1 Thanks a lot all of you for your answers !
  22. Ive built a city with infrastructure as the main focus. Used ploppable rci mod to place buildings (nothing below medium wealth and density) without zoning and now I'm stuck at pop-14k with a tonne of open jobs and unsold goods. Services and utilities are excessive, education and land value high, nobody seems to be moving in. Is there something Im missing here, excuse my ignorance i am new to this game
  23. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/disappearing-wheels-please-help.874194/ Ok so I'm making a train and 3 wheels in front are missing. 2 on the front left side and 1 on the right side. I literally have tried everything I know, There is no alpha mask, there is no flipped normals. I even flipped the normal to the wrong direction to see if that would work and it doesn't. I tried reset x form. I looked at the UVW Map lines to see if anything was wrong or outside the map space. Nothing. So I tried replacing them with the wheels on the front that work and they still just disappear. I even removed all the front wheels and then replaced them with all the back working wheels and then the same wheels that are missing stay missing. I tested it out in game to see if it would work anyways and the wheels end up spinning on a huge loop bigger than the train. Im not sure why either. Tried restarting game, restarting computer. Nothing is working. Please help me figure this out. Thanks I'm really starting to think there is a serious bug with the asset editor.... I just tried out an older working model that I know worked for a fact and even that is not working correctly. Even when I place new wheels in any of that missing wheels area they just keep disappearing. I just remodeled the wheel completely deleted every single old wheel I had and now the disappearing wheels are on the back side of the train now. How does that make any sense at all? New Update... I just decided to start a whole new max file, Just made some cylinders, didnt even bother to uv map them. Did collapse all and reset xform and exported the fbx. I still get this missing wheel error happening. It has to be the editor some how, because it was working perfectly fine before... Here it is in Max...
  24. This problem is Solved! If you are having a similar issue, please look at a few posts below. Hello all! It's been a while . I hope you don't mind if I ask you about a little something problem I have. Basically I made this building... ...and released it. People then sugested me to make a LOD for it, so I made one. Imported it and loaded the Asset Editor, it looked nice!. I then added the props, and just before updating this I decided to test it in one of my cities... you know... just in case... And guess what, the custom LOD texture didn't work! whyyy??? And oh boy, my journey began. Exported the models again just in case, uppercase LOD, lowercase LOD, uppercase this, added specular, alpha and normal maps for the LOD, changed its resolution to 1024 and 256, imported and exported and imported again, and it never worked. I would always get a 100% working LOD texture on the asset editor, but it would NEVER work in game, I would always get 100% reflective textures or a crappy automatic texture. Here is what I mean. The two lower pictures are with the LOD activated. And this is what the Import folder looks like: I will give a giant digital hug to that one who helps me fixing this Thanks!
  25. 4. Traffic Issues - Part I

    4. Traffic Issues - Part I Due to the massive growth of population in Stottlands, citizens have reported serious traffic issues in the last weeks. As you can see, the Green Hills neighborhood has become one of the most affected areas and they have all kinds of public transportation so... I wonder what I can do to solve this

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