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City-building game(s)

Found 43 results

  1. I've just come across a post by @Reddonquixote over on SC4D, it would appear our problems with using BAT4Max on newer 3DS max releases are over. In one of the scripts is a reference to a function that was removed entirely from 3DS Max, it would appear that trying to call this function was causing the scripts to fail on newer 3DS Max releases. Now of course right now, this isn't hugely tested so I don't want to jump the gun, but it seems if 3DS 2017 works with this fix, then it should work for earlier affected versions, am I right in saying that's 2016, possibly 2015 too? Anyhow, all credit obviously goes to RDQ for finding this problem, but rather than everyone edit their scripts. I've made a patched file you can simply use to replace the one with the faulty reference (attached). Instructions (Readme included with fix also): Download/Install BAT4Max as usual Find the install location for the scripts included with BAT4Max Default = 3DS MAX INSTALL DIR\gamepacks\BAT\scripts Copy the included SF_LtbL_functions.ms file, overwriting the original Remember to backup the original (just in case), by copying/moving it elsewhere outside of the 3DS Max install path Lastly, if you've not already don't so, don't forget to also get the Gamma Fix for 3DS Max from here too: Disclaimer: I personally use 3DS Max 2011, so have no way of testing this fix. But it can't cause any harm, it either works or it doesn't. Worst case scenario, restore the original file and you are back to square one (i.e. it still doesn't work). Lastly, please can those who might make use of the patch confirm if it works and which version of 3DS Max they've applied the fix too. This will help greatly with troubleshooting the issue for other users and helping ensure 3DS Max can be used for batting models into the future. BAT4MAX_Fix.zip
  2. Hello fellas! I am starting this topic because I've got an issue while trying to patch my digital copy of SC4, bought via Origin Games platform. A few years ago I managed to patch my game correctly, but now it seems impossible. My SC4 version is 1.1.610.0, but I can't apply the 1.1.638.0 version I need to start using mods again (I formatted my PC some time ago and I didn't reinstall the game until today). Is there someone who's experienced the same problem?? Please let me know if you found a solution. Thanks!
  3. I am attempting to install the 1.1.638.0 patch that I need to update to NAM 35. I downloaded, but upon installation am being told it cannot find the "old file". Can someone suggest a next step? Thanks
  4. Hi everyone. I have started to play with the ground light rail and before i go crazy building something i end up having to abandon, i have noticed some things in my random attempts and want to clarify what is possible or required, starting from the most important and in descending order of importance. 1) i have mainly focussed on the 'draggable' version using the elevated rail override. I have the latest NAM (35) but noticed this: Is this still needed or one of those things that has been integrated in a more recent NAM update? 2) At some stage i want to have a section of 'tram in avenue' or 'tram in road'. These are puzzle pieces, i have played around a little with them but am i missing the menu location for some kinda connection piece to hook it up with the 'draggable' part, or is such connecting not possible? (I.e. i would have to use the GLR puzzle pieces everywhere instead of the draggable version if i want to have the tramway enter a road or avenue) 3) i have seen (i'm sure) a GLR in road bridge. I think i may have even downloaded such a thing, but how to place it / where on earth does it live? It doesnt appear in my road bridge menu when dragging road. Sure this must be either obvious or impossible, but either way it's beaten me for the moment. - I know how to drag the glr bridge when it is not in road but my sims would really prefer not to have a second river crossing if at all possible! 4) This one is more of an idle wondering than directly required but i have downloaded a few stations, does anyone know of any that are a bit less 'postmodern shiny glass'? I have a couple of older looking ones too but they are quite pretty and somewhat grand. I'm after something a little grittier, for a blue collar quarter so any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thank you for reading
  5. A while back, I purchased Sim City 4 on Origin when it was on sale. I had no issues installing NAM, RHW, and even using a custom resolution. I had to reset my PC due to a virus. I reinstalled SC4, but now Origin won't update it past 1.1.610. I tried contacting support and they gave me a long list of things to do that have nothing to do with getting an update (disabling anti-virus, safe-mode, etc, etc.) Why did they go from giving you the fully patched version of the game to blocking you to 610? Is it something on my end or did EA actually change something? No matter if I download the game to my SSD or HDD, I get the same result. A separate patch I downloaded with NAM tells me old files can't be found and won't allow me to install a new patch, so no NAM. Anyone here have the same issue? A solution besides buying another copy on GoG?
  6. So basically I've just installed the 1.1.0b Patch to my Cities Skylines and the game starts normally until it has to load the menu,then it lags very hard. Somehow I manage to start the game and when I open it it opens an error and when I copy it to clipboard this is the code I get: Method not found: 'CitizenManager.GetGroupCitizenInfo'. [System.MissingMethodException] Details: No details System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'CitizenManager.GetGroupCitizenInfo'. at CSL_Traffic.CustomFireTruckAI.ArriveAtTarget (UInt16 vehicleID, .Vehicle& data) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at CSL_Traffic.CustomFireTruckAI.SimulationStep (UInt16 vehicleID, .Vehicle& vehicleData, .Frame& frameData, UInt16 leaderID, .Vehicle& leaderData, Int32 lodPhysics) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at VehicleAI.SimulationStep (UInt16 vehicleID, .Vehicle& vehicleData, UInt16 leaderID, .Vehicle& leaderData, Int32 lodPhysics) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at CarAI.SimulationStep (UInt16 vehicleID, .Vehicle& data, Vector3 physicsLodRefPos) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FireTruckAI.SimulationStep (UInt16 vehicleID, .Vehicle& data, Vector3 physicsLodRefPos) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at VehicleManager.SimulationStepImpl (Int32 subStep) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SimulationManagerBase`2[Manager,Properties].SimulationStep (Int32 subStep) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at VehicleManager.ISimulationManager.SimulationStep (Int32 subStep) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SimulationManager.SimulationStep () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SimulationManager.SimulationThread () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 If you have any suggestions, please help... Thanks.
  7. ...Transportation Update?

    I don't remember a "Transportation Update" as listed on the Screwpile Developments website: https://screwpiledevelopments.com/screw-pile-exchange-spex/maxis-files/ I have NAM and the Steam version of SC4, and I don't remember this being a must-have...is it required if you have a fully-patched Steam version, or is it a helpful enhancement?
  8. I am a longtime fan of SC4, however due to college I haven't been able to play in past year. I am so excited that I have time to pick up and rebuild old cities using the new feature of NAM 34 (I have 32 pre). In the process of me installing the new NAM, I a required to update my version of SC4 to 1.1.638.0 . Unfortunately, the link sends me to sc4devotion.com, which has been under construction for the past week. Is there any other place I can find the update so I can get back to enjoying SC4??? I am dying to use the new RHW 4s Flex fly !!!!!
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Though you wouldn't normally notice it but at least the Maxis monorail models have some UV map (= texture positioning) problems. Just take a look at the orange rings in the picture to see what this actually means: This wouldn't be a problem for the average user but since I plan to create some monorail liveries that depend upon a good UV map I had to fix this before I upload any more stuff regarding the default monorail and its skins. Because the UV map depends upon the actual 3D model, this will conflict with any monorail model-related mods. The single DAT file contains just the S3D files for the engine and the passenger part though, so texture mods are fine (which is the actual purpose). So, if you enjoy a clean texture positioning, you downloaded some of my work for the monorail liveries (like my first monorail color pack) or just noticed this and you want it to stop, I recommend you to download this.
  10. Whenever I try to place roads, I receive this error: Method not found: 'BuildingTool.CheckCollidingBuildings'. [System.MissingMethodException] Details: No details A popup message appears whenever I click on the road infrastructure menu icon, and keeps reappearing whenever I close it. It does not disappear unless I switch to another menu between the first popup closing and the second one opening. This has only occurred today, after the recent patch. I'm on my lunch hour and haven't any time to complete a binary search of my mods, but I didn't have much luck in removing the ones I suspected of causing this problem.
  11. Everything about this sounds great Realistic terraforming, canals, quays, sea-walls, rocks, ruins, draggable walls, a better park menu...
  12. I bought SC4 Deluxe via download from Amazon. The executable file is version Does this version require any of the patches? Only asking because the lights at night do not appear on many of the bridges. I tried some of the patches but received messages patches were not applied. Thanks ahead of time for any assistance.
  13. Version 0.0.3


    What does this do Resolves a crash-to-desktop when hovering NAM puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots. Allows other DLLs to load into SC4's memory without a GZCOM framework. Requirements This fix is made for versions 640 and 641 of SimCity 4 on Windows. Version 640 is a fully-patched SC4 retail copy, and version 641 is a fully-patched digital distribution version (i.e. Steam, Origin, GOG). Although v641 is supported, it has only been tested on Steam so far. If your version of SC4 is unsupported, an error message will appear with update instructions, and no changes will be made to your game. Installation Simply unzip the DLL in your My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. To see if SC4Fix is working properly, check the title of your game window. If you are playing in fullscreen mode, alt-tab out and hover over the SimCity taskbar icon. The titlebar will show "SC4Fix (version #)" if loaded properly. Demonstration Click here for a video showing the ability to hover puzzle pieces over transit-enabled lots with this DLL. Development Thread and Source Code Development Thread Source Code Currently investigating other fixes and functionality that might be enabled with this kind of third-party DLL. Please report bugs in the dev thread.
  14. This is a highly experimental fix I developed to attempt to fix the crash that occurs when hovering a puzzle piece over a transit-enabled lot. I'm not sure what practical purpose this serves for regular users but I hope this is a valuable resource for modders and other community members nonetheless. How it works This mod can now be downloaded from the STEX. The files for this fix can be located on GitHub and is just a DLL which is unzipped to the Plugins folder. The DLL first overwrites code in SC4 that would normally unload the DLL for being nonstandard. The DLL then overwrites other parts of SC4's code to take control of potentially broken portions and catch and resolve issues that would normally cause crashes. Source code can be found on the release page, and the GitHub repository as well. Visual Studio 2013 is needed for compiling. Limitations Originally, this mod only worked with DRM-removed copies of retail SC4. However, as of recent updates, this mod will now work on any fully-patched copy of retail SimCity 4 (i.e. update 640) and on the Steam version of the game (update 641). Presumably, GOG and Origin will work as well as they also use 641. It should be safe to use this mod on unsupported versions as it'll give you a nag message and just not do anything. For retail SC4, testing was done on SKU 1, but I have no reason to believe that SKU 2 (European) EXEs are actually different. Demonstration This video shows the normal CTD behavior of hovering a puzzle piece over a transit-enabled lot: This video demonstrates how hovering behaves with the fix in place: More technical details The puzzle piece CTD is caused by a null dereference, though I haven't reverse-engineered the game enough to figure out what exactly it's trying to access. The fix acts like the Detours library in Windows and relies heavily on modifying the x86 assembly instructions of the game on-the-fly. The DLL overwrites the crashy code with a jump to one of the DLL's own functions. These functions first execute whatever instructions were overwritten by the new jump instruction. For the puzzle piece issue, the fix checks to see if certain pointers (stored in x86 registers) are null, and if they are, executes the proper instructions to resolve the issue. To reference the three functions in the source code: Hook_Sub96D8E9 — if the pointer in question is null, it skips an instruction that would try to increase whatever would normally be there. Hook_Sub65EBA0 — if the pointer in question is null, it jumps directly to a piece of code which cleans up the function being called and returns out. Hook_Sub65EBA0_Pt2 — if the pointer in question is null, it sets another pointer (which would normally dereference the bad pointer) to null as well, which is handled properly by the game. I wasn't aware of other CTD issues that would be as simple to replicate, though I have heard of issues with plugin conflicts and excessive plugins causing CTDs. However, this requires significantly more time to test, catch, and resolve. A couple of minidumps posted in technical issue threads didn't indicate much, and other posts in technical issue threads were capped to 20-ish lines since it had been thought that without debugging info, these crashes couldn't be solved. It'd be useful to have more of these. With crashdumps, the EIP address can be used for finding the address of the crash, and provided it occurs within the SimCity 4.exe module (you'll have to refer to the crashdump to see if this address is between the base address and upper limit address for the game), the registers, stack frames and instruction dump can be used to try to deduce what went wrong. What now? The code for disabling SC4's DLL unloading allows modders to create DLLs which can remain in memory for as long as SC4 is open, and while it's not as versatile as a DLL with a proper framework that SC4 recognizes, it's the next best thing. This fix also provides a good basis for further excursions into the game's internals, and could be more widely distributed and used to fix more issues in the game once the problems regarding digital copies are resolved.
  15. Cities: Skylines patch 1.2.2-f2 released, limits raised!

    Top feature of this new patch is the increased building/zone limit. Other than that it's mostly bug fixes and UI enhancements to finetune gameplay. Full patchnotes in the link. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/building-limits-increased-patch-1-2-2-f2-is-live.890051/ See here for the discussion topic.
  16. Hi! First post here. I'm having issues with finding a mod that removes the tiny strip of grass on default streets and roads. Here's what I'd like them to look like: Here's what they look like (note the grass strips near the sidewalk): I've tried the following mods: Uni-Density Streets JRJ Street Side Mod + Street Side Mod SAM Japan Sidewalk Mod v2 + ML Japan street overwrite SAM1 SAM No grass mod SL 98's NO grass mod I've had success but only with SAM streets, default streets and roads still have the annoying grass stripe. By the way, if anyone knows how to get the bushes on the sidewalks in the second picture, It'd be very appreciated. (I didn't see them with Moonlight's mod for japan sidewalks) Thanks!
  17. Hello everyone. I wanted to start modding the game, but it required upgrading it. I went on the internet searching for a patch and downloaded one for European versions of the game. Whenever i launch the executable it opens a warning pop-up "Old file does not exist" for many times until it says "Congratulations! SimCity has been updated with EP1 Update 1 (build 638)." leaving only a patch log text file on the same directory in which the executable was in. Here you can read the patch log: sc4_patchlog.txt
  18. Cities: Skylines patch 1.1.1b is out

    Mod compatibility in 1.1.1b Due to some improvements with how mod-specific options are displayed in-game a fair amount of popular mods will be incompatible with 1.1.1b. We recommend using the steam launch options "-disableMods" and "-noWorkshop" until the mod creators have done the necessary, albeit very small, changes. More info on what needs to be done can be found here. Patch notes Added 30 new buildings (growables)Added tunnels for Pedestrian pathImproved error handling for when a mod does unholy operationsAdded "unsubscribe all" button in the Steam Workshop category in Content ManagerFixed De-zoning areas sometimes results in zoned tiles reappearingFixed trains stuck to map bordersImportant note: This takes a few minutes to go into effect on old saves experiencing this issue. Please let it work its magic!New option panel layoutAuto-save option added for gamesGraphics: visual glitches with pavement on steep slopes fixedFixed polish UI audio volume not fitting the Options panelFixed the keymapping in all languages not fitting to fit on 2 linesFixed missing info tooltips for markers (smoke, large smoke, info tooltip shot, invisible parking space and steam)Fixed the "-noWorkshop" toggle to completely disable the Steam workshop integrationFixed mouse wheel to scroll the build toolbarAdded shutter sound to snapshots in map editorFixed left and right mouse button references in all languagesAbility to reset keybindings to default without losing all other settingsInstalling multiple workshop items at once should not freeze the game anymoreDedicated options space for mod settings (IUserMod.OnSettingsUI(), added checkbox, button, slider and dropdown support) - http://www.skylineswiki.com/Mod_Options_PanelAsset editor: Added new thumbshot and infoshot tools for capturing thumbnail and infotooltip images, respectivelyAsset editor: Automatic snapshot, thumbshot, and infoshot are taken when opening the save panel for an asset (unless the user already took them)Asset editor: Save asset panel now has the ability to select which to use of available thumbnails and infotooltipsAsset editor: Trailer and LOD colors show correctly in the editor when editing color variationsAsset editor: Removed color variation property from trees since it is not used by the gameAsset editor: Optimizations on saving/loading custom assetsAsset editor: Fixed a bug where creating several new assets during the same session would get the same ID, resulting in e.g. snapshots going to the same folderAsset editor: Fixed additional polygons sometimes appearing in the models when scaling and/or rotating modelsAsset editor: Scaling the model larger no longer makes it vanish from the preview cameraAsset editor: Overriding only some of the lod textures (e.g. assetname_lod_d) now works again without having to override any of the othersAsset Editor: Railtracks now available in Intersection editorAsset Editor: Loading an asset does not reset the previously entered descriptionAsset Editor: Level 2 specialized industrial buildings can now be imported and editedDesign: Now possible to see what all future milestones unlockRUS/GER: Fixed the "View on steam workshop" text cut-off in Content Manager.Fixed trucks stop and wait outside cargo train station, blocking trafficAdded population info in the load panel for new save games
  19. Patch is coming so Modders be prepped for broken Mods. Players - DONT open savegames your keen on until Mods you have are confirmed fixed (if required)
  20. Sim City 3000 Unlimited PATCH

    Hey guys. I just joined. Been playing every sim city since SNES (love the mario statue). My favorite would probably have to be sim city 3000 or 2000 (haard to say). Couldnt really get into sim city 4 (i prefer building one large city not a region of smaller ones) and I just bought sim city 5, and I love MOSt of it, but the map size kinda turns me off. Anyway, I;ve decided to play sim city 3000 unlimited again, but I heard there is a patch (I have a copy of the game from right after it was released) and I would love to update it, but I cant find a patch anywhere. Anybody have a link to the patch? Oh, is it true the later versios also had additional scenarios?
  21. Hello, SimCity players and welcome to: Patch/Update 10.0: What Do You Want To See? Yes, this poll has come this quickly. Get voting
  22. Hello, SimCity players and welcome to: Patch/Update 9.0: What Do You Want To See? If you took part of my first thread, which is another thread in which you will find deeper in the forums, you know the routine. Just check what you want in the poll and if you check "Other", please make a reply and tell everyone what you would like in the game. I may even add it So get voting! ****Note: Let me know if there is an error involving my post or the poll. Thanks!
  23. Hello, I just recently bought SimCity4 because I used to own SimCity 2000 and it was awesome. I decided to buy 4 because all the reviews for the newest SimCity is a joke they said. For Thoughts: I have no mods. I just have the original content. I did however changed the install folder to C:/Games/Simcity 4, besides the default path. I have Windows 7 64 bit The games does play. crashes a lot. My Problem: I am having trouble updating the SimCity deluxe edition to the newest update. I went to the official EA website downloaded for the deluxe edition "UPDATE_SKU1_TO_P1_B638". I click to install it and it says this during the install progress Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match. After is finishes then it says "Congratulations SimCity has been updated with EP1 update 1 build (638)" I went to check the properties on the .exe file in the details it the version is 1.1.613-not changed. Then I noticed that it has a patch log and here what it said. ------------------------------------------------------------------ PATCH Version 6.50 - RTPatch® Professional - Software Update System DOS/16-bit Windows/32-bit Windows Edition © Copyright Pocket Soft, Inc., 1991-2002. All Rights Reserved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Processing Patch File ----- Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'DELUXE.exe' Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'Graphics Rules.sgr' warning wpt0036: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match. Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'RUSHHOUR.exe' Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'SimCity_1.dat' warning wpt0036: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match. Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'SimCity_2.dat' warning wpt0036: Old File not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since file contents do not match. Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'SimCity_3.dat' New Version of File 'SimCity_3.dat' already exists. Applying MODIFY File Patch for 'SimCity_4.dat' New Version of File 'SimCity_4.dat' already exists. ----- Patch File Processing Complete ----- ----------------------------------------------------- - Results of Application of Patch File - ----------------------------------------------------- File Patches Applied ......................... ( 0) Files Modified .................. ( 0) Files Renamed. .................. ( 0) Files Added ..................... ( 0) Files Deleted ................... ( 0) Temporary Files Processed........ ( 0) File Patches Skipped: New Files Up-To-Date.... ( 2) File Patches Ignored: Old Files Missing....... ( 0) Old Files Invalid....... ( 5) ----------------------------------------------------- Total File Patches Processed ................. ( 7) ----------------------------------------------------- So how do I fix this? Uninstall the game using the default path this time you guys think will help? hope you guys can help. I didn't find any topics on the web with people having issues with updating the game.
  24. Hello, SimCity players and welcome to: Upcoming Updates/Patches: What Do You Want To See? About: I came up with the idea a couple hours ago, so I decided to create this thread. I noticed that on the official SimCity forums, they have something like this, but no one really uses it, so I decided to create something like it here. *****Note: Please tell me if someone has done this already. I checked the forum but I just want to be sure. So right now, I'm asking you: What do you want to see in Update/Patch 8.0? Just vote in the poll! You can only vote once, but you're allowed to have multiple choices. Didn't see anything you liked up there or want to have another idea in mind? Vote "Other" and then tell me what you want in a reply/post. This thread will be updated regularly or new threads may be created. It will be updated when everyone gets information on what's to come for Update 8.0. Enjoy!
  25. I want to know what the patches fix or add. Is there a log to that? Also do you need to install anything besides the patches?

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