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City-building game(s)

Found 39 results

  1. Hi everyone! With a completely new forum software, it's time for a brand new bugs thread... When reporting issues, it always helps to be as descriptive as possible, such as by including the following info: A summary of the issue. Screenshots / videos to highlight what's wrong (with annotations if applicable). Images are best uploaded to an online image host, and the direct link pasted into the editor. Your system info (e.g. browser version / operating system, device type). When the issue started, or how often it can be reproduced. Any error messages shown? This can help us to reproduce the problems, and then work on finding solutions. Thanks all for your help! Known bugs and issues can be found below in the following post. We'll work and aim to get these fixed ASAP.
  2. Hi everyone, Continuing on from recent discussions, we think it'd be helpful to start collecting evidence about issues with STEX files. Such as: Broken formatting [Example]. Errors when downloading files (e.g. 3D161/G - File not found). Corrupted archives (e.g. broken ZIPs). Invalid or missing dependency links (e.g. [Old] >> [New]). Missing descriptions / screenshots. Irregular download counts (more downloads than views). Any other abnormality, or function not working as intended. So if you discover any of the above, please reply below with this info. The more examples of evidence we collect, the easier it'll be to determine patterns. Afterwards, it can be used for further investigation, in attempt to find solutions once and for all. Supporting details such as screenshots, abnormalities in the HTML, or error codes are also welcome. The following posts will form index lists. Regarding a STEX overhaul, we've got to begin somewhere. I believe focussing on the more serious shortcomings makes sense as a starting point. Once these are hopefully addressed, it'll become a much clearer picture. Looking ahead, it may then lead onto more ambitious projects including the previously mentioned tagging, and the ideas which @rsc204 and @Tarkus discussed (e.g. here and here), amongst others. We're in this together as a community, and continuing on, any input or assistance would be welcome. Some files are not in a good shape, much like old property that needs a little TLC. Just like an architect, although it's a fact of life, people never intended their creations to reach a state of disrepair. As a result, being fair to authors past and present, it's time to commence action for the benefit of the whole community going forward. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I haven't played SimCity 4 in a long time (last time is almost 10 or 12 years ago), at that time I didn't have any clue about mods / patches and so on so I never downloaded anything for the game and just played it the way it was. Now I wanted to play SimCity 4 again and I looked up where I can get it (I somehow lost my original copy), I saw that I can buy it on Steam very cheap so I got it there but now the first thing I wonder is: Do mods work with the Steam version of the game? Do I need to install patches for the Steam version or is it the newest version already? I read some threads in the last days about SimCity 4 (on this site and others) and I am very overwhelmed by the things I need to download and fix before the game apparently runs the way it is supposed to run. Every time I click on fixes / patches for several things there come up more and more links where I need to merge files and so on but I don't know if I really need them. I can't really remember a lot about the game when I first played it because I had no clue about bugs and so on but now where I read about all the bugs in the game that need to be fixed I am kinda worried that I wont be able to play the game properly (When I first played it I was still young and naive so I didn't have a lot of knowledge about games in general but that changed in those years) becazse I read about things like bugs in the demand system that prevent a certain tier of industry to grow and other things like the bugs that commuters have. I read the pinned threads but they didn't helped me a lot to find out all the bugs and that makes me wonder, are these Demand bugs not that important? Because there are no links to those fixes and that kinda makes me feel like bugs like these aren't that serious. Is there any kind of "guide" to fix the game so that everything works as intended? If so, where can I find this guide? And maybe some very experienced SimCity4 player can tell me if I really need these patches for my game. I am just really overwhelmed and lost right now and don't know what to do Oh yeah... and once I got all this done I still need to learn the game again... even more work incoming for me... (I can't reply anymore right now but I will be back later to answer your posts)
  4. !! Update 05 Aug !! - READ HERE FIRST It seems that CD versions of SC4 will not run under Windows 10 - The necessary OS support files for validating SafeDisc2 copy protection simply isn't part of Windows 10. This issue is not unique to SC4 either, SafeDisc and associated technologies were widely used by game discs for such validation. For now, unless MS decide to retroactively support it, your only option appears to be a digital version of the game which will not have such copy protection. If you put your CD-Key into Origin they will provide you with a free digital copy of the game, so it needn’t cost you any money to resolve. This thread is aimed at users who cannot run SC4 using Windows 10, if your games starts but has other issues, this is not the place to go into that. The only way to try and understand why certain users can not get the game to work, and hopefully, find a solution, is to start gathering some data. -Note- I've removed the superfluous information from this thread, to avoid confusion. But in-short the summary above explains the issue here.
  5. So I started building RHW(new to RHW btw) to reduce regional traffic then I notice that the trucks are constantly changing lanes or doing a zigzag movement........please help!!! Here's a photo https://www.dropbox.com/s/6gij4k6il26idqj/20170329_232144.jpg?dl=0
  6. How do I fix this?

    I've started working on a region with the first city I started being a rural town. As I started to lay out residential roads and let them grow, next thing I know the system is throwing high-occupancy buildings all over, including over the roads themselves. I guess I can attribute this to the many downloads I've installed off the download exchange on this website. Perhaps something is conflicting with something else... Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hello, Does Anyone know how to get a CD version of Sim City 4 running on windows 10? Thank you in advance
  8. Version


    1520 Woodward Avenue was built in 1917. In 1945, women's clothing company Lane Bryant bought the building and had the facade reclad in the Art Deco style by noted local architect, Charles Agree. Although abandoned by the apparel company in the 1980s, the building is still referred to by its former tenant. In 2011, the building was converted into incubator space for technology start-ups. The Lane Bryant Building provides 148 jobs for your city. Dependencies: Requires mipro Essentials December 2013 or newer. - 1x2 growable and ploppable CO$$ and CS$$ versions. - Grows in the New York tileset - Available in MaxisNite and DarkNite - DarkNite requires the Day and Nite Modd. mipro Forum Thread mipro STEX Uploads
  9. I have an issue where the game does run, however anything behind the game screen glitches in whether it's my desktop or other windows and creates artifacts. I have looked for solutions already since I am getting the Direct Draw error, however so far to no avail. I do not have the game on steam, but through Origin since I have the original box case and code, but can't use the CD due to the outdated DRM on the disc and the windows update from last year. The game automatically runs in software mode since it is unable to see my GPU and settings will not change even after setting them to be changed. Here is a video of the graphics bug I'm having. If you're prone to seizures from flashing objects then don't watch this please. I have tried the following command lines below. -autoconfig -CustomResolution:enabled -rWxHx32 -intro:off -CPUCount:1 -d:opengl -d:software I have tried using Compatibility Mode with the multiple versions of Windows XP to 7 with no changes. Here is a dxiag of my system. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wo6gweiwjhezfl8/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 The basic components I have are a: Intel I5-4670K GeForce GTX 660(Non TI) 10 Gigs of RAM 250 SSD(System) 1TB HDD(This is where the game is operating from) I have the Deluxe Edition of the game through Origin since my original box copy doesn't seem to work anymore due to the windows update and am running Windows 8.1. Simcity 4 is running at version number 1.1.641.0. I have also tried using SC4 Launcher in an attempt to make the game work to no avail. Any help at all would be highly appreciated as I miss playing this fun classic, but don't want the my experience to be marred by these bugs.
  10. I know this has been addressed but there's a lot of the same advise out there. This is more for after you have tried some troubleshooting. The problem I'm having is after attempting to build a Great Works project (in my case the Arcology), I am unable to send and resources to it. My city specializes in alloy and metal production. Here is how I have it set up: Global Market for Alloy: Set to "Use Locally" Traffic: Moderate but not an issue "On" button in Arcology Regional screen (used to start sending resources): Green on all resources Trade Ports: Full of Alloy and maximum amount of delivery truck garages When I look to see if trucks are even going to the Arcology in the regional screen, they are not. I successfully sent 20 alloy, then it just stopped sending. I have restarted the game, still nothing. Does anyone have any advise on how to fix this issue? Maybe there's a patch I haven't heard about? Love the game but DAMN is it glitchy.....
  11. I was playing SC4 for awhile on another computer. I recently got a newer computer...still running Windows 7. I installed the game on the new computer and added my mods and files from the old computer....which I have done before without incident. Anyways, I started up the game on the new computer and clicked the city I wanted...and when it loaded up...I was scanning across and noticing that some building were invisible...but would be visible if I moved the cursor over them...and then be gone when I moved the cursor away. Or buildings would be partly there...or see through them. I snapped a screenshot. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to reinstall all the mods all over again? Thanks in advance.
  12. I recently installed SC4 on my newer desktop. I moved my cities I have done on my laptop and put them on the newer desktop. Everything was going ok...I could see my cities...other than a few graphics issues. Anyways...I decided to uninstall and reinstall SC4 and see if this might help but it didn't. Then I noticed that only one of my cities was showing up. I looked in the folders...they and they had been moved from Berlin to a Download folder. I moved them back...still only see one city. I went back to the folders and the cities are where they should be...just can't see them in the Region screen of the game. Any ideas? Also...I thought deleting any of the mods I installed would help another issue...but they don't seem to have been removed when I reload the game. Do I have to delete the city and start over? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi guys. Help me with this please! If for example, I'm going to build a railway station at me strange building appears over it. Also during the development of the city appear strange building in the form of pyramids which are very strange has to endure them. P.S I used Google Translate for a text
  14. SC4 Launcher

    Version 1.5.4b - R12


    SC4Launcher allows certain settings and stability issues to be set/solved before the game is launched. The features are as follows: - Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode. - Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX. - Quick Launch (Launch instantly with the latest settings). - Auto-Save Feature with Interval selection. - Resolution Selection. (Auto-Detected). - Color Depth Selection. - Ability to change the number of Logical Cores used. (Auto-Detected). - Loading & Saving of last used Configuration. - Ability to set the CPU Priority. - Render Mode Selection (DirectX, OpenGL or Software). - Ability to turn audio On or Off. - Intro Screen/Movie Disable/Enable; and - The all important Force Draw On Scroll Fix. - Mod Manager to enable & disable mods on the fly. The 'Force Draw On Scroll Fix' fixes a compatibility issue that exists between SC4 and AMD cards, the fix utilizes the 'Graphics Rules.sgr' file in order to force SC4 to draw details when scrolling, regardless of AMD/ATI hardware. Please note: The file within the Zip/RAR Archive is an installer, please run it and point it to the root of your SimCity installation and DO NOT simply add it to you plugins folder. Bugs: Please report any bugs via PM or the Official thread (Link Below). Official Thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/54082-SimCity-4-launcher-sc4launcher/
  15. Hello all, I recently got a new Windows 10 computer, and it works great. After fretting for almost a week trying to get SC4 to work on it. Eventually, I had to buy the game digitally (through GOG.com). I also ported over all the data from my external hard drive (regions, plugins, etc.) and put it in its proper place (within the new folder I created for the digital version, since the CD won't be able to work with Windows 10). Here is where the problem lies. My biggest region, apparently, did not fully survive the porting-over process, and so my map has a few holes in it. Is there any way that this problem can be resolved easily, without having to seriously compromise or break the game itself? Any help is appreciated. -- Sparkle Fire --
  16. Every time I click on a building say a water plant, sewage plant, the city hall it immediately goes to the edit building menu screen and I don't know why. I have no mods installed. I always want the regular menu where I can check the capacity of my building and see how its doing, but it always goes to the edit menu. Its annoying. Can anyone help me?
  17. NAM 33 weirderies ?

    Just uploaded the NAM 33 and gave it a whirl. I don't know if it's me or a bug, but are those normal ? :
  18. Hi, I uninstalled and reinstalled simcity and its acting all buggy. When ever I click on the road tool to place roads it cancels off it. And it breaks apart my roads. When I try in place my roads it places them all messed up. Also when I try and build stuff it does the same things and I have no mods installed.
  19. I'm reading comments and notice people mention bugs, such as the "commuter bug" and I know about an I-HT bug. Is there a listing of all known bugs/fixes?
  20. Ok, Heres my probelm. Last year we had a project in school that we had to use Simcity 4 I had to unistall it, but when i checked the Program Files on my computer, about 3/8 of the files stayed. I just ignored it. I recently got back into this style game from cities skylines, but I have Vista so I can't run it. I downloaded the simcity files needed for the game to run and copied and replaced them into my program files. when I started the game for the first time, a message came up about a Graphics Rule. I Haven't gotten it since. I am missing the texture for buildings that would have parking lots or like the cemetery only has the single tomb in the middle, not the others. When I place down parks, it shows that they have been placed, but no lot or struture shows up. The other probelm is when a building grows in any zone, grass does not show up, but the dirt that is there when they build the house, stays. I also have a probelm that if i try to use a plane, it gets stuck in a building or it won't even take off just spin in a circle. Helicopters also start in a road, not on a helipad on top of a building. I will post pictures later. I don't know the verision either. I also have plugins for buildings and changing textures of like trains, but no mods. Thanks!
  21. Hello Everyone! We hope you're enjoying the upgrade... a lot of hard work was put into it. We know that there are still some wrinkles to iron out and we could use everyone's help in reporting any bugs or issues that you might encounter with the new site. Please include your Browser and Operating system information when reporting an issue, along with any other information you think might be important. Thanks! P.S. We're aware that we already had a Bugs/Issues thread in here, but it was abducted by the aliens. UPDATE 15 July 2015: The new ST8 bugs report thread can be found here: Simtropolis 8.0 - Bugs & Issues Report Thread
  22. NAM Shows Double

    Lately, I installed NAM and started the game to find that everything related to NAM was shown twice in the menus - two options for rails, stations, canals, etc. Since I've heard of similar problems with other mods, I'm assuming that the solution is to use DATPacker to pack SimCity_1.dat and the NAM files into one .dat and then rewrite the original SimCity_1.dat, but when I looked at the NAM files there were too many and I didn't know which one to choose. Can anyone help me out? Am I doing this the right way, and if so, which files should I DATPack? Thanks. Note: SimCity_1.dat has been rewritten previously - once for the IH $$$ Missing Jobs modd and once more for CAM. I still have the original SimCity_1.dat, thankfully.
  23. I'm running into some trouble with mods for the game. The major issue I'm having is that the game doesn't seem to recognize regional roads (or currently, any roads) that i've laid down. Nothing "snaps," it seems. I know I must be missing one of the mods, but I can't figure out what. Here is my current list of mods (listed by package name, in case I downloaded the wrong version): 000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar.package 00MoreLandmarksforCity.package 001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0_AkarDecoration.package 001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0.5_AkarRoadsSet.package 001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140820_1.0_RegionalMagLevTracks.package 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0716_1_0_RegionalTunnels.package 002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_2_Avalon.package 2C-Road_Traffic-Regional-Train-Streetcar-BridgeAndTunnel-Offline-SUGC.package 003_OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140231_2_1_RCIHCPLOPALL.package 003_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140814_2_0_PedestrianPath.package 004-OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_0_OmegaPipeLineRegional.package 009_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_O_ECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20_0818_1_9_UDoN.package 009_ONLINE_MOD_PROP_XOXIDE_20140811_1_6_Buldozer.package CamModB1.package OFFLINE-ONLY_CoastlineAndWaterwaysTools.package OFFLINE-ONLY_Project_Orion_3k_Extended_Boundary.package Oppie_OFFLINE_Museum.package Oppie_Streets_TreeLined.package Thanks everyone!
  24. I am running SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition for Mac (the one that is in the Mac App Store), and the route query says that sims are commuting to abandoned commercial and industrial buildings. Is there a way to fix this or is it normal?
  25. Hi simtropolis! On my SimCity 4 my zones, airports pretty much anything build has a base of brown squares instead of grass. How do I fix this? P.S It is NOT I repeat NOT the brown boxes covering the buildings. Thank you

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