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City-building game(s)

Found 19 results

  1. Transit King is looking for Pioneers! Thanks to the courtesy of Dirktator and the rest of Simtropolis people, we're here to enlist! Here's a short description: In this new free-to-play tycoon game Transit King, your job is to take over the transport company of Henry Goodwin III, who’s more into horse polo than hard day-to-day work. The surrounding towns and villages evolve into glimmering cities as you fulfill their requests for food, clothing, goods and mass transit. Transit King offers an approachable yet elaborate take on tycoon games with multi-tiered goods chains and gradual expansion into new areas of transit business. We got big plans for what Transit King can offer with the final release. The current version concentrates on truck traffic, with buses, multiplayer and more to follow. We’re aiming at Fall 2017 release with Summer spent on adding features and polishing them up for the final game. Pioneers with suitable Android devices can hop right in with iOS users to follow soon after. Pioneers are not just glorified beta testers, but front runners whose feedback will help us make Transit King the best it can be! BON Games is a small team from Finland, we're aiming high to bring you a solid laid-back tycoon experience for mobile devices. WHO ARE THE PIONEERS - A group of players ready to test beta builds, give feedback and help Transit King evolve during the summer for the launch WHAT THEY DO - Give feedback/bug reports/suggestions about the game straight to the devs - If they like Transit King, maybe mentioning it to their friends WHAT THEY GET - Early access to the alpha and beta builds - Special in-game title of “Pioneer” with a golden nameplate (once the game's complete) - Premium currency called Transit Notes periodically during development and a big pile on game's launch - And of course, the eternal gratitude of BON Games team! For more info, feel free to post questions and comments here, or send me direct messages through Simtropolis or email (matti.isotalo@bongames.fi).
  2. Beach Imports For XL

    Version 1.0


    Work With: - Cities XL 2011 - Cities XL 2012 - Cities XL Platinum Mod Requirement: - XL User Interface Mod Note: Make Sure you have the latest version Of cities xl 2011, Cities XL 2012 or Cities XL Platinum it Might Not Work
  3. NFSU2 Bayview map BETA

    Version 1.0.0


    Need for Speed Underground 2 Bayview map. Still need some work updates coming soon!!! {Orginal}
  4. SparkleCity Dev Entries

    Well it's here! With only 55 days to go, i thought i would bring a development update. Below is dev update 1. Beta 1 If you want to call it that. All dev updates will go here, and the final release will be in the actual City Journal Menu. (Between STEX and Gallery) Without further ado, SparkleCity Beta 1 In fall of 1995, the population of Prowersville stood at only 32,000. This was already quick growth, since the city was founded as a US territory in 1994. By the kingdom's independence in October 2006, the population reached over 1.5 Million. Eventually, ten years after that, the population stands at 2.4 Million. (2015 Census: 2,476,375) Below are three pics of the major centers of the city. Each dev update will contain three pics. Part of Downtown Prowersville, A lot of companies have built large complexes consisting of the same building. Several buildings are even copy-pasted all over the place. A large high school: Station Square High School located in downtown. It places the highest on the Sparkle Kingdom College Placement Exams (SKCPE) with a 2270/2500 (91%) Average Score on the exams. Most of the highest placing students go to the University of Prowersville. The Miles Prower Mall, located in the Jasmine Falls township. Since it is 10PM, the mall is closed to anyone under the age of 21. (21 is the legal adult age in the SK) The mall contains a massive 374 stores, and is over 20 million square feet. Any minors caught in the mall after 8:30 PM can be sentenced to up to 2 years in the Juvenile detention center. (With hard labor)
  5. SimMars won't launch

    I am having a problem with loading simmars on windows 7 (and yes I uninstalled the update that blocks sc4). Simmars won't start, you can see it in the taskbar for a few seconds then it just closes itself. if it makes a difference i am using the steam version of simcity 4.
  6. Network Skins Module 2 is ready for release! But before I release it to the public, I need some testers who test the mod in different environments. To enter the beta test, just add me as a friend on Steam and open this page. Especially interesting to me: Build a large road system with many different Network Skins settings. Let the simulation run for a while. Use mods like No Pillars, Road Anarchy, Network Extensions or Traffic++. Save and load the game, restart the game and load. Are the trees and street lights still in place? It would also be great if someone could try loading a game without Fine Road Heights (unsubscribed, not only disabled). Uninstall the mod and load the save. Is it corrupted? Does it work on Mac/Linux? Before you subscribe to the beta, unsubscribe from the Pillar Changer mod. Network Skins replaces that mod. After the beta test (in about 48 hours), I will upload the mod as an update for Pillar Changer, so you have to subscribe to it again. Please send me the feedback here or on steam!
  7. EPIC Titanfall Beta Glitch!

    EPIC GLITCH!! Titanfall Beta on Intel HD Graphics 4600! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTK-1EvyBQg This is hands down the most epic glitch that I have ever seen in any video game. If you know of one even more epic than this, please enlighten me.
  8. Titanfall on a Triple-Monitor Setup!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBKjLmo8tPc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YMb-xJ_G5M One word: Wow!

    Version 1.0


    DAMN-NAM DAMN is short for Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator This is a collection of menu's created from the NAM 31.2 installation. This is version 1.0 and includes all NAM 31.2 E-Series controller items with the exception of the following Project Symphony, Canals, Maxis Highways and Hole Diggers (These can be added later if there is a strong demand for them). DAMN-NAM includes menus for the following categories, subcategories and all associated pieces: Avenues El-Rail FLUPs (Flexible Underpasses) GLR (Ground Light Rail) HSR (High Speed Rail) Monorail NWM (Network Widening Mod) One Way Roads Pedestrian Mall Rail RHW (Real Highway) Road Street TuLEPs (Turning Lane Extension Pieces) The only dependency is Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator or DAMN. There are special instructions for installation for full compatibility with these menu's in the readme.txt file included. **Please note that some of the menu entry's are not functional and will have a placeholder image. To use entries that have placeholder images use another nearby entry and then tab to it from there. This will most likely change in the future when a design change can be made in the NAM that will allow these menu's to be made compatible. **Also if upgrading from an older version please replace your damncontrol.dat with the new file in the zip since it allows the root menu's to function. If you don't do this the root menu's appear but are not clickable. Upgrade instructions are now included in the readme.txt file. Enjoy!
  10. Video; I take no credit. Uploaded by me but not my gameplay Overpass, underpass tool and better traffic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oy2CSjRhik
  11. Hi folks, I've been on the beta of SimCity and I'm here to release some feedbacks. First, I would apologize for my poor english even if you'll understand me. I'm fan of SimCity since SimCity2000, including SC3K and SC4. I've spend a lot of my time on those incredible games this is why I'm so happy and thankful about the new SimCity, despite all the negatives facts that have been noted so far. However, I'm not going to focus on what has already been mentioned. (cities tiles size, dead spaces between buildings, lacks of control on building density, lacks of statistics tables, no terraforming, and more...) Unlike some people, I've not forget that is a beta version, and that 3 months are still remaining for developing and adjusting settings. I just hope that the Maxis Dev Team will hear us. Even if the gameplay is absolutly not comparable to SC4, I felt a lot of fun playing this new Simcity. For me, the size of a city tile isn't a big problem as the entire region is interconnected (so interactive). In fact, the biggest problem of this new game is the region system. It works fine, and I'm so hurry to try this on final software, however it's seem not so much realistic. Let me explain. If you want to build a realistic region, forgetting certain things because the game engine, you're forced to make small rural town (and must avoid square cities), otherwise you're going to have "forest of skyscrapers". So I've had a idea (sorry for sorry for those who have had the same ; maybe it already been proposed...). Instead of have big useless space between cities, try to get a conurbation involving all cities of the region. The base concept is the same as in SC4. Because a picture is worth a thousand words (especially when you don't speak too much ), here a map I made. Note that it's inspired by the map of the beta. (warning 1000x1000 pixels) On beta version, we were able to play on the 4th tile. On this map (please remember that is just an draft), if I had to build a large downtown, I would take the 3rd city (or maybe the 1st), I guess. The 4th tile will be a coastal small city, with maybe some casinos on the border of ocean. The 1st tile would be a city for studies, with a large university while the 6th will be a heavy industrial area. Obviously, all this is just an idea, a project and and it's certain that you guys would not make the city like me. So there is two ways to do this. First, bring closer the cities. Then make the region less empty (like adding hills, forests (lot of forests), farms?,...) and finally lay down the transit system. Highways should be draggable, because each player will plan his city differently, and that shouldn't hinder the development of his city. (heavy train are already) Overpasses and Interchanges would be built automatically when crossing with the road tool (like in SC4). Unfortunately, according to game engine, the space between cities can't be changed, I think. It's not much but at the same time it is much more. :kitty: This message for sharing my idea, but also to have an answer : is it technically possible ? Thanks for reading, and hope some answers from the dev team... Yours, Dvergar
  12. I played the beta last night and it was pretty interesting to see how it all worked out etc... I know its a beta, so some of the things that I think should be in the game may be added later - I hope! Good: - Road building options, curves, straight, angled, arc, loop and square box. Its all very smooth and a lot better than CXL - Full 3D graphics make looking around the city much more fun - High performance engine! My Laptop is 5 years old with only a GeForce 8400M GS and the game ran very smoothly, at 1440x900 although only on medium graphics, but a lot faster than I expected. - You can open and close services to save money, rather then having to demolish them! - Sewage, finally! - Expandable and editable buildings! No more having to build 2 schools next to each other. - Sims, speak simlish - although the writing on buildings is English. Simlish is good as it keeps that sim humour - Weather, although I think its more a graphics thing and doesn't effect game play - Water table for placing a water tower! - 1 for 1 simulation. All the cars visible are the actual number using the road so congestion is easy to spot. Bad: - Graphics, they are nice, and perform very well on my old laptop - but for me are a bit too cartoon like. Textures for roads are a bit too plain also. Water looks nice though. - City tile size. I knew they were going to be small, but they really are small. I had a village of 2500 sims and it took up most of the space. - No subways, no motorways = - No grass, tree placement - so you can't build your own parks, only place pre made ones like the SC4 'large flower garden' - Road options are a bit limited, no one way roads, no motorways, and GLR seems to be only placed on the pre places avenues? - Access to the cities is from one point, I couldn't see any through routes, all roads link to the one motorway junction. - No terrain forming, no God mode I think I will buy the game, it is good, but not a serious city simulation game. Maybe it should have been Simsville like the game that was cancelled in 2001? It has some interesting features but lacks depth.
  13. So, here we are. I'm sorry this is going to be a rant. I played Simcity for a couple of times now and to be honest. I feel abandoned. Not by the game but by the Maxis Studio. The past years have been a waste of time. What happened to the smart people in the 80s and 90s? Ok, lets talk about the game; One should think, in 2013 it should be possible to program a better 'bordering' system that grows with city (land purchase or annexation). Nah, its just a square again and this time without bordering cities. One of the things that annoys me the most is the waste of space between lots in the already ridiculous tiny piece of land you get. There is no way you can fill them up with trees or other stuff. If you want trees, ploppable parks are the way to go. The only problem with parks is; yes they need to connect to roads too. And this is a problem. Not only with parks... Water and power goes by road now. How unrealistic is this? Very... This forces parks to be connected to the road because otherwise the lamp posts wont work right? Consequences are: waste of land between buildings. Maxis has put themselves in a corner. Why? Well the decision to go 'agent based' was terrible. In the 2000s they stated that the technology didn't allow full 3d graphics so they created a 2.5D game which looked awesome. Now, in the '10s we have enough graphical power to power full 3d cities. And what did Maxis do? Yes they 'created' a new limitation: Glassbox engine. Praised by it's high level of detail it produces; they forget one thing: It needs calculation power. A LOT of calculation power. So here we are, with a new excuse: The computers today can't handle bigger cities because it would need more processing power. Whaaaaaat? Why do you invent another limitation then? I did not feel any improvement in terms of simulation in comparison with Simcity 4. Let's make a list: I can not decide how big my (zoning) lot's will be. I can not plant trees I can not dig a river (to create a harbor maybe??) I can not fill spaces between roads I can not create unique looking parks (Boomtown lesson: place loose park props anywhere in the woods, do not make park 'lots') Where are the power lines? What about the water and sewerage pipes? This was a great opportunity to improve this system from SC4 Subway? Oh wait, a 10.000 city doesn't need subway Tunnels? Specialization??? WHyyyy? Why always dumb things out.. a city can have more specializations... Tilted what? Why put so many time in developing graphical trash like tilted shift blur. Nature gave me eyes that can focus on parts of the game without the 'help' of a tilted shift blur. What a waste of time. City Ordinances? Where are they? Have you seen that highway intersection? Whahahahahahaha Let;s say the devs made their life very difficult and way to complicated for the future. I mean, all these 'up-gradable buildings' with slots etc. this will take lot's of time to model it the right way. Was this the best solution Maxis could came up with? Just stick with growables and also; combine 'residential' models with custom props/texture sets so you can use the same building for a police/fire station maybe? Upgrading? Why a new 'sub building' slot that eats land? In a big city it is not possible to 'eat' land. Why not make a more efficient version of the model with 2 garage doors instead of one... In short; Making Simcity 4 full 3d and extend and improve the 'bad' things that came with it would give Maxis the jackpot with record sells. we must game look like disneyland. we must not listen to hardcore fans of early version we ignore critics and bend their question into propaganda for new glassbox engine I feel sorry for the hard working programmers in the team because while the game got kicked by people like me.. i know it is a lot of work to make. It's the decisions of the project leaders that ruins the game. No, i won't buy this game. In stead i would like to help Buggi with his Boomtown project.
  14. I have a lot of nice things to say about this demo, and some bad, but first, and most importantly... yes, these cities are tiny. My Experience I played the one-hour demo 3 times through, and each playthrough was more successful than the last. My third game, I was able to fill most of the map with medium density buildings, reaching a population of 30,000, an income of $10k/hour and a bank account with half a million simoleons. I had some nice mid-rise commercial buildings, mostly banks, a few large shopping centers and dozens of large apartment complexes. The development of my industrial buildings was less obvious - they all kind of looked the same. Graphics I'm playing on a modern system (Core i5, 8gb RAM) but with an outdated graphics card (Radeon 4870). I was given a warning that my system was below specs and when the game launched the default graphics were at the lowest settings. On these settings, the game looked laughably bad. Slowly, I ramped up the graphics options. I was shocked to discover I could play on a mix of high and medium settings with minimal lag! That 4870 really is an amazing card (as modern bench-marking continues to show). Even at a nice medium-high mix, the graphics were unimpressive. Then, I turned the tilt-shift to high and the game really came alive. I highly recommend using this option, especially if you're running a lower end graphics card. It takes away a lot of the "cartoony" look, makes up for lack of AA, and is overall very impressive. I didn't try to up the AA, which would presumably improve the visual experience significantly. The textures seemed to be lacking, but I'll withhold judgement until I get a new graphics card. Town Building Building works smoothly overall, though zoning is somewhat restricted and I had a hard time creating the look I wanted, particularly with low density residential. It's also difficult to gauge the proper city block size, though I'm sure that gets easier with experience. An option to drag and place zones over multiple blocks is noticeably absent. Road placement is simple enough, as are road upgrades, though upgrading from road to avenue is not a built-in feature and requires some seriously messy bulldozing. You also can't place buildings without having a road first, making it difficult to fit certain buildings in specific places - something you will be very concerned with as you try to build on the edge of these tiny maps. I was hesitant at first about the ploppable components, but overall I like them. You do need to keep extra space available around buildings like schools and police stations for these ploppable pieces, and it will take some experience to learn how much space to save for different buildings. From what I gauge, you'll never need to build two of the same service in one city, instead you'll just upgrade your single fire station or medical clinic, though there are advanced versions of most buildings that presumably replace the smaller versions. Building bus stops for transit and school buses was simple and fun. Building parks is a mixed bag, with many parks coming in unusual shapes and sizes (though the variety is very nice). Building near the water was frustrating and poorly implemented. There's a sub-menu for specialization buildings, though only the casino is available in the demo. The offerings are plentiful and interesting, and you can tell right away that this menu will someday be packed with DLC and, hopefully, mods. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine fitting many of these buildings in one town. Simulation The first problem I noticed was traffic. Cars don't seem to consider traffic congestion when they choose their route - they appear to take the shortest route in terms of distance. In my first city, I had several roads connecting to an avenue which led to the industrial part of town. Everyone chose to take the same road to the avenue, even though it was completely clogged with traffic, instead of driving an extra block to take a completely empty road to the very same avenue. This could be a serious concern. In subsequent cities, I made sure that different residential areas had separate routes to jobs, which alleviated the worst of my traffic problems but also limited my design options. Other than traffic, everything seemed to run smoothly. The feedback of RDI and the development of density seems to function as one would expect, although I'm not a fan of requiring specific roads to allow for specific density. Many real world cities have old, small roads running through downtown cores - but then again, this is not a game meant for building realistic cities with downtown cores. I also worry that a truly dense city would require a huge number of avenues, which themselves take up a considerable amount of space on these little maps. Region Play There isn't much region play in the demo, but it looks like an interesting and worthwhile part of the game. It will certainly help to create specific types of towns on the small maps, since various services, jobs, etc can be placed in some cities while you focus on residential and commercial in other cities. The Great Works are also a fine idea, especially considering the small map size, though I'm not sure how many great works you'll have space for in different regions. User Interface They really nailed it on the UI. When you click on a different building category, you automatically switch to a real-time info view related to that category. As a result, you're never placing a police station, for example, without simultaneously seeing the safety activity of your town. Same with utilities, parks and so on. The icons for the different building categories also serve as warning indicators, turning orange and then red when that particular service needs attention. There's plenty of depth with additional info-views, but some information seems to be lacking. How many people live in this apartment complex? I'm not sure we get to know. Final Word - City Size SimCity has a lot going for it. It's a well optimized and well designed game that's easy to play and enjoyable to look at. But it's not a city simulator in the traditional sense, instead it's a city "game", where you find yourself more concerned with following the game rules than designing and running your own creation. Part of the problem is that most of the creations we want to build are based on our real-world experience of living in and visiting towns and cities. The small city size will immediately crush your dreams of sprawling suburbs or massive downtowns, and suddenly you realize how few city concepts you have room to try and create at all. Within these limits, I can't create a reasonable model of the large city I live in now or even the small town suburb where I grew up. In the end, I was left with the distinct feeling that I was playing a video game, not building a city, very unlike the sensation I have when playing SimCity 4 or CitiesXL. I think it's obvious that "user experience" is the justification for the small city sizes. Larger cities would require more powerful systems to run properly, and would diminish the game experience of the masses of players who don't have gaming PCs. I understand the reasoning, but I can't support it. Most of the best simulation games - like previous SimCity titles and the Civilization series - struggle mightily in the late-game on large maps, even on systems built many years after the game's release. That's just part of how simulation games work. Some of us will tolerate laggy gameplay and low settings in order to play the biggest maps, others will happily play small maps until they have a new system 2 or 3 years down the road. In this SimCity, we don't have a choice. I will still buy this game and play it for many hours, but unless a version is someday created that allows for large cities, I can't consider this the rightful heir to the city building genre. If I can't recreate my beloved San Francisco, I'm just not satisfied. P.S. If you want to create large, sprawling simulations that resemble real-to-life population centers, I suggest you try latest in the CitiesXL series if you haven't already. I enjoy it much more than a heavily-modded SimCty 4, but both games arguably still share the crown of large scale city simulators.
  15. I'm working on not having to work this weekend, but if I can't get out of it - can I share / transfer my beta key? It would suck for it to 'go to waste' so to speak. I've checked the FAQ, and did not find any relevant info. Has anyone seen anything covering this circumstance?
  16. I saw someone asking for keys.... everyone said beta not out yet, but website says it is? What's going on? Is beta out yet? Also where are all these you tube videos coming from, if the beta isn't out yet?
  17. Hi everyone, I've already pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version of the new SimCity game and I was watching the broadcast a few minutes ago (which got me even more stoked) and I saw they announced a beta. I would like to ask if I am able to play the beta since I pre-ordered the game. I paid 80 euro's so I guess the answer is 'Yes, you can' but I want to be sure. I can't find the answer on the official site. Thanks, BlueSmiley
  18. "And for some of you, the wait won’t be long thanks to our first big announcement: beta! Yep, you asked for it - we’ll be running an exclusive beta before SimCity’s launch that will give a generous group of lucky fans an opportunity to not only don their mayor hats early, but also have a chance to provide valuable feedback straight to the team here at Maxis. We’ll be releasing more details on the beta soon, so in the meantime, visit the beta section of SimCity.com to sign up today" And they have also announced that they're coming to the Mac! Link is right here!! http://www.simcity.c...e-from-gamescom
  19. SimMars Beta 3



    SimMars is a mod for SimCity 4 taking the game to Mars. It will bring new buildings, transportation systems, user-interface and music and will replace the Maxis SimCity 4 content as far as possible, giving you the feeling to play a colony on Mars. Beta 3 is another step towards the goal of SimMars. Most main game functions and buildings have been replaced and the mod plays fairly well now. However, it is still a beta and hence unfinished. Not everything is replaced yet or fully functional. SimMars will install and play completely separate from your SimCity 4 installation. ___________________________________________________________________ BETA 3 FILESIZE: 277MB Due to the size, the installer is hosted on an external file hosting site. Download the dummy text file here to get to the download location. ___________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: There's been a bug discovered where the Mars Face landmark has no model file. Easy fix: Download the this file and place into /My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins_SIMMARS/+Landmarks/SM_LM_MarsFace ___________________________________________________________________ Download the SimMars Region Pack here to add 7 new regions to your game. ___________________________________________________________________ This download is for PC users only, a Mac compatible version will be released in the future. SimMars Beta 3 additions since last release: - 180 new BATs (buildings) of all types - new highway, rail, subway, elevated rail, toll booths and spaceport. - SimMars game launcher: Beta 3 launches individually from SimCity 4 (see installation notes below) - new User-Interface graphics - new disaster (Blow-Out, replaces fire) - 5 new music tracks - the first few automata models - new ordinances - transformed news items Main goals for the next release are: - creating and modding new automata models (vehicles) - implementing NAM elements - replacing avenue and one way texture

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