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  1. !1! Santia Marina

    thanks alot. I was wondering when someone would see it and comment on it. thxs for all the links i will dl the ones i want and stuff when i get the chance to play and stuff. sorry for the redirect thing i dont want to fill my whole post with video players everywhere.
  2. !EP 11! Manamorda YT Series

    Episode 11 out !!!
  3. !1! Santia Marina

    Im starting a new series called Santia Marina. It's a tropical island chain series featuring lovely beaches and hotels and landscape. This is not replacing Manamorda. Ep 1
  4. So i added https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/20597-modular-atct-pack-1/ and when I went into my city and waited for it to load, the game crashed. I uninstalled it and it still crashed. I then went through the whole process of having a clear plugins folder and an empty city tile loading each mod until I found what was happening because this had never happened and I only got a new mod. I wasnt able to find anything that was bad besides adding that in. i opened other city tiles with that mod in and it was fine soo now i have no idea what is happening. I was building a modular airport with RIMP and TIMP which i never had problems with so idk what to do.
  5. Krystal Hamburgers

    ohhh, gotta love small town restraunts.
  6. Lot - Resources / Help

    wow thank you so much. i fixed my issue. i didnt know you can raise thinhs and that it needed power or whatever.
  7. Lot - Resources / Help

    1) thxs ill see if that has smoke 2) how do you find this stuff lol
  8. Lot - Resources / Help

    I wanted to know if there was a way to place fire, smoke, light as props so i can overlap them on objects. i was trying to place the small fireplace from here and it didnt have a fire or any lights on the lot unlike the others. I tryed to go into the lot editor to find if there were fire props and lights but there wasnt any and the lights were just cones and out of place.
  9. !EP 11! Manamorda YT Series

    Leafy green forest. idk which forest tree pack
  10. NAM tiles missing texture

    I have tried that over an over and tried to adjust the other roads but that peice is still disapperaing
  11. That one... tile is just annoying me
  12. So im wanting to start to modeling buildings and texture them but i literally don't know what to use cause i think newer modeling programs can be used for sc4 and im assuming anything will work for texturing. What do i use to model or can i use modern modelling programs like blender. and what do i use to texture.
  13. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    I was trying out the RIMP stuff out for the first time. Not sure if anything is even correct but i love the looks
  14. So i have a bunch assets and stuff and scrolling through and finding what i want is very uhhhh annoying and takes some time. I was wondering if someone had made a mod where the menu was expanded or a search menu has been created. I tried looking up some key words to see if there was anythign but i havent seen anything. I did come across DAMN but idk what that really is and looks very complicated and stuff
  15. Franklin

    i love the street names they had back then lol. i think in one of the settings theres a way to turn them off. and theres a mod where it will leave all the names blank so you can name a few important roads