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  1. !EP 7! Manamorda YT Series

    Episode 7 out!!!
  2. !EP 7! Manamorda YT Series

    Leafy green forest. idk which forest tree pack
  3. NAM tiles missing texture

    I have tried that over an over and tried to adjust the other roads but that peice is still disapperaing
  4. That one... tile is just annoying me
  5. So im wanting to start to modeling buildings and texture them but i literally don't know what to use cause i think newer modeling programs can be used for sc4 and im assuming anything will work for texturing. What do i use to model or can i use modern modelling programs like blender. and what do i use to texture.
  6. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    I was trying out the RIMP stuff out for the first time. Not sure if anything is even correct but i love the looks
  7. So i have a bunch assets and stuff and scrolling through and finding what i want is very uhhhh annoying and takes some time. I was wondering if someone had made a mod where the menu was expanded or a search menu has been created. I tried looking up some key words to see if there was anythign but i havent seen anything. I did come across DAMN but idk what that really is and looks very complicated and stuff
  8. Franklin

    i love the street names they had back then lol. i think in one of the settings theres a way to turn them off. and theres a mod where it will leave all the names blank so you can name a few important roads
  9. Im starting a yt series of a region called Manamorda Manamorda Ep 1 Manamorda Ep 2 Manamorda Ep 3 Manamorda Ep 4 Manamorda Ep 5 Manamorda Ep 6 Manamorda Ep 7 and please suggest some b uilding or anything you would like to add or ideas.
  10. So i have decided to come back to this game since 2010?11?ish a long time ago. I have the game on stream already so i can play on win10. I remember the basic beginning but i dont know what i need to do to get to skyscrapers. And im also interested in mods and buildings. And is there a reliable way to do multiplayer yet and if not it there a stable way or something? I do know that NAM existes and i will play with it (also can i have that in multiplayer too if my previous question is possible). Is there anything i should have or need to know. thanks