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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, thought I'd start a thread on my own so I can get some feedback and tips from the community. I've never used PS or modelling programs before so it's been a rough week but I'm enjoying it very much. I settled on Sketchup for modelling and 3ds Max for textures. Maybe some of you will hate that but SU is just too comfortable, fun and easy to use compared to the other stuff I tried although it does have several flaws, but I won't get into those. I got a lot of help from Ronyx69 so a big thanks to him first most. I've written everything down and am now able to produce assets, slowly mind you but something that works does come out in the end (can't make any promises about it's beauty but you gotta love your children ) I can start to experiment and learn about more functions and other methods if you recommend them so I'll be posting things here as I make them to get your feedback. Hopefully with your help I can become better and maybe start making some things that are worth publishing. If you also model in sketchup your knowledge and tips and triply worthy so please bestow upon me thy knowledge I've put a stop to Columbine, it's gone forever but it has taught me a lot about what I like and want to do and it's just not that. I thought the workshop could use some more rural and low/mid density buildings so I set out on this path with that in mind but everything isn't set in stone. I have an interest in making some Balkan and Mediterranean assets as I felt that most European buildings on the workshop are very German, big dark buildings which you don't really see that much along the Mediterranean. I wanted to make some buildings that represent those found around Albania, Bosnia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and maybe I could go into North Africa & Spain later. I'm starting to make some small rural buildings but hopefully will get into 4-5 story apartments and more unique buildings like mosques, churches and bridges in the future but I'm not even going to think about those until I have 20 assets or so made and finalized. So that's just my vision, it may or may not go that far and all depends on how things go as I'm still a total noob. Here's the first building I made. It's a.. thing to learn how to model and texture. It's technically the second but we don't talk about "Project Alpha" 200 tris 512x256 tex And here's the second one 452 tris, 512x512 tex, added color variations on the stucco wall. I'm just experimenting with different things to see how they go and how necessary each detail is. I think I need to get better at textures for now I'm just using them as is with minor changes for objects such as stamping to remove things and outlining parts, very simple stuff. A "stylized while still realistic" theme may fit better than just using these textures outright and I hope I can make something like that in the future. It would also make things a bit more crisp, I feel these might lose detail as they get bigger. I think I will try to make one with windows on the texture as I'm losing tris for nothing for these. It's probably fine for small things but I need to know how to do it when I make bigger stuff. That will be after a while though since I modeled a couple more already.
  2. So, I played Simcity 2013 for a while. 500+ hours. I bought Cities: Skylines a while back and haven't played it or Simcity in a while. Never going back to Simcity after playing Cities, but does anyone have some tips for a new player?
  3. Hello everyone, I started playing Cities: Skylines a while ago and now that I'm beginning to get the hang of it, I feel I really need mods to make an actual working city. In all of my tries so far I have had traffic congestion and other major issues which led to me deleting that entire save and starting over. My question to the community is: does anyone have a good modpack with more unique buildings, traffic lights removal, et cetera, that is not on the Steam Workshop? And do you have a download link to it, with a minor description? I would be ever thankful. Cheers, Laaf. PS: Mods that I am especially interested in are: Tunnels (for roads) Traffic light removal Unique buildings Additional leisure All tiles available
  4. Models uploaded so far : NA Medium density housing - 01 NA Medium density housing - 02 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OLD Hey guys first post here and first model for C:S ! I have a bit of experience with 3D modeling (followed some tutorials on DT, made a few models, and a made map on Source ) but i'm pretty much a beginner I just finished my first model for C:S, took some time (~7 days), got confused a few times but i'm pretty comfortable now and next ones will go much faster. I based it off the kind of houses you find around Toronto ( THIS house in particular). Heres the model on sketchfab and the model in the workshop you'll find it in parks plazza (don't know if I'll leave it up its just a test for now). 890 tris for the building and front yard thingy, no LOD yet, textures( D N A I S ) are 1024x1024, 32 tris for the 8m fence, 4 tri LOD, and 128x128 textures (which are temporary until I do a better one). For a few questions : I'm really unsure about how my normal maps turned out and have spent way more time than i'd like to admit fiddling with it, inverting re-verting, and getting more confused, would be appreciated if someone could go over it (the windows in particular look off ) : normals diffuse I also have some windows where the illumination will just be a white line PIC how do I fix that ? My textures seem fine to me illumination spec For the tris would it be fine to delete polys such as under the window trim and the ceiling of the porch ? I know some people like walking around the city in FPS view just as other people don't care so i'm not quite sure if I should leave them or not. I unwraped the uvs so that there is nothing overlapping for AO but I doubt i'll be able to do that with other more complex buildings. What is you guys stance on AO ? Important ? or is it fine just to let it aside ? Finally whats your prefered format for saving textures ? Right now its all PNGs. Edit : And the scale, does it seem fine ? PIC I'll probably make more of theses houses and maybe make a Torontonian collection if all goes well. THIS is what I expect a neighboorhood of theses will look like (containers = garages). Makes good practice!
  5. I just recently started playing simcity 4 again. The last time i've played it was around 2005 when i was young and i can now appreciate the amazingness and scope of the game. My question is about mods. I have read about them for a while now before i just jump into the game in fear of having to start over if i install new mods and such. I have decided that i am going to install NAM, some of the fixes and some new buildings only to keep it light. Do i have to install any mods before i start a new region or can i install NAM, the fixes such as opera house and private school fix, and some new buildings or can i just add them at a later time? Thank you in advance i will reply to any posts and if you know of any essential mods or ones you highly recommend that would be awesome!
  6. Why doesn't my city have any street lights and signal light? Can someone give some advice on this
  7. Hi all, So I am new to simtropolis and downloaded a bunch of mods last night; this was the first time I have ever put mods on sim city 4 deluxe. I did the standard extract and drag into doc/simcity4/plugins. However, only some of the mods seem to work most of them have no buildings or leave a transparent blue outline. I also downloaded the hov lane pack but it only lets me plop one tile at a time and it is impossible to connect the tiles, like ill set two next to each other but they will plop perpindicular, not connecting. Anyhow I probably have a bunch more questions but I will start with this and I am not a computer whiz, I am a novice at this stuff so any help would be great thanks guys.
  8. I bought a new computer with windows 8.It is Acer. How do I set up new computer for the first time? I really know nothing about how to set up a new computer. And I'm not joking. Please someone give me step by step direction how to set up my computer and the first things I need to do.
  9. All the talk and anticipation of the new Sim City game got me in a SimCity kind of mood, so I started playing this after buying it and not really getting around to it. I just have a couple of questions that I couldn't find answers to after browsing around here for a while. 1) Singe City or Mutli-City Region? I started a play making a single city be 100% residential, another city 100% industry, another city planning to be 100% commercial, ect. but is this at all viable? I seemed to start running into trouble with communte times and "no job" flags. I've since gotten the NAM, so I assume that would help some, but would I be better off just making one gigantic city to start with and then add offshoot regions once I get tired of that, or have multiple single purpose cities? 2) Do rewards affect other cities in the region? If I unlock the Farmers Market in a side city that's mainly agriculture, for instance, will the bonuses from plopping that affect my main city? 3) What do Alt and Ctrl do when placing zones? I noticed this causes the darker lines to seemingly disappear (making, say 2x2 or 2x3 blocks instead of 2x1) and clearly Alt changes the facing of the zones. What will this affect? 4) Is my city structure sound, or ridiculous and terrible? I was kind of messing around and came up with an arrangment like this (sorry for the box in the way, I used Steam's F12 Screenshot tool. You can still see the major outline): My intent is to fill the empty corners with clinics, fire stations, gifts that will fit, police, education, transit, ect, and the rest of the empty squares and corners with parks and/or transit stations. It also would leave room to turn the streets into roads, roads into one-ways or avenues, (some) avenues into highways, ect. I realise that this arrangment is probably more about personal preference, but I also feel as though I've left a lot of wasted space. Is this going to hamstring me later on? (I also just considered increasing the spacing on the borders by one square allowing for 4 blocks inbetween the avenues and streets instead of 3 so I can connect some 2x1 plots to the avenues. This would essentially make a universal grid of 4x4 areas following the same avenue-road intervals. Probably makes a better use of the space. I... I think I might actually do that instead. See! This forum is already helping!) Thanks for taking a look (and maybe helping? )!
  10. 6. Whistler's Coast

    This is my first time playing a large tile. I typically avoid them because I found that all that empty space was overwhelming and I didn't know what to do with it. For this city I began in the way I used to, a large grid that would allow 3x3 buildings to come up. The left edge is connected to Lion's Beach by road and rail. The majority of this city is made up of commercial development. And there is still demand for more. Though there is industry - No one really works there. It's just for freight Most residential areas (apart from the original large grid) are shaped in 1x1 tiles around a center square. Traffic can become heavy, but it's nothing too serious now. Though I am worried about it. If you notice how the residential and the commercial (where everyone works) lay next to one another, there is no room for rail. Should I be thinking of subways at this point? Or should I really have thought ahead to plan for high traffic from these residential pods. Out of all areas, this one turned out the best. Again, it is my typical L shaped 1x1 residential around a cemetery The little European apartments look great! (IMO) Though I promised I wouldn't do this, I did it again and laid down double roads in preparation for 2 avenues that would run through the entire town. Every time I zone for more commercial, it seems like every single sim at the opposite end of town wants to work there! Also with the photo above, I was planning residential expansion with more of those round pods. They would be placed on either end of that area of commercial that juts out. Would you recommend any building strategies to keep the area free of bad traffic? Or perhaps I should put new residential elsewhere on this tile..... HELP!
  11. 5. Lion's Beach

    I was going to use Lion's Beach as an experimental city, but then I liked where it was going. The only thing, is that no matter what, there is always a huge demand for commercial. So I zone more commercial, and they want more. After a while I decided to ignore my sims and I made another little village off to the side and surrounded it by farms I connected the two sections of city by roads and rail. Few sims from the village commute into town because I began the little area with its own jobs nearby. Back in town, the mayor took the advice to use more custom content, and the results are ugly Also in this city, I tried using 2 separate rail lines that allow for freight and commuter lines to stay separate. Beyond that this city was just a stepping stone for it's only neighbor: Whistler's Coast
  12. 3. Odeon

    Odeon is the town north of Pegg Bank. These two cities share connections by road. Though there are cities north, east, and west of Odeon, I am hesitant to connect them due to the infinite commuter loop that I always fall into. Want to see how much of a beginner I am: There it is, my glorious attempt at avenue roundabouts. Since city planning failed me before, I have been trying to avoid preplanning roads and avenues. I don't think it is working looks-wise. The town as a whole looks like this: It is a little city on a medium tile. There are roughly 12K sims here and a budget of 1.4 million simoleons. You can see my major roadways. There aren't too many of them. The majority of traffic flows down to get across the border to Pegg Bank (even though there are plenty of commercial and industrial jobs within this tile) I always have the problem of commuters when I connect cities. Even if both cities are the same size, and have the same jobs, the sims will commute to the other city to work. They WANT a long commute time. They're stupid. The only area I am proud of in this city is this: The residential streets are in an L shape around the cemetery. All the buildings came in nicely and there isn't much of a traffic problem here. Attempts at duplicating this system have not gone well That being said, most of the residential areas looks like this and have major traffic issues: This place needs a major face lift, but I'm not a licensed doctor. I just don't want to end up injecting cement into the wrong places...
  13. 4. Langley

    This formerly little town south of Pegg Bank is the home to many of my experiments Here is an overview of my entire city of 18K sims so far: I have added an avenue going around my little city to experiment with the effect a high capacity road would have. My commute time went from 30 to below 4. (There are no busses or subways) One of the best residential areas is this here: It is right between two areas of commercial development, and there's quite a bit of traffic (hence the roads) but everyone seems to be happy living there The worst area is actually the old town center. This is the first development and it has the worst ratings overall: The best development really goes to the commercial area right by the new avenue. For some reason, all the traffic funneled right to these shops here, even before the avenue was built One area I am proud of is this area of residential. I modeled it after the area almost identical to this one that is located in Pegg Bank. Though this little areas has worse traffic problems. I am thinking it is because there is no bus system in this city And just for fun, here is a picture of my NAM disaster area:
  14. 2. Pegg Banks (Part 2)

    Here is a view of the most recent addition to Pegg Bank As you can see above, the university was placed by the water in the narrowing of the land north of the river. If you look at the little overall map in the corner, you can see there is a little town on the south bank. They are not connected, though they do share power. I have kept them completely separate as an experiment in the 2 villages in the same city tile. Together they make a city of around 22K Sims. This was the original beginning of Pegg Bank. I started as I usually did with wider zoning and in a grid. As you can see, the majority of that land turned to mansions once water was introduced. The majority of traffic centers around this area: With sims commuting down to commercial or over to the high tech industrial area above the university. Traffic is not my strong point, though I would like to experiment with rail lines eventually. Here is the city overview: I'm not sure if I want to keep expanding or leave it for another tile...
  15. 1. Pegg Bank

    Pegg Bank began as an experiment in city building using techniques that would prevent the Infinite Commuter Loop, an issue this Mayor has always dealt with. Named for the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car on the episode of Top Gear at the time, Simon Pegg. This coastal town began with 4 little towns in a surrounding region, only one being connected by a single road to the north. The town began along the coast, focusing on Manufacturing industry. Soon the growth spread to commercial and more people began to move in. Currently plaguing the city is the mass of commercial buildings that have taken over the majority of the coast. As seen in the photo above, it is the same time of building over and over. How can this city move beyond this sprawl of commercial? With hardly 20K sims living in Pegg Bank, upgrading to high density commercial is not an option at this point, even with the healthy budget with a surplus of at east a few thousand over expenses. Residential areas are compact, with the majority of buildings being constructed on a 1x1 tile. The residential developments are created in pods of 10x10 with roads or streets 2 tiles apart to lead the 1x1 homes to the main street down the middle. That main street will lead directly to the commercial (where the majority of sims work) How can this small city expand, knowing that the majority of land area will go to commercial builders?

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