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Found 45 results

  1. Scenes From Hong Kong

    With a population of nearly 8 million, one of the world's most recognizable skylines, and a thriving business sector - Hong Kong is one of the world's most important global cities. Today, we'll be taking another look at this city's famous skyline and much more as we further explore Hong Kong Island, the mainland, and more. We'll begin with another look into the past - back at the turn of the century, Hong Kong was still was still growing British colonial establishment. The city's port along Victoria Harbour continued to grow and grow throughout the years and was often crowded with junks, sampans, and other maritime vessels. Opening in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport, or Chek Lap Kok is the city's main airport and is located on reclaimed land outside Lantau Island in the western portion of the city. The distinctive Y-shaped terminal is said to resemble an airplane in flight. Just outside the airport is where you'll find Seaview Crescent and Tung Chung Crescent - two of the city's most impressive residential high rises. A rainy day in the city's Wan Chai District - home to the sleek Central Plaza. A late night in central Hong Kong with a view of The Center. The rain picks back up again as we visit the the city's Admiralty District - which features many of the city's most iconic skyscrapers like the Bank of China Tower, Lippo Centre, and the Pacific Place complex. A view of Hong Kong's stunning Union Square and the neighboring New Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter at night. Rising 1,538 feet tall, the towering International Commerce Centre is the centerpiece of the complex and the city's tallest building. Our visit concludes with one last overview of Hong Kong's spectacular skyline and Victoria Harbour at sunset. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Shanghai" Thanks to @VALASatoshi, @CorinaMarie, @RobertLM78, @JP Schriefer, @matias93, @Odainsaker, @bladeberkman, @alejolopez13, @weixc812, @SimRico, @bobolee, @9gruntsand1hammer, @PaulSawyer, @Krasner, @jakis, @Jackspital, @Handyman, @Toby Ferrian, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @f3cs, @Duco, @redfox85, @Oerk, @Androgeos, @aegian, @TekindusT, @lolo69ol01, @KOSMO*, @tariely, & @don11327 for all the likes/comments!
  2. Hong Kong

    Today we're taking a look at Hong Kong - this global financial hub and port city boasts one of the world's most stunning and recognizable skylines. This city was originally under British rule for 99 years - but in 1997 it returned to China and now is a special administrative region (SAR). We're starting off in Kowloon - located on the mainland across Victoria Harbor, it's well known for its markets and endless apartments. The streets are constantly crowded, it's an area that's always filled with energy and activity. Hankow Road is one of Kowloon's most famous roads - with countless signs and advertisements crowding the streets, its one of the city's most distinctive sights. Tian Tan Buddha is one of Hong Kong's most famous attractions and offers incredible views of the city. Since it's opening in 1993, it has become well known in the city as a symbol of Buddhism and nature. At night, the skyline of Hong Kong is even more amazing. Here we take a look at the Bank of China Tower - one of Hong Kong's most distinctive and remarkable buildings. Standing 1,205 feet tall, it was Hong Kong and Asia's tallest building for two years after its completion in 1990. The 1,227 foot tall Central Plaza is another one of the city's most beautiful skyscrapers, it originally opened in 1992 and overtook the Bank of China Tower as the city's tallest until 2003. In 2003, Two International Finance Center was completed and overtook Central Plaza as the city's tallest at the time, standing 1,352 feet tall. Another one of Hong Kong's most famous skyscrapers can be seen close by as well - The Center was completed in 1998 and is currently the city's 5th tallest with a height of 1,135 feet tall. Hong Kong's tallest building is the International Commerce Centre - rising 1,538 feet tall, this incredible building took nearly 8 years to build and was finally completed in 2010. It's currently the world's 10th tallest building, and the views from the top are truly extraordinary. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Berlin (Pt. 2/2)" Thanks to @CorinaMarie, @Fantozzi, @RandyE, @jakis, @_Michael, @The British Sausage, @matias93, @Manuel-ito, @redfox85, @bobolee, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @mattb325,@Jonas_Chaves, @scotttbarry, @MushyMushy, @SC4L0ver, @raynev1, @Lazarou Monkey Terror, @mrsmartman, @BruceTedder, @Elenphor, & @Finnbhennach for all the likes!
  3. Article #8 - Wainor Scene

    Article #8 - "Wainor Scene" Wainor is an important commercial-financial centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 195 Km of Yuti (capital city), 25 Km of Jalai and 19 Km of Krupó. Punta Retolk is part of Metropolitan Area. Founded in 1855 by english fishers, his main activity was fishing. Wainor was the first city of Metzú in have a seaport, in 1874. Wainor grew up slowly until the 90's. Large foreign capitals (China, principally) have invested a lot of money in financial services and commercial activities. The economic importance of the area and the existence of a seaport, made it possible this investment. The panorama of Wainor changed absolutely. High skyscrapers, large transport networks and other Infrastructure works (parks, stadiums, solar power...). Wainor is prosperous, cosmopolitan, touristic. A great place to visit in Metzú. Full Map Population: 52.351 Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area) Main Activities: Commercial Centre, Financial Services, Heavy Industries. Wainor Scenes... 1. 1st Avenue and Parque Libertadores. A great sidewalk around the avenue. 2. Playa Chica. A great place to relax and drink something. 3. Puerto Internacional de Wainor. Built in 1874, renewed in 1950. The first seaport in Metzú. 4. Wainor Downtown. 5. Wainor Downtown. Great skyscrapers. 6. Wainor Suburbs. Road to Krupó City. 7. Wainor Outskirts. Industrial zone. 8. Wainor Downtown. High residential buildings and 1st Avenue. 9. Parque Libertadores. Place of great mansions, next to Playa Chica. 10. Modern buildings in Wainor Downtown. Surrounded by old tenements. 11. Gigante del Pacífico. A modern stadium, property of C.A Wainor Pacific, a football team, representative of Wainor City. 12. Built in 1996 (Renewed in 2017), has a capacity for 37.000 spectators. (before renewal) 13. 1st Avenue at night. 14. Wainor Downtown at night. A typical landscape of Wainor. 15. Wainor Night's Life. 16. A general view of Wainor at night. 17. Parque Libertadores. A good place to visit at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  4. Aureus Entry #7

    Welcome back to Aureus. Since the last entry I have built a new water treatment facility, added onto the University of Aureus and I have built new intersections all over the city in an effort to solve congestion. Enjoy!
  5. Overview HongKong style city

    From the album City Overview (S3-13-W)

    Here is an overview of one city I created, based on the field of Hong Kong, uploaded for the Overview challenge.
  6. Aureus Entry #6

    Welcome back to Aureus, where once again a lot has changed. The population is now at nearly 170,000 people and steadily growing. The biggest change is that I bulldozed a large chunk in the middle of North Aureus and built a large park in it's stead. I also added another golf course to the city because I realized that a city of this size would probably have around 10 golf courses, not one. That being said This is just a 9 hole (half) course and I don't plan on building another golf course in this city. Last but not least I expanded the downtown elevated walkway system. Enjoy!
  7. Aureus Entry #5

    Welcome back to Aureus. Once again a lot has changed since the last entry. I have added many small details like new intersections, new unique buildings and new parks, I have also expanded behind the airport. The population is at 154, 000 people and still growing, enjoy!
  8. Aureus Entry #4

    Welcome back to Aureus, a lot has changed since the last entry. The population is now well over 100000 people and I have developed multiple new areas, I have also included a satellite shot at night to show how much the city has grown since Entry #3. Enjoy!
  9. Aureus Entry #3

    Welcome back to Aureus, since my last entry the city has grown about 10000 people. I have also added a new elevated train line that goes through the downtown core and the core industrial sector. Enjoy!
  10. Aureus Entry #1

    Welcome to my newest city Aureus. I have been working on it for a few months now and so far I personally like it better than my previous city, New Imperium and I hope you feel the same, Enjoy! The waterfront gardens An aerial of the Aureus Estates golf course The Clubhouse Thanks for viewing!
  11. Hong Kong MTR East Line

    Elevated Rail - Subway Automata re-skin for Simcity 4, in-game first test.
  12. Hong Kong



    Hi everyone, here is a map of my invention based on the Honk Kong area. It is 22 x 22 km based. I play with it and i like it very much the area. Hope you like it.
  13. First, First I want to thank @ rsc204 (MGB ) for its " Maxis Texture Replacement Development Kit". I recently learning to use all the tools I need to create my own SC4 mods.. I think I'm happy with the result of my sidewalk mod, I only need to add the "base texture replacement" . Sorry for so many Maxis buildings, I saw the need to empty most of my plugins to speed SC4 load on my PC. Note : Textures made ​​by me .
  14. Welcome to HK, the city of bays and hills. HK is a tropolical metropolis, a center of fashion, and the best balance between urban and nature. The city consists of the Kowloon Peninsula and The Island. The administrative and financial center is in the Central District of the Island. The city has grown quite a bit. Here is a teaser. I will then start from the beginning and show you how the city came along. Update: Some most recent pictures as a teaser for the cover of this city journal. The view from the southern tip of Kowloon Peninsula is incredible. Here you see the developing city skyline of the Central District, the hills after hills on the island. Nearby are the Star Ferry and the old train station clock tower. The road to the Peak has amazing views of the harbor. Here, you can soak in the magnificent harbor views, including the Star Ferry terminal. The urban labyrinth seems so far away. You are in nature! And down in the heart of Central, all the hassle and bustle. Buses line up the road. Shimmering water is easily seen. Bank towers reach to new heights, and in the evening, the night life is world class. Stay tune for another great journal brought to you by the author of New Rotterdam.
  15. 55 - Sierra Mosaics

    A fuller view of that magical zone where Diamond Lake and the Black Stones Lighthouse can be found - Sierra. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. KonstantinII: Masterful city scene. I see all the buildings, asian style, 20th century "blocks", and modern buildings. Nice metropolis. Thank you very much KII, took a while to put together. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Schulmanator: Awesome! Henry the Octopus gives this 8 thumbs up! Thanks Henry. Let me shake all of your hands. feeroz123: So many new buildings !! Drooling.... Very nice city layout. Looks complex in traffic network. Thanks. I spend a lot of time thinking about which way buildings will be oriented and laying out the roads. tankmank: i like the building choices and layout, it gives a dense, highrise feel but mixed well with lots of open space for breathing Exactly what I was going for. Thanks. Schriefer: Awesome!! Really beautiful pictures and editing. The rain effect was great too. Glad you enjoyed the rain, thanks. TekindusT: The fog, the skyscrapers, the mystery, the nightlights, the kiloooooooooooometric update! I love it all! One of those updates that proves sometimes size does matter. Thanks. rewright: This is quite an update, and catches the energy of a large metropolis. Glad you felt it. Thanks. Neto Dari: Wow, very good, the modernity enchants. Indeed it does. Thank you. Vitor13: Our amazing that! Thanks. Lord Branham: Marvelous work!!!!!! Hey Branham, thank you. Paulobergonci: i like the buildings, nice choice. And the roads are pretty cool. Thanks. I'm using PEG UT Avenue Medians. dabadon5: When most simcities have a large amount of high rises it often looks like a mess, but not with this one, Very beautiful and well put together. Many of my cities were a mess at first. Takes some time to learn. Thanks. magalenin: Simply perfect! Thanks magalenin. paulmc: Very cool, I love the glow on the water ! congrats ! Yeah, glow on the water is my new thing. Can't stop doing it. Thanks. city89: very real looking but where did you get the low rise buildings in china town i been looking and asking all over and no one wants to help me. i would love to know so i can give my china town some flava and spice. If you want help with specific buildings just ask. Many of the Chinatown buildings can easily be found on the ST/Exchange by using the search terms: Japanese or Hong Kong. Thanks. 3ZZZS: Wow, just wow. I love the layout of the city. The metropolis just has this really nice feel to it! 10/10 Thanks 3ZZZS, stay tuned. SimRico: Nice addition to the weekly tour of featured cities. We're always happy to have you. Thanks. NielsC007: Amazing, great work! Thanks.
  16. Hi guys, Based on a recent thread, and after more than 10 years playing, and being a member from 2006, I want to share my knowledge of the game. I dont know how to BAT, but I do try my best at supporting the NYBT team, and at the same time, receive support from them, and from members like MAGNETO, who has been of great help in creatin a mod for me. Now, I come to you guys, with one intention only, to create a tutorial on recreating a Real Life City (RLC) in simcity 4. Of course, limitations are gonna be present, but, we are here to find a way to overcome them, and finally get the results we want. The concept is simple. You fill the poll above, and based on the answers we get, we will start this project. After you completed the poll, post the city you voted, and what part of it you want to start with. This is a long term project, thats why you gotta tell me what part comes first, and of course, it will be open to the rest who want to participate after. Please, I encourage you to participate, and form part of this. If done correctly, we will have a thread you dont wanna miss, and will definetly get your attention!! Lets start!!
  17. Ionica - Behind the Curtain

    Every once and a while I like to pull back the curtains to show you what I'm doing behind the scenes. Lately I've been alternating on working on three Zones. The first is Avalon which I've been working on repairing for months. Avalon is the only Zone that has survived the move over to my new region (Ionica) and I don't want to start from zero because I think it has some distinct features that are part of Ionica's identity. In the GIF below you see Avalon in 4 stages of development. The first one, with a lot of beaches, is Avalon c. 2058. The second is from 2198, right before the bicentennial. The beaches have been replaced by rocks and retaining walls and there is an updated version of the bird's nest stadium. The third is from around 2238 in which substantial changes in the upper 3rd of the Zone and the core have been made. The final image in the GIF is from 2250, and that is what Avalon currently looks like. I am very close to being able to press the play button and am almost itching to do so, but I have to do a few final checks. One of the biggest improvements which I haven't shown here are the subways. It would be too embarrassing to show you what a mess they were, but that has been sorted out. I also changed the Bird's nest stadium because I intend on using it somewhere else. Best to click on this GIF to know which image is the first. I forgot to put a date on each pic. The island in the lower third of Avalon has been totally changed. For a very long time I had a Maxis airport there but it doesn't make any sense to have an airport in the middle of dense city so that has been replaced by two heliports. As you can see the roads used to be a total disaster so I've attempted to bring order. Shout out to Bipin for the Turbo Roundabout which I am using for the first time here. Older versions of Avalon had huge problems of roads crossing rails but now i've used either elevated roads or underpasses to improve the flow of traffic. The waterfront has also been improved with two shipping ports and the coast guard. Again, the convoluted network of avenues has been simplified and rails have either been elevated or directed to subterranean lines. A highway that cut across the city has also been removed because it was redundant. This is the newest Zone I'm building called Walden II. It is on a medium sized tile connected to Pater (the blitzball zone). The canal you see is the continuation of the canal that runs through Pater. They are moonlight Downtown Canals. This is a picture from Veritas. I'm currently remaking the Zone from scratch starting with City Hall, which you see below, and the government buildings I want to have at the center. Terring: Impressive as always Thanks for staying tuned in. TekindusT: I love the magical and mysterious aura everything has on this CJ... Thanks. Kind of going for that Wally Pfister Dark Knight look. Ace❤: The reflection of that cruise admist all those skyscrapers is hauntingly beautiful. Amazing work! Thanks. It wasn't originally my plan to have an entry featuring Photoshopped yachts, but after I tried that one I was like: "Eureka! This is it." simcityplayer15: Wow, what amazing sites you've built here . It looks so active. Great city and job good sir I'm glad you like it. Thanks. sejr99999: thank you for this tour of your splendid city at night Love it! Thanks. 80sreject: You are an artist, beautiful! Yes, go ahead, stroke my...I was going to say ego. Thanks. Lord Branham: Marvelous!!!! I still adore your mastery of this game! Love the last picture!!!! Once again Bravo!! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. sri2: amazing. and the last pic- just stunning. is that actually a stadium, a lot you got somewhere? seems very nicely integrated here. nice job! Thanks. It is the Zanarkand Blitzball Stadium. Schulmanator: VERY cool! Nicely done and looks AWESOME! Thanks. KonstantinII: Where did you get those boats? Unfortunately the are Photoshopped in there. Hazani Pratama: Beautiful! Thanks. tankmank: Amazing once again, love the use of the canals in your city, it breaks up the urban expanse and skyscrapers. One suggestion would be to download a different train for your railway, i think it would look a lot better Thanks for your input. I've been meaning to get a new train for my railway but just kept putting it off. Your comment gave me the right kick in the butt I needed. This pic is for you. RepublicMaster: Everything fits nicely! I like the canals and the photoshopping brings out feel of the update! Thank you very much. ThomasSimpson: Fantastic! It looks really good, I like the way you built the city up around the cove. Thanks. It was something I was planning for a while but didn't know how to do until my 'skills' reached a certain point. CorpusDei: That 2nd to last picture, with the curving RHW and SimPeg Parks (IIRC) doesn't even look like SC4 any more - it looks way more amazing. What a fine compliment. Thanks a lot. I think you are looking at a simple avenue. Unfortunately I don't have RHW and I don't think I can install it right now. Sylvio Jorge:SO beautiful! Like CorpusDei said, it doesn't even looks like SC4 anymore. Awesome. Thanks. kalsim23: Is that the Zanarkand blitzball stadium from Final Fantasy X? It is indeed. SimCoug: Great work - I really liked the last image with the moon reflection. Thanks. I almost wanted to go with the boy in the moon logo from Dreamworks. It didn't work as well.
  18. HK CITIC Tower



    The HKABT hearby proudly presents CITIC Tower CITIC Tower is an office building located in the Admiralty District in Hong Kong. It was completed in 1997 and it is recognized by its distinct triangular shape and the sky gardens which are located on different levels. Here are the game relevant stats: CO§§ Version Occupants: 4,120 CO§§ Lot Size: 5x4 (right corner) Zone Type: Dense Commercial Tileset(s): Houston, Euro Value: §25,319 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 1,970 Flammability: 40 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 101 MWh/month Water consumed: 946 gallons/month Air pollution: 13 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 13 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 8 tons/month Ploppable CO§§ Version Occupants: 4,120 CO§§ Lot Size: 5x4 Plop Cost: § 100,000 Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 1,970 Flammability: 40 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 101 MWh/month Water consumed: 946 gallons/month Air pollution: 13 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 13 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 8 tons/month Landmark Version Lot Size: 5x4 Plop Cost: § 100,000 Maintenance Cost: §143/month Landmark Effect: 45 over 25 tiles Mayor Rating Effect: 5 over 256 tiles Worth / Bulldoze Cost: § 1,970 Flammability: 40 / Stage 5 Power consumed: 101 MWh/month Water consumed: 946 gallons/month Air pollution: 13 over 5 tiles Water pollution: 13 over 6 tiles Garbage generated: 8 tons/month Dependencies: To make sure the buildings function properly ingame, you’ll need the following dependencies: BSC Mega Props CP Vol.01 BSC Mega Textures Vol.01 Installation: Download either the maxis night or the dark night pack. After this, it is recommended to make a new subfolder in your simcity4/plugins directory. Place the .SC4MODEL files of the buildings you want to keep in that folder. After this, copy the LOT and DESC files of the same buildings to the newly created folder. Enjoy. To uninstall, first make sure to bulldoze all instances of the building from your city, after this, simply remove the .SC4MODEL and .LOT files from your plugin folder.
  19. Ionica - Veritas: Education District

    Replies aparrot7: Awesome! The pictures look really good! Thanks aparrot7 SimCoug:The Judges remind me of the Yankees - I think I'll root for the underdogs. Nice sports district! Yeah, underdogs all the way. I hate teams that buy victory. Schulmanator: Impressive facilities for sure! Gotta thank dmscopio for that. dubaidude303: Nice update dude! ( btw my avatar is Technosphere in Dubai, it is u/c at the moment, just a concept photo ) Really like the stadium behind that one building! Keep it up! 5/5 Hey dude, thanks. Haven't had much time to make updates, hopefully I'll make more time. Hazani Pratama: Amazing stadium!!!! dmscopio winning. Fox: Stunning !! I hope you bid to host the Simlympics later this year.. your city would make a great host nation.. even if it is in the future Thanks Fox. I don't know if I want to bid for the Simlympics. I've been thinking about it, but my city isn't ready for that. I have in mind a kind of World Expo zone that would double as an Olympic Village, but that is still a bit far out (probably where I'll use the National Grand Theater). Don't worry about that being in the future thing, we got Stargates, lol. Chuck The Mayor: .........................................................................speachless...................................................................... Thanks Chuck supercitys354262: The original metropolis will play in 2026. and it's comes from 1927. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Updates I got distracted with building other Zones where I was experimenting with some canals. On my computer, loading a city as big as Veritas is very tedious and it takes at least ten minutes which always makes me reticent to load it. Also, a big city like this tends to 'crash' while I'm playing and sometimes that corrupts the save file forcing me to use a backup and restart some of the changes I was making. It is so annoying when wasted time is lost and thus wasted. Thankfully I keep frequent and multiple backups in case of catastrophe *knocks on wood*. Veritas still has a few nooks a crannies to be shown off after this entry but I think I'll take a break from this Zone and show some of the newer stuff. Veritas - Education District Ionica prides itself on the quality of it's publicly funded education but this quality has only been achieved through intense and rigorous competition with the private sector. When the Ionican Congress passed the Competing Eductaion Act over seventy years ago it allowed citizens to get a Tax discount if they chose for their children to be educated in a private school. This incentive made schools more affordable and created fierce competition between the public and private sector, thus tremendously boosting the quality of education. This is a typical large Ionican Elementary School, there are literally hundreds of these throughout the city. On top the left you see the Guo Jing Martial Arts Academy and below it a typical Ionican Public Library. To the right are the Enyati College and Enyati Highschool, both private. The Tyrell Academic Competition Arena. Funded by billionaire philanthropist Dr. Eldon Tyrell, who believed that mental achievement should be celebrated as a spectacle in the same as sports and that those who achieve the height of human intellect should be idolized like athletes. Each year, thousands of students from around Ionica come the Academic Competition to compete in various disciplines. Winners (and there are many) are rewarded scholarships by sponsors of the event. The Camille Paglia School For the Arts was originally planned to be in the Art District but city planners had a change of heart before construction and decided it actually belongs in the education district. The Temple of the STEX Godess is a Seminary School where Sims can be enlightened by the great Book of Omnibus . And finally, here is a 'full' view of Veritas. The seaports aren't really that great because at the time I didn't really know what I was doing nor did I really have the tools to make a nice looking seaport. Also, there appears to be a section of seawall which I added recently that has gone transparent in this far away view. The city is pretty 'grid-like' something I kind of hope to break as I get better and more confident with curves and diagonals. Thanks for visiting and commenting!
  20. Ionica - Veritas: Sports District

    Replies Simul8ter8: You have done it again.... just wonderful...Really like the new banner. Hey Simul8ter8, thanks. Felt like I needed a change for the banner, glad there has been positive feedback so far. Fox: Awesome City.. really love the pictures of dusk/dawn and the night picture .. the second and third picture. Love the use of the Spinnaker Tower, it's a bat that isn't used very often. Thanks Fox. Glad you enjoyed those pics, I got so lucky on the sunset pic, it wasn't even really intentional at first. I'll proudly feature any BAT by ILL Tonkso, like the Spinnaker Tower, he makes great stuff. dubaidude303: Love the update! Like the new banner!! Great work agian! Hey dude, glad you like it, thanks. I also like your new Avatar, what is that building? Just a concept right? IL.: Awesomeness Where did you get that obelisk? Gosh, I'm sorry IL, I meant to look at what it was called but I forgot to check. I'll keep my eyes open for you if you haven't figured it out yet. It comes in a bunch of size and you can find it on the ST/Exchange (whatever it is called). 10000000000000: That's beautiful in every sense of the word. Great building combination and outstanding choice of custom content! Hey 10000000000000, thanks. Veritas still has a few Maxis buildings here and there because it was built before I implemented a blocker, now I'm trying to diversify the buildings as much as possible. MamaLuigi945: Amazing pics! I love those mosaics. I agree with what ten trillion said; you have an astounding variety of buildings mixed with beautiful green areas. 5/5 & +1 Thanks Mama! Hazani Pratama: Good! Thank you. hiddentemple: The Mercure is now in international chain... okay with me? I guess it is... Veritas - Sports District This area was built to host International Sporting Events and was home of the World Games in 2158. Now, more than fifty years later, the stadiums remain some of the most attended in Ionica. The Central Stadium, commonly known as The Crystal Garden, is home field for the Veritas Judges; one of the best, but most hated, soccer teams in Ionica. If you live in Veritas you love them, if you don't you hate them; mostly because they win so much because the buy all the best players. Next to the Crystal Garden are the Veritas Swimming Center and the Sapphire Arena. Above the Crystal Garden is the old Fischer Baseball Stadium which has been around since the early days of Veritas. This area also features many residences and hotels where Sims can have a bird's eye view of all the action. The tallest being a Cobb Altura Tower where "there are numerous swimming pools and lounge areas, a sky-high tennis court, and even a small shopping center on the 19th floor. The observation lounge gives a dizzying view of nearly every rooftop in the city." The Altura Tower located in the Sports District of Veritas is one of the most expensive places to live in Ionica. Thanks for visiting and commenting!
  21. Ionica - Veritas: South East Art District

    Replies Simul8ter8: *shaking head* Ugh... this... thisss...thing.... IS SOO DANG GOOD!!! Golly, thanks Simul8ter8! dubaidude303: WOW! This looks very good! Hey dude, thank you very much, there is much more to come from Veritas, it has been build for a while, just polishing it up right now. Schulmanator: Great new stuff !This rox! Thanks Shulmanator! Hazani Pratama: Amazing Night! Glad you enjoy it, I have a few nice night pics in here as well. keenan1695: awesome! where did you find the train station in the third picture? Hey keenan, thanks. That train station is actually tricky to find and it took me a while to track in down in the ST/Exchange. I found it when I was using the search term 'expo'. The station is called Estacao do Oriente, just click on the link. AusBoy94: I want all of this! ~The outdoor theatre (Chicago I think?) ~The Samsung building ~And the elevated rail station! You can find it all on the ST/Exchange, but if you still need help finding them I could try to track them down for you. SimCoug: So many different BATs! I was looking at the far zoom pic and I was having trouble finding two of the same building - and that is a lot of buildings! Nice job - I'm looking forward to your MMP ponds Hey SimCoug, thanks. Yeah, I have a whole lot of BATs, so hard to keep track of them. I have a little notebook with some hilarious scribbled notes of lot sizes and names. I should take a picture and show it some time. There is a small example of a paeg free water pond in this entry, it isn't as good as another one I've got going in a zone I'm currently building, it is just a taste. MamaLuigi945: That is one beautiful metropolis! It has a nice mixture of trees and buildings/plazas, and the variety of buildings is stunning. And that mosaic...Great work. Thanks MamaLuigi, stay tuned, Veritas has a lot more to offer. IL.: Great work This is amazing. It looks like a futuristic city Very futuristic indeed.5 from me. Hey IL, nice to hear from you. Thanks, I wish I could make it even more futuristic, I guess it is kind of a not so distant future. There needs to be a flying car mod. tastycakes - very very pretty. 5 stars Thanks. burnzie_16: must have taken so much time! wow Yeah it most certainly did, especially since on my computer it takes at least 15mins to load a big zone like this one and I've lost a lot of progress due to random crashes. Thank God I backup my region and plugins. cesarisaias95 Beautiful city! Thank you cesarisaias. This is all I know... Veritas - Art District Located in the South East Area of Veritas, the art district provides unparalleled access to the world's greatest artists an their works. The Guggenheim Ionica is One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as a "signal moment in the architectural culture", because it represents "one of those rare moments when critics, academics, and the general public were all completely united about something." (Matt Tyrnauer, Vanity Fair) The museum notably houses "large-scale, site-specific works and installations by contemporary artists and displays the work of Basque artists, "as well as housing a selection of works" from the Foundation's modern art collection. The exhibitions change often; the museum generally hosts thematic exhibitions, centered for example on Chinese or Russian art.Traditional paintings and sculptures are a minority compared to installations and electronic forms. The highlight of the collection, and its only permanent exhibit, is The Matter of Time (also referred to as Snake), a series of weathering steel sculptures designed by Serra, which is housed in the 430-foot Arcelor Gallery. The collections usually highlight Avant-garde art, 22nd century abstraction, and non-objective art. There is also the Museum of Meso-Ionican Art where you can find the world's largest and most extensive collection of pre-Altherionic art. Directly behind the Museum of Meso-Ionican art is a restoration of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, an art galery dedicated to the natural art created by our world, flora. If you are looking for the classics you can find them at the Ionican National Art Gallery or the Iupiter Temple Gallery located south of the Museum of Meso-Ionican Art. There are also many independent galleries, most of which can be found in the sunken plazas in front of the Guggenheim Ionica. Enjoy! The mosaics are nice an high-res, I recommend you click on them. Thanks for stopping by!
  22. Ionica - Illium (v.3) Preview

    Welcome Back, Jetty Jockey: Wow, those Ionicans really know how to throw a party ! A truly overwhelming spectacle of sight and sound. Hey, mind if I use your background on Avalon for my Avalon, a real life island in southeastern New Jersey? Thanks Jetty, glad you enjoyed it. Feel free do use the historical description of Avalon, it isn't mine SimCoug: That is one amazing spectacle! I especially like the panorama. Awesome update! Hey SimCoug, thanks. Schulmanator: Wow! Great party! Thanks Schulmanator. Fox: Another awesome update .. thanks for sharing all those pictures. Love the mosaics at the end.. wow! Now it's time to go party! Sweet, you're welcome Fox. Hope you had fun. P.S. I finally registered to simcity.cn, thanks for showing me that. hahei: What an amazing job! Just asking, how did you add the fireworks in PhotoShop? Yeah, I used fireworks brushes in layers then I applied outer glow to them. Thanks. Simul8ter8: Oh La La!!! Merci, Merci. mystic_destiny: Pretty stuff O: Thanks mystic. dubaidude303: Awesome!! Thanks dude. westy177: wow awesome pictures PS a tip for the btm which you are using its not installed properly just chuckit in your nam core folder with zzz_ in front and the cantenaries and pylons will appear ) but still loved the fireworks Hey westy, thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed it recently and I'll have a pic in here to show you. magalenin: I love Ionica Absolutely awesome! Glad you enjoy it, thanks! rone: is this downloadable?? It isn't downloadable. What you need is all the buildings and the plugins which will require a lot of searching and downloading. Mastof: Congrats! Thanks Mastof. supercitys354262: I love ionica , have a nice next 100 years. Like! Awesome, I appreciate it. Ionica is going to be at least 4 to 5x bigger 100 years later. I_am_One: Nice metro area Thanks. Updates While doing renovations to Avalon i did a little terraforming and that caused me to want to have the zones right next to Avalon conform to those changes, the problem is that when you conform the edges of your zone to another zone stuff tends to get destroyed. This lead me to restart Illium, a Zone on the south west edge of Avalon, for the second time. Illium was one of the first zones I built and when I rebuilt it first time the Rialto Spire and kd5rax's Taipei 101 were it's main features but those later became centerpieces in Veritas and so it was no longer necessary to feature them. Also, westy177 pointed out that my Bullet Train Mod wasn't properly installed and I have corrected that error thanks to his help. Illium (v.3) - Population 173,526 I'm not showing everything yet because there is still some work to be done in some areas. I don't know the name of the arena I used because I downloaded it from some Asian website. in my next entry i'll do a before and after comparison of this version and the older version of Illium. I apologize in advance for the UDI, I wasn't really paying attention, I don't even notice it, but I will turn it off next time. I know how much some people despise it. Thanks again westy177. Thanks for visiting.
  23. Ionica - Counting Down to the Bicentennial in Avalon

    Welcome back, dubaidude303 - Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. Simul8ter8 - Whoa, that is incredibly hard to answer. I've been thinking about this for a week and I can't say what my favorite building is especially now that I have so many. Sorry, I'm just not a favorites kind of person lol. zahrul3 - Thanks. I really wish there were more futuristic of fictional BATs. I'll have to make a list or a CJ called buildings I wish were BATs. For example the Tyrell Corp building from Blade Runner. corydreinhardt - Funny that you ask because last week when I released my CJ the answer would have been yes there are a lot of traffic jams. I used to get the traffic jam pop up once and a while but I usually ignore it. Then after doing a lot of tweaking and adding some parking lots here and there I haven't had that message appear at all. I don't know what did it, but I don't have traffic problems right now. westy177 - Thanks West! SimCoug - Thank you. Haven't added much yet, but I'll get back into it soon. Cobra_nVidia - Thanks. The city has grown fairly organically. There were only a few landmarks I set up when designed it. The Khalifa being one of them. Now it is just a competition for space much like a real city and I'm replacing a lot of smaller buildings with skyscrapers as the population increases. Fox - Glad you enjoy. I'm glad I still have older versions of my city. mecute24 - I got the birdsnest here at Simtropolis.com hahei - Climate Change? Never heard of it. Updates The airport is on hold for a little bit. I wanted to publish an entry as a follow up to my last one much sooner but I had some problems with Avalon while I was doing some renovations which has lead to repeated delays. Now I've finally collected a lot of pictures from my city and and working on a few mosaics. I still have a bit more work but here is a quick preview: The Clock is Ticking 2199 is coming to a close, where will you be in the New Century? Lady of the Lake Park Although Ionica is a Republic that has rejected undemocratic forms of government like Monarchies, Avalon was built as a symbol to honor benevolent leaders, like King Arthur, who recognize that their purpose is to serve the people. This park is near the Camelot train station and will see thousands of visitors walk it's path during the Bicentennial. The monument at the center depicts Merlin watching the Lady of the Lake present Excalibur and four knights, Lancelot, Perceval, Galahad, and Tristan, protecting last resting place of King Arthur. Stonehenge Park This ancient solar temple is a gift from the former Empire of Altherion to commemorate the Bicentennial. Relations between the two nations have been rocky ever since Ionica declared independence two hundred years ago, but we graciously accepted this monument as a token of friendship. Stonehenge will be the site of a spectacular fireworks show during the celebrations. Castle Waterfront This waterfront park was built specifically for the Bicentennial with stones brought directly from the real Island of Avalon which was proven to be real by renown Ionican archeologist Devron Thesson in 2033. Lets start this party with a bang! The Lighthouse Tower Hotel overlooks the Vesica Piscis Stadium (Bird's nest stadium) and is one of best places to see all the action during the festivities. Your guide to the Bicentennial coming soon!

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