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Hong Kong

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About This File

Hi everyone, here is a map of my invention based on the Honk Kong area. It is 22 x 22 km based. I play with it and i like it very much the area.


Hope you like it.

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is there any mod to unlock the whole hong kong? that would be great if i can build my home right there

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    • By SecretMbr_735754
      This map began with a modelled picture of a dove, and was processed into an 8-bit 256 indexed grayscale. It was discovered that although a grayscale height-map could be 8-bit and 256 shades of gray, it must also be 'indexed' specifically as a grayscale image otherwise SC4 will simply render a flat region.  Thanks to @CorinaMarie for investigating the format and rendering the image into the initial dove-shaped island landscape.  From there, I developed the 'Dove Islands' region theme with a city layout (config.bmp).
      Included in the zip-file is the preview image, install instructions (readme.txt), the Dove Islands region height-map, config.bmp, and region.ini file.  Also included is a file for the cloud background in the preview.  The 'region_bg_1-clouds.dat' may be placed in the Plugins folder where the game is installed. 
      For more about creating grayscale heightmaps see:  C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4
      1. Place 'Dove Islands' folder in user account Documents/SimCity 4/ Regions folder.
      2. Load SC4 and select 'Dove Islands' region
      3. In region view press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+R and navigate to Grayscale Heightmap subfolder.
      4. Select Dove_lslands_513x449.bmp
      5. Wait for SC4 to render the map and create the city files.
    • By bixel
      The Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team

      Tung Chung Crescent
      BAT created by bixel
      Readme by bixel

      Rendering by Simfox
      Modding, lot design, by HONG KONG
      Check out the Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis

      Introduction / Overview
      Tung Chung Crescent is the first residential development project in the newly developed town - Tung Chung on Lantau Island.It is jointly developed by five big local developers include Hang Lung Development Co. Ltd., Henderson Land Development Co. Ltd., New World Development Co. Ltd., Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd., Swire Properties and with the MTR Corporation. Its comprehensive transportation network offers quick access to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Conveniently located at MTR Tung Chung line terminal, it is 23 minutes from Central, and 15 minutes from the Hong Kong International Airport. Lantau Island Express Way and Highway Route 3 takes you to city hub in just a short time.

      Surmounted by lush greenery podium and landscape garden, Tung Chung Crescent comprises eight blocks of high quality residential towers, and boasts a deluxe clubhouse. Tung Chung Crescent is the trans-era cosmopolitan with authentic flair that you hardly find anywhere else in Hong Kong.


      Newfoundworld Ltd


      Anthony Ng Architects Ltd

      main contractor

      Hip Hing Construction Co Ltd


    • By bixel
      The Hong Kong / Asia BAT Team
      HK Garden Estate Towers
      BATs created by bixel
      Modding, lot design & readme by T Wrecks
      Check out the Hong Kong /Asia BAT Team thread at Simtropolis
      Introduction / Overview
      Finally it is out - probably one of the most radical lot sets ever to appear on the STEX in one download. This file contains no less than 15 low-wealth and 17 medium-wealth lots, based on a slew of different combinations of 5 residential towers, ranging from compact single-tower lots to large complexes with 5 or 6 towers.
      The objective of this set was to enable SimMayors to recreate those huge, multi-tower residential complexes that can be found in Hong Kong. This time, however, the approach was different in two respects: Firstly, instead of combining all buildings on a massive mega lot, this set is fully modular (see included example screenshots) and can be used to compose a tower complex of virtually any size and shape by means of smaller individual lots with lot sizes ranging from 2x3 to 6x6. Secondly, this time no particular real-life complex was recreated accurately. Instead, these towers look rather generic and are only based on floor plans of actual HK residential buildings and inspired by existing estates, but otherwise ficticious.
      Another interesting aspect is that one of the tower models features custom LODs which allowed the roof of the base section to be filled with props.
      Since the towers look so generic, they can also serve as both R$ and R$$ buildings - the choice is up to you!
      Included Lots / Dependencies
      First of all, everything you need is included in this download, i.e. there are no dependencies!
      The following tables list all included lots together with their name, their tower configuration, lot size, growth stage, and occupant number. This time there are no exact stats listings, as this would result in a table that would be several screens in width and height. However, you can rest assured that the stats and values have been chosen carefully and will not stray too far from in-game buildings.
      You will also see that all lots are depicted on separate screenshots (yes, for both wealth levels!) so that you can browse through the screenshots comfortably and decide which lots you are going to use and which ones you don't like. Any combination is possible; you can choose only one single lot, some of one wealth level, some of both wealth levels, or simply all the 32 of them.
      Note: Numbers 2a and 2b are only available as R$$, hence they are not listed in the first table, which only contains the R$ lots.
    • By Odainsaker
      Many of us are familiar with the common BAT-making convention of increasing the scale of the heights of custom buildings by some 133%, particularly for doing real-building recreations.  Doing so offsets the visual squashing effect of SimCity 4's axonometric view, whose foreshortening is most severe and apparent on an object's height components when rendered.  This foreshortening is an inherent aspect of this type of constructed perspective view, and the effect is solely visual--a discrepancy between the abstraction of the constructed false-perspective and our understanding of what it should naturally look like.  Jasoncw's example BAT cube of 1m x 1m x 1m without any height rescaling will not look like a cube when exported into the game, but will instead look like a 1m x 1m square box that was only roughly 0.75m high.  The 133% adjustment to the height scale before rendering compensates for the height foreshortening visually perceived after rendering, so that our cube in game remains looking proportionally cubical.
      Everything rendered into the game's axonometric view will primarily have its height components foreshortened by the inherent mathematics of the axonometric view, and we commonly compensate our BATs and props beforehand with the 133% height adjustment so they don't look squashed after rendering.  However, map terrain too should also be affected by height foreshortening when it is rendered.  This is not really an issue for those making freeform maps using imported painted maps or in-game map tools where the heights of mountaintops are already chosen by how they visually appear, but what to those making real-world maps and importing DEMs with a specific target for certain terrain heights and map proportions do?  I know the game and its query tool will identify terrain with in-game elevations, and DEM grayscales can be pegged to these specific elevations, but will any of these be visually or proportionally correct after the axonometric foreshortening?
      Suppose I imported a DEM with a hill set to be treated by the game as rising 100m high above the game's sea level, and then used in-game map tools to create another hill queried as rising 100m high above the game's sea level.  Further suppose I made a BAT building that was 100m x 100m x 100m cube whose height was then rescaled by 133% before rendering so that it remained proportionally cubical in game, and this cube was then plopped into the game at the game's sea level.  Would the two hills and the BAT cube visually appear in the game to all have the same heights, or would either or both of the hills visually appear shorter than the cube?  I guess I've laid out the experiment...has this been done already, or does anyone already know what might be the results?
      I ask all this because I often come across real-world-sized maps where the elevations still just look too flat, or am working with maps where the elevation levels are not leaving me the expected visual clearances.  Part of this I'm sure is a personal bias while another part is just imperfect available map data while playing with toy-sized objects, but I wonder how much is from a need to visually compensate for the game's abstracted perspective.  Now that I am finally tinkering with my own real-world-based maps, I wonder if and how others have dealt with this.

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