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City-building game(s)

Found 29 results

  1. I've recently been watching YouTube videos by Rambalac of long-take, un-narrated, high-definition walking adventures in Japan, and Rambalac's latest video riding the Chiba Urban Monorail might be of interest here: I've ridden a monorail before, but it was not the suspended type like this, which provides here a peculiar view of the Tokyo region's urban jungle. As the video is in 4K, watch it full screen or on a large television so you can really see the cityscape through the cab windows. While no doubt engineered very carefully, this is "heroic" construction in the sense that the infrastructure feels almost absurdly large and lofty, as if it were infrastructure built solely for the coolness of building infrastructure. William Gibson wrote in Neuromancer that the arcologies of the zaibatsu of the dystopian future would be in Chiba, and now I can see they will be connected by towering monorail. I will admit Chiba's looks like it would be an irresistible magnet for some giant, radioactive monster to tear through while us hapless passengers trapped in the suspended cars scream in movie terror.
  2. • Update #8 || Hatsukaichi - The Port + Extra • ############################################################################## • Hello everyone, today I want to share with all of you the last update of Hatsukaichi. We have visited this wonderful town in the last 2 updates but I wanted to leave the port for the last update of Hatsukaichi. Why ? I have put a lot of effort into making this port and I'm really happy with the result, to me the port of Hatsukaichi means a step forward in my way to the perfect recreation of the Japanese landscape. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and the update itself • • In the past, the Hatsukaichi lighthouse was located far from the population and the buildings. This was previously a small peninsula far from the habitable zones of Hatsukaichi • • Due to the strong demand in the country and the shortage of land, the city was gradually gaining space to the sea and today the lighthouse is part of the town itself • • To understand the progress of the port first it is necessary to explain its past. The port is divided into 3 parts, in these two pictures you can see the old port; this one was the first port of Hatsukaichi. It's shape is quite simple, just a small zone created on a a shallow area, building it was simple and for the small and old boats there was no problem of depth ( In the past Hatsukaichi used its port only to supply fish for its inhabitants ) • • When the people of Hatsukaichi realized that the fishing could be a good business, they built an extension of the old port, the part two. Part two consisted in building a dock for ships a little bigger and deeper where the first fishing companies could be established. The Hatsukaichi fish market was also built • • Part two of the port was built between the lighthouse and the old port of Hatsukaichi • • In this image you can appreciate how the old port (Part 1) and the extension (part 2) are perfectly connected along the shoreline • • Currently part 2 of the Hatsukaichi port is normally used by small boats because the larger ships use the new port that we will see below. A small security post was also built to maintain maritime control of the area • • The new port of Hatsukaichi (Part 3) is bigger and more modern, its docks are more spacious and functional and it has much more space for the workers and their trucks • • The part 3, the new port of Hatsukaichi is the heart of the town, most of the inhabitants are working here, fishing is the main business for this people and Hatsukaichi has it own fame. It is located far of the city center, far from the main ports and industries of the prefecture. Its fish is fresh and it is very famous in the entire prefecture of Saitama, for that reason during the all day ships are transporting fish from here to the main port of the Prefecture, located in Tokyu, the biggest city of Saitama Prefecture • ################################################################################## • If you are one of those people who usually come to Hatsukaichi to buy fish or you are just passing by, I recommend you visit this small town located west of Hatsukaichi • • It really has nothing special but for those people who live in the big cities of the Prefecture small towns like this are pure fresh air, simply walk through its small and narrow streets while listening to the sound of the Saitama Sea • • The Saitama Prefecture It is a huge place, it is known as the port of Japan, the whole prefecture is destined to the sea and not only the big international ports are important, ports and places like these contribute to keep our Prefecture in perfect operation. I hope you enjoyd your visit and until the next time my friends • ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  3. • Update #7 || Hatsukaichi - Closer View • ############################################################################## • Hello everyone, in the last update we've seen Hatsukaichi from the heights, now is time to get closer and see all the details that this village can offer to us. This update has a great amount of pictures and all of them are focused in the village of Hatsukaichi and non in its port. We will visit the port in the next update. • • This is Japan and that means that you can reach all places easily. You can reach Hatsukaichi by car; using the Highway, national road or just driving across the roads of the prefecture. By train and also by ferry. in this picture you can see the Highway that cross Saitama from south to north and also the Shinkansen line, it has not station in Hatsukaichi. • • Trains are everywhere, even if only one rail line cross the village there are trains passing through Hatsukaichi all the time • • Here is where the national road is connected with Hatsukaichi, it is one of the entries of the village • • Hatsukaichi during normal days • • The first school in Hatsukaichi, still in function • • There are not too many flats in this village, most of the areas are covered by old low houses • • Some trains parked right in front of the Hatsukaichi station • • The sea has always been good friend in Japan, anyway it is better to keep distances • • The city hall and the Hatsukaichi temple • ( More info later) • Hatsukaichi at night (Very nice and quiet place to live) • ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  4. 2nd part of the Update 24... now its about Amakusa-cho, Akashima which located in south of Imaizumi-cho. +-------------------------------+ Nakahara 24.3: "Nightfall ~ Evening Stars" (Amakusa-cho, Akashima) Another day in Amakusa-cho (天草町), area in Nishi ward, Akashima. Its a rather windy day today as it almost entering fall season. Shot in northern part of Amakusa-cho Area in central of Amakusa-cho For people who want to find a rather easy access apartment and close to city center, Amakusa-cho might be one of a good choice as it located inside the loop line (Kogame Line) of Akashima. Higashi-Amakusa Intersection in eastern Amakusa-cho Although it might not be a good idea if you dont want a quiet neighborhood. This area almost lively 24/7, partially because the presence of Akashima Expressway Chuo Line in the south of this area. Akashima Expressway Chuo Line in Amakusa-cho Nevertheless, there are a lot of available housing this area, as there are a lot of large apartment here, Central Amakusa-cho with dense residential area Not forget to mention, this area close toward mass transit, where Imaizumi Station of Kogame Line located in the north of this area. Northeastern Amakusa-cho bordering with Yatsuzawa-cho in east and Imaizumi-cho in north Or else, Yatsuzawa-cho which located in east of Amakusa-cho is another good choice to live in inner city Kogame Line in Yatsuzawa-cho more shot of Kogame Line in Yatsuzawa-cho Akashima Expressway Chuo-Line in Yatsuzawa-cho Overview of Amakusa-cho, Imaizumi-cho, Yukimori-cho and western Yatsuzawa-cho Over the night, this area, especially near the Akashima Expressway is pretty much lively. Nightshot from Akashima Expressway in Amakusa-cho Nightshot from Akashima Expressway in Amakusa-cho Nightshot from Yatsuzawa-cho More should be soon... Thanks for viewing!
  5. This entry would be the first of 3 part of update 24. I got total 88 images for this update so I decide to post about 10-25 images per entry. this entry consist of 20 images that cover Imaizumi-cho (今泉町), Nishi Ward, Akashima and several night shot of previous update (which apparently I forgot to put any). Nakahara 24.0: Imaizumi-cho, Akashima Imaizumi-cho (今泉町) located just in east from Nojiri-cho which showed in previous update. Not much difference with Nojiri-cho, this area dominated with dense residential area of Akashima. Kogame Line, the northern inner loop line of Akashima runs in this area. Kogame Line's Imaizumi Station. Featuring e231 series train. Imaizumi Station located one station in the east after Nojiri Station. Yet another view of Imaizumi-cho, this time more to west Area around Imaizumi Station mostly covered by residential houses instead of commerical district as in other station in Kogame Line (including upcoming Miyashiro Station). Imaizumi Station closeup Kogame Line's e231 Series in Imaizumi-cho Area in east of Imaizumi Station. Imaizumi Park (今泉公園) located in south of Imaizumi Station North from Imaizumi Station Southwest of Imaizumi-cho bordering with Yukimori-cho Imaizumi Station Area at night south from Imaizumi Station (including Imaizumi Park) Night overview of Imaizumi and Nojiri-cho Kogame Line crossing Takagi-Kaido in Nojiri-cho at night time Nojiri Station at night Picture of Nojiri-cho at night Takagi Kaido at Yukimori-cho nighttime Shin-Akashima Park at night Tokaido Main Line at Shin-Akashima at night Offices and commercial area in Shin-Akashima at night Shin-Akashima Station at night Overview of Shin-Akashima-cho at night There are 2 entries ready to post Nakahara 24.3: Miyashiro-cho and Nakahara 24.8: Nakazono-cho. Hopefully it will be posted soon. so stay tune
  6. • Update #6 || Hatsukaichi - Aerial View • ############################################################################## • Today we are flying around the coast of Saitama, more specifically, we are flying over the pretty village of Hatsukaichi. Its population is about 20,000 inhabitants, once again fishing is the main resource here, so most of the shoreline of this place is dedicated to fishing- The village has two ports; One is more focused in export sea products around the bay of Saitama, the other one works as local port and just small boats can be found there. Today we are just going to take a first look from the air and in the next few days we will come a little closer to know more about this wonderful place called Hatsukaichi, another port - village located in the bay of Saitama • • Here you can see a perfect aerial view of the two ports in Hatsukaichi • • The old and small port is not deep enough for the modern boats, just the locals are using that port • • It is a typical fishing port here in the Prefecture of Saitama • • To end this visit, I want to share with you this beautiful postcard from Hatsukaichi • ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  7. From the album Adventures

    Probably one of the best airplanes I have is this All Nippon Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner with the registration number JA886A from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) using the flight number NH115. The windows are a wonder with an adjustable brightness and wide seats (86cm) unheard of outside of North America. I will for sure fly on this airline again.
  8. Is there any possibilities to create mod simmiliar to shinjidai project for SimCity which allows you to bulid "Tokyo" buldings from apk?
  9. Tokyo Dome

    Version 1.0.0


    The Tokyo Dome's hosting site has gone down! By request, I have uploaded it to the STEX. Original link here: http://tokyo-urbanlab.jpn.org/Sim-Jpn-LM-003.htm (404s) Dependencies: None! This is an overhang lot. Created by: "Kei" Uploaded in good faith practice. All credit goes to the creator, I am just uploading it here. If anyone has additional info about this building, let me know and I'll add it! Enjoy! -Haljackey Fun fact: Tokyo Dome will host baseball events during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  10. Tokyo recreation CJ is back!! Very big update.

    Hello, Neonsim here. Alot of you may remember me, i think, to the new comers welcome to my Recreation of Tokyo Japan using Google Earth, I say recreation because i'm recreating all of it, The 23 major wards, Railways, Freeways, small cities and towns inside of the Metropolitan Area of Tokyo. all the Way to Tokyo Bay and the Haneda international Airport. this is going to take a long time to finish...years really, but i've got a great start...and lucky for me, the outskirts of Tokyo...are just Residential houses and schools... where as the center is the Grit and girth of office buildings...residential towers and etc. So with out further ado, it has been quite awhile CJ readers and bloggers, i have not been on the CJ in some time, iv'e been so busy with other things in my life plus my sim city 4 not being able to load my region which was absolutely devastating as this CJ has taken so long to make and still is today and still have so long to go in the future, but now that i can finally access it, i am more excited then ever to bring you the most detailed and realistic recreation of the whole of Tokyo that i can possibly manage, from Shibuya...to Shinjuku and everything in between, i have already been ,mapping out roads, highways and rail ways around the map, as you will see in the Transportation overview, I have been working on separate areas rather then staying in one place only seeing as how the city is so large. In this update i will be showing updates on my Akihabara, Aka electric town, Akihabara 秋葉原!Imperial Palace and Shidome,roppongi. But first a Transportation and satailite overview. Here you can see i have been connecting the freeways and railways of the Tokyo region, Center is the imperial gardens which i am currently working on at the moment, The purple rail line you see is the Yamanote line that runs from the south of tokyo to the Akihabara Station and onwards, (Imperial gardens is the lastest Green land in Tokyo behind Yoyogi park and Shinjuku Gyoen International Gardens, The imperial grounds also feature Nippon Budokan, a collesium like Tokyo Dome. I have to move the Ginza, as Ginza is right under the Main Yamanote Station in the Imperial palace area in Chiyoda. A Satalite Image. These two pictures are from late 2014, to keep you in suspense, I have finished alot more than what you see now it's a surprise though Imperial Palace and Gardens. Tokyo Japan. This is what i currently have for the Imperial Gardens area, i terraformed out the River system(still needs some smoothing work) but got the length and width correct going by how large the actual avanues are in real life, at the top Left you can see the Yamanote line which will also feature the Yamanote Ginza Station. In the lower Center You can see the Green Nippon Budakon Collesium, This area is located in the ward of Chiyoda. A close up of Budakon. Nippon Budakon and the Innercular Toll Road, apart of the C1 loop from shinjuku. A close up of the palace and the inner grounds. I tried to get these areas as close to possible on a real life scale, i find using Google Earth 3d view...is extremely helpful for this. I still have to add gardens and a lake within the grounds, It's amazing how this massive oasis is nothing but a pebble in the urban chaos and concrete jungle of Tokyo. Shidome Skyline, Tokyo Japan. Here is small update of the Shibuya outter area which includes shidome, Roppongi and etc. the highway you see snaking through is the C2 outter toll road. Downtown with the super cool ative shidome tower.(right) Shinjuku Skyline, Tokyo Japan. Some pictures of Shinjuku downtown(Skyline) just for good measure. The freeway you see by the Shinjuku park tower(the building with 3 towers together in the top left) is called C1 inner loop, which snakes it's way through shinjukugocomae, the massive station you see at the bottom middle is Shinjuku station. which takes millions of passengers a day. The complex to the left with the UI bubble is the Eastern Japan Railway HQ. Fun fact, there are over (Try counting all the buildings in this picture.) it's almost dizying how many there are, puts you in a mini culture shock. Akihabara!! And a storm trooper, with a guitar. AKIHABARA!!! My hands down favorite area of Tokyo, All of the Anime, Manga, Games, and just any kind of Electronic you can find in general can be found here. Zoomed out. The Rail line you see is the Yamanote line, (coming from the middle down to the main Station in the right (Akihabara Station) The Three main towers you see are part of the Aki Cross feild Complex(Akihabara Crossfeild UDX) home to Many, many, many Animation studios, a animation university, and a high school. the massive Building in the back is the Akihabara Yodobashi akiba, the largest Electronics store in the world. On the main strip, you can see many familiar Akihabara buildings, such as LAOX, sega arcade, Taito game station, AOKI, Shonsen tower, Don Quijote, Animate and many many more.My otaku Sims love them very much. The buildings and streets are point and square where they are located in real life, Again...thanks to the 3d view on Google Earth(A life saver) zoomed in. Night I don't remember the name of the Lighting mod i used for Day and night, But it's amazing. I'm telling you right now, working on this Recreation and CJ has just been an absolutely amazing and incredible experience, Recreating one of the largest cities on earth in fine detail is no Easy task not by any long shot. I could have aproached this with something that looks similar, but no, I want Tokyo down to fine details in different wards. Well that's all for now, thank you for reading, please be sure to rate and Follow, as i have Much more to show you.
  11. There has not been an update in about a month. I unfortunately have not had much time, as April is coming up very, very soon, which means the start of my college years, so updates will probably be even more sporadic... --REPLIES-- pinkindustry: Thank you! You may not consider yours Japanese, but real Japanese cities actually look quite similar to yours. But anyway, great job on your cities too! Mymyjp: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: Yeah, you're right. It's not good to worry. あなたの日本語が良いです!頑張れよ! nas786: Ha ha, quite funny! You have a good sense of humor! And also, thanks for your comment! Paulobergonci: Don't worry, you'll be able to visit Japan one day. jmsepe: Thanks for your comment! NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: That's what Kisa Atsuko (on SC4Devotion and here on Simtropolis) said as well. I'll work on it. Kim Sunwoo: Thank you for your comment. 89James89: Cheers, and thank you for your comment! tankmank: Don't worry, it'll come in the next or the one after next update. Ln X: Thank you for your comment. --REPLIES-- Now, on to the update for today! It is going to have a ton of pictures, to make up for my inactivity lately. This right here is a high-up view of the city of Tagawa (田川市、ローマ字:Tagawa-shi, which I think translates to, "Rice Field River City" in English?), a fictional city located in the fictional Tagawa prefecture (田川県、ローマ字:Tagawa-ken). This city was made for the monthly challenge, but however, I did not have enough time to complete the city, as it was only half-way done. So when I got back on a couple of months after the fact, (March) I filled in the remaining space on the 1.8 kilometers of low-level flat-space in the Southern part of the city. However, the Northern and far-eastern parts of the city have yet to be finished, so we may just have updates on those too . Here is the region-view picture now: 1. Here is the first area I will show you. However, the photo right here was taken a few years ago (not real years, as I said above that this was started in January) before the major Tagawa flood, caused from an earthquake in the ocean in the Tohoku region. 2. Another moment from before the disastorous flood came. You can see the rice paddies and the small farm houses off to the side, completely unaware of what is about to happen. 3. Even the citizens of southern western Tagawa who are up on a raised plain are not completely safe from the disaster that is about to happen. 4. Something terrible is about to happen, especially on this low level floodplain, which is closest to the wrath of the water. 5. The disaster that is about to happen is especially bad news for the industry and the powerplant, which powers up the whole Tagawa City area, of many people, who most are on 1.8 square kilometers on the raised plain. 6. The flood has reached land fall! The power lines which lead out inland have been completely submerged, cutting off power to those up north. 7. The flooding has reached the houses. The sirens in the city are blaring. People are fleeing from the home of theirs, and the power plant workers have been evacuated. 8. MIN'NA!!! THE WATER HAS REACHED THE POWER PLANT AND MANY OF THE INDUSTRIAL AREA! FLEE TO HIGHER GROUND AS SOON AS YOU CAN! 9. While the power plant workers survived and the people near it survived, isolated small villages like this got left behind along with the people in them... 10. This small village, which was closest to the river and on the lowest elevation got the worst of it. 11. The water eventually began to take over the whole village. The water begins to seep in toward the dense urban area up on higher land. 12. The water come onto the elevated land, destroying everyone that is in its path. 13.Tagawa Police Officer Tomioka on the horn: "Citizens of Tagawa City, Minami ku (Southern ward), please remain calm and evacuate to the northern parts of the city in which the elevation is higher! Evacuate now to the safe places, Denshi ku and Kita ku up in the north!" 14. Tagawa News: Tagawa News Reporting! Today, on March,11, A huge tsunami has come to the Tohoku region flooding many coastal towns, such as Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Motoyoshi, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, etc. The one that we are covering today is the Tagawa tsunami, in Tagawa prefecture. As you can see, Minami ku is flooded, with the water rising at around 4.5 meters high, up here. Below on the floodplain, water levels reached almost 56 meters high. 15. Tagawa News: Despite all of this catastrophe, a man named Tomioka Kazuhito was a hero on this day, giving warning to those farther from the tsunami. He saved many lives on this day. 16. Tagawa News: The waters seem to be receding back in. Debris and other trash is getting pulled back in. 17. Tagawa News: Now some areas of the flood plain have become dry. The water is receeding quickly, taking all the debris it can with it. 18. Tagwa News: The waters have receeded to their normal level. Out of the 66,284 people in the city, there were 4,692 casualties, 2,314 people gone misssing, and 7,456 people injured. Due to water getting inside of the Tagawa powerplant, Tagawa has completely lost power. 19. ...So, 4 years after the tsunami of 3/11, Tagawa has rebuilt some of what has been lost. Slowly but surely Tagawa and other towns like it have been rebuilding what they have lost. Unfortunately, however some things can not be regained... 20. Tagawa now is good and well, and recovering from the incident. The grand re opening of the pedestrian mall just happened today. 21. More re development. 22. 23. 24. 25. Sakurano, Tagawa's second indoor mall to open up. 26. 27. An area near downtown. 28. Tagwa's major train station which sees countless numbers of people each day, and Tagawa's downtown along with the SOGO Mega Mall. There are always tons of people walking around here. 29. 30. 31. An industrial area in Kita ku. 32. Tagawa's new water filtration plant, along with industry. 33. 34. The black and brown building is Tagawa's news station, home of Tagawa News! 35. Another train station in Midori ku. 36. A somewhat new residential area of Tagawa. 37. 38.As one first enters the city from the south, the things that they will first notice first is that there are 3 big, major buildings here: The Aqua Research Institute, the Kitamura Major Art Musuem, and the Tagawa City College. There is also a hotel nearby (pink and gray building) for those who want to stay near it. Located in Minami ku. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. The major highway, leading into and out of town. 44. An urban park. 45. 46. A view of Minami ku (ward) (south of highway) and Midori ku (north of highway). 47.View of Minami ku (South of avenue/highway) Denshi ku (All of downtown, it is the electronic and office industry ward) and Kita ku (north of highway/avenue and of the downtown). 48. All of Mizutagawa ku (Rice paddy river ward), basically the whole flood plain. That was the update. It was quite long, but well worth it for me, and for you guys! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.
  12. TOTO Mall (トトモール)

    Version 01


    This is the TOTO Mall, made to fill in the for the lack of Japanese-style malls. I will be making more malls and stores and offices in future. TOTO is a company that sell toilet, the reason that their name is the main one on the big sign of the mall is that they were able to buy that spot, and kind of were able to "rename" the Mall. This mall is probably going to be updated very quickly, for quality reasons. This B.A.T. is a CS$$$, and is a 3x3 growable. This B.A.T. has dependencies: ML Texture. link: http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html(Make sure that you scroll down!) Nekopanchi-san's z_zJPN_SideWalk_Mod2.zip. link: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=856 Enjoy!
  13. Replies ( 返事 ): @tankmankさん : Thanks! well I try to avoid grid as much as possible @Altecさん : Thanks a lot! hope you enjoyed my upcoming updates! @urielgarciaさん: Thanks! @カールさん : ありがとう! @danholoさん : Thanks! @Nielsc007さん :Thanks! @Tonyrさん : Thanks! @schrieferさん : Thanks @Jmsepeさん : If you refering to the shinkansen then yes... the heavy rail one isnt though... @Akfrさん : Thanks +-----------------------------------------------------------+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUCoMByWzI0 Update 7: 飛べないアゲハチョウ | "Tobenai agehachō" (Suzuya (residential area), Shinkyo) Suzuya (鈴谷区) is one of Shinkyo main ward, it bordering Arakashi in the south, Chiyoda (千代田区) and Kashiwagi (柏木区) in west. Suzuya notable with its shopping district which surrounds Suzuya Station, one of Shinkyo's busiest railway stations. This area is known as one of the fashion centers of Nakahara, particularly for young people, and as a major nightlife area. Though in this update, I'll cover more about the Southern residential area of Suzuya the station area will coming ASAP.... Suzuya Southern residential area mostly consist as the dense houses and apartements as this area in the middle of Arakashi which is Shinkyo's major commercial centre and Suzuya Station. Theres several single house surrounding the apartements though A park in the middle of dense residential areas where children can play Another picture from Suzuya The residential area actually next to Suzuya-dori, a major road in Shinkyo. Thats all for this update... thanks for viewing...
  14. Replies ( 返事 ) @ jmsepe さん: Thanks a lot for being a loyal viewer @ カール さん: Thanks... I'll give you a KSI48 album Okaiken special edition then btw thanks for your comment about being to grid earlier which making the last update famous. @ tankmank さん: Thanks a lot! well not that much actually... @ NMUSpidey さん: Thanks a lot well I was ispired a lot by rural Chiba scene when making that area though.... for the name yes it does a lady name because I took it from a female name generator XD @ MilitantRadical さん: Thanks a lot! @ TekindusT さん: Thanks a lot! @ AdoxxBE さん: Thanks but its 80% fuctional actually (residential and commercial are growable though the ricefield do eye candy stuff) @ BlueSharkTheOne さん: Thanks a lot! @ paulmc さん: Thanks a lot! @ urielgarcia さん: Thanks a lot! @ NielsC007 さん: Thanks a lot! @ T Wrecks さん: Thanks a lot for commenting here! @ Drack さん: Thanks a lot! @ Schriefer さん: Thanks a lot! @ Richie99 さん: Thanks a lot! @ sejr99999 さん: Thanks a lot! @ gigius76 さん: Thanks a lot! @ vinlabsc3k さん: Thanks a lot! @ 89James89 さん: Thanks for the comment! Well last update was very success In my opinion thanks for you all viewers... this update very bad compared to the last though... +------------------------------------------------------------------------+ side note: I made many changes to my east asian nation so there would be many name changing mentioned here.. Update 5: ヘビーローテーション | Heavy Rotation 1 (Arakashi, Shinkyo) Well where was I on last update? oh yeah its from rural area in Watanabe Prefecture (formerly I called Aichi Prefecture) right? lets go back to the capital city of Nakahara (Nakama) which is Shinkyo (新京) (formerly I called Nanohana). In update 3, I showed some of Arakashi ward (新樫区) (formerly I called Soshi). this update also comes from there... before that let me played some song (well its 18 June which is "something" for me... ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKQlKygAMrg Yeah its part of commercial district on Arakashi where we can found w2w offices or stores buildings. same area but in different angle "wait is it the rush hour time? dang the traffic really nuts here... lets just listen to radio then ooh KSI48's Heavy Rotation is played at this moment! seems that the request come from some Okaiken guy.... " thats is... just 3 pictures for this update (*boo sound effect) . oh btw I wanted to showed you a picture from Suzuya ward (鈴谷区) (formerly Katorea Ward) in night time...
  15. Hi guys, Based on a recent thread, and after more than 10 years playing, and being a member from 2006, I want to share my knowledge of the game. I dont know how to BAT, but I do try my best at supporting the NYBT team, and at the same time, receive support from them, and from members like MAGNETO, who has been of great help in creatin a mod for me. Now, I come to you guys, with one intention only, to create a tutorial on recreating a Real Life City (RLC) in simcity 4. Of course, limitations are gonna be present, but, we are here to find a way to overcome them, and finally get the results we want. The concept is simple. You fill the poll above, and based on the answers we get, we will start this project. After you completed the poll, post the city you voted, and what part of it you want to start with. This is a long term project, thats why you gotta tell me what part comes first, and of course, it will be open to the rest who want to participate after. Please, I encourage you to participate, and form part of this. If done correctly, we will have a thread you dont wanna miss, and will definetly get your attention!! Lets start!!
  16. Chiyoda CBD - Toshima

    Chiyoda CBD - Toshima Chiyoda has three principal Central business districts, the largest and most important is Toshima. The area is home to dozens of skyscrapers and large office buildings. Toshima was the first areas to have height restrictions to be lifted allowing for skyscrapers up to 300m tall to be built, this has resulted in a claustrophobic area with narrow roads and tall buildings. The plaza in front of the black skyscraper is one of the largest open spaces in Toshima and is frequented by people from of the offices during lunch. Replies Militant Radical - Thanks, i hope this will satisfy, until i finish that area Shriefer - Thankyou Huston - Thanks, here is more Japanese density Luiz P. Romanini - Thanks pingpong - thanks, i do think it is a little too tall for that area, i will try to replace it with a house or much smaller apartment building DonVitoCorleone - Thankyou Gugu3 - Thanks Kisa Atsuko - Thanks, they are something that i would love to see improved and expanded upon
  17. Replies ( 返事 ): tankmank: Thank you for comming by! カ一ル ソトミル: Thanks! Jay: Maybe later after I finished the area Schriefer: Thank you! NMUSpidey: Thank you! +==================================+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILyKNPa5pro 3rd Update: Soshi (素子), Nanohana (part1) Well I dont do much lately (even I cant said that this is a proper update since there are several unfinished spot in the picture) so I'll just post what I made so far... Soshi Ward (素子区) is a main business district of Nanohana, Nakama and also the largest economic zone in the whole Nakama. Its also the location of Nanohana Metropolitan area administration centre. I'll post 2 picture for this update A view of Railway on Soshi (east of Soshi Station): Northern Part of Soshi ward and bordering with Katorea Ward just in the north of the Canal. I will post the better picture of this ward later (hopefully soon)
  18. Chiyoda Elevated Expressway

    Just something i have been working on, a Japanese city called Chiyoda, this is a little teaser of what i have done already. I hope you enjoy.
  19. Extraordinary fine. Can this cyclist ever pay this fine? Seems the Japanese courts are fed up with these cases.
  20. Update 2: Suiren, Nanohana V1 *I'll resterted my region soon (Nanohana Bay region) which probably make this area very different after it Suiren-ward (睡蓮区) is one of the special ward located in the Nanohana city, Nakama. Though this area isnt as dense as neighboring Senta-ward(センター区), this area still ratherly busy. Overpass to Senta from Suiren crossing the Suiren River (睡蓮川): This one of the high speed rail station in Suiren: Mixed density in Suiren: Now to more suburban looking area of Suiren:
  21. Version 1.0


    EBLTeam proudly presents, Tokyo Building Volume 1 BATs by art128 Modding by noahclem Description: This download consist of five wall-to-wall buildings from the Greater Tokyo Area. All of these buildings are in HD. The five buildings are as follow: -a 2x2 office building inspired by a building in Chuo. - 465CO$$$ -Toraya Building, a 1x2 building, located in Ginza. - 122CO$$$ -Animate Building, a 2x2 Corner inspired by the Animate building in Ikebukuro. - 531CO$$ -a 1x2 office building inspired by a building in Ikebukuro. - 204CO$$$ -Tokyo Digital Art building, located in Ikebukuro. - 70CO$$$ Each of these buildings come with three version: A ploppable commercial located at the top of the landmark menu. A ploppable landmark located at the bottom of the landmark menu. A growable version with balanced stats generated with PIM-X. Considering the fact these buildings are W2W, the lots are very simple: just a standard maxis base texture. Nothing else, no overlay, no props. Dependency: None! There are no maxis night versions in this upload. I strongly suggest to use Simfox's Day N Night Mod for the best experience of the night lights possible. Support: If you encounter any problems with these buildings, or if you have any question regarding this upload or my future works, please ask them in my BAT thread. Thanks: A big thanks goes to my team mates, my friends who have supported me during the creation process of these buildings, and the readers on the forums who have given their thoughts about the buildings. A special thanks goes to noahclem who did the whole modding phase of these buildings. Without his great help there would be no upload of the highest quality possible. I hope you'll like these buildings! -art128
  22. Hi! Most of you probably don't know me. (Unless this becomes some kind of incest thing that only me and some of my friends follows) My name is [insert name here] and I like roads. And Tokyo. So I thought I'd combine it and put it into SC4! So to help out mandelsoft a little (apparantly struggling with school, NAM and overall stress), I took on an apparantly not requested, but hopefully interesting project of making Tokyo textures for the Network Addon Mod! So far I've only completed one out of like 25 000 tiles, so unless I get some help, don't expect this to be out in two months. Anyway, here it is. Only a crossing between an orthogonal road and a diagonal single lane one-way road. Nothing special. Apart that it's a puzzle piece. http://postimg.org/image/l70ayw2jb/ Sorry, I don't know how to get the image directly into the update. Feel free to let me know. Tell me what you like and what I should change. Thank you in advance!
  23. Tokyo, Japan



    Tokyo, Japan a map by: blunder ------------- Installation: This map is in .sc4m format and requires either Terraformer or Mapper to import. 1. Navigate to your Documents/SimCity 4/Regions folder and create a new folder with your desired region name 2. Copy+paste the config.bmp file into the folder you just created. 3. Open SC4TF, open the new region, import the .sc4m file, save and quit. 4. You must open and save each tile for it to display your terrain mod instead of the terraformer/mapper elevation color overlay. ------------- Description: Get out your commuter trains. Tokyo is the worlds largest metropolitan area with over 32 million inhabitants (or something like that, i'm going from memory). This map is a whopping 76km x 76km and made from satellite data. If you want to make it smaller, don't forget you can black out areas of the config.bmp as long as the resulting configuration forms an acceptable grid to sc4's engine. Map made using satellite data, image editing software, and drunkapple's invaluable advice. edit: Map is scale and terrain accurate. (I HIGHLY recommend using the high altitude + snow installation of Lowkee's most excellent Appalachian Terrain Mod and shokthrpy's Brigantine 2.0 HD water and HD rock mods) For questions, comments, and requests please see my Map Thread (Blundered Cartography) over at simpeg.com Happy Gaming!
  24. Visit Eikoku 2013 東の光(Sun of the East)

    VISIT EIKOKU 2013 EIKOKU, SUN OF THE EAST Umeda Castle Shin-Umeda Station and CBD Shinsekai Sport Centre Shin-Umeda surrounding area Eikoku Institute of Technology Sakura Tropical Land Theme Park Dento Park Nishitama Suburb Umeda Prefecture - Fukaku Tower Umeda Prefecture - Fukaku at night
  25. 2 | 100th Birthday!

    It's the eve of Evestown's (lol) 100th Birthday, and citizens are more than proud! Tonight, the city has been looking especially beautiful... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EngpWglT3p4 Below is Hydrangea Bridge, the result of the population explosion that took place in the mid 80s to late 90s. It's about to get especially busy since citizens want to go downtown and party! Even people in the suburbs are throwing parties! Usually the lights would be out by now on most houses! The city is spectacular and lively tonight! It's 1 AM and people are still driving into downtown from every section of the city! You would be lucky to be living on one of the island suburbs, as the bridges are congested and hectic as people come in from the other suburbs off the island! Hotel rooms are booked and the marina is lit up! A new hotel has opened and tonight is its first night open. Every single room is taken! It is called, "Majestic City Tower", and is the tallest building in Evestown. The people of Evestown are very pleased. It's now daytime, and the celebrations and partying are yet to end! Even the stingy city government has splurged a little bit and decided to reward its well behaved citizens with a new football (soccer) stadium! It's right in the middle of downtown and the city is planning on participating in many more sporting events and putting together official teams! The city of Evestown is happy and content, today has been a nice day for the people of Evestown. See you next time! If you enjoyed this entry, use the many possible ways to show me!

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