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City-building game(s)

Found 21 results

  1. Version v2.01


    SWN is coming... !!IMPORTANT INFORMATION!! This page has only been updated so I can get everything ready... SWN is in the final stages of preparation for release, so for now the download here only contains the original SEN mod. SWN will add support for US users, TGN, NGN and TSR compatibility and much, much more. SWN is the replacement for SEN, bringing texture unification to new levels. Want to try out an early preview version?, take a look here where you can download it: =================================================================================== This Mod contains a complete Sandstone override for much of the NAM content including the RHW, NWM, TULEPs, Tram in Avenue/Road/ Street, GLR/Rural GLR, Turbo Roundabouts, Misc Fixes and more too. It has been my aim to kill every bit of Maxis white possible, and I'm finally at a point where I am satisfied I've met that goal. I've made this mod for my own game, as I find I don't use the NAM pieces that don't fit, so they are based on Euro Textures only right now. I use a LHD setup, but have included RHD versions also and from the limited testing I could do myself for such a large mod, they seem to be pretty complete. Load Order To ensure these files load after the NAM, please ensure you copy the folder in the zip file into your SimCity4 Plugins folder without renaming it. Also note it will need to load after any mod that changes the textures of the included components. Options You can choose just the files you need, or decide to use a complete install, whichever you do please remove all the LHD files if you are a RHD user or all the RHD files if you are a LHD user, otherwise stoplines may appear on the incorrect side. Dependencies The Tram in Road textures require the file "TIR-s3d fix.dat" contained in Magneto's Super Light Asphalt Mod or a few will not display correctly. The Japanese NAM Facelift Mod (links contained in tutorial) is highly recommended, if using this make sure that the Sandstone Euro NAM loads after the Japanese Facelift Mod. Notes: Please read the included readme, it goes into more detail than I have here and will help to avoid problems with this mod. If you are still stuck or have any comments, feel free to comment in my shack on Simtropolis or visit me at my regular hangout on Simpeg. A big thank you to David G. Varona for making the Alpha textures for the Turbo Roundabouts and GLR, plus for showing me how to use photo-editing tools to lighten the workload on this project considerably. I would also like to thank all those community members who've offered me assistance in order to improve the quality of the released project. Their time and the time taken by those who have written various tutorials has enabled me to create this mod in the first place.
  2. Changing TuLEP Sidewalks?

    Hey all, I have a question about the TuLEP lanes from the NAM. I was wondering if there is a way to replace the default sidewalk textures they come with (which look like beige tile floor) to use the same sidewalks that my sidewalk mod implements? The turn lanes are great, but getting them to blend into my surrounding infrastructure is an eyesore.
  3. I know Gobias eliminated his creations from the site, so there is no official support for them, but I'm betting anyone in the community has had done this before. I installed Gobias Sidewalk mod, specifically the New York slab, the plaza texture replacement and c.p.'s SCILT for the same texture. Everything is working, but the plaza texture replacement (which changes the texture used in the Lot Editor) is using another of the pack textures. Is there any way to configure this to force an specific texture to show in the game? I thought to eliminate all non-NY slab FSH with the reader, but I'm afraid that would broke the mod and I assume there has to be an easier way. Thanks for your answers!!
  4. CopaBacana - SideWalk + Curves

    Version Version 2


    Sidewalk "CopaBacana" inspired by the Copacabana beach cobbles in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Version 2 compatible for use of NAN curves and angles fract. This mod uses parts of the NAM FaceLift Mod, as dependencies (That is already added to the files z_CopaBacana.rar) Created by Nekopanchi and Moonlinght For this reason, I quote the credits due to creators of NAM FaceLift Mod. Understand that you downloaded version 1 remove it and download the version 2 (z_CopaBacana.rar) for the paving work on curves and angles, ok. Incompatibility: This Mod is incompatible with other type, the same effect as sidewalk only. Dependency: This Mod does not require any dependence. Installation: To install is easy, simply extract the file to your plugins folder. \\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins Support: For questions, just comment here that you will be answered. Caution: Do not post this mod without giving due credit for editing and creation, is where is, ok. _______________________________________________________________________________ Facebook.com/SimCity4daDepressao Facebook.com/groups/simcity4/ Simcitybrasil.net.br
  5. Hi, does anyone know of a sidewalk mod that works on rd-4 and tla 5 that gets rid of the grass, making the medium density all sidewalk style streets? I found Swamper's avenue sidewalk mod, will that do it? Thanks. I want the grass gone!
  6. Version 1.1.1


    Veredas Santiaguinas A sidewalk mod made by matias93 Este mismo texto está en español adentro del archivo! AKNOWLEGDEMENTS: This mod couldn't be possible without the impressing work of Rivit and MGB204 (rsc204), creators of GoFSH and the (not yet published) Automated Sidewalk Mod. To make a mod as big as this by hand, as many other creators had done before, is a titanical task that deserves sheer aknowlegdement; I just created a couple of textures and clicked buttons once and then. DESCRIPTION: This textures are inspired in the 'veredas' or sidewalks that were built around 1980 in Santiago, Chile: they are little concrete tiles with geometrical designs, that form big square shapes using black or red tiles. In the game, I chose to keep an uniform colour, trying to avoid the sudden colour changes that make Maxis' textures so unappealing; instead, only coloured tiles change with wealth level, as the general condition of the sidewalk: ochre tiles with clean and orange-y concrete in high wealth sidewalks, red burgundy squares and grey concrete in mid-wealth textures, and blackish borders with stained concrete in the low-wealth sidewalk. Thanks to MGB204's scripts, this mod can change all textures that correspond originally to Maxis' white tiles: sidewalks on all streets, roads and avenues (including RHW intersections), crossings with all other networks, pedmalls, plazas and residential, commercial, industrial and services' lots; it is even compatible with the new additions on NAM 34. An important exception are GLR (tramway) tracks, that get sorrounded by the new texture but not completely replaced. Depending on the existence of more advanced scripts, this could change in a newer version. INSTRUCTIONS: <-- Jump here if you don't like the details This mod has to be installed MANUALLY. Is not enough to copy and paste everything: you'll end with a cluttered folder and surely your prefered networks will be oddly patched. Copy the folder called z___veredasstgo to your Plugins folder (the one that is on My Documents/Documents/). It is preferable that you delete all other sidewalk mods, but the folder is named in a way that will load it the last, overwriting other conflictive textures. Open the folder you just copied and delete the files you won't use: a. "Veredas Stgo BASE" chenges most street, road and avenue sidewalks, so you should keep it. b. "Veredas Stgo sitios y plazas (LOTS)" change the lots' textures, allowing a more uniform result. You should keep it; delete it only if you prefer to use another texture on lots and plazas. c. "Veredas Stgo NAM" folders will only work if you had installed the Network Addon Mod (very recommended); YOU MUST KEEP ONLY ONE FOLDER. Choose the one that corresponds to the driving side your game uses (LHD: on the left as in the United Kingdom, RHD: on the right as in Europe), and to the roads' lines colour (US: yellow lines as in the United States, EU: white lines as in Europe). Open the folder you had kept: there you'll find one or two more folders with options: a. Open the folder called "Rail Options" and delete the files that doesn't match the kind of rail tracks you use: Maxis, PEG or RealRailway (RRW). There shall to be just two files, with the same ending. b. Only if you have installed EU white lines with the NAM, open "TuLEP Options" folder and delete all the files that doesn't match to the TuLEP textures you installed with the NAM. Most surely you are using Maxis default ones, but make sure it is that way. There shall to be just two files, with the same name after the "TuLEP". Close the folder "z___veredasstgo". If you use DATpacker or other program that packs your plugins, get sure not to pack this folder, unless you are certain no other mod could overwrite this textures. DEPENDENCIES: This mod replaces textures without using any dependency. You can extract the textures to use it as dependencies for other creations, but they aren't currently in the right format to do so. COMPATIBILITY: This mod cannot be used with any other sidewalk mod, unless you combine it deleting parts of each one; if you know how to do that, you aren't surely reading this instructions. This mod also don't work with plugins that change some textures that seems non-modified after using. I'm refering particularly to MGB204's Super Light Asphalt AddOns; it changes the GLR textures already modified by this mod, and depending on the loading order, it could result on this mod overwriting MGB's one completely, or his mod changing GLR side textures to ML's Super Light Asphalt, which is lighter and non tiled. Anyway, is your option to test with this, but you are warned. LICENSE: This mod has a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International licence, what means you can use all its content directly or creating something derivately, while you give explicit attribution to all previous authors, and while you don't charge for accessing or using this content or a derivate you create of it. To create the textures, I used a tile texture made by Patrick Hoesly, a dirt texture by dfass12 and a grass one that is on the public domain. SUPPORT and HELP: I made a development and support thread on Simtropolis, you can visit it with the following link:
  7. Version


    Introduction This mod is totally based on Neko Panchi's sidewalk mod – it is aimed at players who enjoy using the mod but use RHD in their game. Those who already use the mod will notice some minor changes – a few props were added (mostly road signs) while others were replaced (traffic lights & lamps). Also the mod received a little extension – SAM10 streets (for Residential & Commercial zones only) and SAM7 (Industrial zones only) were added. Folder description zCoreFile folder contains the main T21 files Dependencies folder containis models and family props zReplacement folder contains a file that will replace default maxis lamps and traffic lights by Mandelsoft & Neko Punch models Installation Please refer to the enclosed readme.pdf Dependencies Neko Panchi JPN Sidewalk Mod and subsequent dependencies : Neko Props set 1 (part1) (part2) Neko Props set 3 LRM Props Pack vol 01 LRM Mega Pack vol 04 MAS71 Prop Pack vol 01 MAS71 Prop Pack Vol03 Aqua877 props Jondor's Modular RR Props Credits -A huge thank you to Neko Panchi for his awesome creations. Suggestions or Problems with this mod: report here please C Днём рождения Припять
  8. Urban "barrier"

    hello I'm sorry if this does not belong here but I'm looking for this urban decoration. Should anyone a link?
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Description: This mod Extends the super light asphalt mod by bringing some nicer textures to your low, medium & high-wealth zones. Of course you can also use any other sidewalk mod that provides good coverage for static network pieces that are wealth-independent. Dependencies: NONE Can be combined with: - base mod by Magneto http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28804-super-light-asphalt-mod/ - addons by MGB: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29789-mgb-super-light-asphalt-addons/ Installation: Make sure this mod loads after the used sidewalk mod and other texture-changing mods such as TGN by MGB (this mod should have at least 1 more underscore '_' in it's folder name). If for example you use the superlight asphalt mod and have named its folder like so : z_superlightasphaltmod, make sure you give this mod-folder a name starting with z__ (2 instead of 1 underscore). To slightly increase performance, remove the images. Optional: The included files found in the folder 'OPTIONAL_TULEPs_overrides' are optional and do some changes to the 'orto avenue x orto avenue' automatic tuleps (based on MAS71's work; http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2897.msg146604#msg146604), the ploppable 'road tulep Type A1 + Intersection' piece, and the 'road tulep-Type A-Dashed' piece (see pictures). For optimal visuals drag out the avenue at least 3 tiles from the intersection without intersecting any other networks. Credits & outro: Based on the superlight asphalt mod by magneto and paengs sandstone mod for identifying texture-ID's of interest. Avenue Tuleps inspired by MAS71's mod. All textures except medium and high wealth sidewalk are based on the work of the above mentioned people. Feel free to improve and redistribute for non-comercial purposes ;-)
  10. Paeng's Sandstone Mod

    Version 1.01


    These Mods - one for sidewalks and one for base textures - will replace a number of default textures with new custom textures designed mainly for rural villages, towns, suburbs and small cities. Basically it is meant to freshen up all those places using a lot of the default sandstone or an overdose of 'white' and 'pink' faux marble - mainly sidewalks, plazas, fillers and to some extent also the bases below buildings. The default sidewalk textures will be replaced with a new texture set for high, medium and low wealth/density. All base textures and overlays related to the Maxis default sidewalks (Pink, White and Grey) as well as the default Sandstone can be changed to the new Medium Wealth (key) texture with this mod. The Dirt Sidewalks along agricultural developments change to a new texture more related in color as well. Installation The default (and recommended) scenario will install the 'Sidewalk_Mod' with all-wealth-dependent sidewalks (high, medium and low wealth/density) and the 'Base_Overlay_Mod' with all the new base and overlay textures. The unpacked Mod resides in the folder 'zzz_PaengTextureMod' to ensure that it loads last. Keep it in the root (1st level) of your Plugins, don't put it into any subfolder. Developer Notes Control Freak Options Both parts of this mod can be configured and customized in numerous ways. The included ReadMe has a highly detailed section for all who'd like to get into it. For all who'd like to 'Read Before Download' first, there is an Online Version Available. Extras A 'Texture Pack' provides all the new textures and can be used for any individual lotting projects. Recommendation If you want to expand on this mod and its textures, check the work of AtmoGuy, e.g. his highly compatible Mod to Replace Textures on RTMT Stops. The following animation (give some time to load) shows the 'evolution' from defaults to 'old' sandstone to new textures. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012419/niteowl/texani01.gif Support If you have any problems, questions or suggestions come over to the Sandstone Texture Mod Support Thread and join the discussion. Credits Textures & Modding - Paeng Special Thanks! to the NiteOwl Murimk for brainstorming, testing, moral support :-) and a big help on logistics... Same to everybody else who joined the fracas at some point in the SimPeg forums! Mod edit 7th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
  11. WmLu Berlin Roadside Mod

    Version 1.0.0 Beta


    Hello everybody! Please take some time to read this description! I know it is long but I promise it'll be WORTHWHILE. This mod automatically adds roadside decoration to Maxis roads in the game (so it doesn't affect streets, avenues, OWR, NWM, RHW, etc.). In additional to other details, it adds trees and bike parking to roads adjacent to commercial zones or ploppables, and car parking to residential or industrial zones. I carefully modeled it after the real life roadsides in Berlin but it should look great in any city. It is really beautiful but it has a lot of dependencies. So please go through them one by one (all the url links are up to date) and make sure you have all of them in your plugin folder. Each one of them provides one or more items for the mod (trees/ lamps/ parking meters/ etc.), so if a dependency is missing its corresponding items would be missing in the game, but the mod would otherwise function properly. Nevertheless, the download and installation of all dependencies listed are highly recommended. ALSO JUST A NOTE, even though sandstone and euro textures are in the screenshots provided above, they have absolutely nothing to do with this mod. THIS MOD FUNCTIONS PROPERLY REGARDLESS OF WHAT ROAD TEXTURE YOU USE OR IF YOU USE ANY TEXTURE AT ALL. BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 Murimk_Bicycle_Props http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/25681-murimk-bicycle-props-with-mmp-bikers/ SFBT_Temroc_Props zzz_SFBT_Temroc_Props.rar BLaM-Glenni props http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/17578-blam-glenni-prop-pack/ LRM Prop Pack 01 http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/24502-lrm-prop-pack-01/ Porkie Props-Vol1 http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/11421-porkie-props-vol1-european-street-accessories/ BSC MEGA Props - DAE Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=475 I altered this dependency file slightly to group together some bike props for them to occur randomly, giving therefore more variation. I did my best to contact the author to get permission, but for now what you could do is to EITHER download the file from the LEX link above and have some glitches with bike parking OR go to the site below and scroll down to the middle of the page to see my alterations and get full support for this mod. http://www.SimCity.cn/thread-103084-1-1.html (google translate recommended) JRJ Street side mod http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=115 This dependency is a mod itself. I used the props in it to make car parking lanes.I made this mod four years ago when I still understood T21 (a technique most decoration mod is based on) pretty well. I only uploaded it to an obscure foreign website and didn't intend to put it on STEX or LEX due to the alterations I made to one of the dependency files. But yesterday I saw someone asking for my mod and went through great lengths and language barriers to get it. I feel like it is only fit and proper that I make it easier for SimCity lovers like him to use my mod by uploading it here. The game has been out for more than a decade but it is still as great as ever. I don't know for how long it is still going to stay in the spotlight and I know even the most devoted players couldn't play it forever. But I'm sure SimCity will always be a memory to cherish and a game to revisit and reexperience time and again. So for this reason let's keep both STEX and LEX well and alive. I will keep an eye on this mod and update it as soon as I have more free time. In the meanwhile, enjoy! zzz_SFBT_Temroc_Props.rar zzz_SFBT_Temroc_Props.rar
  12. Hi! First post here. I'm having issues with finding a mod that removes the tiny strip of grass on default streets and roads. Here's what I'd like them to look like: Here's what they look like (note the grass strips near the sidewalk): I've tried the following mods: Uni-Density Streets JRJ Street Side Mod + Street Side Mod SAM Japan Sidewalk Mod v2 + ML Japan street overwrite SAM1 SAM No grass mod SL 98's NO grass mod I've had success but only with SAM streets, default streets and roads still have the annoying grass stripe. By the way, if anyone knows how to get the bushes on the sidewalks in the second picture, It'd be very appreciated. (I didn't see them with Moonlight's mod for japan sidewalks) Thanks!
  13. Sidewalk texture

    Hey guys, I installed the sandstonde sideway mod, but when I plop buildings along road, some of them change the texture. It is not with all of them, actually many don't but a few do. This is what I mean; Does anybody know how to resolve this? Thanks
  14. Japanese town

    Trying out making a custom sidewalk (Hong Kong Sidewalk texture by CDM Madero), and also some newish japanese BATs by Gobanboshi (external website), among many others.
  15. First, First I want to thank @ rsc204 (MGB ) for its " Maxis Texture Replacement Development Kit". I recently learning to use all the tools I need to create my own SC4 mods.. I think I'm happy with the result of my sidewalk mod, I only need to add the "base texture replacement" . Sorry for so many Maxis buildings, I saw the need to empty most of my plugins to speed SC4 load on my PC. Note : Textures made ​​by me .
  16. FrankU Dutch Plazas

    Version V1.0a


    This set of Dutch themed plazas is a spin off of my Dutch Reward Replacement Set. You can use it as an add on, but you can also use it as stand alone. You can do anything you want with it except call it your own work. The set contains 18 lots in several sizes. See the attached images. You will find these also in the ReadMe, which makes the ReadMe the largest file in the download. Anyway, you also need these dependencies, otherwise the whole project is meaningless. BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01.dat bldgprop_vol1.dat BNL Essentials v1.2 update 23-04-2015 And I had forgotten one important dependency: Dutch Prop Pack
  17. Do you like roundabouts but don't use them because of texture problems? Do you wish you could use roundabouts and have them show your preferred sidewalk mod? Are you tired of that ugly maxis grass in the center of your roundabouts? Would you like to have different roundabouts for different wealth levels and densities? Then this Mod is for you! I present to you: TPB Roundabout Facelift Version 1. Available now on the STEX, There are versions for normal Maxis streets and RVT Tarsealed Urban Streets. Some of the things it fixes: These are the options for roundabouts centers, please click links for larger images and more details: Grass 1 Grass 2 Sidewalk White Daisies Yellow Daisies All versions share the same textures for Unzoned and Agricultural land: Agri/None Full wealthification has been done. Low density zones show "wealthed" grass around the roundabout: (Roundabout flora is not part of this mod, but you can get it here to add a nice touch.) Medium-high density zones feature a square plaza, but due to the overlay nature of the textures, sidewalk wealthification will show through as well: A note on sidewalk mods: This mod works both for people who use custom sidewalk mods as well as for those who prefer maxis white as seen here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It has been brought to my attention that some sidewalk mods alter the grass textures for the different wealth levels. This is something I did not think of. I will start testing to see what happens if I remove the grass and add transparencty in its place, maybe there is an underlay of grass textures underneath like how sidewalks work?
  18. Regional Pedestrian Path CoastLine

    Version 2.0


    Hello all ! Pedestrian Path Sidewalk and FootPath are now posable on water For Offline use only. How to Install?? 1: Make Sure Install : Project Akar : Ui Enhancement 2. Download the mod. 3. Right click the rar file > Extract 4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. 5. All roads place under “WaterWays” Submenu. need Original pedestrian Path if u got any problem or bug pm me thanks Credit to Melborne101 for the ScreenShot
  19. Hi guys, Its been a while since I posted (phew~) . Im just wondering if any of you guys whom have used this mod by nekopunch and experienced anything weird about the road street lights. I'm currently having a problem with the lights as they are way to bright on the roads. Another problem also seems to some kind of conflict with the mod with the road in the residential zone illuminating in what seems to be blue and yellow colours and default maxis street lights showing when it sohuld just the LRM poles. I'm not sure what the conflict is however and hoping if I could find what it is. Here's an image of what I mean: I also noted that in the readme the mod said it wasn't completed and probably will never be, so im not sure if this is either a problem or not. Anyway, any help is appreciated!
  20. Hey guys, I need your help to beautify my city. I want the edge of the avenue complete with sandstone, like in the densely built areas. Here I would like to know how this is possible even at a roundabout. And how do I get these three lanes? many Thanks
  21. Version 1.00


    This mod is designed to work with Paeng's Sandstone Sidewalk and Base Texture Mod and Road Top Mass Transit (RTMTV3). Paeng's sandstone mod replaces the default Maxis sidewalk and base textures with sandstone textures. It does not replace any custom textures, however, such as those used by the Road Top Mass Transit (RTMTV3) stops. This mod replaces the custom base textures used by RTMTV3 with the medium wealth sandstone of Paeng's mod. It is designed to work specifically with Paeng's mod, but could also be used with other sandstone mods, although the textures will not match exactly. INSTALLATION Unzip the "zzz_RTMTV3_sandstone" folder and place it in your Plugins folder. It must load after the RTMTV3 to work properly. The files in the "SAM" folder are optional. They replace the base textures of the Street Addon Mod stops found in RTMT Add-On Pack 3.60. If you do not use these stops or want to retain the default textures for one or more of them, just delete the corresponding .dat file in the SAM folder. For example, if you want to use the default texture for bus stops on PEG Dirt streets, delete the "PEG_dirt.dat" file. DEPENDENCIES This mod is designed to make RTMTV3 and Paeng's Sandstone mod compatible. Road Top Mass Transit V3 RTMT Add-On Pack 3.60 Paeng's Sandstone Sidewalk and Base Texture Mod CREDITS Thanks to Paeng for his sandstone mod and the inspiration and guidance for this project. Mod edit 7th May 2017: Fixed formatting

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