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  1. Amazing work.. like always! Real fan of your work @Darf
  2. Maybe just update the building instead of uploading a new asset? Some of us are not really good at modding, and what sounds easy for the experts.. well for us mortals is horrible Now, the bridges.. wow! Those look fantastic, specially when you can have the different models next to each other. Would be really cool to actually build a city using all of them and creating somewhat of a back story for each one.. random thought
  3. || Recreating New York City by Kelistmac ||

    Nice! Good to see you back buddy!
  4. That looks fantastic.. the more assets, the better! lets keep em coming!
  5. Another one from Argentina! Nice! I am from Buenos Aires, but not living there anymore.. I moved back when I was 12 but I usually visit the city once every 2 or 3 years.. a building set from Buenos Aires would be really really cool!
  6. Arden County-Urban Region

    I like it.. looks good!
  7. New pc - feedback

    Well.. to be honest, I was planning on upgrading some of my laptop components some time ago. I ended up buying a new laptop, which is on the way. specs: Overclocked Intel Core i7 6820HK 2.7GHz Processor Overclocked 2400MHz 64GB DDR4 Memory GeForce GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD with NVMe PCIE Controller NVIDIA G-SYNC 17.3-inch 1080p Display I love it so far!!
  8. Hey! Sorry I havent been able to keep up with your live streams.. and some videos.. still catching up! I was actually on a trip to New York and honestly havent been able to watch!! Still catching up, and of course, enjoying!! I really liked the roundabout.. Spectacular!
  9. Cities: Skylines British Themed Lets Play

    Hey! Im sorry I havent been able to comment lately.. I was in New York. I watched all of the videos, but to be honest was so tight on time that I watched them in pieces and never really had the time to comment. Well now Im back, and I just wanna say that it is entertaining to watch.. I truly enjoy them! Keep it up!! Now, I read that suggestions/requests are a thing.. how about a challenge for you! How about, of course keeping it british, if you try your hand at building a Medieval kind of High Street.. you know, a little historical district, where instead of having those georgian/victorian shops, you go more of a medieval style. In any case, whatever you decide for your next episode, Im pretty sure I will enjoy it as I have been enjoy the rest so far!
  10. "Project X"

    Wow! Amazing work again!
  11. RAM vs Loading Times

    I have about 1.9 assets, and 102 mods I think. i7, gtx 965m and 16gb ram... mine takes about 6 minutes. How do you select what mods to have? I tried to get rid of some, and I did, yet I still have over 100!!
  12. RAM vs Loading Times

    Yeah, but still, my question is.. if your ram runs out, would it load faster with a SSD? or the difference is minimal? Cause Im guessing that if the game loads on ram, and the ram runs out, the game will load it in the pagefile. Now, would that be faster on a SSD? That's my question really.. cause if the game loads it on the pagefile, and the "speed" is the same regardless, then having a 32gb ram would be the answer basically.
  13. RAM vs Loading Times

    How do I know how much VRAM I have? also, Im guessing that after the loading using RAM, having a SSD would do the job so much faster than using a HDD, right?
  14. I dont think the problem is features, but rather the fact that there are limits. With simcity 4, the game wasnt perfect, but we made it in a way that we were happy playing it. Of course, going back to it, now that we are used to all the new features in CSL would be really hard.. that's why they made it possible to mod. The only problem with that is the fact that they let us mod it, but they limit us. I don't think we need a new game.. what we need is a couple of basic fixes and a complete removal of limits.
  15. Thanks for taking the time! Hopefully.. some people will take this as a first step into the modding world! Thanks a lot!