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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Request for Airport control towers.
  2. Air France A-380

    Passengers deplane from Air France flight 7870 @ Charles DeGaulle International Airport (CDG) in Roissy.
  3. Hello again,


    I want to share with you an idea for another, very unique, radio broadcast tower. The attached photos are of "Blaw-Knox" towers of WLW-AM Cincinnati and WSM-AM Nashville. These two towers are for 50,000 watt AM radio stations that can be heard across the continent at night.

    Your work is impressive and most detailed. 




    1. Takingyouthere


      Ah, the Blaw-Knox. Any true radio enthusiast should know about them as they're quite infamous in that realm. And I do too! ;) Great pics btw & thanks again for the regards.

      I actually posted a few teasers of a particular Blaw-Knox tower I was in the process of recreating last year in the project introduction entry shortly before the project stalled due to my many issues with getting 3ds to work, along with several other towers that are bonafide landmarks in their respective cites. Here are those teasers again;
      I've applied the same level of detail as with the others to precisely replicate it's superstructure
      I never got around to completing it but now that I've restarted the project it will be released along with all the others I posted in that thread.

      On another note, if C:S/current gaming computers could actually handle the polygon count of these (eliminating all non-essential items such as stairs, transmitters, etc. this one still has over 30,000 pylons/vertices in the superstructure itself this despite being almost entirely made out of boxes with only 1 length, width & height seg) I would of picked up the game just for that - the ability to see all these structures from different angles. But unfortunately from what I understand it can't handle many assets like that without causing the game to slow down & or crash. I'd have to significantly 'dumb down' the structure, which I have absolutely no intention or interest in doing. They just wouldn't be the same to me otherwise.


    2. dmn


      WOW! Outstanding!

  4. WBNS-TV Tower, HD version

    WBNS - 10TV - Columbus, Ohio. Outstanding work!
  5. Towers of Steel Revisited

    In many rural areas, there are 1,000 ft towers (almost exclusively television towers) sometimes with FM bays on the top that are guyed. These would be cool. (Photo is of WTTV (CBS4) and WTTS-FM tower located south of Indianapolis, Indiana)
  6. Towers of Steel Revisited

  7. Help Please

    Here is the car in question.
  8. Help Please

    Thanks for the replies. I will take a picture of the car and post it. Agree re: defrag etc. This PC is new and is a beast. The only thing it's running is this game.
  9. Hello, I have previously selected one of BLAM's cop car models/dats to use in my cities. Somehow, it has disappeared replaced by a black and white police car that I cannot locate the files for. Having problems finding the model/dat files etc. Any ideas??
  10. Avenue Nightclub

    Very cool! We need more clubs
  11. Can someone please tell me step, by step, how to get ONE FLAG (i.e. German) to fly over my cities? How to avoid conflicts etc. Thanks in advance!
  12. Really sorry to hear this. Thanks for everything.