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  1. scoty sub-bus A

    Ah OK ! good arguments, especially the 2nd! With my small towns, I did not know this bug. So I will do this update very soon.
  2. scoty sub-bus A

    @rsc204 .. Thanks for the reminder of your article. I did not have the link and as my English is very bad, not easy to put hands on it ... As far as the TSEC is concerned, everything is OK, except for my mistake. I had noticed the importance of this value. (Seen on SC4Devotion). But for the volume I did not know I was too low. I found it good, I, especially for the neighborhood street not too crowded! ;-). You think it's really blocking? I have to urgently make a fix?
  3. scoty sub-bus A

    Thank you TWrecks, I hope this review will meet expectations for RH players ... The sidewalk textures are mine, but of course the ID is SC4 (medium, I think!)
  4. scoty sub-bus A

    Version 1.1.0


    For my first plugin, I owe my inspiration to that of Uroncha in 2005 (see here) which I used until now. And for which I wanted to bring my personal touch. So I suggest you the same with newer Props. A big thank you to Namspopof, jth876, Giraffe, Vnaoned, Mcdrye, Rivit, the SFBT team and all the props authors used here. 12 Bus stop. On street and road ortho, diagonal, and intersections (T and X). On one way ortho and diagonal. On ortho and diagonal avenue. 8 metro stations (+ bus) On ortho, diagonal and intersection roads (T and X). On one-way, ortho, diagonal avenue. You have the choice of the texture for the streets: NAM or Tar-sealed street of Rivit ; and for roads: NAM Euro or NAM US. The capacity of the bus stop: Street: 17000+ ; Road and oneway: 17000+ ; Avenue: 20000. The capacity of the metro stations: Road, one-way, avenue: 24000+. These lots appear in the menu: miscellaneous transports. Installation Place the contents of the Zip into your Plugins directory. In the subdirectory: scoty_bus_A_textures /, depending on NAM settings or other ..., delete one of the two files scoty_bus_tex_road_XX.dat, as well as one of the two scoty_bus_tex_street_nnnn.dat. Keep, of course, the file scoty_bus_tex.dat (!) Which gathers avenue and oneway textures. Dependencies It goes without saying that you have the plugin "All maxis building props with proper names" or the two files "bldgprop_vol1 & vol2". · Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2 · French Road Signs.dat · Urbanpack.dat · SFBT_Haltestellen_Fluggi_khoianh_Props.dat · SFBT_Khiyana_Props.dat · VV_Propspack vol. 1 · Grfe_props_pack_LE_lupins · Grfe_props_pack_LE_cypresses · Grfe_props_pack_LE_berries · Grfe_props_pack_LE_maples · SubwayProps, you can keep only the model: RoadsideSubstairs_Mcdrye_0x33317b90.SC4Model And the prop : RTMTV3_PropF_Subway_Mcdrye_SteelBlue.dat · Modern Realistic Subway Station V2, you can keep only the files: subwayiiredotextureattempti-0x5ad0e817_0x39671410_0x30000.SC4Model subwayiiredotextureattempti-0x6534284a-0x99472a58-0x796b3c63.SC4Desc Good game !
  5. Maxis Tree HD Replacement Mod

    Ah merci ! Finally ! what a pleasure ! But for those who, like me, uses some Maxis revisited Lots, it is prudent to place, this long-awaited plugin, in a directory in "z__". Otherwise, there is no change. ;-)
  6. Maxis Renewal - Civics

    I was so certain to have this CP v1! Old version before 2012! Thank you so much and sorry for the "noise".
  7. Maxis Renewal - Civics

    Hello, (not english: google my friend ...) Everything is really great! Schools with walls, barriers, I love it ... But the samll-school displays 3 Brownboxs.I saw in LE that the three CP_FlowerBed4x2_ortho_white_conforming do not appear. Here stops my skills.