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City-building game(s)

Found 16 results

  1. When you lay down zones, it automatically put them into blocks. But I am confused about why the game lays them down in different block sizes. For example, a low density residential zone gets zoned in in 6x6 blocks, whereas a high density residential zone gets an automatic zone size of 5x5. Tall buildings are bigger but the game makes them a smaller block? It makes more sense to make the high density zone blocks 6x6. Like I have to lay low density zones them immediately overlap them with high density zones. And get this, sometimes the game lays low density residential zones in 5x5 blocks or 4x4 blocks as well as laying high density zones as 4x4.blocks. It seems that the game is very inconsistent on the block sizes when laying zones. Why does the game vary the sizes of the blocks? And what is the optimal block size for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural zones?
  2. Expanding of farms

    Some progress on the the actual farming around the little town and a bit more residential development
  3. hello, guys, I've been concern about a bug I have in part of my cities I've maken. some of the zoned areas are looking as in the image below. They look horrible and I don't know what to do to delete that... the thing is that not in all zones this is happening but in some parts of the city. If it was a matter of dependencies or anything like that it would be for all zones in all areas in all my cities but is not, can somebody help me with this? please. The trees, flowers and all details in the houses tilesets are not showing up they look completely empty.
  4. I made another little experimental city with 4000 people (not yet about the number of jobs). The issue I'm trying to work out is that I have a whole strip of industry on top of the map, is it normal to have to rely heavily on industrial zones? I know that commercial won't come until there is a much bigger population (and by my standards, 10000+ is big). Without modding, is there anyway I don't have to rely on so much, crippling my water and air pollution ratings?
  5. Seems like the perfect life to me!
  6. What are your real-life inspirations for starting up in Simcity? I think that if I don't use another layout I seen on Google Maps or elsewhere, I wouldn't be able to continue with the city. Now, I'm still getting a better hang of things and still learning, but I want to know if you have any cities or hometown that inspire you to start. I grew up near the city of Erie, PA, which is the 4th largest city in Pennsylvania and in the eternally distressed post-industrial rust belt. I don't know if people want to remake or are inspired by smaller cities like that though.
  7. Hello everyone. I've been looking for a mod that allows you to restrict the wealth and types of buildings in the areas you zone in the game. For example: a high-density industry zone in which only High-Tech companies are allowed to build, or a commercial zone that only allows offices to be built in it. Could any of you direct me to a mod like this? Thank you!
  8. I did install Simcity 4 and the floor of my buildings is only showing (appears as zoning) as blue, green and yellow, as in zoned, but not anymore gress, garage, etc. :s (In fact I see the buildings but not flooring, each lot). Somebody can help me please! Thank you!
  9. First, I want to thank Colossal Order and the wonderful modding community for making and improving such a great game! The game is already better than all predecessors on average but I have a couple ideas to bring zoning to a whole new level. I also want to thank everyone in the community for bouncing ideas off of each other and inspiring me. The gist of my suggestions are 1. Density as a side/modifier setting 2. New Zone types 3. Zone levels should only measure wealth. 4. Preferences for housing, employment, and commerce/services. 5. Specializations should affect the entire economy. 6. Offices and Warehouses should produce Logistics 7 Deeper grid zones and free-form Industrial Park zones ____________________________________________________________________ Now for more thorough explanations 1. Dense Residential and Dense Commercial should no longer be separate zones but low (detached), medium (W2W lowrise or separated/narrow midrises), and high densities should get little buttons in the same space as road geometry (straight, arced, or curvy) 2. The empty space should be replaced with Hotel zone and Industrial Park zone. a) Hotel zones in generic districts grow Business Hotels (with demand based off of number of office jobs, offices producing slightly less taxes without hotels and producing much higher taxes with adequate or excessive business hotels) while hotel zones in tourism or entertainment districts grow Holiday Hotels (with demand based off number of tourists that leave the city with money, tourists would then get purses/budgets that get depleted with visitation to unique buildings, hotels, and commerce) b) Industrial Parks would be zoned just like farms are zoned in Cities XL. Free-form parks should use the same system but have options to go without surrounding paths. In generic districts, they become parking lots with storage lots without pollution and with the job spaces, logistics production, and maximum orders of special large semi-truck freight orders going up with increasing levels (up to level 3, like normal industry). In specialized industrial districts on top of their respective resource deposits, the zones become primary (extraction) industry AKA farms+plantations+pastures, working forests, quarries (potential new specialization), open pit mines (coal and ore should be different resources), and oil drilling sites (with even distribution of pumps so as to completely deplete all oil deposits in range at the same time) 3. Higher zone levels mean that they house, employ, or cater to higher educated and wealthier Cims with the same capacities while growth stages (which hold more of the same type of Cims) should make a debut to the game so that convenient access (measured in commute times and amount of times vehicles disappear along commutes) to jobs, goods, and services. 4. Students, Single workers, [childless] Couples, Families with Children, and Retirees should all have strong preferences. Students and Single Workers should strongly prefer High Density housing but will tolerate affordable Medium Density housing; they won't live in Low Density housing. Couples prefer Medium Density housing but will tolerate [affordable] Low Density housing and [safe & healthy] High Density housing. Families with Children strongly prefer Low Density housing but will tolerate safe & healthy Medium Density housing; they won't live in High Density housing. Retirees prefer Medium Density housing but will tolerate safe Low Density housing; they won't move into High Density housing. Marital Status, Children, and Age should contribute to employment and shopping preferences in addition to education and [wealth] level. 5. Hardware stores should be common in petroleum, forestry, or mining specialized districts. Car dealerships and repair shops should be common in mining and petroleum districts. Furniture stores should be much more common in forestry districts. Grocers, farmers' markets, and sit-down restaurants should be far more common in agricultural districts. Commerce relating to textiles and clothing (yardage stores, seamstresses, cobblers, boutiques, thrift stores, consignment shops, department stores) should be more common in Agriculture and Forestry districts to account for the influx of leather, cotton, linen, dyes, and rayon. In other words, commerce within specialized districts should demand more specialized goods (with sit-down restaurants and farmer's markets demanding raw agricultural products (fresh produce) with grocers, fast food, and supermarkets demanding processed agricultural products (shelf-stable food)). Low density and mid-density housing should also change appearance, looking rural in Agricultural districts, wooden in Forestry districts, modern and metallic in [Metal] Mining districts, modern & made out of sturdy concrete in [Petroleum] Drilling districts, more secure and modern in Entertainment districts, and more stereotypical of map types (European, tropical, old-fashioned brick (temperate), or ski-lodging+alpine/winter retreat style) in Vacation districts. 6. Offices should provide logistics, which benefit industry and travel around like electricity (so if there are adequate logistics and all buildings are on the same grid, all factories become more profitable) but that would require a change in the way factories behave. If there are no logistics, factories pollute the same as they currently do and provide slightly less money. If there are balanced or excess logistics, factories pollute 50% less, generate more profits than they do now, and make more goods with less input (doesn't affect farm fields or tree plantations but petroleum wells (and ore mines) generate the same amount of petroleum (or ore) while consuming far less ground resources). If there are shortages of logistics in industry zones, some buildings in low density or medium density zones become warehouses, which import their respective good (generic or refined specialties) in semi-trucks (which are slightly bigger than normal import trucks but with higher capacities) and let nearby factories take goods (freeing up highway traffic) and generate a small amount of logistics as well (not as much as an office building of the same footprint). 7. Lots (zoned and plopped) should have 3 parts to them: a) Main area (must never overlap anything else, not even sidewalk), up to 8 tiles deep for zones, higher for plopped b) Extended front (a flexible area that can have road or sidewalk overlap, if the road is flat the overlap is a very narrow strip, if the road is curved the overlap could be a side, corner, or center completely overlapped with parts of this area unconnected), up to 3 tiles deep (always 1 tile deep along perfectly straight road) c) Filler, can fill surrounding 3 tiles between zones and roads with textures and props as long as there are no more than 3 tiles in that direction to a road or another zone Here is a picture demonstrating the changes to the UI:
  10. An old bug has been corrected about this with parks. But i have last version (after dark). I have no demands for commercial zones. RCI is high for industries, normal (average) for residential but nothing for commercial zones. Even more, i have not enough customer message and when i destroy the building, it doesnt rebuild. So i have big holes in my sole commercial zone. I could have 3 time more industries than commerces. If i create more industrial zones, my export skyrockets and i may have missing raw material message. I have 20k inhabitants, 4 residential zones, 2 industrial zones and 1/3 commercial zone. All zones are equal size. I have truck connection but no train yet. What may boost or increase commercial demand ? Thank you.
  11. Problems with SC4

    Please help me again. I posted about this many times before. I want to know how to get a city growing without having to build a small village at the start. I also need help: *How to use the chart and graphs info *How to not make my city layout look like a mess because I'm terrible at planning things *How to optimize traffic and transport (I don't know anything about real-life city planning) *When I'm supposed to build services and how I'm supposed plan for their placement which can be unexpected *How to grow to a considerably large population without goingtoo slowly or by trying too hard * ... I'll take any good advice I can get. Please help me.
  12. I stumbled upon Paradoxinteractives twitch account today and found some highlights and past broadcasts of Cities: Skylines. Demographics, "modding", districts, public transport http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive/b/623748169(From 01:06:00 and onwards) Roads, zoning, basic infrastructure http://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive/c/5183437
  13. I just loaded the Steam version of SC4 Deluxe onto my new PC laptop. It's fully capable of running the game and the specs are way over the min. requirements. The problem is, when I zone districts the zone colors change! For example, if I zone a blue commercial spot and then zone a green res spot next to it... the colors change on the commercial zones randomly from blue to green or vice versa. It doesn't change the zone type, just the color. I've removed ALL plugins and tested it with different resolutions but I can not fix it. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. The Problem: I have 3 cities, an industry city where I keep my dirty and manufacturing, a high tech city, where I keep most of my HT industry, and a big city where I keep most of my residents, commercial, and some of my ht. I have a surplus of no job zots, and little money, trying to keep up with the overwhelming demand for everything(seriously, 5000-6000 across the board, no cheats) I am having money troubles, and loads of NJZs. Should I build a separate city for commercial? Should I do all cities like this from now on? I am used to sub 50000 residents, but now I have nearing 100,000. I need help to ready myself for the big leagues of large realistic cities. Thanks in advance -Kaushad
  15. Ive got a small piece of land in my downtown which I cant seem to zone. Any thoughts as to why? Is this a bug with any solution? I know your probably thinking its to do with the highway infrastructure, but as the second picture shows I can still place things on the blank spaces, just cant zone them. So whats going on? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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