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City-building game(s)

Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, thought I'd start a thread on my own so I can get some feedback and tips from the community. I've never used PS or modelling programs before so it's been a rough week but I'm enjoying it very much. I settled on Sketchup for modelling and 3ds Max for textures. Maybe some of you will hate that but SU is just too comfortable, fun and easy to use compared to the other stuff I tried although it does have several flaws, but I won't get into those. I got a lot of help from Ronyx69 so a big thanks to him first most. I've written everything down and am now able to produce assets, slowly mind you but something that works does come out in the end (can't make any promises about it's beauty but you gotta love your children ) I can start to experiment and learn about more functions and other methods if you recommend them so I'll be posting things here as I make them to get your feedback. Hopefully with your help I can become better and maybe start making some things that are worth publishing. If you also model in sketchup your knowledge and tips and triply worthy so please bestow upon me thy knowledge I've put a stop to Columbine, it's gone forever but it has taught me a lot about what I like and want to do and it's just not that. I thought the workshop could use some more rural and low/mid density buildings so I set out on this path with that in mind but everything isn't set in stone. I have an interest in making some Balkan and Mediterranean assets as I felt that most European buildings on the workshop are very German, big dark buildings which you don't really see that much along the Mediterranean. I wanted to make some buildings that represent those found around Albania, Bosnia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and maybe I could go into North Africa & Spain later. I'm starting to make some small rural buildings but hopefully will get into 4-5 story apartments and more unique buildings like mosques, churches and bridges in the future but I'm not even going to think about those until I have 20 assets or so made and finalized. So that's just my vision, it may or may not go that far and all depends on how things go as I'm still a total noob. Here's the first building I made. It's a.. thing to learn how to model and texture. It's technically the second but we don't talk about "Project Alpha" 200 tris 512x256 tex And here's the second one 452 tris, 512x512 tex, added color variations on the stucco wall. I'm just experimenting with different things to see how they go and how necessary each detail is. I think I need to get better at textures for now I'm just using them as is with minor changes for objects such as stamping to remove things and outlining parts, very simple stuff. A "stylized while still realistic" theme may fit better than just using these textures outright and I hope I can make something like that in the future. It would also make things a bit more crisp, I feel these might lose detail as they get bigger. I think I will try to make one with windows on the texture as I'm losing tris for nothing for these. It's probably fine for small things but I need to know how to do it when I make bigger stuff. That will be after a while though since I modeled a couple more already.
  2. Hello, I started doing 3D modelling about a month ago, unfortunately after having done 3 different buildings in blender I just haven't yet understood the texturing system. I have tried to do seams and such, but I just can't manage to fit all the details correctly, so here are my 3 main problems on my latest building, which I aim to hopefully finish: Too many faces so I cannot do the texturing easily (1,014 faces and 3,300 tris after trying to merge what I could.) How do I proceed with doing balconies? I heard something with using textures, but as said before, I am confused with them. How should I proceed with texturing generaly. Here are two pictures of my project: Again thanks in advance for any possible help.
  3. So, I have a small problem: I'm getting started in asset making and, as a start, decided to dump then edit the vanilla metro station model so that it occupies a 1x1 space instead of a 2x2. Here's the model in Blender, viewed from above and from underneath: When I import it as .obj into the game, I notice these lightning artifacts on the stairs and floorplate: How can I fix this? I tried remaking the affected triangles and remapping them, but that didn't work. Also, I noticed a similar problem in the raw dump made with modtools: I tried searching for this problem on the web, but didn't find any exact results. Maybe I'm being a dunce and missing something obvious
  4. Hello, I have recently tried to model for Cities: Skylines. I have made a model in sketchup and I'm trying to convert it to Blender. The model shows up just fine, however, I keep failing in making an UVW map. I don't know what I am doing wrong because I have followed multiple tutorials doing exactly what they do. But my UVW map just never shows up. I select the building, scale it, then I create a new UV map, then Mesh > Edges > Mark Seam. Then I unwrap it but it doesn't show up. I hope anyone can help me figuring out what's wrong.
  5. Hello, first time modder here. There are a few assets from the workshop that I wanted as props. I extracted them using ModTools, converted them to .fbx, and made sure that the textures are the same name as the model. The textures, however, were labeled with suffixes such as _aci, _xyz, and _MainTex. When I get into the asset editor, navigate to props, and then select my file, nothing appears in the viewport. I'm getting a feeling that this is something to do with the textures, as the wiki states that they should be labeled with suffixes like _i, _n, and _c. I don't know what to label each texture as, since I don't know what the other suffixes mean - if this even has anything to do with them. Help?
  6. Hello Skyliners! After releasing this building I was asked how I made the nightlights for it, so I thought that I could make a tutorial to share this technique with you. First let's recap how the nightlight system works in Csl: The Illumination map is a greyscale picture, a greyscale picture has pixels of values between 0 and 255. The devs have chosen to separate this range in two. From 0 to 120 the pixels will be lit everytime (yes, during the day too) and use the diffuse map color. There's a range from 121 to 127 that's left unused for now. From 128 to 255 the pixels will be lit "randomly" during the night... but only in one color independently from the diffuse map. 192 works as black, 128 and 255 are the values that are lit most of the time (but not always). The engine makes a gradient between 128 and 255, using 192 as the black point but making the gradient smoothly move during the night. Let's look at it ingame : the asset you see has an illumination map going from 0 at the bottom to 255 at the top, I plopped a few of them so you can see that the top part has a moving part. (if you want to see this asset in your own game and see the lights move during a night, download it and install it in your asset folder (it's using a clinic template) : https://1fichier.com/?93ej5aelv7 We could use the 0-120 range to have populated windows but as it will be lit during the day too it looks a bit weird. (I've seen some assets made like this... it's sweet looking at night... but I'm less convinced about the daytime look. Can be used for things that would "in reality" stay lit all day... but those are rare) and... we can't have the lights come on and off during the night. It's on... and that's it. Now the 128-255 range "forces" us to have full windows... and that's what you see on every building : flat windows. But there's a way... Let's start with preparing what we need I will be using a simple cube, mapped with a texture showing four different windows. I googled for some windows, here they are placed on the map. I made them greyscale already Now what we want is the white parts to be lit and the black ones to stay black; the "random" system works like a gradient so what we will do in photoshop is use a level correction layer on each of our windows. We have 4 windows, we have to spread them into the 128-255 range... Window 1 will be between 192 and 245 Window 2 between 192 and 230 3 between 148 and 192 4 between 133 and 192 Here is the correction layer for the first window : Wer're almost there but for the windows under 192 we have to invert the pictures (because 192 is black and 128 is "the most" white) So let's invert those two window images And voilà (I just made a full black diffuse map and a specular map to make the windows reflective) !! We have only used 4 windows here, but of course you can apply this to groups of windows (do not make too many groups, 4 is very ok, as we had to use pretty much all the range between 128 and 255 there isn't really more to be done) You can download the photoshop file for this tutorial here, I added the fbx file and the maps in the zip : https://1fichier.com/?q9jys7owp2 Have fun with your nightlights. If you have some questions or remarks, feel free to ask.
  7. I can't get my head around this... Please explain to me how do I tile part of a texture while keeping the UV mapping in place in 3dsMax with only 1 map channel? When I apply a uv map mod on a polygon I can tile it any way I want, but it resets my uv mapping I did using the "unwrap UWV " mod on that single texture and when I drag the uv map to it's original position it resets my tiling. UV mapping is already a giant pain in the ass, I wish they just kept this in 1 interface.
  8. Hey everyone. Currently Mr. Maison, Zed68, Gula and I have been working on large texturing guide that will cover texturing in detail as well as information about LODS and more! We would like to help the CSL community by producing a guide that will contain good information that will result in higher quality assets. I personally see a lot of assets that have bad LODS or lacking proper textures. So I'm asking anyone who has any useful information about texturing, LOD's, or anything related to asset creation in general to come forward and respond to this thread so it can be included before it is released. The guide is currently being worked on in Steam and I don't want to post it here just yet. We have a lot of stuff already covered but hearing something from another perspective can help improve what we already have. So please share with us. Thanks! Some things that you could provide are... Texturing Tips & TricksInformation about LOD CreationInformation about Proper ScaleProblems you've had occur with SolutionLinks to Good Free Texture SitesLinks to Helpful TutorialsOther Resources
  9. Hello everyone. Here is a link to my video guide on how to create a new asset from start to finish for Cities Skylines. I will show certain steps required and will hopefully give some basic idea on how to go about modding for cities skylines. This will of course only scratch the surface even though its around a hour long, but it might help you and encourage others to create their own awesome assets.
  10. Hey I know This inst maya or photoshop but I need help. This should be relatively easy but I cant figure it out. It feels like a riddle (it should be a simple answer). The attached image shows a 1024X1024 texture with two images within. A brick texture and some sort of picket fence. Now, from what I know about textures to tile is they need to fit the entire 1024x1024 image. But I'm seeing people use images like this where they have tillable textures within tillable textures. The red lines and faded fence symbolise what I want it to do, lets say on a continues plane. How do I replicate this? Can i do it within maya?
  11. I am really having prob with texturing... The textures won't come perfectly or correctly... Also really having a hard time to apply multiple textures. I want to apply one texture to roof of house and another to the walls and another to door/windows but the overall building gets only one texture. I saw soo many YT videos and they are doing soo simple thing but they get perfect texture but mine won't turn up perfect. Also I am using the house dim. as 12m * 12m and texture dim. as 64px * 64px Thank you :/

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