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City-building game(s)

Found 14 results

  1. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    PART 2 - Megacity Ahead Sorry for the fast pace... Maybe because I redo the city again since it doesn't grow. So far, so good hahahahah! Suggestions/comments? I'm so glad to hear it from you!! ~CalvinB
  2. How do i solve traffic Problems in cities skylines? Such as massive traffic jams on the higwhay exit?
  3. How do i build in Simcity 4 a big sucessfull metropolis? How Long does it take to build such an big City with over 1 million inhabitants?
  4. Welcome to Richardson! Richardson is a small city tile holding exclusively commercial lots and some residential (the mayor's gotta live somewhere). Those leafy mansions in other parts of Metro? Tons of those yuppies commute here to work. Richardson is surrounded by medium lots with many residents. Those lots had their respective CBD's (like Middleton), however, space ran out when it came time to build new commercial lots. The space where Richardson is used to be large spacious lots belonging to wealthier residents. The government acquired the land in order to plan the much needed office blocks and the construction boom began in the 1980's. The transport is excellent and planned, mostly subway with a highway connection on the bottom right. Richardson doesn't really have interesting transport features because I made it before installing NAM. Maybe I'll make some changes later down in the road. Perhaps I should add a green space as well. Beautiful hyperdensity Night view One of the few residential spaces of the city. The mayor and many of the state employees live here. Quaint corner in the big city _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 64 - Seaview

    Another little update before I go into full gear. This is a small Zone on the edge of Peach Blossom Bay. It is technically part of Huang Yaoshi but due to what Americans call gerrymandering (a practice that attempts to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries to create partisan advantaged districts) it is its own Zone. As evident by its name, Seaview is a Zone that looks out onto the sea and the buildings are all oriented to offer residents and workers stunning views of the vast body of water known as The Archer's Sea on the eastern side of Ionica. Click images to view full size. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. View counts are frozen so speak up and let me know you're here. Thanks for visiting. jmsepe, TekindusT, Terring, tankman Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned. Ln X: Fantastic entry. I love symmetry and that symmetrical habour/seafront is a masterpiece! What a great integration of a few dozen different mods. Hey Ln X, glad you appreciate it, thanks. Schulmanator: Long time, no see! Glad to have you back with great new stuff! Yeah it's been a while, I wanted to build up som material before returning so it took a bit longer than I expected. Thanks. KonstantinII: You know, I actually liked the previous version of Pater better. Maybe, I think the new seawalls don't look as good. Also the ship in the first image doesn't fit in. What is it doing here? I can understand that. The ship is meant to be like a historic attraction. It's not a ship that people actually use. It's just on display. Maybe you're right tho. Mymyjp: this looks awesome! Perfect shape and symmetry...looking forward to see more of your work! Thanks. The feeling is mutual Mymyjp. sarthakknight: OH man you are just awesome it's so epic the way you design those coast lines and them bridges ................................i lost my jaw again lol Hehe, make sure to superglue it shut next time. Thanks. Belfastsocrates: Absolutely glorious images. So rich in colour and detail! Looking forward to seeing your new work and what you have planned. Losing a city is horrendous, the very thought of it almost makes me sick, I've no idea how's I'd react in a similar situation. Yeah it really sucks, and what made it worse what that it was a large sized tile too. However it is a blessing in disguise. A lot of thing about the original were pretty amateur. Thanks. slickbg56: The pathing along the waterfront looks great. Making all of that interlock and fit is really impressive. It took a while, but it was well worth it. Thanks. Huston: That last image is gloriously amazing. How the light/lens flare captures the ambience of the hovering stadium really makes for an eye-catching scene! Contrasts well with the way you edited the water too Well like I said before, I take a lot of inspiration from your work. Thanks.
  6. Ionica - Night Out

    Summer is coming to a close and that can only mean one thing in Ionica: Party Time! And where to party? In the Zone with the hottest night life in the city, Avalon. Every year at the end of August there is a long weekend and Ionicans flock to the heart of the city to celebrate the 'end of summer' and beginning of the work or school year. How does it sound if we spend the night out? Amongst the densely pack skyscrapers can be found some of the city's most popular rooftop bars, restaurants, and lounges. Mirror Mirror Bar - Four Seasons Avalon Cosmos Lounge - Lancelot Hotel Avalon GLOW Bar - Avalon Mutual Provident Building (34th floor) If you stop by the Borg Entertainment Cube don't forget to check out Lounge Blue, where anything a SimCity futurist wants is available (legal restrictions apply). From the Avalon Central Station you can get anywhere in the CBD. Once you exit the Station you are only 5 minutes away from anywhere you want to be. Avalon has changed a lot in the past 30 years, but one thing remains the same: the food. Restaurants featured in the Guide to the Bicentennial like Nova, Per Se, Alinea, & The Fat Duck, are still serving some of the best food in the entire world. Now that construction in the core is finally complete shopping in Avalon is the best it has been in year. You can go from one mall to another without even having to step outside. And finally don't forget to check out Martin Sloveig, Madeon, and Knife Party headlining a massive concert at the new Avalon Stadium. Terring: Can't wait for the development Neither can I. Pressing the play button is like unwrapping a highly anticipated gift. tankmank: Its great to see that you changed the trains, it looks great. As for the update it's great to see the progression and change the zones have gone through, something most people don't show Thanks for your input. I'm really liking the new trains, much better now. KonstantinII: Even big cities like New York and Shanghai are constantly being rebuild and infrastructure being improved. Are there any traffic jams in Ionica? Yup, that is exactly what inspired me to improve Avalon. There is one area in Avalon where the traffic is bad, but it is just in a small corner, it doesn't affect the core. RepublicMaster: That's some great improvements! I can't wait to see more. Thanks. It takes some time because the bigger Avalon gets the more loading time everything requires. Schulmanator: Very nifty! Nice to see the progress Thanks. Bipin: I heard you shout, I heard you loud and clear MilitantRadical! Thanks for using my turbo roundabout. Bye the way, I didn't see them, so in case they weren't added you may wish to include some entrance/exit ramps. You can use MIS and/or OWR for this. It should attack to the tiles parallel and next to the sunken section. Thanks Bipin. One problem I noticed however is that the night light of your turbout is too dark for Maxis Night. I'll bring it up to you in the forum when I can take a screenshot. Sylvio Jorge: It's so great to see the evolution of your CJ. Your cities were already great, but now they are unbelievably awesome. Congratulations. (I also loved the new train, it fits so nicely in your cities!) Glad you're enjoying it. It has been quite a process. I've been working on Avalon on and off for like 4 or 5 months. I've finally had the time to put some finishing touches which is always the most tedious. Ace❤: I love how much attention you pay to both architecture and transit networks. It creates a very dream-like CJ. In this update what really struck me was that double arch gateway in the second to last picture next to the moonlight canals. Beautiful touch. Amazing work overall. Thanks Ace. I just have a huge collection of BATs and I'm always trying to find a place for ones I have never used before. I'm always picking up odd BATs just for the heck of it. Geometry: Very nice! But are you planning to use the RealHighway Mod? I'll look into it on the next NAM update. Can I install RHW without interfering with the highways I already have? Hazani Pratama: Great Development! Thanks. raynev1: You have mad simcity skills , This looks awesome . 5/5 And a little bit of time always helps. Thanks. jwsteele: Where did you get that amazing park with the city hall area? Here: Palais du Luxembourg. SimCoug: It's always fun to see a 'behind the scenes' update. Great .gif by the way - that was fun to watch. Thanks. I keep forgetting to date the pics in the gif so that you can know which is the first. I have a tendency to not keep photoshop save files. Titanicbuff: ok thats distracting with the pictures suddenly changing- oh well- looks cool anyway. Yeah it is a bit odd to look at. Thanks. Thanks for Visiting.
  7. Ionica - Our Destiny

    A lot of pictures incoming. I would like to start out by repeating the first thing I said when I started my CJ which was a thank you all the people and groups whose buildings and mods helped make this city possible. I've learned so much from regularly visiting this site and interacting with the people who make it so great, it has been really fun. I would also like to send out a general thank you to all the people who visit and comment regularly, you have all motivated me to create greater and grander things. All of you who regularly follow this CJ have seen most of the pics in this entry, but enjoy the recap. Over the past year Ionica has changed quite a bit and in fact very little remains of the first Ionica, which to me was actually called Megatropolis. I changed the name when I created my CJ because Megatropolis was always kind of a geeky temp name. Ionica was named after William Johnson Cory's chief poetical work Ionica, an anthology of poems (I guess the name is still geeky). This first picture is what Ionica looked like when I first started my CJ. It certainly was much bigger than it is now, but a lot of it was kind of just an experiment. I guess you could call this the Beta version of Ionica. I decided to get rid of a lot of it when I moved my Region on to a new set of tiles. Some was sacrificed because it wouldn't fit properly into the new space, many were sacrificed because they were downright amateurishly designed. So technically there are a few early entries about Zones that don't physically exist anymore. I really only kept my two biggest tiles which were Avalon and Veritas; I couldn't get rid of them because I spent too much time building them that it would have felt like a waste. In my new region Avalon is now in the center of the city which was how I wanted it to be when I started but the default tile arrangement I chose prevented me from putting Avalon where I really wanted. In this picture there are still quite a few Zones surrounding Avalon are from the original version of Ionica. This is what Ionica looks like today. It has shrunk quite a bit because I've started making more decisions about how the region should look. If you look at Avalon you'll see that a lot of it has been gutted because I'm redesigning more of the downtown area and also the industrial area on the bottom island which used to have an airport, but you can't have an airport in the middle of skyscrapers. A part of me is thinking of redesigning Veritas, but it is such a massive undertaking and I don't know if I would want to start from square one or if I would progressively gut and rebuild it. Both would take a long time, but Veritas is kind of a mess so I'm really considering it. I also might want to move my University into Veritas because right now it is so far from the rest of the city and I would like it to be closer. Also, relocating the University would be kind of a headache because that means rebuilding the whole thing, then again, that could allow me to improve it slightly even though I'm really happy with the way it looks. The year is 2242 C.E. and you are in the United Zones of Ionica Acropolis - Where the old and the new world collide Avalon - Heart of the city, center of the world. It takes a few seconds for this GIF to reload. Hao Datong - Serenity on the doorstep of chaos. Hegemony - The Will to Dominate the World Hegemony and Iron Palm super mosaic. Technically this is the smaller version, the real one is too big to host for most sites. Technically neither of these zones exist anymore. I'm going to rebuild Hegemony and Iron Palm, but they don't exist for now. Illium - Just because we have a big tower doesn't mean we're compensating Ionican International Airport - From the unknown to back home Liu Chuxuan - I'm on a boat. Ma-Yu - When I'm Not Wanted Is When I'm Needed Most. Ogma (no link because there is no entry for this zone) - Aware of what has been done, mindful of what will be. This is a close up of the center of the University which is a lot like a Victorians style garden. The University gets more modern the further out you zoom, but I'm not ready to show that just yet. Pater - Get your Blitz Fix Portelance - Just find out what the blue monkeys want so we can get that unobtanium! Prince Five Weapons - Your most powerful weapon is inside you. Qiu Chuji - The wisest masters can make the worst mistakes. Sagittarius - Our Destiny Written in the Stars. Sun-Bu-er - Future Living Tan Chudan - Living Alongside Giants. Veritas - No Power Greater Than Truth. Wang Chu Yi - Let Them Have Pedal Boats. Zoolander - "A Model Idiot." Replies: dubaidude303: Wow! Always enjoy your updates. Great work! Thanks dubaidude, glad to have you here along for the journey. Hope you get to see lots more of Ionica in the year to come. Alex_1210: wow! nice city and i couldn't even find one maxis building, that's insane. lol. As huston pointed out there was one, but only one. I have installed a Maxis blocker so that no Maxis buildings grow, but I still use some landmarks and rewards from time to time, especially private school even though the style of that building doesn't at all fit in with the style of my city. ggamgus: Very nice entry, keep it going. Thanks ggamgus, will try to keep it going, right now my PC is down and a replacement for my GPU isn't coming as fast as I expected. Ace❤: Holy crap. That's amazing! I can't imagine how your computer doesn't crash every time you open a city I imagine Ionica must give one heck of a region view impression Thanks Ace. My computer holds up just fine. There have been a few instances of strange saves making my city crash when I load up the region but nothing a backup save can't fix. Well now that you've seen the region view you can tell it isn't complete, but it will hopefully be an awesome spectacle once fully formed and filled. Schulmanator: The snacks held up well. Glad to have you back. Looks awesome! Good to hear. Thanks. pigeonpigeon: Whoa, that's amazing. Does anyone know where the retaining walls (the vertical ones, and the diagonal with stairs) in the 3rd picture are from? I'd also love to know where to find those triangular park-like pieces and the centers of your roundabouts! Everyone keeps asking me about those walls but I haven't found where I got them from again. The some of the triangular parks are here and here, the roundabouts are here. kiskis88: Wow, exellent. I like. Thanks kiskis. Sylvio Jorge: Me neither. And I think this is amazing in such a big city. Thanks. I just can't stand most Maxis buildings because the night lighting in the windows sucks compared to a lot of the stuff that is coming out today. Huston: You guys aren't looking hard enough then cause I saw the default Maxis Private school in one of the pics But anyway, seriously this update is crazy big, and crazy spectacular! But no surprise considering all your updates are like that Amazing work Huston comes in for the win, good eyes. Not hard to miss though, it was in plain view. Thanks Huston. RepublicMaster: So many Amazing Pics! I like all the skysrcapers, lots of variety! Great to see you back! Thanks RepublicMaster, it took a long time to build that city, I'm glad you enjoyed it. supercitys354262: biggest city evaahhh!!!!! Yeeeehaaaaw! Hazani Pratama: WOW is very amazing! Thank you Hazani. SimCoug: Beautiful, as always. I like how you fit some of those diagonal buildings along your diagonal roads, and your waterfront parks are looking great. Happy early 1 year birthday. Thanks SimCoug, glad you like it. Happy 1st to you to. Even though our cities are totally different you have inspired the way I play a lot. garrulus: Simcity as it should look like.. You must have a powerfull cpu. Thanks. The CPU on the PC that I play SC4 on was good back in '05/06, but it is nothing special now. Holy crap that PC is old. zgrillo2004: where can I get the addon for the car ferry in the last screenshot? That car ferry is by bripizza. KonstantinII: This is how a good city should be done. You are better then those lazy bastards who play april fools jokes on people. This is actually the best futuristic city I ever seen and it looks better at night. By the way you should consider joining our CJ union. Serious relotting of custom lots. I wonder how it is to drive through the city. Is it fun? Thanks for your praise KonstantinII. I don't know, some of the April fools pranks were darn good this year, the release of SC2013 made an easy target also. I'll be glad to join your union. I don't drive through my cities, lol. Sorry to say there are NO custom lots in Ionica; I've never been able to get Lot editors to work on my computer. blunder: /sits back, grabs some popcorn, and waits for Anima to crash the game. very nice city! I love the relotted skyscrapers on the diagonals. Thanks blunder. If they were relotted they weren't relotted by me. I'm pretty sure that is just an option bixel provided right out of the box for the buildings you are talking about. eoin247: Just loving this city at night. My only gripe with this is the pictures are massive and some turn out funny in my browser. It might just be my browser though. 5 stars otherwise Thanks eoin. Sucks that the pics are being funny on your computer. Like you said, it might have something to do with your connection or your browser. Hard to tell, everything seems to work ok on my end. Thanks for visiting.
  8. Ionica - Opening Night Blitz

    I'm back, kind of... I originally expected to released this a couple of weeks after my last entry but I got busy with a few things and decided to take a little break. Also my PC's graphics just recently died and I still haven't received a replacement for it so I haven't been able to work on my city for the past week and a half. I probably won't be able to show anything new for a little while longer. The 1 year anniversary of my CJ is on April 13th so my next entry is probably going to be an epic recap of the past year's progress. Ready to Blitz? Welcome to Pater, home of the futuristic fast paced sports Blitzball and Disc Wars. The Aperture Arena, a replica of the Zanarkand Blitzball Stadium, hovers over the water in the center of an octagon surrounded by some of the most expensive Condominiums and Apartments in all of Ionica. At the feet of these waterfront properties are a series of intricately connected parks where residents and tourists can relax and leave behind the troubles of fast paced city life. The design of the entire area was heavily influenced by Feng Shui masters who were brought in to consult on the constructions of the Arena and surrounding area. Standing in the center above the Aperture Arena are the two towers Boaz and Jachin, named after the two pillars which stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem. It is said that they represent the equilibrium between two opposite forces or a gateway to the sphere of the enlightened. To the right and left of Boaz and Jachin can be found Awen Court 1 and 2. The Awen courts are private housing estate and skyscrapers. They each have two towers of 45 and 54 floors, offering 1,624 serviced apartments, overlooking the Aperture Arena. The Awen is a druidic glyph with three vertical lines or rays converging at its apex. Awen in the Celtic language means "inspiration," and refers to spiritual illumination. The three rays of the Awen also symbolize the harmony of opposites- the left and right rays symbolizing female and male energy; the center ray, their harmonious balance. Next are the six Olympian towers. The tall yet slim structures of, three on each side of the octagon, house thousands of Ionican residents in ultra-modern luxury condo suites. Each tower is named after the six Gods that comprise the First Olympian Generation: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. (Remember to click on the pics to see them in glorious full resolution) In the image below you can see the 3rd Awen Court which was not visible in the last image. Next to the third Awen Court is another dual pillar themed housing estate and skyscraper known as the Castor and Pollux towers. In fact there are dual pillar/twin skyscrapers on each orthogonal side of the octagon. Rowers race past Fraternity park along the Pater canal. "It's a nice day for a white wedding." St. Michael's Chapel is found in the park along the octagon. This small chapel is one of the most popular places in Ionica to get married and is often the sight of a few pre-game prayers by Blitzball players before big games. When Ionica had just gained its independence the small light house and observation tower used to be one of the tallest structure in the area which has now become the Zone of Pater. Now it is a mere anthill in comparison to the massive skyscrapers which now loom over the mouth of the octagon. The light house is now one of the few structures that remain from before the construction of the Aperture Arena and make-over of the surrounding area. The eight white towers in the middle of this picture comprise the City of Immortals Apartments. The towers represent The Eight Immortals, a group of legendary xian ("immortals; transcendents; saints") in Chinese mythology. Each Immortal's power can be transferred to a power tool that can bestow life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called the "Covert Eight Immortals". Mimicking the tranquil formation of flowers floating on a pond, The City of Immortals' design harmoniously brings together serenity, comfort and convenience. The result is both liberating and secure. Let the games begin! Replies: Schulmanator: Snacks are ready to be deployed... when's the game?? The game starts a lot later than I expected. This entry was supposed to come a lot sooner lol. Hope you still have your snacks. blunder: The Zanarkand blitzball stadium! I don't think i've ever seen someone use that in a CJ before...This should be interesting. Yeah it is a hard BAT to fit in but I thought I'd give building something around it a shot. dubaidude303: Very interesting! Great work dude! Thanks, kind of a strange idea but I think it turned out quite well. ggamgus: Another amazing entry... Luckily, IoniCop got my stuff back. Thanks. Yeah he got your stuff back, and kicked ass in the process. Fox: Great looking parks, I'd love to work there and eat lunch down in the parks somewhere. Great to see someone has actually used that stadium bat you have over the water, looks perfect for your city. Thank you Fox. Hope you appreciate those parks even more now that you've seen them in fuller context. felano: i've been read your CJ from beginning.. i adore your story! its awesome! but honestly, in the early entries, it was so plain.. no photo-editing or else..but now, it was so great! and yes, i never seen anyone use the blitzball stadium in CJ, because its so dark, but you did well! Good to hear felano. It has been quite an evolution from then to now. Having a CJ is key cause it makes you want to improve so that you can 'compete' and keep up with some of the other great stuff here. Hazani Pratama: Nice City! Thank you. SimCoug: Hopefully the beer isn't overpriced. Nice work on the Parks205 along the waterfront! Discount on beer for Simtropolis members, but not Maxis and EA employees! Thanks, I love those parks, there is so much you can do with them and they look pretty, especially once you throw some trees in there. Totally inspired by some of paeng's stuff. KonstantinII: Very good futuristic looking city. Where you got those skyscrapers? Thanks. I got those buildings here there and everywhere. We'll talk about it through PM. Huston: I can't help but think the music seems to fit in with this update. But no doubt that this update is awesome, great job there Thanks. Too bad it took so long to release the follow up to the last one, but I think the end result is satisfying. Simul8ter8: Phenomenal work!! Thanks Simul8ter8, good to hear from you. RepublicMaster: The Music makes this even better! I like the canals and the night lights. Great stuff! Sweet, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for visiting Ionica. Rate, comment and +1 if you enjoyed the update.
  9. Ionica - Avalon Evolution

    Avalon Evolution It's my 30th entry, yay! As ideas and technology change so does the city. The city planners of Ionica have recently taken on the daunting task of improving and repairing Avalon's roads, parks, and rails. This has caused large disruptions in traffic in some of Avalon's busiest areas. However, the renovation has been welcomed by most citizens as the effects of the changes have already had a noticeable positive effect on the lifestyle of Avalon residents. The pictures below show the changes around the Avalon Central Terminal and Avalon park. The first picture is from 2058 C.E., the second is from 2203 C.E., and the third is from 2238 C.E., the present time in Ionica. One of the biggest and most necessary changes was to add elevated roads to pass over the rails and to add elevated rails to pass over the roads so that traffic could flow much more easily. As long as business keeps booming the skyscrapers will keep growing. Avalon park has had a complete make over and is now four times the size it originally was. It was expanded to incorporate Stone Henge and castle walls imported from Camelot. The park now features many stalls where visitors can buy snack or souvenirs. The heart of Avalon has also experienced drastic changes with whole skyscrapers being destroyed, and in some cases re-located. The next series of images just show off the new and improved areas. Enjoy. Replies: blunder: I love, love, love how you did the canal! Having it on a sunken level with the roads overpassing and the decorative retaining walls is an excellent idea. Thanks blunder, I just recently started experimenting with sunken levels, glad it turned out well. Benedict: Great update. I had been wondering what the significance of the archer in the header was. Thanks Ben, I kinda just made it up as I went along. shhhh. Fox: Cool update, the night shots look fantastic! The use of the retaining walls around the canal are great, it's looks like a really fascinating area I'd love to go an explore. So glad you enjoyed it Fox. ggamgus: I know all that. But I'm just saying, this is such a giant and beautiful city... lol, thanks ggamgus Schulmanator: Great looking city. And the snow puts me in the mood for holiday shopping Looks awesome! 'Tis the season. Thanks. dubaidude303: Wow!!!!! Great update dude! Burr looks cold lol Thanks dude, just a bit of snow though, not too cold. 10000000000000: UDI Paradise! Keep up the amazing work! I love how you are on of the few who pays attention to both high class transit networks and beautiful building choices at the same time. I'll try to maintain my standard for you. Thanks. raynev1: Simply spectacular , all the details , picture effects , the names across the top of Krost towers . . . Very nice entry . Man , I tell you . I checked out a few of your previous entries , Dude , your on fire , keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to your next entry. Thanks raynev, glad you think so. SimCoug: I agree with blunder - those canals really stand out. I can't remember the name of the creator of those vertical walls (from a Japanese site, I think) but you used them to great effect. And the night shots are stunning - so many colors! Great work. Thanks SimCoug. Yeah the walls are from a Japanese site, can't remember which. I think Simul8ter8 was the one who showed them to me. I'll have to track them down again. Hazani Pratama: Awesome and nice! Sweet, thanks. lovemax: ok cool Ok thanks. Newfie Mike: Just incredible!! Your praise is appreciated, thanks. supercitys354262: Looks like again the best stuff. Awesome , incredible thanks!!!! Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. Johan_91: Roads, tracks, buildings, canals everywhere!" Perfect big city feeling! ^^ Messy but beautiful! ^__^ Good job! Thanks. It is indeed very cluttered. hotChocolate: That's an absolutely amazing and inconceivably large mosaic. Massively awesome. Thanks, I've made bigger, the problem is that it's hard to find a place to host em. hahei: Welcome to December! I love that mood you set in the day mosaic, it is literally quite beautiful. Exactly the mood I was trying to evoke, thanks. garrulus: You must have spent days for this! Very impressive. I did indeed spend quite a bit of time on this tile. Thanks. Harlequin_666: What are those walls/parks that are by his canals? Sorry Harlequin, I can't find them right now. KonstantinII: It is gorgeous city!There are parks everywhere for the people to relax.Your city has influenced me greatly. Barsoom project has not only industries but also residential and commercial buildings,you'll love it!You should also visit this site.There are a lot of futuristic buildings and there are spaceships and ATEX transportation system too.Click on the text to download buildings and click on the arrows a t the top to go to the next page. [url="http://www2.yuhisa.c...=one;no=103;id="]http://www2.yuhisa.c...=one;no=103;id= Thanks for the comments and the info. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
  10. Ionica - September Storms

    Welcome back to Blakeway: Very beautiful! Thank you. Mastof: Amazing Mosaic Thanks. dubaidude303: Dude, each one of your CJ's keep getting better and better Keep it up! Sweet, that's good to hear. Thanks dude. Jacob Guajardo: Wow amazing i feel like I am at some sky city. You are welcome here among the clouds. Thanks. Schulmanator: Awesome! This is sweeter than a sackful of hummingbirds! Thanks, I've never seen a hummingbird. Everyone seems to have seen one except me. ggamgus: Excellent job. I have gathered my pistol, dear sir. Commence the duel if you are courageous! *BANG* Aaaaaah. My knee. Thanks. Why'd you shoot yourself in the knee? SimCoug: The waterfront parks are very well done - Great update! Thanks, they take a long time because my comp is slow and loading my park menu takes a long time. I should probably learn to use the building plop cheat to select the pieces and lay them faster. Hazani Pratama: Very Amazing!!! Thanks Pratama. Huston : Wow, the canal scenes are breath taking, and night shots are very stunning! Would mind answering a question though? Where did you get that Black tower in the middle of the 6th image? That's the JR Building by SimCity4IE. pole475: Also, if you don't mind, where did you get the seawalls by the river in various pics. Those seawalls are by Jeronij on SC4 Devotion. SimCity4IE: Awesome! I can see one of my BATs too! Golly SimCity4IE, I love your BATS so much. Thanks. I wish I controlled the rain. A rainy Saturday afternoon. Looks like Macy's is ready for Christmaween early this year... A little storm won't stop people from lining up for the new iPhone 76-HDLTE. Better tell the people in the boats the get out of the pond... "Hurry and get the trams inside." At the end of the day the sun will chase the clouds away. Thanks for stopping by.
  11. Zones of Ionica - Iron Palm

    Welcome Back, TowerDude - Long live Simtropolis! dubaidude303 - I gotta represent. Velocity264C - Thanks katherman111 - So many people ask me where I get my buildings. Simple answer: ST/Exchange. 80 to 90% of all my buildings come from the ST/Exchange and that is where you can find the Tintin Destination Moon Rocket. TheHaso2011 - Sure, why not. Updates - NAM upgraded. I finally upgraded my Network Add-on Mod to the latest version. I think I had 2.9 or something. I didn't even realize I didn't have the most recent version until I did a little research. At first I was hesitant to upgrade it because I was worried it may throw a lot of things out of whack. Thankfully the uninstall of the old version and the install of the new version worked perfectly. Now I finally have roundabouts that I can put filler parks in, for some reason with the older version I couldn't. - CPT Olympic Terrain Mod installed. I've been noticing that everyone has some kind of sweet terrain mod and I felt like the only one with the ugly default terrain. I really like the Olympic Terrain mod, but I'm not 100% wedded to it. I might want to go with something more tropical, but it looks really good right now so I'm not going to mess with a good thing. - DEDWD RT Bus and Subway stops added. I used to have some really ugly blue RTMT ones, they are everywhere. I'm starting to phase them out. - Extra Cheats DLL for BuildingPlop. I was tired of waiting for the buildings that I wanted but never seemed to grow in the place I wanted them. This mainly happens with small commercial buildings with sizes like 3x4, 4x4, and 3x3. I have so many buildings that fit in zones of those sizes which makes it hard to get the ones I want. Now I can just use the BuildingPlop cheat to make the variety of buildings in my city much greater. - Zone of Avalon crashed my Sim City on launch again! I keep doing this silly thin where I Save and Exit to Region and it causes SC4 to crash, then when I try to re-launch it crashes as the region tries to load. Thankfully I have backups of my city, unfortunately my progress was set back a few days. Now I make sure to always backup my city before launching SC4. Headline News from Ionica - President's Stance on Legalizing Kittens evolves, Media Elite Rejoice. - City Expanding Too Rapidly, Older Zones Suffering from Neglect - Schizophrenic Man Attempting to Climb the Ionican Ziggurat in Avalon (Burj Khalifa) Tragically Falls to his Death. - Congress Fails to Pass the SBAA (Stop Beiber Android Act) Iron Palm - Population 67,000 It was the Japanese Train system that inspired me to build this zone. I had seen tepodon's Shinjuku Station while browsing the ST/Exchange many times, but it was only recently that I decided to download it and make it the centerpiece of my newest zone. The Zone is named Iron Palm because of the famous Iron Palm technique which is widely practiced in this area. Iron Palm neighbors Hegemony and Olympus; Zones to the East and South have yet to be completed. To download image below click here (make sure you click: click here to start download from sendspace). This is a 132mb 12000x14000 mosaic of Hegemony and Iron Palm. If you have a good connection I suggest you give it a go, you can zoom in a lot and get all the way in there. I couldn't find a place to host an image this size; anyone know of one? If there is anything wrong with the link please tell me and I'll try and fix it as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting and thank you Simtropolis.
  12. Zones of Ionica - Hegemony

    Welcome back, Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement. hahei - For sure the theme is cyberpunk, but there are a few Zones on the edges that are less dense and futuristic. I'm always experimenting with rural tools here and there. IL - The building the in last picture of my previous post is the by Cobb32118. I like the idea that my city sprawls as much underground as it does on the surface. Unfortunately in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0xVp3N-M84, the movie I posted a trailer for in my last entry, is a kaleidoscopic, global compilation of both natural events and by fate, life and activities of humanity on Earth. The film is montage of footage of various landscapes, churches, ruins, religious ceremonies, and cities thrumming with life, filmed using time-lapse photography in order to capture the great pulse of humanity as it flocks and swarms in daily activity. To get an example of what Samsara is going to be like check out Chronos. terring & Mastof - Thanks for the tips. I will definitely try to implement your advice in the next Zone I build on uneven terrain. Updates The Maxis building Construction contract with the Ionican government has finally ended. The Maxis Construction Company (MCC) will no longer build any Residential, Commercial, and Industrial buildings in Ionica. The Ionican government cited the ugliness of pretty much all Maxis buildings as the main reason for severing the contract early. The free market has triumphed again! The CEO of the MCC stated that the contracted ended on amicable terms and despite the massive downsizing of the company they will still be building private schools, parks, and a few civic buildings. The head of the MCC union has reached agreements with other construction companies like the Bixel Group and ILL Tonkso Corporation. Hegemony - Population 85,659 Hegemony - an indirect form of imperial dominance in which the hegemon (leader state) rules sub-ordinate states by the implied means of power rather than direct military force. Hegemony is the newest Zone in Ionica. I wanted to build a Zone around one of many the scba or Fribe stadiums I recently downloaded (You can't have a functioning dystopia without bread and circuses). I ended up choosing the by scba. Unfortunately it doesn't have nightlights, but it is very beautiful and that doesn't matter to me so much. This is the first zone I've built with the BSC Maxis blocker and I'm pretty happy with the results. The Zone isn't 100% finished, by that I mean I want to replace a few buildings here and there to get that really 'dense look'. I wanted to grow the a 14x6 R$$$ Lot, in front of the stadium but two buildings grew instead. I didn't make them historical and I hope that eventually the Millennium Residence will grow, but for now that doesn't matter. Thanks for visiting and thank you Simtropolis.
  13. Zones of Ionica - Foundation

    Welcome back, Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement so far. ggamgus - Yeah, like I said, I really love that borg cube mrblisterdunde - the rail on the coast is a rail to ferry port. I don't think there is one that connects to tram as far as I know gman28 - Your observation about the trees has been acted upon. I used to just brush trees in randomly along the highways, but over the past few days I've been replacing them with ploppable seasonal trees. It looks much nicer now, but there are still places that have trees popping out of the highways. 7891122562059523 - I'm not familiar with slope mods and what a slope mod will do for me. g.yau - The spiral tower in Sanctum is the BLaM Tornado Tower AboveTheCity - Thanks for your praise, but I do not consider myself anywhere near a SimCity GOD. A Modern Warfare GOD - yes, SimCity 4 GOD - no. The crazy thing about this game right now is that there is so much you can do with it. I haven't even come close to what I've seen is possible in other CJs. Before I get started, I don't intend to make advertizing movies a habit in my journals, but I got so hyped when I saw this trailer I thought I'd share it with you since this is a film that should appeal to most SimCity lovers. Updates I'm still working on making Avalon really nice. It is going to take a while because I'm working on new zones and remodeling old zones at the same time. Also, I want to make a super huge mosaic full zone mosaic of Avalon which I know will be kind of tedious to do. I'll post a preview of Avalon in my next post. I have some interesting pictures from when the zone was first starting out. I need a place where I can host high-res images for free so that I can present it in the best quality possible. Night in Foundation Foundation is on the far East end of Ionica. It is across the river from Veritas. This zone is known for it's joy-de-vivre and nightlife. It is directly south of the International Airport and a lot of Sims who come to Ionica for short stays often find themselves in Foundation. There aren't even that many clubs or bars in Foundation, it is just that there is always a party going on somewhere and they usually have open door policies. I made this mosaic a week and a half ago which means it doesn't show how I've implemented the seasonal trees yet. The bridge that goes off screen to the left leads to an small island with a few low density homes and a Simtanic port. This zone still needs some work to be great but so far I'm glad with how it turned out. There is currently no zone beneath this one. Like I said I'm trying to find a place where I can host higher resolution images. The quality of the picture is 70% of the original which is much crisper. There is just something I really love about the graphical style of SC4, especially with all the custom buildings that have been made over the years. My favorite building in Foundation is the Troglodyte Complex, a massive underground experimental planned community. The residential units lie on many levels below ground level. Being an underground community, it takes advantage of geothermal energy for electricity and heat. It makes use of its roof space for solar power, and some limited food recycling and water treatment. The troglodyte complex draws its water supply directly from the water table. That will do it for now. I've got a few things lined up to post as entries while I take pictures of Avalon and make it denser than it is. Thanks for visiting and thank you Simtropolis.
  14. Welcome to Ionica - Big City, Small World

    Welcome to Ionica - Year 2198 - Population 5.5 million I would like to start out by thanking all the people and groups whose buildings and mods helped make this city possible. Simtropolis is an amazing community and it has brought SimCity 4 to a whole other level. I'm learning new ways to play the game every time I come to this site and every time I download new add-ons, it is amazing. I've seen so many fantastic city journals and they inspire me to design better and more beautiful cities, thank you. The designing principle behind this city was to make a very dense Metropolis and I was inspired by cities like Hong Kong and anime films like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Metropolis (2001). However, Ionica isn't as dark or dystopic as those cities. It still has an east meets west kind of feel because western cultures also have a very rich history of architecture and art that I just couldn't ignore. - Avalon, Ionica's 2nd densest Zone. Veritas is the densest, but I'm not ready to show it yet. Unfortunately SimCity 4 has it's limitations and I don't think it is actually possible to design a city like Hong Kong because in SC4 the buildings can't have residential and commercial in one. It has taken me a while to figure out how to get a city working really well and to make sure that residential and commercial buildings aren't abandoned due to long commute times. I also feel the transportation system is messed up in SC4 because the sims seem to have a lot of problems commuting long distances and they prefer employment that is local. It seemed that no matter how I built my transportation systems I would always have places that would get abandoned. I've since managed to create a balance and more efficient transportation and now all the zones in my city are fully sustainable. Most of the zones are designed to be very dense, however there are pockets of serenity here and there. A few areas and zones, especially those closer to the ocean have low density housing; it is where all the rich people have their mansions. - Feasson, a more relaxed way of living at the outer edge of Ionica I didn't use a customized region to build my city, I'm kind of just making it up as a go along. Most of the city is built on very flat terrain just because that makes thing easier to build. SC4 didn't really figure out how to build stuff on uneven terrain and it is very difficult to build cities with steep slopes. There are some zones that have hills and valleys and it certainly gives them more character, but most of the time it is more practical to build on flat surfaces. Each zone I've built have been kind of an experiment and I've been gaining experience as I've been building. My first mega zone (1of 3) does not have any GLR and it took me the longest time to figure out how to set one up properly. Now i'm using tram-in road in almost all my zones. The one big thing I haven't really tackled yet is canals and that is the next thing I want to get into, but I still have a few more zones to build that need to have continuity with the rest. Lately I've been beefing up my zones and trying to get rid of as many ugly Maxis buildings as possible, as well as making the best use of space as possible. When I first started downloading buildings I downloaded Kelly's Escort Service thinking it would be funny but now there are just so many Escort Service buildings everywhere. The problem is just that the building doesn't fit in with the rest of the city, so I have to get rid of most of them. Once and a while there are Zones that I am totally not satisfied with and I've given them 'total makeovers'. I recently gave Feason such a treatment and the photo I posted was the result of that process. Most of the time when I re-do a zone I call it 2 for some reason, with the exception of Walden II which is draws it's name from the Utopian novel written by behavioral psychologist B. F. Skinner. (I just thought it was an interesting name, not as much because of the content of the book) Each zone is powered independently by Infusion Corp's Thermal Ionizer 2.0, a geothermal power plant, which also purifies water and air. After the discovery of goethermal and invention of this powerplant city planners thought it would be best to not draw the earth's energy from a large centralized location but rather to distribute them amongst the zones and allow them more control over the power they consume. The water is pumped by the conventional SC4 pumps and is purified by the Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Pant which each zone also has. The garbage is disposed of by The Black Hole Waste Management Corp.'s Core Incinerator which disposes of garbage by burning it in the earth's core. Most of the Agriculture is done in large hydroponic facilities. Ionica recently contracted Pegadyne to manufacture Sky Farms in the industrial zones of the city. It also has Aothe Massiv Hydroponic Farms which are underground. - Sky Farms in Avalon's industrial area Ionica is currently composed of 58 zones, here are a few examples: Avalon - Avalon was recently surpassed by Veritas as the densest Zone in Ionica, but it is still considered to be the heart of the city. Acropolis II - Acropolis II is the center of post secondary learning in Ionica. The University of Acropolis is considered to be the best in Ionica. Caliphate - Home of the 12th Imam. Glenn Beck warned us, did we listen? Nope. This zone actually doesn't have anything to do with Islam, however there are mosques in Ionica. Prince Five Weapons - A zone Dedicated to the brave Prince Five Weapons who defeated the Ogre Sticky Hair Magi - Not pronounced Maggy. Home of Ionica's space program, Military Industrial Complex and the IIA (Ionican Intelligence Agency). It is like Cape Canaveral meets Langley Virginia. You are looking at the industrial side. Ganymede 2.0 - Come watch Blitzball in the replica of the Zanarkand Blitzball Stadium Paragon - The center of communication technologies in Ionica. The zone of Paragon is also home to Fulcrum island, a place where the rich and famous can have summer homes. Well that will do it for now. Next post I'm going do get more into the government of Ionica and how I think the cities work. Also, Avalon is approaching it's bicentennial and I hope to do a feature on it so I am hard at work revising and further modernizing the city. Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon.

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