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City-building game(s)

Found 5 results

  1. Atlantic storm batters Cragmuir

    From the album Photoshop Challenge (S3-05-E)

    An Atlantic storm has reached the small town of Cragmuir on the Isle of Sialia as massive waves splash against the whisky distillery. Motorists have been advised against travel in parts of the Star Isles as the storm sweeps in on the Outer Islands. All ferry services to the Outer Islands have been halted as the storm is bringing heavy wind and rain, and visibility is expected to be reduced to zero. As part of the Photoshop Challenge I added whitecaps to the sea, as well as waves crashing into the rocks and sea mist rising from where the waves crash against the coast. I also added several layers of fog as well as reduced saturation to parts of the scene enveloped in the clouds of the incoming storm. This is my first attempt at adding waves and clouds to a scene, I hope you all enjoy!
  2. Storm Delta

    Version 1.0


    Map. It's a small storm delta Put the .crp file in: C:/Users/*Your username*/AppData/Local/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Maps P.S.: It's my first post, so if I did something wrong, just tell me!
  3. Overview ~ Days on end go by as the search of Dr. Garneau becomes a wild goose chase in the select few systems where Garneau has been thought to have found. The crew then find themselves scowering the backwater garden world satellite system of Dranen, Arvuna for the seemingly difficult to find scientist. But with the Balor system in dismay, and cities being overrun by Reaper forces, the Aysur system is cut off from the Caleston Rift's own Mass Relay. With virtually no way of escape, many take their chances to go off-world in shuttles that attempt to make the run for the Balor Mass Relay. And with the Normandy crew spending several days on the world searching for Garneau, distress signals from nearby cities and settlements drag the crew into aiding with evacuation on the now isolated colony. Schulmanator They sure do! You'll get to see just how much trouble they cause in later updates Efkin Thanks #1SithLord Lol, indeed. Thanks 976 Thanks a lot Dryan, really appreciate the comment Fox Sorry disappoint Fox, here's another serving of ME:TMW ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: My BATs for this update rendered poorly, with most of the buildings having no nightilghts despite having rendered them. I only got some of my BATs to actually have nightlighting--gonna have to re-export the rest. And I've spent just about three days trying to get them done, but my computer doesn't really want to co-operate. Better get a new laptop soon Oh and just to mention, this is a side story of a multi-part update I'll be doing soon, and that picture of Arvuna and Dranen was made by me. Yep. Me. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Amongst the dozens of moons of the gas giant system of Dranen, lies a water world claimed by humans as a backwater system, posing little political and strategical influence for the Alliance, as well as the Citadel Council. Thus the system is largely left to fare on its own, just as any other colony in the Terminus is claimed to do. But as the galaxy plunges into galactic war, Reapers invading begin to encroach on colonies and clusters, and while Arvuna remains safe from the mean time, escape from the Rift's only relay isolates the human population that reside on the colony. It leaves many on edge. And many to take their chances either on Arvuna to stand their ground, to evacuate and make an attempt to run for the relay. It all seems quiet on the water world colony, but as fears of an impending offensive on Arvuna lingers, many take their transport ships, freighters and shuttles to the skies to evade the danger and possibility of attack. A colony wide exodus is underway with thousands evacuating countless settlements. However, some of the many try to wait it all out. But out in the oceans, encountering calm skies then intermittently treacherous storms, Joker flies the Normandy around the planet, in search of Dr. Garneau, who may possibly have leads on the location of Leviathan. After many hours of scanning for the doctor on Arvuna, they find no signs of the him anywhere. On the side, EDI and Comm Specialist Traynor receive and pinpoint numerous distress signals from a multitude of colonial settlements around the planet. As their search on Arvuna for Garneau brings no avail, they plan to head out of the system and look to the several more potential locations. But before they leave Arvuna, Samantha informs the Commander of the distress calls from multiple townships, and convinces him to aid in evacuation before perusing his search. With the backing of his crew, he decides to aid in transporting a number of isolated colonists out of the system, they head for one of the settlements closest to the Normandy's location, knowing fully that the Normandy is capable of escaping the cluster through the Mass Relay, undetected. Joker makes the approach for the settlement of Himavrta, in the treacherous rain, and with the radiation shielding in their sights, they know that the settlement is not far out. Though in an almost zero-visibility environment, scanners reveal that they're close to the colony, and below them is the shoreline of the Himavrta Island settlement. The torrential rain and gusty winds make flying conditions oddly difficult, and mass effect fields are up to allow the Normandy to easily maneuver on the Earth-like gravity world. In the ship, people seem restless. James and Steve try to keep themselves busy and prepare to help with the evacuation, clearing space in the cargo hold for evacuees with the help of crew. In the Engine room, Engineer Adams, Ken, Gabby and Tali try to keep the Normandy's systems operating smoothly and managing the eezo core, with pounding weather scrambling some of the Normandy's systems. Meanwhile, in the crew quaters, Dr. Chakwas tries to file through the numerous records that she is intends to manage while tending to her supplies. Garrus tries to pull himself away from calibrating the Thanix cannon and gets ready to get to ground with the civilians. Liara, in her own private quaters, is busy with managing broker contacts, before she loses all communications beyond Arvuna. Instead, she begins flicking through her datapads. Kaidan on the starboard observation deck, looks into the storm restlessly, before immediately deciding to get up and check the situation on the CIC. Joker, being the pilot on the bridge, along with EDI co-piloting the Normandy, has little visual range in his field of view, with the storm obscuring his sight. He relies on the ship's array of sensory data and scanners to inform him of their location and any dangers that might be ahead of them, while at the same time, EDI simeltaneously carries out system tasks regarding the Normandy and informing Joker of any impending hazards. Samantha as well tries to manage data and distress signals coming from all over Arvuna, with John listening in to her every regard, with communications from various settlements before deciding to ready himself for the civilian extraction on the ground. Down below, Himavrta's inhabitants lay distressed, and despite the storm, a little torrential downpour seems to be the least of their worries. Unsure about the situation in Balor, many residents make their way to the settlement's rural spaceport landing zone. Crop shuttles, Kodiaks, Kowloon class freighters and arriving privateer ships help people to go off-world as the Reapers slowly expand their reach in the Rift. As many take to the mass planetary exodus, the lack of lights in the colony make it obvious as to the scale of the inhabitants that have decided to leave Himavrta and Arvuna. As more people are encouraged to evacuate the nearly defenseless colony, the skyline of Himavrta continues to darken in the deep storm's casted shadow. Just on the outskirst HImavrta. the wind turbines that the settlement is dependent on for electricity are abandoned one by one, as per shutting down the colony. With few people to maintain the systems, the power generated is dependent on the few turbines that are still being managed, while the rest are left alone, likely to be thrown off by the dangers of the high winds. Those who have chosen to stand their ground on the settlement try to wait out the storm, and may decide to leave when it is too late. But for now, the stubborn inhabitants left behind lay in wait while their neighbors leave their prefabs abandoned. Down, closer to the shores, a colonist remains calm about the situation, despite the number of abandoned prefabs around him. The storm's intensity rises and falls, with winds blowing the rain into some radical angles and onto the windows of Himavrta's colonial prefab windows. Fortunately, most people have begun to become adapted to Arvuna's wild weather systems of snow, ice and rain. But seeing as the colony nears the equatorial belt of the planet, rain is seen as far more common than snow. At Himavrta's rural spaceport-landing zone, shuttles which arrived, have now mostly left, with other arrivals coming to extract civilians from the township. People wait in prefabs and shelters, awaiting more rescue help from privateers and shuttle pilots. Waiting for what seems like hours, more shuttles arrive to extract locals for evacuation. The shuttles carrying the many residents of Himavrta then lift off with an intent to reach the Balor Mass Relay. Their chances of succeeding in evading the cluster's invading forces seem to be dwindling. But as their distress signal is caught by the Alliance frigate, Normandy, the many civilians still stranded on the ground have high hopes to escape the cluster for safer colonies, or even the Citadel. The stranded colonists, stressed and in fear, then board the Normandy with haste, the ship's crew guiding them into the ship, ready to leave behind their isolated and endangered colony. -- Once they board all the civilians they can take, the Normandy lifts off, it's Loading bay filled with shaken refugees and anxious colonists. The ship leaves Arvuna behind, heading for safer, unoccupied neighboring clusters and even the Citadel in an effort to transport the civilians safely to a more secure area. ___________________________________________________________
  4. (Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, this one took a while to make. Images are 1080p, to see them much larger, click on them) (Yellow Text is construction crew, Green Text is news crew/author, Red text is Dennis Brown (mayor of Ashville cities) and Blue text is Jack Green (Mayor of Coastland Metropolis.) Breaking news! Ashville population now at 700,000! Mayor Dennis Brown now has his eyes on becoming the first city to EVER to break 1 million population on Hard mode, as he approaches the 3/4th mark. We're live here at Ashville Metropolis, Anything you got to say mayor Brown? "I...I can't believe I actually made it that far, Ashville has stopped growing after 600,000 but then it bloomed again. I look forward to making the headlines and breaking this barrier. I know that getting those last 300,000 is going to be much more difficult, but I'm going to do it, I want to break 1 Million Sims!" Wow, your population is at 728,000 right now! At the rate yours is growing, you'll definitely hit the barrier. Coastland Metropolis will be the 2nd city to hit 1 million on hard, but that's still a great honor for them! "Hey, I gotta thank Mayor Green, if he didn't build that high speed rail, this city would be gridlocked!' "Did you not hit some kind of demand cap or anything?" "Yes, but like any responsible mayor, I Googled my city's issues and found several solutions' Good, well thank you for your time! Keep up that city! GOOGLE? You used GOOGLE to solve your city's problems?! Ah, I admit I used it a couple times too, helped me break my demand cap. (Commercial area at Ashville Metropolis) 'Mayor Green, Your city is at 520,000 sims, we're the biggest cities in this region...But gosh this is getting harder! I actually wiped out ALL my dirty industry from my city and built it up north, connecting it to I-45. YOU DID WHAT?! See for yourself: (The Great Coast region) (4:57 PM) I know you moved the industries to another tile, but mayor you're showing no regard to the environment, you're disrespecting mother nature. I know you're trying to reach 1 million sims, but at what cost? "It's worth it" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5:50 A.M. Good Morning! We have recently widened our main avenues, and now we're going to connect Interstate 45, with interstate 565, to go west. We're going to build a 4 way interchange! Here are the plans: The highway that runs through Coastland City is now Interstate-35, and route 466 will merge with another highway (In the yellow) and intersect with interstate 45, and head up north. I-45 will intersect with I-35, and Highway 565, and go west. The red line there is Coastland Avenue (for clearer picture) and the purple are the monorails. Also, notice the new towns that were started, now Ashville has some towns built to the right, and a new one in our County called District 121, which, like District 105, is mostly of medium wealth houses. (New York Style) Today, we're headed to the one on the left, deemed as: Interchange City 1. (I-City 1 for short) Anyways, let's head outside and...RAIN?! (6:01 A.M.) Rainy morning Downtown Coastland Metropolis Aw man! I forgot the weatherman called for rain ALL DAY. We'll have to keep building anyways, come on! We're headed to I-City 1! By the way, those two water towers you see there were the VERY first ones ever built. They've been dead for a while, but they're landmarks now, for historical purposes. Drivin' through our newly widened Coastland Boulevard: (6:09 A.M.) Raining pretty hard... (6:11 A.M.) Coastland Boulevard intersects 45th Avenue You might need this... Press play... http://youtu.be/p7XmVCfC_LY Highway 35... (6:17 A.M.) We're here! Woah, it's swampy out here. And POURING! Man, it's raining cats, dogs, elephants and monkeys! (7:28 A.M.) Let's see if anyone's out here.. I see someone! Let's ask that him if anyone's working! (Rolls down window) Hey! Is anyone working out here? Mayor Green is that you? No, we're not working today, the Area's closed due to the weather. We're packing up for today, the rain has made the area too dangerous and muddy, so we decided to take today off. Here's what we were working on yesterday: We couldn't find the right piece, but thanks to a Simtropolian, who helped us find the right piece (I think his name was Indiana Joe or somethin'). We were able to finish the main interchange. Well, what are ya'll working on then? We're putting up the signs and finishing the connections. Lights were finished, here's some images from yesterday: (1:52 PM) (Interstate 45 (East to West) intersecting Highway 565 (South to North) (11:24 PM) Yesterday Sorry to disappoint you'all! I know you want to show the simtropolians how we build our highways... This is jank, we wanted to see some construction. Now what are we going to do to entertain these people? Why don't you drive around, and show them the new town you built over there, let's see... District 121? And then Coastland Farming? I heard they're building new apartments! Nice! Let's go! Yeah....We get a lot of rain in the summer, but usually in the afternoon. This storm season's an active one this year. 8:24 A.M. Let's see...go to Techville's SPUI interchange, then take a right and go north to District 121... Here we are! This is a little town I started to satisfy some of that middle class demand. They're some nice suburbs for people who prefer to live in houses away from the city. Here it is: (8:46 A.M.) Umm Mayor, what a lovely town you got up there, would be nice if I could actually SEE IT. Oh, sorry about that, it's too high up, but if you look really closely you can make out the avenue, which comes from Techville (south, or bottom of above image). The neighbor connector is covered by the cloud but it's right around the bottom of the avenue. Here are some closer shots: (8:50 A.M.) Main city streets soaked as rain comes down, water running down the roofs and backyards appear soaked too. (The town's main avenue is to the right of this image) Most Sims are indoors right now, watching TV, or just doing stuff to pass the time. On the left side of the avenue (actually called Tech Avenue) are the estates, these houses have bigger lots, with bigger front and back yards: (9:01 A.M.) Elementary school closed for summer I love these neighborhoods, they're peaceful, and the smell after the rain is amazing. Alright, let's go to Highlands, I need to buy some food at the new Walmart they built (I'm not mayor of highlands) we'll take the monorail! We have arrived... (9:25 A.M) 50% off back to School special for only today! Even the rain won't stop these shoppers... Wow... Is this rain going to stop at all? Alrighty we finally found a parking lot... (Courtesy of Google) My boots are soaked! Let's see... Random person: Hey, aren't you the mayor of Coastland? Yes, me and my friend. We're shopping for food. Can I have your autograph? Hey I'm a mayor not some famous celebrity! You will me if you beat Ashville Metropolis and reach 1 million people first! Sorry, I'd rather pay respect to mother nature and get 2nd than to build all that dirty industry. _____________________________________________________________________ In fact, here's an image from yesterday of new growth: (2:20 pm) New buildings in Coastland Metropolis (Same place right now) Those new buildings got the population to 518,000 Sims. We'll see you around! See ya later! Now let's check out those apartments at Coastal Farming: (10:01 A.M.) Still raining! Alright, I'm waiting this rain out, We're going to Coastal Metropolis, (The city down the beach) hopefully it's not raining there too hard!) Here's an image of where we're going (taken yesterday) (Yesterday, 3:40 PM) Coastland Boulevard) Yes, that's Coastland Boulevard, This avenue cuts through Coastland City (north of this image) and Cuts through Coastland Metropolis. The mayor of Coastal Metropolis widened his stretch to 6 lanes, and built Hi-tech industries and commercials. Here we are! (11:24 A.M.) Quite a drive isn't it! I drove through all that rain, but the rain finally stopped here! Children are out playing in puddles, the fresh after rain smell in the air... These roads are pretty wet though. This storm's moving west to Ashville now, they're getting rained on. Anyways, I'm going to stay here for tonight, and we'll see you again soon! I hope you all enjoyed this big update, and sorry about the rain, it's only nature. Thank you all for reading! Remember if you want to hear the history of Coastland, check out the first 3 updates. We'll see you later!
  5. Ionica - September Storms

    Welcome back to Blakeway: Very beautiful! Thank you. Mastof: Amazing Mosaic Thanks. dubaidude303: Dude, each one of your CJ's keep getting better and better Keep it up! Sweet, that's good to hear. Thanks dude. Jacob Guajardo: Wow amazing i feel like I am at some sky city. You are welcome here among the clouds. Thanks. Schulmanator: Awesome! This is sweeter than a sackful of hummingbirds! Thanks, I've never seen a hummingbird. Everyone seems to have seen one except me. ggamgus: Excellent job. I have gathered my pistol, dear sir. Commence the duel if you are courageous! *BANG* Aaaaaah. My knee. Thanks. Why'd you shoot yourself in the knee? SimCoug: The waterfront parks are very well done - Great update! Thanks, they take a long time because my comp is slow and loading my park menu takes a long time. I should probably learn to use the building plop cheat to select the pieces and lay them faster. Hazani Pratama: Very Amazing!!! Thanks Pratama. Huston : Wow, the canal scenes are breath taking, and night shots are very stunning! Would mind answering a question though? Where did you get that Black tower in the middle of the 6th image? That's the JR Building by SimCity4IE. pole475: Also, if you don't mind, where did you get the seawalls by the river in various pics. Those seawalls are by Jeronij on SC4 Devotion. SimCity4IE: Awesome! I can see one of my BATs too! Golly SimCity4IE, I love your BATS so much. Thanks. I wish I controlled the rain. A rainy Saturday afternoon. Looks like Macy's is ready for Christmaween early this year... A little storm won't stop people from lining up for the new iPhone 76-HDLTE. Better tell the people in the boats the get out of the pond... "Hurry and get the trams inside." At the end of the day the sun will chase the clouds away. Thanks for stopping by.

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