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Zones of Ionica - Iron Palm

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Welcome Back,


TowerDude - Long live Simtropolis!

dubaidude303 - I gotta represent.

Velocity264C - Thanks

katherman111 - So many people ask me where I get my buildings. Simple answer: ST/Exchange. 80 to 90% of all my buildings come from the ST/Exchange and that is where you can find the Tintin Destination Moon Rocket.

TheHaso2011 - Sure, why not.


- NAM upgraded. I finally upgraded my Network Add-on Mod to the latest version. I think I had 2.9 or something. I didn't even realize I didn't have the most recent version until I did a little research. At first I was hesitant to upgrade it because I was worried it may throw a lot of things out of whack. Thankfully the uninstall of the old version and the install of the new version worked perfectly. Now I finally have roundabouts that I can put filler parks in, for some reason with the older version I couldn't.

- CPT Olympic Terrain Mod installed. I've been noticing that everyone has some kind of sweet terrain mod and I felt like the only one with the ugly default terrain. I really like the Olympic Terrain mod, but I'm not 100% wedded to it. I might want to go with something more tropical, but it looks really good right now so I'm not going to mess with a good thing.

- DEDWD RT Bus and Subway stops added. I used to have some really ugly blue RTMT ones, they are everywhere. I'm starting to phase them out.

- Extra Cheats DLL for BuildingPlop. I was tired of waiting for the buildings that I wanted but never seemed to grow in the place I wanted them. This mainly happens with small commercial buildings with sizes like 3x4, 4x4, and 3x3. I have so many buildings that fit in zones of those sizes which makes it hard to get the ones I want. Now I can just use the BuildingPlop cheat to make the variety of buildings in my city much greater.

- Zone of Avalon crashed my Sim City on launch again! I keep doing this silly thin where I Save and Exit to Region and it causes SC4 to crash, then when I try to re-launch it crashes as the region tries to load. Thankfully I have backups of my city, unfortunately my progress was set back a few days. Now I make sure to always backup my city before launching SC4.

Headline News from Ionica

- President's Stance on Legalizing Kittens evolves, Media Elite Rejoice.

- City Expanding Too Rapidly, Older Zones Suffering from Neglect

- Schizophrenic Man Attempting to Climb the Ionican Ziggurat in Avalon (Burj Khalifa) Tragically Falls to his Death.


- Congress Fails to Pass the SBAA (Stop Beiber Android Act)


Iron Palm - Population 67,000

It was the Japanese Train system that inspired me to build this zone. I had seen tepodon's Shinjuku Station while browsing the ST/Exchange many times, but it was only recently that I decided to download it and make it the centerpiece of my newest zone. The Zone is named Iron Palm because of the famous Iron Palm technique which is widely practiced in this area. Iron Palm neighbors Hegemony and Olympus; Zones to the East and South have yet to be completed.










To download image below click here (make sure you click: click here to start download from sendspace). This is a 132mb 12000x14000 mosaic of Hegemony and Iron Palm. If you have a good connection I suggest you give it a go, you can zoom in a lot and get all the way in there. I couldn't find a place to host an image this size; anyone know of one? If there is anything wrong with the link please tell me and I'll try and fix it as soon as I can.


Thanks for visiting and thank you Simtropolis.

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I believe this is a combination of two tiles - which is quite impressive - it takes some finesse with a photo editor to get everything to come together. Props for this mosaic!

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[quote name='Evandad' timestamp='1337536753']
I didn't know that mission impossible: Ghost protocol ended that way!

LOL, it didn't! :P

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