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About this City Journal

The whole world in one country

Entries in this City Journal



DSA is the agency of the Dimlish government that is responsible for the nation's civilian space program aeronautics and aerospace research.




1 Main facilities complex

2 launch platforms

3 Space Academy( here the astronauts are being trained)

4 Runway (for space shuttles and airplanes)

5 new launch platforms (under construction)

6 excellent view during launches





A manned mission to Mars has been the subject of science fiction, engineering and scientific proposals throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. The plans comprise proposals not only to land on but in the end for settling on and terraforming Mars, while exploiting its moons Phobos and Deimos.

The mission will be completed in 3 stages.

1 gathering information of its atmosphere and the landing area

2 creating a Mars station that will host the mission

3 Send the crew





Beam me up, Scotty.

DSA is the Space Agency of Dimland, located in the cape Maleas in Archipelagos. After extensive upgrade of the space port "Thales",the agency aiming high, really high.....to Mars. The space program is called Aris and planning to send a man on Mars. In the next update i 'll present to the public the whole updated space port and details for the program.



thank you

thanks, i work on in about 3 days,but the spaceport already existed so the only think i had to do was a freshing up. but work still in progress.

thank you

thank you. i think it will be really fascinating to wacth the whole program, which is based on NASA's real Mars program.

i think that photoshop needs more efforts.but thank you

thank you. Neither can I. so far things goining pretty well



Ace : Thank you. actually no.it's inspired from cycladic islands in Greece and more specific from Santorini.due to lack of greek architecture in stex i forced to use tunisian bats.

ggamgus: yes,something like Santorini, hard to copy it but i tried anyway. thanks dude.

johan_91: thank you. in reality it is an astonishing place. but here is another story... :uhm:

TekindusT: :blush: wow i lost of words. you make feel reeealy good Tekindus. :party:. you know what? i like your story!! thank you dude.



National Library Project

This is the project of the new national library of Penthesili. the completion time is estimated in 2 simyears. The cost of the project will be 700 million DM.





The location of the project is opposite to the financial district(still under construction)




Intercity 3000

A lot of things going on lately in Dimland. An air of change is everywhere. From today the new high speed train Intercity 3000 is on service after many succesful tests. The old train Acela is past. Acela served million travellers around the country safely and fast for over 2 simdecades and 7 real years. The new HSR can transfer the passengers from capital Penthesili to the second largest city Dimitriada in less than three hours faster and safer. Also a 12bl euros rail program has been announced by the government for the next ten years. The CEO of the Dimlish Railways said today that "is vital for our economy to invest in a such rail program'. the benefits of this invets are multiple.

Creates millions of green jobs nationwide building the new rail infrastructure and manufacturing the rail cars

Pays for itself by significantly reducing our $100 billion a year oil purchase trade deficit

Offers a convenient, comfortable way to travel without hassles or delays

Congestion Relief - delivers new mobility while relieving congestion on highways and runways

A major step toward solving global warming by reducing our oil consumption and emissions

Drastically reduces our oil addiction and lowers our risk from the coming peak oil crisis

Freedom from oil - Powered by clean electricity from renewable energy sources: wind, solar, geothermal, ocean/tidal

Safe, affordable, green transportation for everyone

Saves lives (1,000 Dimlers die each year in car accidents)

Provides efficient mobility that moves people and goods without delay and waste

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the Intercity 3000



Hi everyone.

For one week the navy,DAF(Dimlish Air Force) and the army will perform the largest military exercise ever held in Dimland. this will take place across the country testing the new abilities of our military forces. According to the scenario of the first part of the wargames, enemy forces are moving agaist our islands and our navy and DAF will protect our territories. the forces that take part include 15 destroyers, 6 frigates, 1 aircraft carrier, 4 nuclear submarines, F-15, F-16, MIRAGE -2000, naval cooperation aircrafts and many other weapons.










Penthesili progress


TekindusT: thank you.do be honest it is my first attempt to built a realistic network.for example today i made something that i never tried before and the result satisfied me a lot.

kentleprix: thanks.i love France mate.i went 2 years ago in Côte d'Azur and still cannot forget this place.Paris is my favorite city and i'm planning to have a trip there soon.

Benedict: thank you.i think that is my favorite part too.

Halen Of Dania thank you so much.

ggamgus: thank you,it makes me feel really happy

Schulmanator:thanks man, i appreciate that you make comments in almost every new entry of my cj.thank you.








La tour Xannepan

In the second update i'll show you the progress of the city of Penthesili and a small part of the area of the tower of Penthesili or what the locals call it the Xannepan tower.this is not the final result but is small taste of what i'm planning to do.all the avenues will be replaced by the new nam 31 when released.









A star is born


SC4L0ver :thank you,nice to see you again

Fox : thank you Fox. only some parts of the historical center will be plopped, the rest of the city will be 'grown'.i don't really like them either. i hope to find my new city helpful. feel free to make suggestions.

Benedict: Thanks dude.

hi there. i'm back after a long time of resting.this is a new era for my cj.i changed some stuff in the game and i'm returning with some new fresh ideas.i decided to build my new capital city, Penthesili, by using all my skills,all i have learned all these years.i came up with that idea thinking that i'm not going to buy sim city 5 because of many gameplay limitations. So building a new capital city will give some great challenges and i'm really happy for that.

Now little stuff about the city.

When i started to play sim city 4 my very first idea for my capital city was about a very large city placed about in the middle of the country with a river flow through it. but i never build such a city.now is the time for that.

Penthesili will be the political, academic and financial center of Dimland with many museums, universities beautiful parks and of course world famous landmarks.the style that i have chosen is parisian for the historic center while modern highrises districts will complete the scene. An extensive network of expressways,airports and railways will make the city a modern urban environment that will attract more and more people.it will be the most complete creation i ever made.here are the first pictureσ of what i 'm planning to do. finally i'll give names to monuments and landmarks and squares of the city after the baters who keep this game alive.i hope that you 'll like it.





While I was making some upgrades to my city suddenly green radiation spots appeared. The think is that the city itself is not polluted by radiation but is annoying. Unfortunately it was too late to do something about it because I’ve already saved my city. So this is the end of this particular part of the city. I guess I have to rebuild it.




This is the temple of Amon Ra located in southern Dimland. It was a gift from the queen Cleopatra to the emperor of ancient Dimland. The temple after many years of reconstruction is finally completed. The reconstruction was not including only for the temple itself but also the surrounding area. The archeologists wanted to give the sense of the ancient Egypt, creating a huge archeological park. The reconstruction includes a second phase of excavations and recreation areas with completion date on 2015. enjoy





Penthesili is one of the oldest named cities in the simworld, having been continuously inhabited for at least 7000 years.It was an Athenian colony for about 120 years. In acropolis of the city the large temple sacred to Zeus. This Doric limestone building, from which many relics survive( see acropolis museum). The city’s population by the end of 200 BC was 100,000. As an Athenian colony the political system was democracy. After wars and natural disasters the city was almost abandoned but the future of the city yet wasn’t set.








The disaster in Fukushima shows that nuclear energy is not safe at all. For that reason Dimland is considered to find other ways to cover its energy needs with more environmental friendly power sources such as solar and wind power. At this moment a program called E.E.P. (energy efficiency program) already running in order to reduce co2 emissions by 15% in this decade. The energy produced in Dimland from nuclear power plants is 45%. There are 27 nuclear reactors throughout the country. Now we must reduce the percentage by 50 % at the end of 2020.

Radiation fallout during Chernobyl disaster in 1986

The picture below shows the largest nuclear plant in Dimland located in Iviros in south Dimland.


A new era for transportation begin in Dimland. Euro Dimland tunnel connects Dimland to the country of Ardinia  giving a huge boost to our economy. The tunnel is connected with Dimland’s largest seaport and one of the largest in simworld (next update).
The tunnel located in a strategic position near the town of Preveza. The local seaport is the second largest in number of passengers in the country.










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