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City-building game(s)

Found 17 results

  1. 2020 Election

    Mayoral Election Pauline Hudson (R - Sabetha) Seen as the frontrunner, Hudson is promising to expand the city's industrial capabilities (including constructing a major airport in the region) Kevin Williams (I - Brownville) Despite being an Independent, Williams is receiving the support of liberal voters. He promises to protect and expand the city's environmental protection areas. City Council (all unchallenged) Ward 1: Shane Brown (R - Cook) Ward 2: Dorothy Goodman (D - Nebraska City) Ward 3: Colleen Vetter (I - Peru) Ward 4: Stephen Alloway (D - Bedford) Ward 5: Pamela Justice (I - Rock Port) Ward 6: Matthew Lee (R - Maryville) Ward 7: Michelle Reed (D - Mound City) Ward 8: Kenneth Rickford (R - Savannah) Ward 9: Tony Fry (R - Falls City) Ward 10: Paul Tyson (R - Pawnee City) Capital Locations (Where should the Capitol Hill complex be constructed?) West Fairfax (link to map) PROS: Ample infrastructure (particularly Interstate-29); near geographic center of region CONS: Limited space for Capitol Hill complex; highway limits aesthetic potential Rulo (link to map) PROS: Aesthetic location on peninsula; ample waterway access; near Falls City CONS: Limited long-term growth (especially with Reservations right across river)
  2. Illuminati video game?

    Are there any video games where you play as the illuminati and take control over the world? Or something similar like the illuminati? Or does such an game not exist?
  3. Mayon Bay City Hall

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Mayon Bay City Hall
  4. Muenchen Academica e Arte !

    Muenchen Academica e Arte ! Brief I encountered some problems with Europa ANNO. Fortunaly I had maid a backup. Progres continues with another CJ of Muenchen. Last CJ we covered the south of the city center. Now we move a little bit north into the educational and cultural heart of muenchen ! We start with the Technische Universitait Muenchen ! Koningplatz another popular land mark ! Main campus, there'r some other faculties else where in Muenchen ! Bayern's government Kanzler at the Hofgarten ! Cultural heart of Muenchen ! Bayerisch National Theather on right top, Kunsthalle Muenchen below, Bavarian State Theather to the left and Staatlige Museum Samlung ! Sankt Anna Parish church ! Maximilian Strasse and surroundings ! Faculty of the Technische Universitait Muenchen ! Last a small overview of part of the largest park in Muenchen ! Last a small overview of part of the largest park in Muenchen Die Englischer Garten ! That's all I wanted to show you this month. Last part there will be as ussual some sportive venue on the agenda ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  5. Fictional government buildings

    Are there any fictional buildings that are of a non-city governmental nature? I am especially looking for buildings such as national/state/provincial/etc. parliament/congress/diet buildings, capitol buildings, and others. However, I could only find some that were replicas of real life buildings. I'd like to give my city a different feel that doesn't just copy real life cities. Are there any fictional government buildings available?
  6. 77 - In Progress (Part 2 - Veritas)

    This tile (or 'Zone' as I call it) is named Veritas and it is the governmental and cultural heart of Ionica. I kind of wanted something that was a fusion of Washington DC, Beijing, Shenzhen, Paris, and London. I don't really want to show any older pics of it because it was kind of embarrassingly bad and that's why I decided to restart. Again I regret not using RHW but I think it's a bit too far along to switch. Veritas is also the location of my Simlympic area. I hope to finish it in time for the summer Olympics. The clock is ticking. What you see below is what I consider to be the top of this tile. It is supposed to be the 'old city' area made up of a strange combination of European and Chicago/NY style buildings. Since I took this picture a few weeks ago the area around it has developed quite a bit. I'm bringing the road in and I've reworked the rails to become an elevated system. I've also placed Xyloxadoria's Cathedral of Learning in front of the park but I need to LE it a bit to make it fit better. This is the central area which is the main governmental district. It's kind of Versailles meets Washington DC...in the future. Not everything you see is final. I've had my eye on that Altar of the Triforce for a while, it isn't quite the way I want it to be yet. I wonder if I can reduce the lot size just a bit, that would help me shape the parks around it better. Here is a reverse angle where you see the Pritzker Pavilion a the rear of the UN building. To the left of the Pavilion is the Center for the Performing Arts and behind it is my version (currently missing trees) of the Louvre Pyramid. Hoping this area's not too grid-y. I might have to change up a couple of things. I'm still testing how buildings around there will look. On the right is Xylo's London Shard, which is home to Ionica's largest architectural firm, and next to it the Children's Palace by dmscopio, which contains contains theaters, a museum, galleries, food courts, and interactive playgrounds. Bellow all of that is Windsail Tower, a place of residence for foreign dignitaries and very important guests. Around it is probably the most epic marina I've ever attempted. I still need to add mmps in the water to make it look more realistic. I probably need to add a bit more depth in some areas too. Here is a mosaic of the Simlypic area. At the top is 'Stargate Park' composed of a variety of elements. If I had to list all them all of I'd be here all day. The area with the empty grey square is going to be the central hub of the games. It is actually the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) from simcity.cn. It is flanked by a sunken and raised stadium, both by dmscopio. This concept is kind of where I got the idea for how to create the Hanging Gardens. Dead center is the Bird's Nest stadium, maybe a bit old and out of style since people are working on the Brazil 2016 stadium now, but it really is quite a beautiful BAT. I still need to do some more LE work to make it conform with the grey paths around it. The four Cobb Altura Towers are supposed to be residences for athletes as well as guests to the games. Need to LE myself a version with the same red brick as the surrounding area. Finally at the end of the canal is the Opera House. Still needs to have a lot of mmps and boats put around it to give it a sense of life and activity. I still need to add lot of parking but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm not a big fan of surface parking, but I might experiment with it a little. We'll see. Here's a closer view of a re-lot of the Jefferson Memorial, a Maxis landmark, And on the other side is my custom lot of scba's Risemdale Baseball Diamond. Here is a closer view of the Cristo Redentor in the canal. I still need to add a few modifications. I think I'm going to add some sunken/underground steps as well as some lights and perhaps some small trees. This is the high capacity ferry port. I need to add some ferries as well as work on the roads around it a bit more. This is the Ionican Islamic cultural center as well as a mosque. Finally we come to the full view of the tile. I'd say it's around 40% complete. I'm slowly working my way inward right now, connecting roads from other tiles as well as still looking for spots to fit those really big landmarks. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. DavidDHetzel: Oh man I can't wait for this to develop! Also what parks did you use for the Warm Memorial Park and what is that building you used just above the Indoor arena? Those are the BSC USMSC War Memorial & Mahanakhon Condo, ATEX Tubes. Thanks. Ln X: Your rebuild of Avalon is looking promising. My only suggestion would be to have large areas of mid-rise buildings west of the river, on the southern island and towards the east of Avalon. Lastly the centre of the city tile could use a lot of mid-rise buildings to break up the skyscrapers. Large city tiles have never looked too good when filled to the brim with skyscrapers. Right, that's a good idea. Besides, there are only so many unique skyscrapers with what I consider to be good night lighting and I have to split those between Avalon and Veritas. Thanks for the suggestion. tariely: yep, it's gonna be fun to put (ordinary) people and commerces back in there !:-))) Oh, and What Is the bat with the sphere in pict 2, opposite the Burj Dubai (or whatever megalomaniac tower that is:-))) As Hetzel pointed out, the sphere is the Globe Arena. Not sure where to find it but it probably isn't that hard. Thanks. Terring: Oh boy, that's looks epic! Gold to hear it T. Thanks. citybuilder234:That is a very beautiful and planned city. I love how you make excessive use of the NWM and left turn lanes. That's how I should layout my American cities in SC4, with excessive use of the NWM and left turn lanes in my cities, including my cities of Craterville and Volcanopolis. BTW, where did you get the hyperloop pieces? Those hyperloop pieces are ATEX Tubes, I provided the link in a reply above. However, the pieces aren't the greatest. I didn't commit to using the way I wanted to because I had a lot of problems lining them up and making it look good. Then again maybe someone with more skill could do it. Thanks. slickbg56: Looks great. Always good to see the frame by frame transition of the changes you've made. Well that's a pretty old gif. I wish I kept more pics of the progress. Thanks. Snugies: reminds me of coruscant Thanks, I was partially inspired by it, but my city won't look anywhere near as futuristic. gviper: Loving the progression sequence! This is a massive project and it's looking great so far! Hey gviper, thanks. Belfastsocrates: Absolutely loving the work so far. I really miss this type of grand and expansive city planning, something I can't do with Passau as much, so this is a nice indulgence. Thanks B. Why can't you do something this kind of thing in Passau? gen. Falcon: Very nice and well planned. maybe if you try RHW could look better . i must ask what is SEAWALLS mod ? Yes, I really wish I planned the city using RHW, but I began before really understanding how to use it. The seawalls are Those are JENXPARIS Quais de Seine. Thanks raynev1: Well planned and looking great . Thanks mate. takemethere: I'm really impressed with how you are able to plan the city out beforehand, selectively build it up and executed it all in a (relatively) short amount of time. I'm still building my downtown years after I started, just get sidetrack with too many projects going on at once. Definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product here. Well it wasn't that short of a time. Not sure when I began but it feels like slightly over a year and who knows how long it will take to finish. Sometimes I get really in the flow, but then I go work on other things. Thanks. lucasfg3: Great project! Indeed a project for a better future! Stay tuned, thanks. Tonraq: Nice, although that economic crash is unfortunate. Yeah it was painful, but I like to look at it as a blessing in disguise. Thanks. kingofsimcity: What a grand and colossal city plan! You must have some incredible patience - I probably would've zoned in a few blocks and hit unpause already. I always have a few other tiles on the go to keep me busy when working on a large tile becomes tedious. Thanks. city89: 1 word nice. 2 words: thanks you. tankmank: Hopefully this will be the best version of Avalon. I like what you have planned already. It can be daunting needing to LE many buildings but it is worth it when you show a unique lot that fits into your city better. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the buildings being filled in . Yeah, LE can be particularly annoying because for some reason it won't launch properly after I play SC4. I often have to restart my computer to use it. Thanks.
  7. Research Center

    Version 1.0.0


    Oran-Nayar-Blinn Research Center, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- I really like the in-game research center, but I dislike the fact that it generates radiation, reduces residential desirability, lowers your mayor rating and is something of a NIMBY building. It seems like a lot of sacrifice for the benefit of increasing High Tech Industry (IHT) demand and desirability. So, I've made another research facility which has all of the benefits with none of the draw-backs. The Oran-Nayar-Blinn Research facility is a strikingly designed ultra-modern building situated on a leafy 7x7 campus-styled lot. It is just as suited to the middle of an industrial area as it is in a suburban or ex-urban space. In addition to providing your sims with many highly desirable civic jobs, it will help alleviate the IHT demand caps that can hinder city development (by increasing IHT demand by 130,000 places). It has also been modded to provide some residential and commercial cap relief by providing both Park and Landmark effects. All these benefits do have a cost (which is only fair). In addition to the §25K outlay, this will set the city back §250 per month. * It is offered as a reward without needing pre-existing conditions. * It is located in the REWARD Menu. * It can be placed more than once in a city. * It DOES NOT over-write the in-game Advanced Research Center (or any re-lotted versions there-of), so can be used in conjunction with the standard Maxis reward. Placing rewards is an essential part of growing a large city and region, given their cap-busting and desirability increasing effects. --------------------------------------- STATS: Lot size : 7 x 7 Plop Cost: §25,000 Monthly Cost: §250 Budget Item: Government Buildings Occupant Groups: Reward, TV Magnet, YIMBY Demand Created: Jobs§: 0, Jobs§§: 523, Jobs§§§: 274. Landmark Effect: +125 over 37 tiles Park Effect: +15 over 37 tiles Mayor Rating: +30 over 220 tiles Pollution: Air 20 over 2 tiles, Water 30 over 3 tiles, Garbage 60 over 0 tiles Power consumed: 131 MwH Water consumed: 358 Gallons/Month Bulldoze Cost: §10,480 --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. Either: (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) OR (http://gizmo.aplaceforwebsite.com/index.php) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: To ensure proper functionality, make sure the following files are in your plugins: *BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383) *BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180) *BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790) *BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=746) *BSC Texture Pack - Cycledogg V01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=101) --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks, and enjoy!
  8. The fine art of herding cats. There are at least four (or more) strong ethnic groups in Afghanistan. Getting any kind of agreement is miraculous. Let us hope that in the next interval both the U.S. and NATO involvements may end.
  9. 7.Government Changes

    GOVERNMENT CHANGES 12TH September 2004 For four years, the people of this region have made a colossal effort to improve their living conditions and future. Improvement plans of public and social services are being developed slowly but firmly. Ses Isles Governor Talking with the oposition leader All this has had a high economic cost, which has involved the absolute emptying of Ses Isles economic reserves. The regional government raised throughout this summer, the best way to increase the resources of the region and the most talked proposal was to increase taxes on those with higher standard of living. Demonstration Against The Rise taxes proposals Obviously, there were many detractors. And last August 23, elections to the regional parliament, gave a loud thud to these projects. The government party, the SISP, has lost much popular support, giving strength to neo-liberal parties such as SIP or PFD. 2004 Ses Isles Parliament Elections Results REGION MAP AND OVERVIEW LINK
  10. Version


    Shelby is a city in Cleveland County, NC, USA. This city is my hometown and I decided to make a series of lots and what-not to honor it. As a result of the more small and rural cities/towns I am beginning to create I felt a thirst for certain civic buildings with more flavor. Looking at the same old courthouse and city hall, I just felt like they were so scrunched in or made for close together areas. So I made this remodeled lot to appeal to the more artsy eye? Basically the lot fills a 6x6 space. Its outer square is line with tiled cement, or pavement. The outer-inner square is a grass texture. The inner most square is the pavement again for the foundation of the building. The lot is covered with flora. The back of the building has a small parking lot. and the front a fountain. I just modified the Maxis Courthouse. ------------NOTICE------------------ This now includes V2 of the Courthouse. V2 has a statue in front of the building. There are two files you can download if you wish, installation has not changed. Includes V3 no trees. (Just random planters XD) --------------Dependencies------------------------ Maxis Buildings As Props Augustus Caesar Statues Sorry no links. I recommend for the best search if you can't immediately find on STEX, is Google or the Lex(registration required) So far there are NO BROWN BOXES. Please notify me if you have this problem in your city, provide a picture. IMPORTANT NOTICE!: Since this may have the same file ID as the Maxis Courthouse you are to "move, but keep both files" for correct installation. This depends though if you want to keep the older one. Since I plan on making a center in my cities made perfectly for large, beautified buildings Ill only be using this one, but the older is key for areas with smaller buildings.
  11. Public Confidence Collapse

    DARKNESS IS LURKING Today's update comes in the form of a news article, outlining the ongoing drama involving the former vice-chair of Holt District reginonal council, and the numerous repercussions his scheme has caused throughout the region. The news article is from the region's largest daily-circulation and online papaer,Holt News. Let's go on and read... PUBLIC CONFIDENCE IN REGIONAL GOVERNMENT COLLAPSES The public confidence in the Holt District regional government has collapsed following an announcement the regional chair, Robert Sims, has stepped aside following the revelations in the region’s former vice-chair testimony in court. While Robert Sims was not said to be involved in any of the illegal activities concerning the Manatee tornado recovery disaster, those close to him said he stepped aside as he “knew nothing of this situation” and that “as regional chair, Robert said it is ultimately his responsibility to know what those below him are doing.” Although it is not likely Robert Sims will face any legal action or criminal charges resulting from the situation, the departure of one of the few politicians the public perceive as “clean” has put a dent in the government’s credibility. A recent poll by Holt News, and statistics firm Dolesaft Polling, found that following the announcement, confidence in the region fell sharply to its lowest level ever recorded. Before news of the scandal ever broke, the government had a 87% confidence rate, which fell to 76% following the news of the situation that unfolded in Manatee. It continued to slide to 64% at the start of the vice-chair’s trial. Following news of Robert Sims’ departure, the confidence rating stood at a mere 24%. This has prompted the provincial government to place the region under its direct control until the next regional election can be held. HOLT DISTRICT REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS BUILDING Minister of Municipal Affairs, Angela Kirk, stated that “given the grave situation in Holt District regarding confidence in the regional government, the provincial government has taken into serious consideration taking over all administrative and council operations of the region, until the next regional and municipal elections are scheduled for later this year.” However, some regional councillors disagree with the province’s view of the situation. A group of several councillors from the region indicated they intend to put forward a motion before regional council which will see a new interim-chair installed until the elections can be held. The group said “this will allow no provincial interference in the day-to-day operations of the government, including the granting of building permits and approval of massive development projects which keep the region moving forward.” The group went on to say that “provincial interference would result in the delay of several major projects throughout the region.” Kirk denied the claims, saying “the province would merely take over in the process of approving these projects and granting the permits” and that the province “does not plan on changing, in any major way, the course Holt District is currently on.” She went on to add that “while all regional operations will, for now, be handled by the province that residents will not see a decline in services.” ORCHIDSEN PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT HEADQUARTERS The in-power provincial Liberal Party, which holds the current 3 provincial seats within Holt District’s boundary, said it will bring forth the motion to take over operations of the Holt District regional government “in the next few days” and a representative for the government said “the language of the motion is in the final steps.” Leaders of the opposition parties all agreed that this may be one of the rare cases where all parties agree. The leader of the provincial Conservative party went on to say “Holt District has proven itself the economic engine of our province in recent years, and we cannot let the actions of some corrupt politicians halt the progress and commercial activity in the region.” Holt News will continue to bring updates as new findings around the situation arrive. OFFICE BUILDING COMPLEX: HOME TO PROVINCIAL LIBERAL PARTY OFFICES AND PROVINCIAL CONSERVATIVE PARTY OFFICES As you can see, we're far from done with the tangled mess left by the former regional vice-chair... far from it... HD.Web | HD.Twitter | BoldNEWHD Simopsis Community | Simopsis Blog
  12. Afghanistan

    Mullah Omar of the Taliban: Annual Message The Mullah hasn't been seen in public in years. Believed to be in Pakistan.
  13. Canadian Politics

    Bolt from the Government Caucus. This is an interesting break in the government's wall of solidarity. The more interesting thing is the set of numbers. Why should the conservatives be interested in protecting people who make up to $444,660 in the government? Wonder who is being let off the hook. For our non-Parliamentary members, this is the ultimate act of defiance for a member of the government bench to sit as an independent. The only worse thing would have been to join one of the opposition parties. This reduces the government majority to even fewer seats, and moves closer to a minority government. I don't think anyone in the U.S. Congress, for example, has ever changed parties or sat as an independent. I am not sure what would happen if some member did that. In the U.S. I think it would be political suicide. Here it is up to the member's constituents whether to re-elect him without a party endorsement. The election will not be held until 2015 unless the government falls. {Note to administrators: I couldn't find the old thread, and this one has a better title. Seem the search engine is absent. Can we continue this one, and let the old one just die?}
  14. Fort Sherkston History Lesson

    Welcome to a Mini-Update of Holt District! Today we are investigating the following which was left at the end of update 8: "While a sea of cranes graces the Sherkston skyline, there are still symbols of the old times. The heritage of this building is a cultural symbol, and one of the most important site in the province. While skyscrapers appear around it, it remains largely the same." What exactly was that quote referring to? It was referring to the castle that sits just to the West of the Sherkston CBD. Fort Sherkston was constructed in the mid 1700's when settlers were arriving to what is now Sherkston. A prized area for its beauty and flat, easy to build-on land, the settlers moved inland away from the direct coast as a means of defending themselves from attackers. This specific castle/fort was constructed to house the area government and high-ranking government officials. While it was originally part of a larger fort, much of this fort was destroyed due to natural disasters and war. Surprisingly, this castle stood strong. It is not a symbol of where Holt District came from, and that if you restore it frequently enough, it will stand the test of time. Now, onto pictures! Fort Sherkston. Many call it a castle. It served as a government building for the former colony of Sherkston, where the current city got its name. It was in use as a government building until about the mid 1800s when a larger building was built in a territory north of the region. It was at that time the current province, Province of Orchidsen, was formed along with several others in surrounding areas. The first Orchidsen capital was not Sherkston, but rather a small city known as Italieu, about a 3 hour drive north of Sherkston. When the province relocated the capital to Sherkston at the start of the 20th century, this castle was declared a historic site. It was restored in the 1950's, and again in the early 2000s. ] This open space was the gathering place for those who resided in the former Sherkston colony. Official government announcements were often made to the public in this square. Those lucky enough to get a spot in the crowded courtyard we lucky enough to see the political figures, whom were highly regarded at that time - and seen as celebrities in the region. The "roundhouse" as the round section of this building is known housed the government leader and his/her family. They were treated like royalty, with servants doing everything from washing to cooking to entertaining. The position as leader of the colony was of course, a reputable one. Many envied the government family, seeking the lush and pampered lifestyle. That is why there was 24/7 security surrounding the entire fort... and it worked. There were no reports of attempted assassination's of government leaders in the colony's history. This tower, known as "Holt Tower" is a recent addition to this site. Historians have noted that the original location of this tower was actually where the lighthouse in Old Port now sits. It was used as a lookout tower during the 1700's. Historians estimate it was destroyed in the late-1700's when an attempt made by an opposing force to invade the region occured. The opposing force suceeded in destroying the tower, but not on their mission to gain control of the land. During the reconstruction of the Old Port lighthouse and surrounding residential development in the 1990's rubbel from the tower was discovered, and shipped to Sherkston where government officials decided to recreate Holt Tower by Fort Sherkston. Both old and new materials were used, and the restoration came in at a cost of approximately $5.6 million. Tours currently cost $3.95 per person, and will goes towards paying off restoration. Once restoration is paid off, tours will become free. And to end off this history lesson, contrast. While this castle/fort has remained relatively unchanged since the 1700s, the landscape around it hasn't stayed the same. The stark contrast of the new, ultra-modern condominiums and classic, stone castle/fort are proof of that. That is it for this mini-update! I hope you enjoyed a bit of a history lesson, and seeing that Sherkston is all one giant, modern CBD. Replies will be done next update. Be sure to check out information about the upcoming September 2012 Census Update! A massive update showcasing the latest developments and changes in population for the entire region. Click here for more information.
  15. Welcome to another update of Holt District! In today's update we head into the region's largest city, Sherkston. It is a huge city, so touring it will take several updated over the next little while. Today's update focuses on some local landmarks just south of Downtown Sherkston (or also known as the Sherkston CBD.) Today's update is on the shorter side - and I apologize - but it is still an awesome one. We take a look at government landmarks, cultural and some areas which are just really well known. So let's continue! You may also notice a new look around here! The new banners are part of Project "UrbanGrunge" (phase 3 to be exact!) - a small plan to unify the look of the Holt District website, HD Twitter feed and Holt District updates. The Maps site was not included since it recently just went through a redesign a few weeks before this project. Though it may change down the line to match everything else. As a reminder, be sure to check out HDHIP - it is playing a HUGE part in the future of this CJ and the Holt District Region. Sherkston - The Capital of Orchidsen 7.1 | Like the entire region of Holt District, Sherkston is experiencing a large building boom. Several smaller homes around the busy avenue and existing condominum tower were torn-down in order to make way for more condominiums. Several building designs are being used here, and it is one of the few projects where 2 builders have come together for one project. *Click for full resolution! 7.2 |These condos will be expensive, sitting on prime real estate. They are a short walk to the downtown core, let alone a transit ride. They are also very close to the Toyota Centre, which is fuelling rumours one building may infact be both condos and a hotel - an area where Sherkston is currently lacking. *Click for full resolution! 7.3 | Like every city or town in Holt District, Sherkston does have its own small quirks or hidden gems. In Sherkston, it is the old wooden roller-coaster that sits across the street from the arena. Built in the 1930's, it still is fully functional to this day, and a ride only costs $4 - a bargain many say. *Click for full resolution! 7.4 |Of course, Sherkston isn't only just play. No, it is home to many political battles. As the title of this update suggest, Sherkston is the capital of Orchidsen, a name you should recognize from HDHIP. Orchidsen is the province which Holt District is in, and this is its Procincial Government Offices and Legislature. The large office tower houses the office of the ministries, of the Premier and of the various committees which are formed. The rounded, lower-roof portion of the building is the area for government staff to meet, have lunch (it is where the cafeteria is located) but most importantly it houses the legislature, where new laws and plans including HDHIP are debated between parties. Currently the Orchidsen Liberal Party holds a majority of seats, followed by the Progressive Orchidsen Party, and lastly the New Conservative Party. The next election will acrually be something that will be covered in this CJ - but the timeline is top-secret from you the readers, for now. *Click for full resolution! 7.5 |Often at night several lights are left on in the government building, either because janitors are cleaning, someone hasn't turned off their office lights or because someone is burning the midnight oil getting the new study ready for the legislature to soon consume... *Click for full resolution! 7.6 |Just east of the provincial capital complex is the "midtown" section of Sherkston. The area between the suburbs of both Sherkston and Manatee, this area is home to several low/mid-rise buildings, which employ many throughout the region. The area is said to contain some great shops with very friendly employees - though the service does come with a higher price tag on most items... *Click for full resolution! 7.7 |[Midtown starts getting higher the closer you get to the CBD. But if you think these are tall buildings... well you haven't seen anything yet! *Click for full resolution! That's all for today. I know the update was a bit shorter, but it still showed a lot. There is alot more to see of Sherkston, so we will likely be here again next update. And there may be some road construction going on... Next Update: We will likely once again find ourselves here in Sherkston. To CBD or not to the CBD... that is the question.
  16. Bureau of Bureaucracy



    Bureau of Bureaucracy, by Mattb325. I present another civic building: this is an example of the Beaux Arts style which was popular for government buildings in the late 1920s and early 1930s, as its domineering style represented stability and permanence. This game asset is based on a real building in the US city of Texarkana and in game it is modded as a similar variation of the Bureau of Bureaucracy. Like the Bureau of Bureaucracy, this is found in the rewards menu and sits on a 4x4 lot. Unlike the Maxis counterpart it is available at any time and can be placed more than once. Like the in game version this building provides highly desirable civic jobs, and helps raise demand caps and mayor rating which is vital if you are to continue building a large city. It DOES NOT replace the in game version and both the Maxis and my version can co-exist in the same city if you wish. STATS: Plop Cost: $36,000 Bulldoze Cost: $7,440 Monthly Cost: $320 Wealth: Medium Demand Created: Jobs$$ 100; R$$ 100 Park Effect: 10 over 22 tiles Landmark Effect 25 over 17 tiles Pollution at Centre: 2 (air) /2 (water) /50 (garbage) Pollution Radius: 3/4/0 Power Consumed: 200 Mwh Water Consumed: 200 Gallons Occupant Groups: Reward & DMV Dependencies (note you must be registered and logged in at the SC4 Devotion LEX to download): BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02 ([url=http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383]http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=2383) BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 ([url=http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180]http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1180) To install, simply unzip these files into your plugins folder. Thankyou and enjoy.
  17. A Brief Intro

    Welcome to Antara, an island nation on the edge of everything. Located on the south coast is the capitol city of Areon. Areon is a technological city, with high wealth and a bright outlook on life. Here is one of the tech centers, including the iconic 050504 and 050425 towers. The towers are flanked by many smaller Hi-Tech startups that supply the ever-growing city with amazing technologies. Areon also boasts hundreds of high-wealth homes in fancy neighborhoods. This block is also nice. Low space+High demand= Intelligent housing for 100,000 citizens. This artificial island is home to the Mergatroid General corporation and many scientists. On the other side of the island is the stunning Eclipse Tower. On the island's twin, there are two 050504 Towers and a high-tech broadcaster. The Areon Institute is home to the world's most prestigious researchers and professors. The city center is marked by a half-mile tower into the sky, which holds hotels and offices and fish kabob shops (floor 124!) The best doctors in the region gather at the Areon Hospital Facility, serving the city as well as the neighboring ones. The Areon Cathedral holds worship centers for every religion. Avoid floor 7- Church of the Ninth Poultry Awakening. Beyond all this is a town full of eccentricities. Take the Palatial Waterfall Estate, for example! This empty lot is for future use, but nobody knows its true purpose... ..And that's all, folks! Next Episode: Industry, Redefinded. (The Town of Silversun)

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