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City-building game(s)

Found 26 results

  1. Far Cry 4 A Game where you play Ajay Ghale who is son of the Ishwara Ghale that wanted her ashes to be scarred to the her own country Kyrat A Place in Himalayas Natural Resources Depleted A Place where ONLY opium can be harvested (Can someone find me an biologian or an scientist farmer that can tell me about this ? Is it possible to grow vegetables in places that can support opium production ?) OK Lets start (I Am "Born In 14/12/2002 and that's my view on Kyrat politics) Dictators (And wannabe dictators) Of Kyrat Pagan A Psycopath that kills golden path people because their leader killed his daughter Amita A Revolutionist that wants to save the future of Kyrat by making children work in opium fields Sabal A Traditionalist that believes Kyrat mythology (Religion of Kyrat people totally made up) and Mohan Ghale's (That child killer) ideas about not selling drugs and doing sex with Tarun Matara (Worst of all, The current Tarun Matara is a 14 year old girl) Their Objectives Pagan wants to rule Kyrat like a Tropico or a SimCity player and killing soldiers of the rebel organization which their ex-leader killed his daughter named Lakshmana Amita wants to save people from starving by making childs work in drug fields so they can get cash to fill their mouths while their fathers and mothers are killing remaining "Royal Army Holdouts" that wants to kill the Kyrat people ("I am sacrificing our liberties for peace later") Sabal wants to rule the country in that "religion" and letting people starve because selling drugs are a bad thing ALSO he wants to have sex with Tarun Matara After Credits Scenes These Happen If you didn't enjoyed crab rangoon in the beginning and escaped In the beginning, If you wait 15 Mins you get accompanied by Pagan and he tells us how "Mohan Ghale" killed his own daughter and step sister of Ajay Ghale Pagan 404 Not Found, If you let him get away and tells you the truth in exact same "crab rangoon" aftermath and gives you his crown and flees the country with his Blackhawk (Does anybody know how to find these on black market ?) yelling "I gave you the Kyrat but Heli is mine !" Amita Forced labour scene where children are forced to get employed in drug fields and she tells us "Bhadra Is not coming back" (After that, a location in the river titled "Tarun Matara's sleep" appears in the map Sabal He cuts throats of the "people sided with Amita and butchered their brothers and sisters" front of the Tarun Matara. Also he tells us Bhadra is Tarun Matara now After After credits sequences I made up Pagan He simply calls us about how he runs this country and does some "Step father and step son" talking (A step father that loves his adopted son ?) Amita Country isn't an Utopia but nobody is starving thanks to the Opium exports Sabal He fails Since Opium isn't harvested, People are very poor Conclusion OK Pagan wants to get revenge on Golden Path people Amita wants to improve her country at all costs Sabal just wants to sex with the Tarun Matara and "that made up religion" alive The problem is No matter what, Bhadra will have bad time So my idea Side with Pagan and teach him Islam so he can be an better person and save Kyrat with him Boring huh ? Lets say I was an moron atheist and didn't know anything about REAL religions also I didn't experienced "Crab Rangoon" ending At the end, I would Make sure Bhadra survives Side with Amita and save the country from starving by making children grow opium and feed their mouths when their parents work as soldiers that kills the "Royal Army Holdouts" Spare Sabal He didn't do anything wrong Spare Pagan Yes he killed people but I somehow want to save him (I Choose who to survive and who to kill) I Dont know why I wrote this note but this was playing (I Want mature games with mature stories like Fallout 1/2/3 and GTA 4. but sadly ALL of the modern game industry (With some exceptions like Far Cry) are made for 9 year olds that doesn't care about story These are my ideas
  2. Yeah it may be American politics, but Trump has really changed the political scene and I feel it requires its own separate post to chart and discuss the events and changes during a Trump Presidency. Also the US Presidential Election thread is going in all kinds of wild tangents, I've been posting quite a few of them but Trump winning has opened up a real can of worms and it is a really massive change. That thread needs a continuation once Trump has been inaugurated. This thread is not only about President Trump and his administration, it is also about Obama's legacy, and of course the myriad issues which come with Trump and his election promises. There needs to be a thread on its own to comment about: US foreign policy, Obama's legacy, what will happen to the Clintons, the Mexico/US border, how Trump will "drain the swamp", the future for Liberals and SJWs, the social changes taking place in the US and much, much more. So for the first post, Trump has a message about his day-one executive actions. Militant Radical, Fantozzi, APSMS, Larks2242, Sabretooth78, OcramsRzr, LexusInfernus and all the other usual suspects- feel free to pop in and post! Cheers!
  3. Bern, Erweiterung !

    Bern, Erweiterung ! Last CJ we´v seen some part of the inner city and the sourthern neighbourhood of Kirchenfeld. Now we continue our tour with other parts of the town ! North of the old city center is the neighbourhood of Altenberg, formely there was a railyard this has been replaced with residential and commercial enterprise. Stade de Suise where SC Youngboys and the national team plays. Beyond there´s a industrial area to meet these requirements ! North of the station area ther´s a new suburb Langgasse Feldenau wich will house some part of the university of Bern ! Southern Mattenhof houses some of the bigger commercial expansions ! Adjacent neighbourhood of Wabern houses the most wealthy bernese citizens ! Now we return to the inner city with the medical, govermental and culture ! Bundesplatz der Schweiz and the Bundes Palast ! Opera of Bern ! _Michael sugested replacing the T with a GLR piece, normal buldozing didn´t work but Carefully leveling succeeded replacing this piece. Alteberg GLR piece was temporarly randomly buldozing created but corrected aftherwards ! This summer I take a break from the Europa ANNO series to return to the Mayon Province 2.0 region with the Hartford area ! Europa ANNO will be back at the end of October with the probably the usual two part conclusion ! Check out Show what your working on for more progres ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  4. Ibero-American Politics

    Attending at the growing number and activity of Spanish and Portuguese speaker forumers on the last months, and the convoluted events on our countries, this thread is opened as a means to have friendly and civil discussions about politics and policies. Of course, all forumers are welcome, no matter their origin. As my RL career is mainly focused this issues, I'll try to update the thread regularly with news briefs, but your help with that task would be well recieved. Also, to keep an amicable ambient, here are some convivence recommendations: Prefer English, but don't be shy: English is a lingua franca we all can use and is understandable for all forumers, inviting them to participate here; nevertheless, if you don't find the right words, write it in your native tongue, we really want to know your ideas. Also, online translators are always a good help. Keep arguments concise: while is true one can talk about politics for hours, most ideas get lost on more than two paragraphs; try to mantain a conversational style. Assume good intentions: if you see something that could offend you, first think: could this be just a misunderstanding? could I improve things by taking the offense? Don't stay shut, but remember that is easy to express oneself in a confuse manner. Use data, don't believe on it: statistics are very useful to get a hold of what's really happening, but they are human-made measures that are prone to error and diverse interpretations. Show us the numbers but remember we can see different things on them. Understand political beliefs and cultures: our local cultures and political beliefs are very deep rooted and cherished, don't try to bluntly change others', talk about them in a respectful way and comprehend dissent. Welcome our friends from the world: lets keep this thread open to all forumers by using an open language, explaining context and references, and being available to answer questions.
  5. Mayon Province 2.0

    Mayon Province 2.0 What lays behind those borders of the original province was largely a question. Obviously Maxisland ! No that´s a world imagined. Allthought there some custom theming around where mainly here in some kind of North American setting wich gives some room for mediteranean or marine like posibilities. If posible some old settlement or landmarks will be placed and will some theming be continued; for the rest will be quit the average, allthought there are still a lot of custom sets, with wich I would like to give the other city´s a more distinct look of their own ! Gradually all will be build up, so everynow and then there will be updates ! Afther giving the province a distinct shape correction, yesterday I started giving the left part of the province some greenery ! Expanding from Mayon City the province is layed open for development. Gradual all communication links are extended. Some new farming communities have been set up ! Mayon maybe the largest city in this province, the capital however is Fort Grayon laying to the south ! The Mayon Province Councel is housed in the large capitol like building in the background ! Fort Grayon´s administrative center for the province gives it a distinct role in the business and trade community ! As you can see there´s new life brought into the province. A lot of room to fill up, so we will return here in a later CJ ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and hope to see you back the next time !
  6. Urban Empire

    Anyone heard of Urban Empire yet? Looks to be a new city building game with a more in depth look at politics and progress through time and technics. It's made at Fragment Production and Kalypso which, looking at Tropico series, at least makes room for hopes. Game has only just been announced so there's litte info except the overall concept and some screenshots and a trailer with ingame footage at current state of production. Check it out on it's steam page I like the concept. The political aspect of city management, or better the lack of, was always something that buggered me in city building games. I wonder how it will turn out in UE...
  7. A thread for the politics happenings in the UK. (I don't think there is already one.) So David Cameron has just resigned, and Theresa May is currently at the palace. As a fan of Cameron, it's a sad day. 6 years and 62 days in control, both in a coalition and in a majority, but I'm looking forward to seeing what May can bring. What are your opinions? There are also more issues rising in the Labour Party. Will Jeremy Corbyn go? Who knows. I think it is hard for him to stay.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-38168792 So, from what I understand, post-truth is a rejection of MSM news and sources and instead emotions and gut instinct are believed instead. That and something about fake news... So this threat is all about the "Post-truth age". Heck, is it an age? Is it a silly fabrication conjured by the media? Or is it a term only relevant to this year- to 2016? /// My take on post-truth is that it's a word MSM have put out there after been humiliated by Brexit and then with the US Presidential Election. I personally think the term "post-truth" should be renamed "post-MSM truth"; that people are turning to other news sources on the internet and to foreign news channels, in particular RT, all the while rejecting conventional MSM. So perhaps "post-truth" is MSM coining a term for its own irrelevance? Though I think the term is quite silly because it seems to be implying that large sections of the population are following something other than THE (MSM) truth and thus must all be: stupid or biased or deluded. Perhaps also there is another factor at play; TV is losing its efficacy when it comes to influencing people and their views. The fact is the internet is far more powerful and combines the best and worst of TV. So the internet will either cause TV to disappear or envelop TV as TV programs are broadcast on the internet too. So perhaps "post-truth" could be renamed "post-TV truth" or "post-TV"?
  9. Illuminati video game?

    Are there any video games where you play as the illuminati and take control over the world? Or something similar like the illuminati? Or does such an game not exist?
  10. Tropico 5 totalitarian state

    How do i create in tropico 5 an totalitarian police state? How to i build an strong economy and what do i Need for an totalitarian state? An huge military? a strong police? martial law? Is it possible to build an totalitarian fascist state in tropico 5? Or is this not possible to build an fascist totalitarian police state?
  11. Communist Games

    Are there any Games were you can build an communist or socialist state? It should be an political Simulation or a strategy game, or does such an game not exist?
  12. Tropico 5 increase hapiness

    How do i increase the hapiness in tropico 5? and how do i build an strong good economy? any tipps?
  13. Cold war era games

    Are there any good cold war era strategy/ political Simulation games? Or are most cold war era games bad? And there are not really good cold war era games?
  14. Totalitarian dictatorship game

    Are there any games where you can be an totalitarian dictator? And Controlling everything and everyone? Yes i know Tropico is such an game, but you are only an dictator of a small Island, not really a powerful ruler. Are there any games besides the tropico series where you can be an cruel dictator? Any games where you can rule over more than just a tiny Island as a dictator?
  15. Games like Tropico

    Are there any political/strategy games like the tropico series, wehre you can be a dictator? Or is this game series unique? Is tropico the only game that allows you to Play as a real totalitarian dictator? Or do other games like this exis5t where you can become a brutal totalitarian dictator? Is tropico the only really good political simulation game?
  16. Canadian Politics

    Bolt from the Government Caucus. This is an interesting break in the government's wall of solidarity. The more interesting thing is the set of numbers. Why should the conservatives be interested in protecting people who make up to $444,660 in the government? Wonder who is being let off the hook. For our non-Parliamentary members, this is the ultimate act of defiance for a member of the government bench to sit as an independent. The only worse thing would have been to join one of the opposition parties. This reduces the government majority to even fewer seats, and moves closer to a minority government. I don't think anyone in the U.S. Congress, for example, has ever changed parties or sat as an independent. I am not sure what would happen if some member did that. In the U.S. I think it would be political suicide. Here it is up to the member's constituents whether to re-elect him without a party endorsement. The election will not be held until 2015 unless the government falls. {Note to administrators: I couldn't find the old thread, and this one has a better title. Seem the search engine is absent. Can we continue this one, and let the old one just die?}
  17. Race and Racism

    Decided to start this thread after my reply in the Oscar 2016 thread started going way off topic. So to kick this off we'll use the issue of "no black people nominated at the Oscars" and I'm sure that will bring us around to other issues as new stories arise. As the mods would probably say, keep it civil, and that goes for me too. Off to the races! (See what I did there? Ok, no more bad puns.) Why is it so important for black people to get nominated above all other ethnic minorities? Why weren't there any Asians nominated? What about Arab people? Or Indians? Or Native Americans? No one complains when those groups aren't nominated. Our society is becoming ever more obsessed with skin color. What happened to MLKs dream of judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? If we're all just people, if we want to be equal, what difference does it really make if a black person gets nominated or not? At the end of the day they're just a person who didn't get nominated. Tons of people who may have deserved it did not get nominated, but we somehow only notice if that person's skin has some "color" (in quotations because white people also have a color). It's dehumanizing. Can't we see this? Can't we see how we've created a form of inverted racism? This mentality that only sees black people as victims of white oppression is what is keeping us in arrested development. It still perpetuates a view that they are inferior. It is a form of white supremacy, except in this inverted version white people feel guilty for being superior and they virtue signal by flagellating themselves for being white with this notion of "privilege" as if having a good life is a bad thing. As if white people don't have to work for anything and success and money just rains from the sky. "White privilege" is just a modern/secular equivalent of original sin. It's a classic religious guilt complex. If you're white you bare the burden of all the crimes of all white people in history. It is a collectivist view of race that seeks to put all people of the same race into neat little homogeneous categories. It is the anti-MLK. The notion of "white privilege" throws MLK's dream out the window and drops a nuclear bomb on it. If white and black people can't disassociate being black from being a slave or from being oppressed how can we end all this racially charged non-sense? I'm not suggesting we forget history, but we need to move on. That isn't to say there aren't racial inequities that need to be addressed, but complaining about not having a multi-millionaire successful black person in the film industry nominated for a golden trophy is absurd and is a distraction to any genuine cause of social justice. Sorry if that was a bit rant-y.
  18. Not my country anymore?

    What happens with europe? I feel so tired these days that people again and again fooled by populist clamour. Why are they so worried? Why are they so feared? What do they expect from hard-right parties? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/why-we-should-be-scared-of-marine-le-pens-front-national-a6765751.html http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/e56fbd2a-9dcf-11e5-8ce1-f6219b685d74.html http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/12/09/angela-merkel-named-time-magazine-person-of-the-year/ Seems to me there is a moral war arising. Moral leadership - everyone likes to be a moral leader. But someone must do the work, no?
  19. Humanity has accomplished great progress in many areas but with the great power granted by our knowledge comes great responsibility. We, as a civilization, have the knowledge of what inflicts harm, decreases harm, provides pleasure, bestows peace, propagates instability, bestows joy, and hastens the rate of progress. Those with the expertise in how to help humanity have a duty to share their knowledge (which most have been doing to the best of their abilities) but those with power and authority have a duty to listen to the experts, interpret the knowledge, and enact changes to make their jurisdiction a better place. Progress can be delayed and even prevented by adherence to traditions that no longer work in modern society, rejection of experimentation on larger scales with new techniques & philosophies that have been proven to work on smaller scales, and inertia at adapting and refining methods as they are continuously tested in the real world. Thomas Jefferson, one of The Founding Fathers, once said "Every constitution, then, and every law, naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. If it be enforced longer, it is an act of force, and not of right." That is why the Constitution to the United States of America allows for amendments. The last amendment to be ratified was almost 25 years ago and it took over 2 centuries to be ratified. Traditionalism in the USA has caused the most strife in the 21st Century so far. The Republican Party holds onto ideals and traditions that, although worked in the past, no longer work today. Discrimination is a type of harmful behavior arising from continued use of preconceptions about specific demographics after experience has proven those preconceptions to be inaccurate. On the other end of the spectrum is the movement to enforce Politically Correct communication. This movement has propagated thanks to privileged (wealth, first-world citizenship, access to education and the Internet) youth complaining that their emotions are more important than learning, problem-solving, critical thinking, logic and even reason. Between the extremes of traditionalism & discrimination and the PC thought police is the vast middle ground occupied by the silent majority. Some members of the silent majority might view one extreme more favorably than the other but the vocal minority extremists view all outsiders (read: the majority) as threats to their ways of life. In the civilized world, the vast majority of Negative Rights are universally granted (on paper) according to the law. A growing movement to force governments to provide things to its citizens has pushed for more Positive "Rights to be granted (on paper). I believe that even more progress can be achieved in the areas of science, peace, prosperity, health and general happiness if Informed Consent (which already has perfectly strict definitions) allowed more to be done. I once heard about animal rights activists who violently free lab animals and believe that animals should have the same rights as humans. I think that animal testing should continue where optimal but "organs on chips" and expanded powers of Informed Consent to legally allow informed people to willingly allow researchers to treat them as lab rats (allowing all experiments allowed on rodents in the USA in 2000) with sufficient compensation according to risk (comparable to military members undergoing similar potential risks), harm to subjects (compensation to next of kin for medical expenses or death), and benefits to humanity (akin to a royalty authors get per book published). Most Negative Rights are 100% Fundamental, such as the following: Right to libertyRight to due process of lawRight to freedom of movementRight to freedom of thoughtRight to freedom of religionRight to freedom of expressionRight to peacefully assembleRight to freedom of associationMany new Positive Rights are merely Privileges that are considered desirable nowadays such as provision of services, internet access and subsidies. Negative Rights tend to trump Positive Rights when the two conflict, as such Negative Rights are considered prima facie. Privileges are benefits enjoyed for being a member of a certain exclusive group. There are privileges granted from being born in certain places, looking like people in power where you live, holding at least a certain minimum of wealth, holding a certain position, recognition for certain achievements, and ability to do certain things. Forcing a government to legally enforce more Positive "Rights" results in the privilege of citizenship (or legal residency) to outweigh other privileges both unearned (genetics and family wealth) AND earned (diplomas, degrees, certificates, elections, self-improvement, and economic success). Privileges are best when they can be earned and lost--such as through gaining and losing residency and citizenship for Positive Rights--which is why I believe that accomplishment should be actively rewarded and failure should be passively & indirectly punished. Your accomplishments measure how well you utilized your gifts (talents, opportunities, resources, etc) but doesn't directly measure quantity of gifts. Upwards Social Mobility in the absence of subsidies comes from extreme utilization of a small amount of gifts and downwards Social Mobility comes from squandering gifts. Respect is an English word often misused. Every living, breathing human being deserves love, understanding, tolerance and support. Admiration, appreciation, agreement, and the power of fame are earned through a different type of "respect." English has better words than 'respect' for what all humans deserve from the lowest rungs of nonviolent criminals to the wonderful people who nurtured and taught us. All people deserve Rights and Acceptance. However, Privileges and Admiration can only be earned (sometimes others earn them on your behalf) but are often called "Rights and Respect." What do you think? Did I get anything wrong? Did I oversimplify anything important? What are your opinions? Most importantly, what rights do you think humans innately possess? How often are these Fundamental Human Rights denied? Do you believe any Fundamental Human Rights can be lost (through atrocities), if so can they ever be regained through good deeds?
  20. Yet another signal that the 2010's are way more politized than the past decades: the so-called radical labour MP Jeremy Corbyn had won the party leadership with almost the 60% of the vote, at least tripling Andy Burnham, the nearest contender. This position grants Corbyn a significative control of the party, the possibility to head the 'shadow cabinet', and makes him the labour candidate to the office of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (so yes, in a presidential system, this is the rough equivalent of winning a primary election) Corbyn, who has been member of the parliament since 1983 for North Islington, but has never participated in a Cabinet, is known for his sindicalist allegiance, pacifism and anti-austerity stance, which condenses in his self-described democratic socialist ideology. From a comparative perspective, the success of Corbyn could be understood as part of an international polatization tendency, which has made many left-wing politicians to lead polls and win elections. The first signals of this 'left turn' were in the rapid succesion of leftist governments established in latin america since the election of Hugo Chávez in 1999. Largely considered an exclusively latin american process, the rise of Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain signaled an 'exportation' of the model of leftist anti-austerity charismatic leadership, that has been 'contagied' to the UK with Corbyn, and the US in the person of Bernie Sanders. Could this current keep its pace and radicalize more left-wing parties in the developed countries, or it is just casuality? Video vía The Guardian. Link to full article
  21. Russian Affairs

    The buckwheat crisis Buckwheat (a Russian stable - greshka) is disappearing from store shelves. Could Mr. Putin and his elite circle have a five-year plan on buckwheat? No more greshka, no more Putin?
  22. City States

    Considering some of the things that have been said in the Catalan Independence thread, I think we need to have a talk about the possibility of City States. I lived in Toronto for many years during its evolution from a set of less than friendly communities to the forced (by the province) metro amalgamation to the present incorporation of the city with the merger of the boroughs. I don't live there any more. However, when I did live there, there was a lively discussion of Toronto dropping out of Ontario and being its own province since it has a huge population, is more or less self-sufficient, and could easily be its own thing. The main fly in the ointment was the loss of the Provincial Capitol. Queen's Park would have to move out, and where they would go might well decide the fate of the city. At the time, there was talk of Hamilton, North Bay, Windsor, and Kitchener-Waterloo as the new provincial centre. The loss of business and taxes to the city with the legislature gone was factored in, and the whole proposition sort of died. Now, what about New York City? Albany is the State Capitol, so there is no problem there. Can the city live on its own? What would happen to the rest of the State of New York?
  23. UK Politics

    I think it is time for a collective on events in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, etc. Muslim minister is concerned for Christians in the Middle East. Whether this is a voice of sanity in the scrum or what is a good question. And this from a rather famous horsewoman from a horsey clan. And would your royal highness like her steak sagnant, à point, où cuit?
  24. Creative Destruction

    I have often wanted a Disaster mod (assuming that's possible) that took the Fighter jets from Area 51, the Helicopter from the army base, and the tanks from there and had them come out in a large number and wreak havoc in a battle type disaster that would essentially cause some severe damage to the city. Seeing as I don't possess any skills in this field nor know if this is a possible act, would anyone know if a mod close to this magnitude exists or would be able to exist, and if so, be posted? It would be much appreciated and undeniably useful for stories.
  25. Old Port - Depressed & Stuck in the Past

    Welcome to another update of Holt District! Today's update may not be as flashy as the previous 2, but there is a reason for that. Today we are venturing to one of the coastal municipalities in Holt District, Old Port. The town has a long, and at times troublesome, history. The City was one of the first areas settled in what is now Holt District. It is often joked that there is a pyromaniac and their famioly residing in Old Port, as it has burned to the ground not once, not twice, but three times since it was settled in the early 1700s. The latest burning, in 1907, levelled the town completely. So Old Port was constructed for the fourth time. And this time, it was bustling. It had a booming downtown area and, despite its name, did not have a port. But things went fishy when Old Port was folded into Holt District upon the regions formation in 1970. What was a small, beautiful town became dysfunctional. Development was haphazard, with a mega-sized office buiding being constructed in the middle of a residential area. History downtown buildings were destroyed for the parking lot of a new supermarket. Offices continued to be built, and residents suffered greatly. One day, election day in the mid-1990s, residents had had enough, and booted the mayor and all 3 councillors out of office. The newly elected mayor promished to clean up politics in Old Port, and has been attempting (key word: attempting) to since then. But things weren't all rosey. As the rest of Holt District expanded, Old Port contracted. Its population declined from 11 000 to the approximate 7000 it is today. Many vacant neighbourhoods were demolished, and streets torn-up and grassed-over to hide the cities troubled past. But the new mayors plan to stop all development led to a backlash from developers who has started to eye the area, and infuriated residents. Elected on the promise of better planned development, development was eliminated all-together. Why not vote the mayor out? He has sucessfully has Old Port designated a no development zone in the region. So no mayor would be able to approve developments until the regional plan was re-opened. A consequence of this development freeze was the reconstruction of the town's only school, Port Public & Secondary School. The mayor had sucesfully killed new development, but also killed the school reconstruction by accident. Which brings us to today, where Old Port has remained the same for nearly 2 decades. While restrictions have been loosened to allow individual building reconstruction, development is still off limits. The Town of Old Port - Depressed & Stuck in the Past 3.1 | Downtown Old Port has faced its challenges over the years. As mentioned in the introduction, the town has burned to the ground 3 separate times. Even after that, those buildings constructed in the early 1900s faced several attacks from developers in the 70s-80s. One historic building was demolished and replaced with an "ugly", modernized version of what previously stood there (left of the photo.) 3.2 | Several more historic buildings were demolished for the parking lot of this supermarket. This was the first in a long string of mis-steps which caused the previous mayor his job. Outrage was so high over the approval of this grocery store and demolition of historic buildings that the mayor requested body guards to follow him and protect his house. An empty box was left at his office, but was not meant as a threat. It was meant to symbolize the perception that the mayor didn't have a brain for allowing this development. No charges were laid. 3.3 | The final development approved under the mayor's tenure was this office development. Outcry far surpassed the supermarket development, so much the region was said to be days away from ousting the mayor from office. He resigned only hours before the region would have made the announcement. Although this development provides employment for the area, it was criticized for being in the middle of a residential area, the expropriation of land for its development, and the design. Residents critiqued the design saying it looked exactly like the offices found in Manatee or Sherkston. 3.4 | As mentioned in the introduction, the current mayor's (Alber Fonzworth) freezing of all development project lead to the cancellation of a badly-needed school redevelopment. Housing students in kindergarten to Grade 12, this school served the entire municipality. Due to the development laws, only the repairs necessary to keep the school from collapsing have been made. The safety of the building is a constant question of residents. 3.5 | The biggest disappointment facing residents of Old Port is the mayors unwillingness to allow re-landscaping to occur at Port Park. Long a source of pride of the town, the park has declined in recent years as a series of storms and high-winds have downed trees, and droughts have killed off the majority on non-tree vegetation. Despite cries from residents, council has repeatedly declined to remodel the park. To add insult to injury, the council approved a cell phone tower to be placed in the upper corner of the park. 3.6 | Despite all these problems, residential neighbourhoods like this one are still highly sought after. Waterfront property is waterfront property in many buyers eyes. 3.7 | Vegetation remains very strong in this area, along the canals. This area is considered the most beautiful area in Old Port by the majority of residents, evident by the shimmy soccer games on weekends and various picnics. 2.8 | While Old Port can still be considered "depressed" in terms of development, things are beginning to improve. The "absolutely no development" provisions were lifted by the region much to the outcry of Old Port council, and the delight of residents. The first house to be (re)coinstructed in nearly 2 decades is making progress. There is feeling that in the next municipal election, sweeping changed will be had in Old Port... Not all coastal cities in Holt District are suffering, however. On the contrary, some are experiencing record building booms, and have been growing steadily for years. This is the latest in a string of condominium developments in a municipality south of Old Port, where we will find ourselves in update 4... That is it for today's update on Old Port. With development reaching a white-hot pace in Holt District, and demand (and prices) skyrocketing, Old Port like many other municipalities will never be the same... Done in the comments section of each update. I would like to thank everyone for the continuing overwheling response to Holt District - a lot of time has gone into this and it is just awesome to see everyone's response! Thanks everyone!! Next Update: We will be venturing southwards from Old Port to a new town which has a booming condo market...

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