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      Got the wrong discs? Or didn't receive them in the mail?   06/20/2018

      For those who opted for physical discs -- if you donated between April - June and you received the WRONG discs or NO discs in the mail, please email stexcd@simtropolis.com and include your donation info such as Paypal transaction ID and we will get this rectified!
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      Outages - STEX & Gallery Offline - Last Ditch Effort   09/22/2018

      Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 22:22 EDT The site stayed up a wee bit longer, but still succumbed to whatever is causing the trouble. At this point we are taking the STEX and the Gallery offline, but will try to keep the forums going. Update: 23 Sept, 2018 @ 18:59 EDT Cyclone Boom has optimized all database tables which is sort of like defragmenting a hard drive. We've brought the site back online and are hoping it helps with the problems. The previous message (below) still applies until we are sure everything is fixed. Previous message: Simtropolis is experiencing random spikes of heavy server load and excessive lag to the point the whole site becomes unresponsive. We've been taking it offline to let it catch up with the load and then bringing it back. This is the best stop gap measure we have at the moment. If you are creating a new topic or post I suggest making a copy and paste to a text editor before clicking the submit button as we can't be sure it won't go offline at the wrong moment for you.

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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. I would like to edit certain files in the game allowing the water pumping station to pump 10x the normal amount of water, the sewage treatment plant to filter 10x the normal amount. garbage and recycling trucks to carry 10x the normal amount, their respective facilities to process 10x the normal amount. windfarm, 1 windmill providing more power than a nuclear power plant, 1 police station hospital fire dept each housing more vehicles and capacity. ive searched for files through simcitypak4 but no success thanks for any help craig
  2. Haussmann Reborn, Part 4 (Anno 2050)

    -------------------------------------------------------- [AUTHOR'S COMMENT] -------------------------------------------------------- This is the fourth and last entry of Project Haussmann. I hope you enjoyed this development in 4 stages: briefing-proposal-construction-result For the next entry we leave for a while the Urban Planning stuff and we start a new section in this CJ. The next entry will be something that you have already seen in Simtropolis, but I will be changing a few pictures to match the new storyline. It was posted several years ago, so probably it will be new for many of you. See u!
  3. An asset i'm working on is having a weird light glitch that i first thought was because of the specular mask or something. I know it's most likely the police lights causing it, it only happens when the police lights are on and it seems the rotation of the lights light up certain parts of the car too. I'm guessing maybe the police lights are positioned awkwardly or in the center? But i don't know where to begin in asset editor because when you position the police lights, you can't see the police lights while you're doing it like you can with headlights.
  4. Hi everyone I'm looking to see if someone would be able to build a police vehicle it's not your normal car/van but an armoured vehicle from Northern Ireland. I would really love to be able to have these in game I’m sure others would also like these as they are quite intense. I’m not sure how to include the photo in this box but have a link below that will explain all thanks everyone. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/8036274710/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/8035949282/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/8417747906/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/8033876717/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/4671478653/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/6437774991/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/7232739442/in/pool-psni/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/nick19/4600996893/in/pool-psni/
  5. Communist Games

    Are there any Games were you can build an communist or socialist state? It should be an political Simulation or a strategy game, or does such an game not exist?
  6. Tropico 5 totalitarian state

    How do i create in tropico 5 an totalitarian police state? How to i build an strong economy and what do i Need for an totalitarian state? An huge military? a strong police? martial law? Is it possible to build an totalitarian fascist state in tropico 5? Or is this not possible to build an fascist totalitarian police state?
  7. Complete Rural Set !

    Complete Rural Set ! *** Mystery solved *** The complete rural set conscists of 11 rural properties to fit in a rurla enviroment. On my mayon instalation they appear normal. On my new system instalation they appear without buildings. Assumed this has something to do with my maxis blocking this doesn´t make a differende. Here the set ! Great set by GSHMails ! Mayon region view of some of the parts ! Same set on my new system ! What a difference ! Readme states to copy these files into the plugin directory. Busstop1 - NYC Stop Busstop2 - Modern stop Busstop3 - Rural Copy all three of each stop to use in the game. These files seem to be in this set but still no result ! Touching in the dark ! Hope anyone have some idea what´s missing, any suggestions are very welcom ! Last night I opted there would be somekind of prop pack of the maker himself available. Some kind of rural props where there but no means 1 Today I opted to do it all over again and suceeded ! Somehow some props don´t display directly if not reploped as with this set Mushymushy congratulations on your pointing out for the buildingprops 1 and 2 ! As a final ending to this month CJ story on Scrap shack an picture of the set in its full glory ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  8. Another police shooting. Fortunately, this one didn't escalate and result in the loss of more lives, but my thoughts and prayers go out to the afflicted officers and their families. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/07/29/1-san-diego-cop-killed-another-wounded-in-shooting.html I'm not sure if there was a designated motive, but it still pisses me off just as much to see this happen again. The tension between police and people is rising too quickly, and frankly, I'm waiting for something to push the tension up to its boiling point. It's bound to happen, whether it be another significant case of police brutality or another significant police shooting. This tension also contributes an ever sharpening racial divide, which will have immense consequences of its own.
  9. Recently I'm having an annoyance regarding police helicopters. Sometimes when I change the zoom level, I suddenly change position to somewhere else - that is, where a police helicopter is hovering above the city blocks. If I don't do anything while on this rather irritating 'mode', the point-of-view follows the police helicopter and the lights. Is this a bug, or some kind of secret function that I activated by accident? Because I don't want to navigate the whole tile right across just because a chopper is on the other side of where I was working on..... Anybody heard of this? Any tips would be nice. Thanks in advance!
  10. Ducks, ducks, go!

    Incidents like this renew ones faith in humanity. Big city cops aren't always without feeling.
  11. So, there doesn't seem to be a thread for this in the past 6 pages. Here we have from low to moderately high security. (Those Ranger Stations are Guard Towers.) Depending on the individual's criminal record they are put to work in the dirty sanitation department, on the farms, in heavy industrial, or (for the elite crooks) in the commercial offices. Recently there have been suggestions for adding an educational curriculum (and the associated buildings) for the unschooled inmates. The city council feels it would not be cost effective. Oddly enough, most of the council members just happen to own the various businesses in town where the prisoners are put to work. (Not that that should be a conflict of interest. Right?) Imagine Shawshank Rredemption style.
  12. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/08/26/first-state-legalizes-armed-drones-for-cops-thanks-to-a-lobbyist.html It seems like the number of differences between the police and army is diminishing. We saw last year with Ferguson that the police we're heavily armed, but now they're armed in the air as well.
  13. Police Pursuit - May 24, 2015

    This entry was inspired by the FOUR police chases in Two days on the news here in Southern California. The Playa Verde high speed pursuit below happened on May 24th 2015. It started at UC Playa Verde when a car exploded. Police think it is mafia related. A red '63 Mustang from the parking lot was later seen leaving the scene. Down the street in downtown Playa Verde, the red Mustang was spotted by an officer. Once the officer initiated the stop by turning on his lights and siren, the pursuit was on... The suspect entered the 246 freeway east. At this point of the pursuit, the PVPD air unit gets a visual as well as the local CBS Channel 12 news: KCOY, just as the suspect crosses the Ben Franklin Memorial Bridge into San Julio. Passing the Playa Verde Int. Airport, the pace accelerates with speeds exceeding 100 mph. After the suspect merges with the 101 south, he starts heading toward Carterville (the ghetto) With a last minute turn, he exits the freeway and turns left on Airport Way. Eastbound on Airport Way. Suspect then enters a residential area. With his erratic driving, the police lose him somewhere in the neighborhood along Martin Luther King Blvd. A collision! On Sia Road just west of Black Keys Boulevard. The suspect was seen fleeing the accident in the Saint Motel but then out the back door into Leftwood. Luckily, after a brief foot chase, the suspect was apprehended. He followed instructions and lay down in the middle of the street so officers could move in and arrest him. Map of the pursuit
  14. I'd feel like a bad Baltimorean if I didn't post this here. For those that aren't familiar with the situation, Freddie Gray died after suffering a fractured spine and a crushed voice box at the hands of the Baltimore Police last Sunday. Yesterday, Saturday, protesters took to the streets in what was the largest protest since Gray's death. The protests were peaceful for most of the day, but turned violent later in the afternoon. An article on the protests An article on the arrest and questionable treatment of Freddie Gray Although this is Buzzfeed, it does provide a timeline of the protests, with a lot of multimedia Freddie Gray's twin urges that the violence be stopped I won't say more for the sake of neutrality.. I will let you all judge for yourselves.
  15. I noticed the posting of the SugCPak installer, and so I've updated the descriptions introducing my 10 cheat mods to be clearer about the likelihood of incompatibility with other mods that modify the same aspects of the game. Anyone who has downloaded any of my cheat mods, and then downloads and installs the SugCPak, may render almost all of my cheats inert, which is perfectly fine if that's what people want to do, but I'm letting people know. I also updated the groundscrubber this morning to use even less water. I use certain aspects of the Sug stuff, but installed one-by-one. There may be other mods in the SugCPak that are compatible that I simply haven't downloaded, but I know that the ones listed below in the SugCPak are compatible with my mods because I'm using them (or have recently used them until I made made my own mod to transportation, which I do not intend to upload): ⦁Project Akar UI Enhancement Author:Yayie ⦁Unidirectional Networks (Udon) Author:Xoxide ⦁Parklets Author:yayie ⦁The Simcity Decoration Pack Author:Danny ⦁Oppie's C$$ Burger King Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's C$$ Mcdonalds Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's Museum Author:Oppie ⦁Oppie's Public Transport Stops Author:Oppie ⦁Airship Upgraded Author:Nikola ⦁Regional Maglev Author:Yayie ⦁Homeless Tents Author:Yayie ⦁New RCI 1.1(More Workers,Shoppers and Freights) Author:Nikola ⦁Street With No Traffic Lights Author:MaxvSK
  16. NYC Police attacked with hatchet

    Suicide by cop? Unfortunately, a by-stander was hit by the hail of police bullets. More training needed for these officers?
  17. 6.Security

    SECURITY 5th January 2002, The Security project has been approved, As the Security Department decided, A new Police Headquarters is going to be built in the Regional Capital, Port Tuduri. Port Tuduri, choosed for the construction of police headquarters, because is the biggest town in the region To build this building, wich provides with more than ten patrol cars and a lot of space to jail criminals, the region has asked his first loan. next to the building construction a whole security improvement plan has started. A lot of Policecars waiting to start patrol REGION MAP AND OVERVIEW LINK
  18. Cop charged with second degree murder. Several videos of this incident went viral on the net. Cop fired nine rounds (his whole magazine?) at the kid with a knife, isolated in a streetcar. This incident has the Toronto police doing all their sums again. I wonder if others will take note.
  19. So I built an international airport in a large city. It's doing well and everything except it's ridden with crime. So I built the biggest police station next to it, but my safety advisor keeps telling me it's a "den of crime". I've gone so far as to place about 15 kiosks around the airport along with 2 other large stations and I'm still getting updates saying it's unsafe. I've also checked off every major ordinance associated with lowering crime. How do I decrease crime here??
  20. Checking on services, I noticed the crime was extra low. Then thinking about it, don't believe I have had reports of crime either. Not complaining, just wondering.
  21. Some of the service vehicles are not working at all or cause strange congestion in traffic. While congestion issues could've been handled with remove/adding back the garage, some of the vehicles (like ambulance!) simply do not leave the garage and won't start working. I will list some of the symptoms I've had so far: School buses literally parked right in front of the school, not moving. (congestion) Ambulances do not leave the garage. (remove/add didn't work) And I am not sure whether these have something to do with navigation AI or simply statistics: Adding police cars does not reduce the crime rate. Even though past events clearly show all of the criminals are arrested, statistics still say 80% of them ran away. Even though fire trucks reaches the destination, where burning building is, statistics still show at least 80% of the buildings were burned. (however no rubble from fire) Trashes/Recyclables are not picked up entirely (I already have 4 fully upgraded trash/recycle center) Visitor(tourist) counts go up to 1.5 MILLION average, however I have NO, NOT A SINGLE tourist on the map. (all of businesses are desperate to have more shoppers) p.s. for some reason I cannot get into technical issue forum. Is it closed?
  22. Fade to Black [Darkness Escalates]

    Darkness continues to swirl through HD - and beyond... Our mystery character is a whistle blower. He alerted the HDRPS about the corruption and plan hatched by the insurer, vice regional chair and developer. And then, only a few days later, he suffered a blackout during an announcement where the vice-chair was present. Could these events be related? Find out right now... 19.1 | I began to slowly wake up... I heard door shutting. The doors of the mysterious van I was in swung open and the cold air flooded in. We certainly weren't in Holt District anymore, it was snowing. It almost never snows in Holt District. The masked people grabbed me and I saw where they were taking me - a delapitated looking house that seemed to be surrounded by a swamp. It was cold out and was snowing heavily. 19.2 | The area was definitely a swamp land - and it looked fairly isolated. That worried me... would anybody find me? What was going to happen to me... who were these people? My mind was racing and my heart was pounding. Was this the end? Or... were they going to rough me up into not saying a word? Was going to the police the wrong thing to do? So many questions raced in my mind... 19.3 | They took me inside, sat me down and tied me to the chair. The room was dark, cold and woefully ugly. Despite the situation I was in, the first thing that came to mind was how dated the wood panelling is. They began to walk away from me into the kitchen area. I was getting worried again as I ran out of things to distract myself with. They tied me really tight, I don't think I'm getting out of this chair... 19.4 | I began wondering what kind of person could go to the kitchen and start cooking while a hostage sat in their living room. Then it hit me - they were gone. The car doors outside slammed. And that bacon smell was turning to burnt meat and wood that's on fire - there's a glow and embers coming from the kitchen. Uhoh. This isn't going to end well, is it? The smoke detector went off... 19.5 | That same moment, the HDRPS in assosciation with the Orchidsen Police Service (OPS) stormed and raided the Holt District regional offices. By order of the Province of Orchidsen government, the building was to be turned upside down as part of a corruption investigation. The scheme is falling, as is the Holt District government...
  23. Facebook is a two-way street.

    It cuts both ways. Don't forget to set up your security properly on any of the social networks. Interesting that the police were able to use Facebook, with their co-operation, in cracking this one.
  24. New Police Stations

    I don't know where this would go, so I posted it here, (admins please move to proper spot if needed). I also don't know how to ask for this, or even if it is appropriate to ask for, but I was wondering, since I'm no good at BAT or any of that, if someone who is would do us a favour and make some different shape/style police stations.

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