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  1. Natural Parks

  2. Hello Ultimate727! I'm not sure how to get the map stats -new using this game- But I can upload a photo with the stats bars:
  3. Version


    This is a real-size Map from the East region of Menorca, The most wonderful of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The island is inhabited since immemorial times , beyond the age of metals, according to the latest archaeological findings. Is ubicated in the middle of West-Mediterranean sea, and this strategic location has been the cause that: fenizians, romans, frenchs, british and Spaniards, like muslims or pirates; choose it to found assets. Mahon (Maó in the native language) has the biggest Natural Port from the Mediterranean, and The city is capital from Menorca since the british conquest the Island in the XVIII century. Installation: -Just Copy the .crp file into your C:\Users\[Your User]\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps\ folder. *NOte: This folder is hidden by default, so mark the show hidden folders in the windows explorer settings or paste the route in the adress. Enjoy
  4. Cartagena (Spain) Map



    This is a real-size Satelite Map from the ancient City of Cartagena, in the South-East of Spain. The city was founded in 1184 b.c. by the original ancient people of 'Península Ibérica'. Conquest by Carthago in the Punic Wars, and taked over the Roman Empire Control by Cornelio Scipió. The city have a Natural Port strategically ubicated at the Mediterranean Gates. This port is heavily defended by two high mountains that actually have important castles, used in the Spain Civil War to protect it. Install Insrtructions: -Just Copy the .crp file into your C:\Users\[your User]\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps\ *Note: The AppData Folder is usually hidden, be sure to mark the show hidden folders option in your folder settings or paste the route in the windows explorer adress. Enjoy
  5. 13.Future and Economy 2/2

    Thank you NMUSpidey, and thanks to you too jmsepe.   Thanks for visit!!!
  6. 13.Future and Economy 2/2

    FUTURE AND ECHONOMY 2/2 7th February 2010, Dear President of the United Nations, Ses Isles Qiuck Gowth in port Tuduri In these ten years I have seen grow building construction, investment firms and tourism and recreation centers. The means of transport are exceptional safety and health assistance, too. Port Tuduri as a Tourism Center Dear President,The final decision must be taken by all member countries, but if the entire nation of Aralar has progressed as it has this region, of course, is a country that should be part of the organization. Univeristy in Port Tuduri SES ISLES MAP AND OVERVIEW
  7. 12.Future and Economy 1/2

    FUTURE AND ECHONOMY ½ 7TH February 2010, Dear President of the United Nations Es Fornots Recycling and trade centers The end of my report is coming. In these ten years of study and observation, I can say that this region has made enormous efforts to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants: They have developed a solid pillars to maintain the welfare state and into the 21st century, they have created a network of water purification and reciclage significantly reduce their carbon footprint. With recycled resources, there has been quite metal, alloy and glass to start an international airport, which plans to be finished by 2015. International Airport in SesIsles - a reality in 2015 SES ISLES GENERAL MAP AND OVERVIEW
  8. 11.Education

    EDUCATION 7TH January 2007 After years of projects and bureaucratic juggling finally college will be inaugurated in the coming weeks. The Minister of Education stated that Ses Isles has made a great effort to create schools and high schools for all locations, offering exceptional population access to education. Port Tuduri University, the Ses Isles Future Option The new university, located in port Tuduri will feature a faculty of tourism and various engineering. Is expected to increase the degrees offered in the next five years, and also plans to open branch campuses with different degrees in Es Fornots and Fortaleça. SES ISLES GENERAL MAP AND OVERVIEW
  9. Chapter 1: Here for the Long Haul

    Nice indeed!!
  10. 10.Energy

    It's expensive indeed. But It has been built in this city, because is the one with more taxes profit (for the heavy industry) and can afford that. About the quantity, By the moment -and with the wind electric plants- is enough. The problem of the solar energy is that in the night it is totally useless, and works with battery.   Thanks for visit!
  11. Fly The Skies

    I like!!!!!
  12. 9.Tourism and Transport 2/2

    Thank you so much NMUSpidey,   About the sims: Yes I played  both. I like a lot Sims 2, you've got a lot of options and internet new content, that allow you to create thousands of things. But... The sims 3, now, have a lot of expansions also, and the 3D enviroment is much realistic. Also, the sism 3 allow you to paint anything with the textures you want (in sims 2 the objects have one or more colors, and you can't change that). But... probably the best thing of Sims 3 is the fact of that you can move around all the map, without loadings, just click and move.... You can go to visit your neighborhoods, you can go to the parks or the midtowns... You cna go to the lake or beach to fish, and in my favourite expansion (¿Adventurers in english? I'm not sure) allow you to visit other countries, and do a lot of quest and dungeons. So, in my opinion, the sism 3 -now- is the best sims game.   Thanks for visit!!!!   PD- It's true, i'm updating to fast, i'm going to stop the rythm, but in my defense i say: This summer i'm going to work a lot, and probly i won't have time to update to much.
  13. 10.Energy

    ENERGY 12th March 2006, The rapid growth and new infrastructure have squeezed the most of the energy potential of coal plants. In addition there are the pressures of environmentalists groups to stop the pollution of these focus , and the high cost of exporting the mineral. Cala Des Foscos, One of the main industrial places in Ses Isles, choosed to build the new energy central Renewable energy plan, which seeks to permanently stop these aging plants starts: wind energy fields virtually every population will be created, and La Cala Des Foscos is building a solar power plant ultramodern. Solar Energy Plant Ïn Ses Foscos The Governor said: 'It is absurd that we have so many hours of sunshine throughout the year, and we are not taking advantage of the energy potential of the same' It is estimated that the plant will be completed in 2007, and coal plants are closing will gradually since late 2006. SES ISLES GENERAL MAP AND OVERVIEW LINK
  14. 9.Tourism and Transport 2/2

    Thank you SimRico, and thanks for visit