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City-building game(s)

Found 22 results

  1. Good day everyone! I have become curious about how the simulation was working in SC4. Of course I know that unlike Skylines, Sims in 4 are simulated only in "presence", but how? I'm also cursious about health, wealth and education. Is it just a global percentage applied to groups of population in map areas or is it more precise? Do Sims get wealthier? Do Sims really age? I am wondering what the underlying mechanics are, do we have a full documentation about that somewhere or are we just guessing by observing what happens ingame?
  2. SAELIG - First Look !

    Welcome everybody to Saelig! Saelig is a new strategy role-playing game where you take control of a human living in England in the Dark Ages. You can live as you please and I thought it would be fun to play this game and share it with you. In this first episode, we check out our town and see what kind of things we can get up to as this is the tutorial. I hope you enjoyed this episode of Saelig, thanks for watching and liking!SÆLIG is a strategy, role-playing, simulation, and trading game about the things that matter; life, death, money, and family. You will be in charge of managing the life and affairs of a young Anglo-Saxon in the kingdom of Wessex, a kingdom at constant war with Vikings. It is in this world that you must find a way thrive and make a name for yourself, and your family. At its very core, SÆLIG is a trading and management game centered around the accumulation of wealth and the survival of your family. It also incorporates many role-playing and simulation features, including relationships, buffs, skills, health, missions, needs, character-based interactions, and direct character control.
  3. Illuminati video game?

    Are there any video games where you play as the illuminati and take control over the world? Or something similar like the illuminati? Or does such an game not exist?
  4. Cold war era games

    Are there any good cold war era strategy/ political Simulation games? Or are most cold war era games bad? And there are not really good cold war era games?
  5. Games like Tropico

    Are there any political/strategy games like the tropico series, wehre you can be a dictator? Or is this game series unique? Is tropico the only game that allows you to Play as a real totalitarian dictator? Or do other games like this exis5t where you can become a brutal totalitarian dictator? Is tropico the only really good political simulation game?
  6. Ostriv is a city-building game, that puts you in a role of a governor of an 18th century town to challenge your creative skills and management abilities. Dive into the story mode and decide the fate of your country, or just build your cities for fun in sandbox mode. The game is now on Steam Greenlight Here's the first available gameplay video:
  7. Finally Episode Nr. 5: of Dunham: Have fun...
  8. Hi everybody, We're a small indie team from Chicago that loves simulation games. Our first game was 1849, a Gold Rush city builder we released last year. I just wanted to let you know about our next game, that we've just started working on: Project Highrise. As our website describes it: "In Project Highrise, you build and manage a modern-day skyscraper – a vertical ecosystem of offices, businesses and residences. A skyscraper is an intricate machine of interlocking systems, which depend on each other in their daily function. Tenants will expect everything to just work, and to have all of their needs met under one roof. It’s your job to keep this machine running smoothly and efficiently. Keep your ear to the ground, but your eye to the future." We're very early in development, so we don't have any screenshots yet, but here's some concept art eye candy: - A couple of art concepts that explores the visual style, something very stylized, that hints at mid-century high modernist style (it was, after all, the golden age of glass-and-steel skyscrapers!) - And here's artist's mock-up of what a single floor might look like - we're going for a flat cut-away view, like something out of old Popular Science issues. We hope this will make it easy to observe how the simulated building is doing, and what needs your attention: Anyway... I just wanted to let you know what we're working on! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer here, or on twitter at @somasim_games Oh and one more thing - here's our official website: http://www.somasim.com/highrise/ You can check that out for much more info about the project, get on a mailing list to get progress updates, and so on. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hi, We're developing a new resort building/sim game called "Eden Isle: Resort Paradise" that lets players create their dream vacation resort. We'd love your feedback on the game. If anyone wants to play it you can sign up for our beta at www.EdenIsleGame.com. The beta is totally free and is available on iPhone and iPad. Here are some more details on the game along with a trailer: Design, build and manage your very own resort in Eden Isle: Resort Paradise! - Attract guest types such as treehuggers, hipsters, glampers and fashionistas by building the facilities they want in your resort - Keep your guests happy by tending to their needs and responding to any special requests - Manage your bars, restaurants and shops well to earn as much money as possible - Decorate your resort to customise it and earn bonuses from nearby accommodation and activities - Keep your resort running smoothly by ensuring your activities are in good working order, your staff are well-trained, your resort is clean and your warehouse is well stocked. - As your resort improves, your resort score and star rating improves – can you build the ultimate five-star resort? Thanks in advance for all your feedback!
  10. I was playing arround and I checked my census and something was odd. I mean, all is odd. Now, my little town has about 1200 inhabitants, with a total workforce of 500. so far so good, but is says that there are 3300 people working outside town and working in my town. I query the roads and I get about 200 people moving in only. Then it says that I have over 9000 jobs in town??!! Now, this is a small (1x1km) town, barely covered in farms, no industry and a few shops. what??? you can actually see this bellow, where it says I have about 450 com jobs and 280 farm/ind jobs (more than enough for those 500 workforce), but then, it says that I have over 5000 and 7000 travelling outside town to work! from a 1200 inhabitant town! Again, the query traffic tool indicates only about 200 people come in from outside to work in town, and no one leaves town to work. I'm confident I don't have "eternal works" bug, because of the roads layout and continuous monitoring regarding that. Also, I'm using CAM v1.0, and removing it, didn't change a thing. Any ideas??
  11. Dev Blog link! Hello, please check out my new dev blog series for a game that I am working on. Thankyou!
  12. There are no fewer than 5 indie games under development designed to let the player build skyscrapers: Project Highrise, Block'hood, IsoTower, Skylimit Tycoon, and Cloud City, and they inspired me to start back up on OcramTower in a way with minimal overlap with them. Here is a breakdown of the games (listed in approximated chronological order until release): Block'hood is an arcology builder/simulator with a Minecraft-esque appearance and strong ecological focus. It released on March 10. I describe it as a puzzle game where resource supplies are supposed to be balanced. Project Highrise has its own thread. Long story short, a high quality SimTower clone with a 1960s Chicago style/theme and campaigns/events was found to be so promising that Kalypso picked up the title. IsoTower is the labour of love of a lone developer (Todd B). It used HD isometric graphics before being rebuilt but has a better simulation now, an Art Deco themed UI, and the next major release will be available soon enough. The developer is diligent and hard-working and posts updates seemingly daily on facebook. Skylimit Tycoon is a full 3D tower simulator with modding tools completed already (to make content creation easier for the developers) with a ton of fun new features but still in the early Alpha stage. Cloud City is sort of like a dystopian SimTower with full 3D graphics (but only 1 layer like classic SimTower). OcramTower's environment is similar to that of Project Highrise because it is vector based and it will feature a classic view. Its construction is done slice by slice, however, OcramTower will have depth, making it functionally similar to multiple highrises in a row if played in Classic View. The most useful (besides multi-floor problems like checking of which floors have utilities and how well elevators work) view will be Top-Down View, which will look similar to architectural drafts of floor plans (in color, with changes from people in real time). Top-down view will be freely rotatable because of the ease of such transformations on SVG. Classic View and Isometric View will only have zoom (which stay sharp at all resolutions and levels of zoom) and will need different graphics for every angle (4 isometric angles) and slice (most rooms are 2 slices deep, hallways are 1 slice deep, the biggest room will be 10 slices). One slice is 4 meters deep, one tile is 1 meter wide, one storey is 3.9 meters tall (including space between floors). OhTees cannot move through rooms besides rare exceptions (like public amenities), which means you must either build hallways or leave unfinished floor space between rooms. Better elevators will unlock with higher star levels and eventually time. My goal is to make--at first--a functionally 3D Yoot Tower clone with 2D SVG graphics (rendered as PNG below) and evolve it into a campaign to become the most powerful real estate magnate in the world by manipulating markets and politics using your vast wealth, influence, and business skills. So far, I have a dead-end prealpha 3, new art, and handwritten code snippets and flowcharts for prealpha 4. 1 Bedroom Apartment top-down view 1 Bedroom Apartment classic view 2 Bedroom family condo top-down view Fast Coffee Shop (this unlocks from the get-go, luxury cafes unlock at 3 stars) Office Reception Room top-down (low-rent occupants)
  13. CitiesCorp Concept

    Hi All, Today, CitiesCorp Concept has been submitted to Steam Greenlight. The basic idea is to scale and shape your buildings, putting them into complexes, setting own productions lines and many more features. This gives you a different city building experience in comparison to the well established brands. Check it out on Steam Greenlight and if you like it, vote Yes! Small town during testing Control Panel to control what is going on inside the building
  14. This is a series of reports that will in due time explain the eventual collapse of civilisation in my simulation of cities skylines,It's quite obvious that it's a dystopia with little touches of mythical references.I was compelled to make this as i am a great fan of historical timelines and the rise and fall of civilisation and the subsequent effects and changes that occurs in civilisation and it's cities and societies. So since Cities Skylines (great game but needs more cyberpunk) possesses a rather interesting feature which was the introduction of flooding and functional but simple water mechanics and dam construction which is a great deal for me for environmental manipulation and the sight of cities submerged underwater (Yes,i am a scenery gorn addict). So all in all i'll post updates of my simulation till the end times with detailed reports when i can. Cheers.
  15. Hi everybody, I wanted to share a side project: www.hypersimulated.com and its twitter account @hypersimulated It's a place where I post twice a week about new and interesting simulation/strategy games. Especially indie sim games, which can be hard to find. But I've also posted about games like Skylines, because how could I not? It's a great game. So if you'd like to get twice-weekly updates, please feel free to follow on either Twitter or Tumblr I'd love to hear your feedback on this kind of a project, whether this sounds like something interesting! Also, any good games you know of that I should check out? Cheers!
  16. Idea Suggestion: More Wealth Levels

    I have been thinking about this for a long time and have discussed this a little here but more elsewhere. Why stick to just 3 wealth levels? Even the new SimCity has homeless sims and Cities XL has 4 wealth levels. In the United States, there are 6 distinct wealth levels divided into the 5 quintilles plus the top 1%. The bottom quintille lives at or below poverty level and does not pay income tax. In the game, these could be represented as the homeless, squatters, people living in public housing, and also a small amount in the least desirable (and least expensive) housing. The second quintille is "working poor." They are above poverty but are only one missed check away from poverty. These would correspond to R$ in SimCity francise or Cities XL (R$ in City Life looks more like bottom quintille). The third quintille is the middle class (or lower-middle class). They are skilled, educated, and/or qualified workers. They typically are the most common workers in the desirable businesses. The fourth quintille is the upper-middle class or lower-upper class. These are your millionaires. They work in management positions (and sometimes as typical workers in your wealthiest, most high-tech businesses). The fifth quintille, minus the top 1% (so the top 80-99%) would be your billionaires and multimillionaires. They have the highest taxable income but also make income that the city cannot tax. These are your executives, successful politicians, and typical celebrities. They are only hired in medium or high density, high wealth or high tech businesses in small amounts. You would need a certain amount of these people before you can get the big money moving in. The top 1% (which deserves a point of its own because the top 1% earners have at least as much money as the next 20% combined) would be your multibillionaires. In BoomTown, they would be Keystone Elite Residential, with special conditions for unlocking. I would say that a reasonable unlock would be have regional upper class workers (multimillionaires) as exceeding population of 10,000 to 30,000, and there to be at least 1 free job available for them (which would only be available in high density CO$$$ and fully upgraded headquarters (except maybe lumber or mining)), and the zone/empty lot can only be placed in an area that is already desirable for that (multimillionaire, which is right below keystone elite, top 1%) wealth level. If they move into a lot, they will raise the land value for the whole neighborhood (so it doesn't instantly abandon if it barely meets the requirements). What do you think? --Ocram
  17. Hello, I wanted to ask, what is the size of the game lots in real measurements? One post claims it is 16x16 meters: Here it is 50x50 meters: The first size would mean that cities are rather small. Even the biggest tile would not be bigger than half of, say, Amsterdam's urban area. This seems too small. Anyone knows the correct size ratio? Thanks
  18. Children Of The Nile

    So ever played this game anyone? I was going to buy it on Steam but found it for less on GOG.com. I can do terra forming on it and it is a building/strategy game based in Egypt. You have to make sure your people have what they need. You know the food, shelter and basics. Prestige is also important as is getting that pryamid built before the Pharoah (you) croak. You also have to train armies and navy to defend against raiders, train city guards to protect the town from vagrants too. You can set up relations for trade with computer generated cites also for goods you can't produce yourself. I am enjoying it greatly! It is an older game made in 2004 but I have had no problems running it on Windows 8. I am annoyed right now with SC4 and this is a nice break.
  19. Hey guys! I'm a 15 year old gamer and I plan on taking courses and tutorials in game design and programming. I have many bold ideas and I feel that I should finally take action. It sounds far fetched but I eventually want to have a game studio making games like Simcity, GTA, and even FPS games. I also want to found a consumer electronics company and make game consoles, phones, tablets, VR devices (oculus rift type), etc. The problem is that I know nothing about coding or game design and I've never made a game before, but I want to start now and eventually make these games. I've been thinking of making a city building game on CryEngine. It would be like Simcity 4. It would have zoning, terraforming, disasters, pretty much all the same mechanics but with modern graphics, modern building styles/ more building styles (european, asian, etc.), and modern cars. I want it to be very graphic intensive but very optimized so lower end PC's can still run it. It will have a photorealistic look to it because I hate the cartoony direction Maxis/EA is taking with Sims games. I would incorporate ideas that modders uses such as NAM. If I made this game and put it on Kickstarter, would you guys support it? I have a very high end gaming rig and I also have the free version of the CryEngine SDK so I can learn how to use it. If I feel that I can actually make this game then I will definitely purchase the full SDK and make modifications to the engine so it would be perfect for a city simulation game. Btw, It would not have always on drm, and my games would always support the PC platform first and consoles second.
  20. Hank Haney's World Golf

    One of the best golf simulators next to Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. What made this game stand out was the customization. Literally, every single object can be customized or added in the simulator, player skins, golf balls, courses, logos, flags, clubs, 3D objects. Gameplay I’m surprised this game wasn’t more popular, but I think what destroyed the popularity was the difficult swing mechanics. You have the option for four different swing types: 3-click 2-click Vertical mouse Horizontal mouse There are no stats in the game, but when you create a golfer, a slide determines how accurate your golfer is, or how much distance he can hit the ball. Don’t worry, you can go back into the “Create Player” tab and change this slider all you want. I managed to overcome the difficult swing mechanics, by constantly adjusting the slider to get a pattern that matched my method of play. As most golf games, this has a total of 9 game modes... Stroke Stableford Modified Stableford Practice Match play Skins Nearest to the pin Longest drive Multiplayer Note: multiplayer has Internet and LAN server options, all the games mode listed above can be played in multiplayer. Also, there tons of courses to play, 20 full 18 hole (fictional) courses are included, with more to download online (Only if I could find the website; look at the company’s, but no luck). Another interesting part, aside from regular courses, you have the option to play on Par 3 and crazy golf courses. If you have a good enough graphics card, the draw distance allows you to see the entire course in your view. Course editor One of the best course editors I have seen in a golfing simulator! You can customize the layout, terrain, panoramas, and even change the physics for each texture. If you have picture editing software like Photoshop, you can make your own textures to use for your course. It’s very simple to use, just press and hold the space bar to draw the shapes you want, then you select what type of object you are creating. If the shape isn’t perfect, you can change it by selecting and dragging the control points to the desired direction. Pins can also be customized, from color to the flag image displayed. If you have 3D modeling software, adding your own 3D objects for use with the course editor should be easy (don’t know what the file type is?). There are tons more features I could list, but that list would be HUGE, but these were the best to create a fully customized course that you can share with friends! If I were to rate this game, here would be my verdict. Gameplay 7.5 – Real-time passing of time – choose a tee time and watch it go from morning to evening. Swing/ball physics 5.8 – Swinging can be very difficult, but if you can find the correct position for the slider, you can get good playing scores. Course editor 9.0 – It’s almost perfection! So many options to customize, but occasionally editing terrain can be challenging, especially when the camera is in real-time isometric; takes practice! Graphics 7.0 – the graphics that come with the game are decent enough, especially if you have an advanced video card, but when you make your own players or course, the images can be as realistic as you want. Audio/music 6.5 – the sounds of hitting the ball are clean and crisp, but the same for audio is the same for graphics, you can change the sounds in the files or the course editor to how ever realistic you want. Overall 7.8 – A great game to customize, almost more fun than playing the game. At a price of $10 dollars US on Amazon, it won’t be a huge loss if it’s not what you hoped it to be. http://www.amazon.com/Hank-Haney-World-Golf-Pc/dp/B003NS3KAI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354639983&sr=8-1&keywords=Hank+haney%27s+world+golf If any of you are wondering, yes, here are some gameplay videos, this one made by Dmitry Cheva.
  21. Today, for the first time ever, I experienced the infamous "the date stopped advancing" hang. It isn't just the date, the whole thing just hangs up. You are, fortunately, able to do a save and close to get back to your desktop where a restart solves the problem. The city I am working on has a very nearly full tile (a small one) and was fine until I started developing it beyond being a farming village. Once things started to get near the edge of the tile, I began experiencing several of these. I suspect the program goes into some kind of tight loop. perhaps in the pathfinder, because the game runs for a while then hangs again. System configuration: here. Software: Simcity 4 Deluxe 1,1,641 running on wine-1.5.15 under Ubuntu 12.10 (GNU/Linux 3.5.0-17-generic x86_64) Comments?
  22. A Developing Simulation Game

    Due to my love for simulation games I have decided to work on one of my own its in the early stages of development but its a business simulator that allows the player to be their own television network president where you ultimately make the decision on how you want to program your shows and decision making in terms of firing and hiring staff and talent to marketing & advertising. I am still uncertain whether if it would be an online game or a game in which you can download and play offline (similar to Hollywood Mogul) but if you like games like these and want to keep updated on it - please feel free to join the fan pages and jolt over to http://www.tvnetworkgame.com Thanks.

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