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City-building game(s)

Found 15 results

  1. Update 5

    The Beach
  2. Update 4

    Sutro Tower
  3. Update 3

  4. Update 2

    New industrial park.
  5. Update 1

  6. Industrial area

    From the album Lindenboro

  7. So I discussed this with A Nonny Moose already in August 2015, but his suggestions did not fix my problem. This is not good, as this problem, until I understand exactly what is causing it, is pushing me away from SC4. I am convinced it is a bug or glitch of sorts, so until I know that it isn't, it's hard to look past it. Anyways, here is a copy-paste of what I wrote A Nonny Moose, here's to hoping somebody can help me fix this!: "My problems are as followed, these always happen, I have yet to see it not happen and I have been playing on and off since 2006 or so. Do note that I have yet to find somebody with the exact problem, thus I could not properly fix this myself yet: Whenever I start a new region, my first city is always perfect, it always works without problem, and any problems that arise are manageable, for example, my first city in a new region I started is 100% finished with 172K people and I am very proud of the city. Now I started a new city on the block right next to it, this is where the problems begin. I notice that I-D demand is -6000. How can this be? I have no clean air act or similar ordinances, I have the taxes at the standard 9% (even changing it to 0%, just for a test, doesn't change anything after 6 in-game months). As with most people I always start with dirty industry, this won't work. As odd as it seems, Manufacturing & High-Tech always want in and build up right away, where as in the first city it was the opposite (until much later in-game of course). So basically, in city 1, it's normal, at the start, dirty wants in, but not manufacturing or high-tech, but in city 2 it's vice-versa, and even after 27 in game years (I play at turtle speed) no matter what I do, dirty has never once wanted to come in, despite me never doing one single thing to negatively influence their demand. I also have no RCI or demand mods installed. For some reason, in city 1, unemployment was manageable and no annoyances occured, sure it's not 100% employment, but that isn't my goal of course, my goal is fun and enjoyment. In city 2, despite being more commercial and industrial jobs than citizens, unemployment keeps coming and coming (my worst attempt saw nearly 65% unemployment). Residents want in, but commercial and industry wants out aka doesn't develop. Odd thing is that the unemployment is changing between all wealths, it's not just upper-class like by so many others that have this problem. This always seems to happen when I connect the two cities aka make use of the roads and what not. Pretty much acting as if city 1's citizens are stealing city 2's citizens' jobs but not vice-versa. Mass-transit doesn't seem to help much either and this is quite frustrating... So yeah, those are my problems that ALWAYS (at least by me) seem to happen when I start a second city in a region, I always play on hard difficulty, but believe it or not, hard difficulty in city 1 is vastly easier than in city 2, which makes no sense. I realize that I get more citizens because some from city 1 will come, but why is it that tactics that worked in city 1 for per se, 30K citizens, doesn't work in city 2 for 30K as well? 30K's 30K, how should that make anything harder, this is just an example, but still. I am so frustrated that I already attempted city 2 10 times, I haven't started the 11th attempt yet. I feel as if something is wrong with the industry if the start is the same in both cities, yet city 1 wants dirty, whereas city 2 doesn't. Hmm, I hope I didn't confuse you, explaining is a serious weakness of mine. I thought i'd ask you first before posting to get your two cents since you seem to be the elite of elites in terms of knowledge :)"
  8. RAH Wat-Air Inc. v2

    Version 2.0.0


    RAH Wat-Air Inc. v2 This is the latest updated version (June 2015) of my Wat-Air Inc. lot. (Wat-Air Inc. v2) It's the final creation and will clean the water and air in a small to medium city. Please replace any older versions with this version 2. It's the better of them. It must be connected to your main water supply or used as the main water supply for it to work properly. Connect those pipes from the pump to that flange! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Got water pollution? Got air pollution? Need water treatment? Need air treatment? Need water purification? Need air purification? Well, brother, you've come to the right lot. You are looking at a revolutionary breakthrough in clean air and clean water. This process sucks all the air it can suck into the large turbo sucker than separates the H2 from the O found in the air and reprocesses the air into large green ionization balls which are than expelled from the top of the big blue ionization building. The 'smoke' you see is nothing more than hot steam used in the process. Backed by little steam injectors, they expel the ion balls into your city's atmosphere. The steam also keeps those little green buggers soft and pliable while they float around your city devouring any and all nasty particles in the air. It's revolutionary, I tell you! The 'waste' from the breaking down of the H2 from the O is 99.44% pure so it can be pumped back into the water system, completely cleaning all grunge and any nasties it finds. Yup, you heard right! Back into the main water system! These little goodies are called waterons and work like tiny microscopic scrubbing bubbles floating around throughout your water system. It's revolutionary, I say! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note 1: It was tweaked to clean two nasty coal burning power plants and one incinerator I have in one of my city's. If you have more dirty industry than that, you may need to plop two or more of them. It is also residential and commercial friendly. It can be plopped most anywhere. I've kept the stats within reason keeping it from being an actual CHEAT lot. The updates are: Increased radius area out to 144. Increased the plop cost from 10,000 simolians to 15,000 simolians. BUT reduced monthly costs from 500 to 200 simolians. Reduced garbage output. Added a small water pump, the same as the small water pumping station in the game. And a couple other minor unimportant thingys. Note 2: Don't forget to connect this lot to your main water supply or use it as the main water supply for it to work properly. Connect those pipes from the pump to that flange! Stats: Plop cost: 15,000 simolians Monthly cost: 200 simolians Bulldoze cost: 1,000 simolians Jobs Generated: 600 ($=100, $$=200, $$$=300) Installation: Unzip the 'RAHWatAirIncv2.zip' folder and place the lot file in your, My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. Dependencies: There are no dependencies other than Maxis bldgprop_vol1 & bldgprop_vol2 OR Maxis Prop Names&Query Fix ENJOY!!! A little credit goes to SimCoug for helping with the tweaks.
  9. REPLIES ____________________________________________________ Schulmanator: Thanks a lot! Blunder: Thanks! And a tropical tree controlled mod would be really a great mod to have, hope you finish it eventually! MilitantRadical: Thanks and sorry to tell you, but the Mass Effect Kodiak ship is actually photoshopped in there. It'd be great if there was a model of it though... ggamgus: Thanks a lot! City_Master: Thanks! RepublicMaster: Truly is mysterious indeed, thanks Hellken: I Appreciate the very "shocked" reaction, Thanks! TekindusT: Thanks a lot Tekindus but your CJs are one my inspirations, so the pleasures all mine Forthwall: Thanks, but won't be on break for long... Fox: Thanks a lot Fox, and I'll be sure to revisit this place sometime later... KonstantinII: Cool, thanks for the link, I'll be sure to try it out! Modern City Lover 26: Jurassic Park? Lol, well thanks! IL.: It's really awesome to see your enjoying it, thanks! Kruness: All down to trial and error, it really is hard to get it right sometimes but you'll get it. Thanks btw! felano: Thanks a lot! About the staircase, I kinda liked how it turned out, considering the ruins are several dozen thousand years old, I hardly think something would be able to stay in form for long considering that flora would probably obscure it in its future, but that's just me And the ME shuttle is just photoshopped in, while the temple prop is from the STEX. Just search "temple". alerules: Lol, thanks Follarch: Thanks a lot! ____________________________________________________ Note: Since this city journal was heavily inspired by playing through the "Mass Effect" series, I've wildly decided to take my planets and incorporate them into the Mass Effect universe, and adapt the story, ideas and plots into my own worlds. I've been really intrigued by the story lately and probably will make an update with Reapers destroying the worlds I've been showcasing, and the use of Mass Effect's own game plots will appear regularly in certain parts of this City Journal. Generally, all the planets that I use are of my creation, and simply take place in the Mass Effect universe. So...uhh...yeah, enjoy ____________________________________________________ Welcome back, oh and by the way, we're still on Kanaze. The very same Filthy and hazardous wasteland. We're still on the same island of Ark'bor, which is just another part of the greater continental plain of Ilego-Ark'bor. We've travelled several hundred miles across the island to the very heart of Kanaze, considered the planet's capital. Ark'bor City. It's a relatively small metropolis, compacted on an island surrounded by two rivers. The East Glo'gahn River and its counterpart, the West Glo'gahn River. It's the scum capital of the swampy wasteland planet Kanaze, dominated by criminals, gangs, factions and off-world pirates. It's haven criminal haven in the lawless Terminus Systems, allowing its inhabitants to do almost anything on Kanaze. Therefore, with a mediocre excuse of a government, Ark'bor, as for the entire planet, remains a corrupt, hectic and totally uncontrolled society. Crime in Ark'bor City is on a constant high, and ever present brothels, bars, nightclub as well as hideouts litter the edges of the city's civilian accessible districts. In the inner core of the city, off-world corporations base operations here, constructing an endless array of structures, factories, refineries and storage tanks across the inner metropolitan Ark'bor districts. No matter where you are in this city, you'll always find yourself in the worst of situations, but those many used to this form environment and ambience try, manage and succeed in enjoying themselves in a lawless city full of chaos and disorder. At first glance, the city looks like any other. But underneath this is a bustling, never ending story of grief, criminality and an underworld hidden from the surface of the city. Its surrounding swamplands are often hiding bases, and obscure the city's position at times. The overgrowth of plants in this planet is often very radical, which causes for concern about the future of the city on many occassions. But with the amount of pollution it throws back into the environment like all other industrial colonies located on Kanaze; many that of which are unknown and unregistered on planetary maps, also causes for question as to how much Stagnum's floral and fauna population can take. And of course, on another note, Cerberus seems to have found there way into the planet. Though what could possibly hold much value on this dying rock that Cerberus would want to retrieve? As evening falls on Ark'bor, the hazy yellow atmosphere begins to soften into a dark, maroon air. Time doesn't halt operations on the planet, and so continues to spew out pollution into the planet's already fragile environment. Industrial factories like this cover almost 80% of the city's island area, which has been fully developed. Many of these factories and refineries run manufacturing operations which are of an unknown nature, never released, due to the fact that most companies which base manufacturing here operate anonymously on the planet with no given records. In the midst of a dark night, wild holograms and bright seizure inducing lights appear out of nowhere; transforming the city's civilian outskirt districts into a vibrant city of color. Though a hard place to live, and difficult to access, many people off-world enjoy the social sites, Ark'bor's clubs, brothels and bars, with endless parties and continuous stream of music playing throughout the night. Ark'bor essentially becomes a nocturnal metropolis; A quiet sleeping city (but of course, still full of noise, gunshots and criminal activity) during the day, a vibrant and cool, yet dangerous social city during the night. Though one can never avert, nor avoid the dangers this city contains. There's always something hectic, and life-threatening hiding on the far corner of the street that one walks through. Ark'bor will eternally be a city of danger, criminality, forever spiraling Kanaze into a chaotic world and destined to be lawless for its remaining future. Thanks for viewing! Rate 'n' Comment! ________________________________________________________
  10. Version 1


    This is my first building. Sorry but he has not nightlighting because I'm still practicing gmax. properties: Demand: Dirty Industry Construction time: 25 days Job Capacity: 56 Bulldoze cost: 500
  11. Version


    EBLTeam proudly presents, Dirty Industry Texture Replacement. Have you ever wanted to your industrial areas to look better, not so earth like? Do you not like the maxis texture for ID lots? But don't want to spend some time reloting everything to change the textures? Fear no more! Here is the solution! This simple mod replaces all seven textures used in the ID lots for some concrete look textures, and also have some variations as cracks, dirt and so on. It comes with a installer file, no dependencies, no conflicts known. Enjoy, rate and comment!
  12. Industry Pack 2

    Version 1


    A pack of 4 minor industrial lots to grow in your cities. Included are : Eagle Electric Franklin Furs Goobers Go Go Golf Carts (incudes CS lot as well) Hamilton Hose All are I-D style growable lots, for lower stages. Full details are included in the readme file. Dependencies: BSC Essentials BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC Textures Vol 02 BSC Mega Props SG Vol 01 BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 BSCMegaProps jestarr Vol02 BSCMegaProps JES Vol03 SimCityRail Utility Lots 2014-12-17 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.
  13. Industry Pack 1

    Version 1


    A pack of 4 minor industrial lots to grow in your cities. Included are : Abners Aparatus Bare Bottom Brewery Creepie Crawley Critter Cave DK Dental All are I-D style growable lots, for lower stages. Full details are included in the readme file. Dependencies: BSC Essentials BSC Textures Vol 01 SimCityRail Utility Lots BSC Mega Props SG Vol 01 BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 2014-12-17 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.
  14. Version


    Ever need to fill a lot of Industrial Demand? Nothing quite like a textile mill to do just that! There are two versions of this Mill, each on a plop and growable lot. The I-D one is a little dirtier looking, the I-M a little newer. A larger picture can be seen in my building thread. Full Details in the readme file. Growable I-D & I-M Lot Size: 8x6 Growth Stage: I-D 15, I-M 3 Dependencies: BSC Essentials BSC Textures Vol 01 BSC Mega Props SG Vol 01 BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 2014-12-19 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.
  15. Version


    This coal mine is fictional, though it has many elements of real world ones. It is designed specifically to work well in game. It comes as a Dirty Industry and Manufacturing growable, and a Manufacturing plop. All use the same model, just different ways to use it.. Growable I-D & I-M, Ploppable I-M Reward Lot Size: 6x6 Growth Stage: 3 Reward Requirements: 1 Coal Power Plant, Industrial Workforce 300, I-M Demand 300 Dependencies: BSC Essentials BSC Textures Vol 01 2014-12-19 - Prens: Added up-to-date links + tags.

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