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  1. UPDATE: Solved, see bottom edit. Hey guys, I'm trying to mod the regional transportation view, and while i've managed to get RHW to show (by copying the exemplar), i can't seem to figure out how to make it any other color than black. Now, i know Heblem did it awhile back, but by putting those exemplars side by side, there are no differences whatsoever, besides a few missing properties which seem to do nothing relevant. If i copy the exemplar from Heblem's mod, POOF! It's magically orange. It makes no sense, unless there's something reader just isn't telling me. I've used 1.5, and 0.93, and no dice. Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\Real Highway Mod\RealHighway_Regional_Transport_Map.dat Look at exemplar 0x6534284a,0x690f693f,0x4a0b68f3 in both. Yes, there is a color ramp property, no it does not do anything because it's missing in Heblem's mod and yet it's orange. Believe me, i've tested the hell out of both mods, modified, swapped exemplars, and the results baffle me. A little insight would be nice. EDIT: Just figured it out. If you go to the exemplar i mention earlier and change the color ramp property (i changed all 4, don't know which one does what) to your highway color. Just in case the colors confuse you, it's 0xAARRGGBB (alpha, red, green, blue). I left the alpha untouched. I still don't know why Heblem's mod doesn't have a color ramp in the 2nd exemplar. Oh well, at least i figured my end out.
  2. How do I fix this?

    Looks like just one lot to me. When did this start? Sort your plugins folder by date modified, and move the most recent and/or relevant entry out of the plugins folder. Specifically look for sc4lot files, looks like an amatuer mod to me. If this helps let me know.
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