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Found 13 results

  1. I really love this asset, but the broken overlapping orange flickering texture under the walls just drives me crazy. Anybody else? Think it would be hard to fix? I'm a bit intimidated by all of the custom animations on the bears and stuff. Would all of that stuff still be there if you tried to export the asset and reimport it with template props reload button ticked?
  2. Hi this is Ghosty20 I am having to write this post on a new account via Google, as it seems that trying to sign in via Facebook is completely broken keeps telling me something went wrong and not sure why.. Thank you for all for the help I am now able to log in via FB now which is very cool thank you..
  3. Hi everyone, Continuing on from recent discussions, we think it'd be helpful to start collecting evidence about issues with STEX files. Such as: Broken formatting [Example]. Errors when downloading files (e.g. 3D161/G - File not found). Corrupted archives (e.g. broken ZIPs). Invalid or missing dependency links (e.g. [Old] >> [New]). Missing descriptions / screenshots. Irregular download counts (more downloads than views). Any other abnormality, or function not working as intended. So if you discover any of the above, please reply below with this info. The more examples of evidence we collect, the easier it'll be to determine patterns. Afterwards, it can be used for further investigation, in attempt to find solutions once and for all. Supporting details such as screenshots, abnormalities in the HTML, or error codes are also welcome. The following posts will form index lists. Regarding a STEX overhaul, we've got to begin somewhere. I believe focussing on the more serious shortcomings makes sense as a starting point. Once these are hopefully addressed, it'll become a much clearer picture. Looking ahead, it may then lead onto more ambitious projects including the previously mentioned tagging, and the ideas which @rsc204 and @Tarkus discussed (e.g. here and here), amongst others. We're in this together as a community, and continuing on, any input or assistance would be welcome. Some files are not in a good shape, much like old property that needs a little TLC. Just like an architect, although it's a fact of life, people never intended their creations to reach a state of disrepair. As a result, being fair to authors past and present, it's time to commence action for the benefit of the whole community going forward. Thanks!
  4. Am so upset. Just installed SC4 after many days for a quick play through but now I find that the ST Exchange download button is broken. Any idea how to download now? I need the RCI Multi Mod and PEGPROD Garbage Chute Mod... Can anyone give me an alternate download link?
  5. So I discussed this with A Nonny Moose already in August 2015, but his suggestions did not fix my problem. This is not good, as this problem, until I understand exactly what is causing it, is pushing me away from SC4. I am convinced it is a bug or glitch of sorts, so until I know that it isn't, it's hard to look past it. Anyways, here is a copy-paste of what I wrote A Nonny Moose, here's to hoping somebody can help me fix this!: "My problems are as followed, these always happen, I have yet to see it not happen and I have been playing on and off since 2006 or so. Do note that I have yet to find somebody with the exact problem, thus I could not properly fix this myself yet: Whenever I start a new region, my first city is always perfect, it always works without problem, and any problems that arise are manageable, for example, my first city in a new region I started is 100% finished with 172K people and I am very proud of the city. Now I started a new city on the block right next to it, this is where the problems begin. I notice that I-D demand is -6000. How can this be? I have no clean air act or similar ordinances, I have the taxes at the standard 9% (even changing it to 0%, just for a test, doesn't change anything after 6 in-game months). As with most people I always start with dirty industry, this won't work. As odd as it seems, Manufacturing & High-Tech always want in and build up right away, where as in the first city it was the opposite (until much later in-game of course). So basically, in city 1, it's normal, at the start, dirty wants in, but not manufacturing or high-tech, but in city 2 it's vice-versa, and even after 27 in game years (I play at turtle speed) no matter what I do, dirty has never once wanted to come in, despite me never doing one single thing to negatively influence their demand. I also have no RCI or demand mods installed. For some reason, in city 1, unemployment was manageable and no annoyances occured, sure it's not 100% employment, but that isn't my goal of course, my goal is fun and enjoyment. In city 2, despite being more commercial and industrial jobs than citizens, unemployment keeps coming and coming (my worst attempt saw nearly 65% unemployment). Residents want in, but commercial and industry wants out aka doesn't develop. Odd thing is that the unemployment is changing between all wealths, it's not just upper-class like by so many others that have this problem. This always seems to happen when I connect the two cities aka make use of the roads and what not. Pretty much acting as if city 1's citizens are stealing city 2's citizens' jobs but not vice-versa. Mass-transit doesn't seem to help much either and this is quite frustrating... So yeah, those are my problems that ALWAYS (at least by me) seem to happen when I start a second city in a region, I always play on hard difficulty, but believe it or not, hard difficulty in city 1 is vastly easier than in city 2, which makes no sense. I realize that I get more citizens because some from city 1 will come, but why is it that tactics that worked in city 1 for per se, 30K citizens, doesn't work in city 2 for 30K as well? 30K's 30K, how should that make anything harder, this is just an example, but still. I am so frustrated that I already attempted city 2 10 times, I haven't started the 11th attempt yet. I feel as if something is wrong with the industry if the start is the same in both cities, yet city 1 wants dirty, whereas city 2 doesn't. Hmm, I hope I didn't confuse you, explaining is a serious weakness of mine. I thought i'd ask you first before posting to get your two cents since you seem to be the elite of elites in terms of knowledge :)"
  6. I am having a weird problem where sims from city A refuse to travel to city B for work, even though they are literally a block or two away from the border and there are heaps of avaliable jobs right on the other side of the connection. More specifically: City A has a mix of R$, R$$, CS$, CS$$, CO$$ and IHT. City B has R$$, CS$$ and Manufacturing. The RS$$ sims from city B are perfectly happy to travel into city A for employment. The problem is that the RS$ sims in city A right at the border refuse to use the connections (three avenues and a subway) and will instead get no job zots and eventually become abandoned. Freight from city A is perfectly happy to use the connections (and is the only thing using the connections going from A to B) To make the situation even weirder, city A has plenty of other neighbour connections that are working perfectly well, the problem is just with this one particular city, and in this direction. This problem is really frustrating me and I can't seem to figure out how to get the game to reset this glitch. Replacing the connections hasn't worked, letting 10+ in game years pass hasn't worked. I am using NAM improved path-finding. Any insight as to what is causing this problem and how to get the game to overcome it would be appreciated.
  7. Hi all! I was wondering what First-person camera you are now using. Ever since I started playing CSL I've been using First-person Camera by Nlight on the Steam Workshop. It was great until the last update! Now I can't seem to toggle out (exit) the first-person camera. Before I would walkthru my city automatically, riding a train, following a person at street level, or a car basically any moving object -- I made a whole video riding through one of my cities on my train system. It was fantastic! However now I can't seem to exit out of camera mode and the workshop creator hasn't updated the camera. Is there another mod you guys are using right now? Thanks!
  8. This website is broken?

    Why is it so frustrating to find what you need here? The search sucks and is pretty much useless, any link from before 2011 for some reason DOES NOT WORK, so you have almost no luck getting dependencies for older files. I'm trying to download this casino and the dependency link is broken and the name of the dependency is unknown so i can't google it. Also several files have MISSING download buttons. Who runs this place? Does anyone care? It's freaking irritating because i can't even find help for these issues because nothing shows up on google either. Here is an example: WHY IS THERE NO DOWNLOAD BUTTON? WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN FIXED? Also this: Click the link he posted for the dependency to find your dead-end. This is just two examples off the top of my head i just encountered.
  9. One of the greatest mods available, Search Box seems to have been busted by the delightful Snowfall. It worked on Snowfall's launch day, but was incredibly slow at loading results and would hang. Now it crashes any map I attempt to load with SBM enabled and now I've disabled it, the game works fine. Noticed there's a few comments on Steam noting that it's broken too. Has anyone had any issues with this? Really hope the creator CWMlolzlz can enact a fix when possible. Workshop link:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=540758804
  10. Broken asset

    Hi, guys. It happens that every time I launch the game (either in the map editor or the main game) I get this message: Now, once I dismiss the message, the game runs ok. Is there a way to know what asset is giving me the message? Without having to manually deactivate/reactivate them one by one? Thanks!
  11. Hey everyone. So I installed a couple iffy beta mods/assets today (Namely, the Network Extensions mod and the two Toll Booth Turnpike assets). I then opened my game to encounter this: After closing the error box, I'm left with a slightly ominous message in the debug log ('32768 broken vehicles detected and removed') and my viewpoint stuck in this spot. I'm not asking anyone to fix or resolve this issue. I'm sure the beta mods caused it by conflicting with something. I can just uninstall the mods and load a not-too-old backup of the city. I am, however, asking, mostly out of curiosity, if this is what a corrupted savegame looks like? If so, could I do anything to rescue this if I hadn't backed it up? Thanks.
  12. Alright, I recently got an updated PC and installed my copy of SC4 to it. When I started a new city and placed a few residential zones, it turned out that every single residential tile showed that it had no road connection, when most, if not all of them, clearly did. It was only residential zones affected, industrial and commercial zones function normally. As you can probably imagine, this is pretty game breaking (after all, how can you have a city with no people?). I've downloaded every patch and run into the same problem. I don't think anyone one else has run into this. Anyone got any suggestions? See picture. Not that great, but gives a basic visualization.
  13. Does the Carpool Incentive Program Ordinance do anything good or bad in SimCity 4? I had lots of traffic, so I implemented this ordinance and I couldn't really tell the difference. Who has gotten it to work? How? And what effect does it really have on the city? Thanks!

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