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City-building game(s)

Found 36 results

  1. Hello, I'm looking for someone to play with me Simcity 5, Ive played around 50 hours, but it gets boring when you play alone. My Origin name is DJLubos
  2. Hi guys! I'm not one to typically play SimCity 5, but I'm looking to start a multiplayer guild. Current Members - TheLynx99 (Leader) - Drexel937 (Head-Admin) - GeneralIsler (Admin) - jbbuzz (Admin) - YooperK464 (Head-Mod) - EvanMiller001 (Mod) BTW we're not talking about ST staff, we're talking about guild staff. I hand-picked these people to be on the team, so don't just ask to join. No, this is not meant to be spam. So if you want to join the guild, add TheLynx99 on origin. But also send me pics of your previous cities. To be qualified, your city must have no buildings burned down per day, less than 5 crime level, and less than 10 deaths per day, so good luck!
  3. Can anyone recommend a mod pack that is offline only mods??
  4. Cities of Tomorrow

    Good Morning, Whether for good or bad I've purchased Simcity Complete Edition, which includes Cities of Tomorrow. For the life of me I cannot locate any forum threads on issues pertaining to the version I own. It's supposed to include the an expanded core game and Cities of Tomorrow (COT). I have been known to be a newbie over the most obvious, but would appreciate someone pointing out where MODS, STEX buildings I should be able to use. Thank you all so kindly!
  5. Newbie Question

    Summary: Can I use the stex CDs and/or simtropolis w/Simcity 5? What are stex and simtropolis and how do they relate to SC5? Thx More Details: I retired recently and, looking for something to do, bought a sim. It happened to be SC5. I have been enjoying it. Ran across this site and joined---but I don't understand much about how the three elements I mentioned---SC5, stex, and simtropolis are related. Thx.
  6. The Skyline International Guild (SimCity (2013)) Welcome to the Skyline International Guild. The goal of this guild is to create a region where everyone can play and work together to achieve great things, and for the three day weekend from school, I am creating a region where this can be done. This region will be on the North America East 1 Server and will be called "The Serenity Empire" Application Requirements (No, I won't ask for sensitive information) - What is your Origin Name? - What is your Nationality? - What is your age? (Must be 13+) - Why do you want to be on the Skyline International Guild? - Do you agree to the guild's community guidelines? - Previous Cities (Must attach at least two pictures) All information entered must be correct, and truthful! Skyline International Community Guidelines (Updated 1/15/2016) - Members can be warned or even banned for not following these rules. - Members must be mature and use common sense. - Members must not spam, and be friendly to other players on the server. - Members must always listen to Admins - Members must not lie on their applications 15 Members will be accepted, so good luck! We'll choose on January 18, 2016
  7. Hello everyone I was wondering, is there any PC builds that would run this game on the highest settings without lag? I remember playing it on my current computer I have several months ago but the only way for the game to respond without lag was to put everything on the lowest settings. It looked so amazing on the highest settings but it would lag like no tomorrow. My PC is about done with and I am in need of a new one. The games I plan on playing revolve around general simulation games such as SimCity. The price range I'm looking for is around $400 to $450. The GPU is my main concern. Thank you
  8. I don't know what it is but I can't get use to cities skylines. I try and try but always return back to Simcity 5. Anyone else have the same problem ?
  9. hello all . i need help . im almost try two weeks to fix the simcity 2013 (5) crash issues. i try to update the drivers , try to disable programs and services on startup ( windows 8 ) , but it doesnt help . it happend in diferent times , sometimes play 5 hours and the all pc is crash , the display and the sound is stuck , and i need to a hard restart to my pc. i have quad core with 8 gb mem , 730 gt nvidia diaplay card with 2 gb memory / Windows 8 64bit any help will be great here . i really love the game , but it make it unplayble at all . note : im playing single mode ( offline) only . thanks
  10. Hi This is my first time on here so hopefully I'm doing this right. I have modded my simcity and recently installed it on a new machine. However when in offline mode either normal or sandbox the cheats do not work. I have tried ALT+W and CTRL+ALT+W but nothing works. I also tried removing the mods and testing to see if it was them but I had the same issue. I tried the cheats online and they work, so the problem is offline. Is there away to fix this? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mat
  11. Welcome to the first episode of SimCity 5 (2013)! Things start off slow, but we'll pick up speed soon enough. Enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG58634rHuw
  12. I currently have the plus edition of SimCity, no deluxe upgrade as of yet. My game keeps alt tabbing out at random times which gets annoying. Eventually the game will stop making certain sounds (music and SFX), however still functions normally (with alt tabbing). I've read up somewhere that the game only uses 2 cores and I did adjust the affinity to use only two, although this makes the game function slow/unresponsive as well. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Here are my specs: VGA: AMD R9 280x RAM: 16GB CPU: intel Core i5 4670k 3.40GHz OS: Windows 8.1 Thanks PS: I have no mods installed yet.
  13. Vermillion

    Greetings fellow mayors, today I would like to share with you the unveiling of our new city development, Vermillion. While the city is still young and unfinished, it is already being inhabited by some of the worlds leading engineers and scientists. The first city district within Vermillion is known as Atica. Right now it acts as the sole development of Vermillion, but one day it will serve as a the backbone for a thriving metropolis. Atica Daytime shot, around 3pm on a beautiful Simolean Saturday Nighttime shot around 2am, there are a few drops of rain in the sky And finally, a sunset pose taken around 9pm, clear skys and night lights. ----------------------------------------------------- Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have enjoyed, don't forget to view the full sized images! I will try to keep this updated with three new shots after finishing each tile/district in the region. My goal is to create a beautiful portfolio of city images. And, if you can't already tell, the pictures are post processed in Photoshop Enjoy!
  14. Atica (Vermillion)

    Greetings fellow mayors, today I would like to share with you the unveiling of our new city development, Vermillion. While the city is still young and unfinished, it is already being inhabited by some of the worlds leading engineers and scientists. The first city district within Vermillion is known as Atica. Right now it acts as the sole development of Vermillion, but one day it will serve as a the backbone for a thriving metropolis. Atica (Vermillion) Daytime shot, around 3pm on a beautiful Simolean Saturday Nighttime shot around 2am, there are a few drops of rain in the sky And finally, a sunset pose taken around 9pm, clear skys and night lights.
  15. Finally! What kept me from buying SC5 is now removed! Also EA wants us to make mods and what is better than NAM for SC5? I do understand the effects of this, it could slow performance and use a sizeable chunk of your map but if there is something like SC4 Mapper for SC5, we could make custom regions as well as varied map sizes to fit like Highways and such. Now I can design tolls in my city to charge travel and also make highways with slick interchanges. If we had the option to tweak the Great Works to make airports look varied, it would be nice. And also adding our own Great Works would be great. Hope these ideas go into consideration!
  16. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SOME NEW DISASTERS, SHOULD ADD IN SIMCITY SERIES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would love to start a new conversation on, New disasters, which aren't added in SimCity 5, and some given disasters those who need some improvements. So I would also love to keep my opinion on disasters, as we all know SimCity 5 is incomplete without disasters, if they're of SimCity 2000 or SimCity 5 they always influence us all, many love disasters and many hate. So my point is there should be some more new disasters in this series like, Tsunami, Hurricane, Thunderstorm, Volcanic eruption. if we talk about tsunami, they should be 100% manually controlled and also some options to raise water level of tsunami, and some more adjustment tools, should! be! given! If we're mayor of cities, don't forget that we're also god of these cities! Effects and detailing of water and tsunami wave, also after hitting the city coast and buildings should be more realistic. Now lets talk about Hurricanes, as we'll know hurricane spins at a very high speed round and round all over the sky, I want it should also be 100% manually controlled so you could target a place you want to destroy. After hitting the city, buildings will fly, cars will boom! peoples will fly in the sky. Effects should be realistic! More adjustments option should be given! Now thunderstorms, So thunders are very dangerous as we all know. Similar as SimCity 4 where you can use thunders in city, the same should given in upcoming series where you can manually, off course, make it fall in the city where you want. Thunders effect should be realistic! Now at final Volcanic eruptions, volcanoes are not man made! so there should be a map in which, volcano is already given so when ever you want you can manually control the lava flow, it would be so good. Effects! Should! Be! Realistic! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPROVEMENTS IN GIVEN DISASTERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Disasters are given in which I love the most is, Earthquake, Meteor Shower and Tornado! because these three are 100% Natural disasters! Rest of the three aren't occurred in actual so they doesn't influence me at all. Even they are really very unrealistic and very weird. Have you ever seen a robot in a city in real? A dinosaur? Alien? Okay now I want some improvements in these three disasters like for ex :- Have you all ever observed earthquake in real? When the earthquake occurs obliviously it damages the city buildings, bridges, roads, etc. But in game I have seen only building damaging! Why roads are still brand new? like they're made at that time when earthquake was coming though So my opinion is Earthquake should damage roads, bridges, and buildings should get some cracks on it. Radius of earthquake is really very small, in the entire city it occurs in the small place, I know it's because if the radius would large then the hole city will end in a 1 wink of our eyes. At this my point of view is, EA should give some magnitude settings for Earthquake like, it would be up to you, how much magnitude of earthquake you would like to make for ex 2.0 Richter scale, 4.0 RC, 6.0 RC, 8.0 RC and at last 10.0 RC should be given, so you can choose your magnitude. And radius must be big! No one would like to destroy his/her city in a wink, so they will do some minor quakes like 2.0 - 4.0 it will look so good isn't? Roads should be cracked! Buildings as well! Ground as well! Now meteor Showers, really it's the best in the entire game! no issues for Meteor shower, but it should be manually controlled like, you can control a 1 meteor to make it fall in city, wherever you want. Now Tornado, oh Tornado is so small? In fact tornado occurs in Stormy days, and when it comes, high speed winds start blowing but in the game, it feels like a man is coming from there to pass the city.. and it's so quiet in the city too, My opinion is - While you choose tornado it should be simulated, so you can choose where it should go, and it should be bigger in size and some winds should blow and sky should b filled up of clouds... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AT LAST, COLLAPSING OF BUILDING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At last we will talk about the buildings, when a disaster hits the city building collapse, in the game it collapse too but it doesn't look realistic it looks like I have thrown my mobile from sky to underground.. My opinion is, while collapsing any building it should not go inside ground so fast, building should fall on road or on any other building, and bricks and stuffs of buildings should also fall on peoples and on the road.. it would look really very impressive. So EA If you really want to improve your game in upcoming series, so you should work on disasters and effects of disaster! they all should manually controlled!
  17. I'm playing SimCity 2013 on Offline DRM SERVER, my PC had a good configuration specs - Intel Core i5 3330S Processor 4GB ddr3 1600Mhz Ram GT620 1GB DDR3 Nvidia Geforce, Graphic card Hardisk, 1TB So, My problem is that I can't access any disasters, even after completing the required, achievement suppose, I've recently completed 1) 100 Tons coal or ore, for Earthquake and also 2) Blowin in air For Tornado and it shows a pop up achievement screen showing, ''You've completed this achievement to unlock This disaster'' -- something, but after waiting a long, it doesn't unlocked, my game isn't corrupted, it's full. Please help!
  18. I believe everyone by now probably had an experience in a region plagued with trollers or unplayed cities. I myself had 3 regions, all of them were and still are plagued with unplayed cities or being stopped playing. (I really hope there was a better word to explain this) There are people who simply stop playing a city at some point. They still own a spot, they didn't technically "abandon" a city (nobody else can claim it). But they don't play in that very region anymore, and often times that very city they had been playing has a finance problem. All can be easily fixed, IF s/he lets someone else take over! Now, some players even claim multiple cities in a region and simply leave them. They don't abandon them. (what a pattern) I am guessing they are abandoning the city the moment they run out of initial funds, and move on to next region. Again, if they had actually abandoned the city and let someone else take over, it wouldn't have been a problem. But they don't, they leave it as it is. One of my region had 4 players who stopped playing all-together around April. How is this supposed to work while Simcity is actively focusing on region play? I am actually hoping EA to add a vote-kick system with some rules, like only the city had NOT been played in last month or so.
  19. Simcity 5 Sucks. I still think it would be cool if there was an official simtropolis expansion mod that came with an installer that installed all the best recommended mods, bug fixes, NAM, texture packs, etc, etc, but with a few tweaks to create a balanced challenging and playable game, resulting in an official expansion that we could all use. This would be cool because then the community could share regions without the guess work of what mods where used.
  20. So I have this big city (233k inhabitants) and I'm experiencing big traffic problems from all the people going into or out of my city. This is a big problem for my city because the garbage trucks come in from another city and they're constantly stuck in traffic which keeps them from picking up the trash. Also, the fire trucks can't reach the burning buildings on time. I already tried to remove the streetcar from the intersection because I thought that might help but I'm still experiencing big trouble. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi, I was wondering whether its possible to listen to your own music when you play Simcity. The stock music does get a bit tiring after a while. Whenever I have my iTunes (or VLC/WMP, whatever) music on and I start Simcity, the music gets overrun. If anyone knows which folder the music is stored in and if I can replace that with my own MP3s, please post. thanks, syga
  22. Gardner Valley

    Hello, and welcome to scenic Gardner Valley! Located in Fairfax County (Virginia?), Gardner Valley has a lot to offer, and by a lot I mean in tourism, specifically casinos! I was originally going to call Gardner Valley something else, but "Gardner Valley Casino(s)" had a certain charm to it, so I kept the default name! I plan to present this city journal as informal, almost satirical, somewhat based on the ancient Roman satirists on their own city state of Rome. I also like puns, although I use them sparsely and you have to look hard for those! Also, if the images aren't loading or loading too slow for you, please send me a private message. Please be aware that Gardner Valley is in not a region I created, but someone else's. However, I liked how the town was coming along so much I just had to create a city journal for it! And so we start our journey with Gardner Valley as a small village in the middle of nowhere built upon a lone highway, a railroad, and the backs of hundreds of underpaid construction workers. Anyway, here's a bird's eye view of the town: El ciudad, where el bomberos are nowhere to found: The backwoods, backwards, industrial area to the north. But hey, at least we got wind turbines blowing all that pollution towards the city! Gardner Valley will be specializing in the most unsavory and arguably hardest of specializations, casinos. So far, a casino city is the only type of city I had avoided thus so far, so I was willing to take a chance with this city journal and try it out. Low end casino hotels: Get drunk, go to sleep, wake up with a pimp in your bed and a five o clock shadow. Beautiful "shot", isn't it? The casino was making a good enough profit, but I had enough simoleans to expand my casino to include some blackjack tables and a cheap bar. I am mainly focusing on medium wealth tourists for this city, since they overall give a decent amount of money but don't complain as much as the 1%. After adding the bar to my casino, I was surprised (and humiliated) by a piece of text that a appeared at the top of my screen: Newsunreal: The town of Gardner Valley grows, packing in more poor sims than ever before! If it weren't such a delight, in the middle of the night, to see such a sight, right? While I was admiring the growth of my little town on llama speed, a tornado had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and gave me almost a heart attack. Never play the game with the sound all the way up. Out of all the undeveloped land, it decided to touch down right smack in the middle of a medium wealth neighborhood. 'cause who cares about the middle class, y'know? Amazingly, the tornado avoided destroying the school: Not seen: Dorothy's house, evil witches flying, the land of Oz. Looking up as the twister started to dissipate: The aftermath after the "incredibly destructive" *cough* tornado. Actual size and destructiveness of SimCity twisters: (photo courtesy of google images, likezz.com.) The reconstruction started immediately. After a twister. In the extreme early morning on a Sunday. Nearby a fire that has been going on for hours. Tax money well spent! Until now, the mayor has been going from house to house to sleep, using his political power to force the citizens to grant him their beds to sleep on. Every night, another unfortunate victim would be kicked out of his/her house until the mayor awoke at six a.m. every morning... I had sped up the speed a bit to gain some more simoleans into my coffers when I had realized by looking at my graphs that I had only 120 students attending my schools! I quickly ameliorated that by adding some bus stops. If you ask me, with a distance of less then .5 kilometers from the school, you'd think all the kids would walk or ask their parents to drive them, but know... The first crack of dawn revealed that all of the houses that were destroyed over the night had been completely restored, an amazing feat compared to the time that it takes to build just one house around where I live: I almost forgot to show you what I have done with the BOC. Since the railway in the distance wasn't connected to the town, I had used the debugger tool to draw a railroad out from it into the town. I had that railroad then loop around the town beside the six lane highway. As usual, grass shown itself to be sprouting over the highway, although I thought it added a bit of character: As the sun rises above Gardner Valley, I leave you with this beautiful picture of the town from the nearby hilltop: Until next time, happy city building!
  23. Hi there, Been wondering around these forums for some time, untill I came acrosse post made by Pygma. Kinda liked the idea, so I started working one some new tool to make life easier. SCTweak allowes you to create all of those tunnels and overpasses etc, without having to close SimCity or edit any file. However be aware that this app is still in very, very early developement and requires a lot of work (obviously...). Don't want to make a to long story out of this, please let me know if it works for you.. or not. Instructions: Download the latest version: TinyUpload Mega Start as administrator Click start button when SimCity 5 is running Select a road height from the drop-down Draw a small "test" piece of road to apply new height settings Hints: Increasing speed > 5 could cause simulation issues (check your sewage flow, depends on city size) Tunnel option does not work on the edges of the map, this is not fixable Release notes: R7 Support for patch 6.0 (TinyUpload Mega) R6 Added HotKeys, added speed mod, tuned some road types (TinyUpload Mega) R5 Updated to support latest SimCity patch 5.0 (TinyUpload Mega) R4 Updated values for tunnels, improve shutdown behavior (TinyUpload Mega) R3 No longer required to reload, just draw a small "test" piece for height settings to be applied. (TinyUpload Mega) R2 4.0 update, "Always on top", extra debug logging (TinyUpload Mega) R1 rewrote to a c++ debugger based patcher (TinyUpload Mega) R0 non-functional Having issues? Please provide me the following info: What OS you are using Game version Game language Log text from the tool Description of the issue (when, where, how?) Buy me a beer! Please Note: Some antivirus tools seem to give a false positive on this file. Ofcourse any scammer would state that this file is completely safe to use and so will I: "This file does not contain any form of malware. Don't download if you do not trust it"
  24. Im having to rebuild my city after having Grim try and destroy it, now I need your help to get him back....thank cuddles x
  25. Hi there everybody add me on skype and origin my username is Kags77 i have a couple of other people on the region already but there are still plenty of places left.

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