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  1. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    It seems to be fine today guess I was having some kind of network error not sure
  2. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    I'm having two problems with downloading today unfortunately. First, in pages that need other bats as a dependency the usual rectangle has a spinning wheel of death, may be internet I don't know. Second, when clicking on dependency links on the page it just reloads page or opening it in new tab get same page in new tab.
  3. So recently I had to delete my plugins folder and therefore delete my cities due to misguided error repair. I've tried reinstalling things but I am not getting the look I wanted anymore. This makes me not want to build anymore, anyone else feeling uninspired?
  4. Clothing Row

    Hey did you make those stores by yourself because I really like them
  5. Chicago L in highway

    I was wondering if there is any custom content that would help me build an L in a RHW system like in Chicago? Here, some lines run in the middle of highway with stations on overpasses.
  6. SimCity 3000 Unlimited

    Just so you know GOG.com has SC3K available for like $5 if you really want to play!
  7. Right now I'm listening to social distortion and related punk bands. My music taste is pretty impulsive, one minute its punk, next its rap, then maybe an edm song guess that is because of my adhd!
  8. Type of City you like to build

    Here is an example of a city I built, unfortunately had to delete it due to emptying out plugins folder
  9. Default tree issues

    Its so strange this is happening now never had this problem before
  10. Default tree issues

    Hi everyone, Its been a little while been busy with life and slowly rebuilding my plugins folder . But the missing props and textures have been resolved however now I'm dealing with this:
  11. Type of City you like to build

    Great pictures everyone! I love the rural looking cities as I feel its lacking in simcity 4, I love making small towns with main streets outside my main urban centers . Michael your european cities are stunning, I love the variety of architecture included!
  12. Type of City you like to build

    Great cities everyone its awesome to see such variety! And will cp release those eventually?
  13. Type of City you like to build

    where did you get those houses on the upper street
  14. Hi it's about time I introduced myself

    Unfortunately, my city journal can't be finished because I had to reinstall game like a year ago so lost it all . But I may build a new one in the near future!
  15. Hey everyone! I'm just curious what type of cities you like to build or the look you go for in your cities. For example, I love building classic American towns or American cities inspired by east coast/rust belt. I tend to build many older building in cities and rowhomes, combined with real chains and newer skyscrapers. There is just something about brick, ornate buildings and historic houses that makes the city come alive!