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  1. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    @Jasoncw lol how so
  2. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Wish I knew how to bat i'd do a bunch of the houses or smaller lots in the game
  3. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    2. Chungking Distressed
  4. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Well on andisart's suggestion, these asian buildings would look amazing with nightlights due to amount of signs and billboards. I would appreciate it if anyone wanted to tackle them and think they would be unique landmarks in SimCity 4. 1. Wen-Wen Insurance Plaza
  5. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Well guess its time to move over to bat request thread then!
  6. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Man can't believe I didn't request more of those asian buildings the nightlights would have looked awesome
  7. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Wow that one video makes me want to see so many other buildings built for SimCity 4 or even skylines!
  8. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Umeda Sky Tower in Osaka but overscaled in this game
  9. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Jadyn's Tower One of the most unique skyscrapers in the game and favorite from Asian tileset (its the one in the middle of picture)
  10. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Mullet Hi-Rise Gorgeous building, one of my favorite architecturally in the game and premier residential building.
  11. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    Just three? So many great buildings in this game I dreamed of to come to life in a more isometric or maybe even skylines 3D view. I have two I would like at the moment but can't figure out how to find screenshots from my 3000 game. Can anyone help?
  12. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    It seems to be fine today guess I was having some kind of network error not sure
  13. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    I'm having two problems with downloading today unfortunately. First, in pages that need other bats as a dependency the usual rectangle has a spinning wheel of death, may be internet I don't know. Second, when clicking on dependency links on the page it just reloads page or opening it in new tab get same page in new tab.
  14. So recently I had to delete my plugins folder and therefore delete my cities due to misguided error repair. I've tried reinstalling things but I am not getting the look I wanted anymore. This makes me not want to build anymore, anyone else feeling uninspired?
  15. Clothing Row

    Hey did you make those stores by yourself because I really like them