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  1. Buildings abandon

    Use the query tool on the building, it will tell why the building was abandoned. If it was abandoned due to no water or no power, that is easy enough to fix. If it was abandoned due to commute time, then there are several possibilities: The sim could not find a job within a reasonable amount of travel time and/or distance It could not find a connection to a job. There are not enough jobs available for the sim to find employment. You can try to fix the commute time abandonment by trying the following: Add mass transit in the residential zone with corresponding stations in commercial and industrial zones. Improving your road network. Zone more commercial or industrial zones near to the abandoned buildings. I did notice a 'No Job' zot above a residential building in the lower right of the picture. Most likely, you are having the 'Abandoned due to commute time' issue.
  2. Can't unlock train missions

    The train UDI missions are as follows: Hijack the Train Passenger Train Triggers: Deluxe Police Station, Passenger Train Station, >30 Rails. Sell Secret Rocket Formula Steam Train Triggers: Freight Train Station, Deluxe Police Station, >30 Rails Super Seatbelt Fabric for Space Ships Freight Train Triggers: 2 Freight Train Stations Train Ride for Rocket Formula Steam Train Triggers: Freight Train Station, >20 Rails Train Station Tour Freight Train 3 Freight Train Stations, >20 Rails. Whistle Stop Tour Passenger Train Triggers: 3 Passenger Rail Stations, >20 Rails. As far as not seeing any missions, I'm not sure why you are not. You can try toggling the Mission Indicators on/off and see if that works. Or you can try to free drive one of the vehicles available and see if that might trigger some missions. Let us know what you find out. Good luck! Edit: Looks like Cyclone Boom beat me to the 'submit' button
  3. My playing style is to basically start my region as all agriculture with a few small towns dispersed about. As the region develops, the farm land gets eaten up and the small towns grow and merge, eventually becoming a metropolis. I usually try to keep the transition between agriculture and city zoned low density. However, even a few farms seem to survive among the high density areas . Here is a picture of my Hebron region that I am currently working on. I think it shows Ag/City transition well.
  4. As Cori stated, make sure your roads are fully funded. Make sure you are providing enough jobs for the Sims to want to move in either in the city the live in or a neighboring city. Also, provide services (like fire, police, education, etc..) as you can afford them. If else fails the following 'tricks' seem to spur residential growth: place a park in or near the undeveloped residential zones place a bus stop in the middle of the residential zones. Make sure there are bus stops in your commercial and industrial zones. Change the game speed to cheetah. This will sometimes trigger growth (why, I don't know). Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  5. Show us your - Region

    @korver I really don't know how you do it!! Just spectacular!. They are actually good enough to frame and put on a wall....of an art gallery.
  6. The Next Person...

    I don't like shopping, either in store or online. TNP is wishing for a longer summer.
  7. I'm coming home! But first...

    @Terring There is a way you can create a short cut with elevated privileges that will allow you to run the application while skipping the UAC. No need to whitelist or disable the UAC. Keep in mind this method only works if you are running from an Admin account. It will not work if you are running from a Standard account. Follow the method found here (Create Elevated Shortcut), and see if that bypasses the UAC and resolves your issue.
  8. I'm coming home! But first...

    My first suggestion would be go into Windows 10 settings and see what apps are allowed to give notifications. I would turn most of them off and see if that resolves your issue.
  9. EP.1 - Unpretentious settlement (0S - 60S)

    I really like your farming areas! They have given me some good ideas for the farms in my region.
  10. No Bandage Blues, build more clinics

    I never new this either!. Thanks for the tip @Yarahi It's amazing that you can still learn something about SC4 even after 15 years of playing. I also just recently learned you can use the mouse scroll button while in a menu to scroll through it faster.
  11. Flora Blasting?

    Looks like an episode of 'Life After People'
  12. Show us your - Region

    You know your not supposed to use photograhs for your region shots, right? jk Amazing work as always! @korver
  13. The Word Chain

  14. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old that I have existed for .0000000001111% of the age of the earth.
  15. True or False

    True. I've been in countries were they didn't even have seat belts in the vehicles. Have you ever seen it rain on a sunny day?