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  1. I'm coming home! But first...

    @Terring There is a way you can create a short cut with elevated privileges that will allow you to run the application while skipping the UAC. No need to whitelist or disable the UAC. Keep in mind this method only works if you are running from an Admin account. It will not work if you are running from a Standard account. Follow the method found here (Create Elevated Shortcut), and see if that bypasses the UAC and resolves your issue.
  2. I'm coming home! But first...

    My first suggestion would be go into Windows 10 settings and see what apps are allowed to give notifications. I would turn most of them off and see if that resolves your issue.
  3. EP.1 - Unpretentious settlement (0S - 60S)

    I really like your farming areas! They have given me some good ideas for the farms in my region.
  4. No Bandage Blues, build more clinics

    I never new this either!. Thanks for the tip @Yarahi It's amazing that you can still learn something about SC4 even after 15 years of playing. I also just recently learned you can use the mouse scroll button while in a menu to scroll through it faster.
  5. Flora Blasting?

    Looks like an episode of 'Life After People'
  6. Show us your - Region

    You know your not supposed to use photograhs for your region shots, right? jk Amazing work as always! @korver
  7. The Word Chain

  8. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old that I have existed for .0000000001111% of the age of the earth.
  9. True or False

    True. I've been in countries were they didn't even have seat belts in the vehicles. Have you ever seen it rain on a sunny day?
  10. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old that I could be your father.
  11. The Word Chain

  12. Guess Who's Next V2

    Nope Phil...that hockey dude.
  13. Minimum wage in SimCity 4

    Yeah, I'm not sure either. I got that information from the Prima guide, but haven't done any independent studies to confirm it. Also, the factors included in the tax revenue from a building are only mentioned once in the guide. Also, from your image, where did the extra Sim come from? If your sole residential building has 4 residents, but the town has 5 residents, is the odd guy out homeless?
  14. Minimum wage in SimCity 4

    You have to remember that the Sims don't actually pay the taxes based on any form of income. Tax income is generated by the tax rate, value of the building and occupancy of the building. I could not find a formula that actually shows how the simulation takes those three factors and calculates a tax income from a building. Without the equation, I think it would be difficult to try to find a correlation between the value of the building and a Sims income. But if you do happen to find the correlation through diligent study and observation, then I think it would benefit the SC4 community overall. Let us know what you find out.
  15. Did you create a backup of you plugin and region folders before you installed Oldshoes Modpack 2013? If you did, I would restore the plugin and region folders to the previous stable condition. I'm not familiar with the Oldshoes Modpack, but can you add pieces of it a little bit at a time or do you have to apply it all at once? If you can add in just parts of the ModPack then you can try to add in a little bit at a time and see what portion is causing the issue. Most likely you have some conflict between the Modpack and what's in your plugin in folder.