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  1. Western U.S.

    I could swear I was looking at photographs!! Truly amazing work!
  2. From Windows 8.1 to... beyond

    It doesn't do it if you haven't installed those updates, and have turned off the Customer Experience Improvement Program. With Windows 7 I still have some degree of control of what gets installed on my computer For Windows 10 there is no way to totally turn off telemetry, unless like @twalsh102 stated you disconnect from the internet while using it. Even at the 'Basic' telemetry setting, it is still sending a large amount of data to Microsoft. Also with Windows 10, there is no way to prevent an update from installing (unless you pay for an Enterprise subscription). Even with Windows 10 Professional, the best you can do is delay an update 30 days, and a feature updated for 1year. Even if you uninstall an update you don't like, it will try to re-install it, or it will just be bundled for you in the next cumulative update (unless again, you cut it off from the internet permanently).
  3. You have to remember that back in 2003, when SC4 came out, computers did not have enough CPU power to simulate a lot of interacting entities. Even with using a statistical approach, SC4 put a lot of strain on computers back in it's day. There is a lot going on under the SC4 hood.
  4. I would say your statement is correct. Within the tract of land are the lots. The lots are what contain the buildings and the sims living in them. I believe the simulator will determine the wealth of the building on the lot depending on demand and desirability among other factors. The sims living in the building take on the wealth of the building. This is also true if the building downgrades. For example if a high wealth building downgrades to medium wealth, all the high wealth sims 'move out' and medium wealth sims 'move in'. In essence, the simulator re-classifies the sims and changes the averages for that tract of land accordingly.
  5. Those are some excellent questions. Here are my thoughts/observations. Others with more knowledge of the simulator can add/correct any information I may state here. Basically the simulator does not simulate individual Sims. It uses what are called 'Tracts'. From the Prima Official SimCity 4 Deluxe Guide: 'A tract is a chunk of land used by the simulator to evaluate a location. The dimensions of these tracts depends on the purpose for which the simulation is using them'. A tract of land can include any number of lots and/or utility buildings for the simulator to evaluate (this may include a portion of the city's residents). Now if you go into the Simcity_1.dat file, you will find an exemplar called 'Residential Simulator'. Within the Residential Simulator you will find all sorts of configurations, settings, calculations...etc. that use a tract of land for the calculations. Stuff like 'Death's door HQ', 'EQ reset percent', 'Water Pollution to HQ Decay Curve', etc... So to answer some of your questions Education and Health are applied to tracts of land. The simulator will sum all the tracts and average them to come up with a city's EQ and HQ. Sims do age, but only in the context of a tract of land. Sims do get wealthier, but again only in the context of a tract of land. Now as a side note, if you plop a MySim into a city, you can watch that Sim grow old, get wealthier, get smarter. However, this is done by using the city's 'potential' (the average EQ and HQ), and if the Sim is within the radius of a school and/or hospital. For example, if you start a MySim as poor, the city has a High EQ and HQ, and the Sim is within the radius of a school and hospital, the sim will quickly move up to high Wealth, Education, and Health. However, if they are in a tract of land that does not have access to education or hospitals, then the Sim will stay poor and die young, only being able to obtain to the averages of the city.
  6. To Season or Not To Season

    Thanks for the reply @matias93! I don't use a seasonal tree controller (in fact I don't use a tree controller at all). Right now my region has all Maxis tress from when I created the region. My plan was to wipe out all of the original trees and 'replant' the forest using the MMP trees I have downloaded. A daunting task I know, but I am detail oriented that way....to put it nicely.
  7. From Windows 8.1 to... beyond

    I myself play SimCity 4 on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit machine. I'm with @markussaage, I'm sticking with Windows 7 even after support ends (support ends January 14 2020, btw). However, I do have a second computer with Windows 10 that I do some testing on with SC4. You can play SC4 on Windows 10 with only some minor issues. However, my big concern with W10 is with their forced update policy. At some point they may push some update or OS upgrade that will break SC4 and there will be very little you can do about it.
  8. I have been developing my region of Hebron for a few years now and I'm at the point where I have developed most of the areas that I wanted to develop. Now I am going over it with a fine tooth comb and adding in the 'finishing' touches (I'm never really finished with a region ). As I start placing and filling in details with MMPs, I am debating whether or not I should use seasonal flora, so I wanted to get some opinions from other players. Reasons for using seasonal flora: Some of the lots I have downloaded use seasonal flora Provides a visual flow of seasons. Can provide interesting landscapes. Reasons for not using seasonal flora: Can be a pain to place. Need to time it just right Most lots do not use seasonal flora. Not as many of my flora options are seasonal. So what do you think and/or what has been your experience with using seasonal flora? Should I do it, or just make my region evergreen? Any comments/stories of using seasonal flora are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  9. I have no other farm mod and I don't use CAM. The only thing that loads after SPAM is the z_NAM folder and a z_terrain folder.
  10. I don't think that's true. I have had PEG's SPAM Mod installed for a few years now and in every city I play I lose Ag demand around 30K - 40K Sims.
  11. Welcome to Pololomia

    I must say, just amazing!! I really enjoy going through your entries and studying the detail in each picture. I can tell you put a lot of thought into every detail. Great job!
  12. MMP double click

    I have two computers, one with Windows 10 and one with Windows 7. Both have the GoG version of SC4 deluxe installed. Both have the same plugins and regions. I did a test and can verify that in the Windows 10 installation, when trying to place MMPs, one mouse click is acting as a double click. This does not happen in my Windows 7 installation. I used the same mouse in both installations to verify it was not the mouse. I tested the following in the Windows 10 installation: 1) I used the normal double click speed setting for the mouse. One click would cycle through two MMP placements. 2) I changed the double click speed to the fastest setting. Same results, one click - two MMP cycles. 3) I changed the double click speed to the slowest setting. Same results as before, one mouse click - two MMP cycles. I had the same results if I used the track pad on the computer. Also if I held the right mouse button while clicking the left mouse button, I could cycle one MMP placement per mouse click. The mouse driver on the Windows 10 installation was the generic driver. I have not yet tried to download the driver from the manufacturer and testing with that yet. That would be the next step. It does seem to be an issue with Windows 10, or a least with the generic driver provided through Windows. All this proves to me that I will be sticking with Windows 7 for as long a I can (at least to play SC4).
  13. One Final Preview of Pololomia

    Great job!! I really do like how you pay attention to every detail. It creates a very realistic looking city.
  14. Pacific Islands

    Absolutely stunning!!! I am truly amazed with detailed and beautiful work you have done with this entry. Great job!!
  15. No large schools available

    I believe there are two requirements to be offered the large schools: 1) You need enough population. 2) Your schools need have a certain level of attendance and be close to capacity. What is you school attendance numbers? Most likely you don't have enough students attending class yet to be offered the larger schools.