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City-building game(s)

Found 30 results

  1. Well this little DLC snuck under the radar and well it was just released.. lol Cities Skylines: Concerts DLC, apart from new a radio station, you also get Concert venues and new Concert related ordinances.. This will be the first of the many mini DLC's for this game that piqued my interest so I bought it and it is not too bad cost wise.. http://store.steampowered.com/app/614581/Cities_Skylines__Concerts/ And the patch notes.. https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/concerts-1-8-0-patch-notes.1039986/
  2. Commissioning Music

    I reckon that anyone who knows me and knows what I do has a pretty good idea that I've commissioned many, many pieces of art over the years. For a new project I'm working on, I am might be interested in commissioning a piece of music for it. My searches for people to take music commissions, however, show prices that frequently run in the hundreds or thousands of dollars for something a few minutes long. I'm not looking for anything massive or commercial here. This is a personal project for which I receive rather minimal donations. If anyone can help steer me in the right direction, towards some affordable music commissions, that would be nice.
  3. We all have a music genre we hate so bad so tell us why in this forum.
  4. I'm a personal big fan of SimCity Creator (ds) version's music, and one of my favorites is easily the Post-Global Warming stage's soundtrack. The way it's composed and instrumentated is wonderful, and it fits the situation so beautifully. I could go on for two paragraphs about that, but that's not what I want to point out. I was listening to this track in particular, and I recalled a SC4 track sounding fairly similar. Eventually, I dug up the track itself, and... I must say, that is an interesting easteregg. There's also the fact that half of SimCity Societies' music is essentially an HD version of different SimCity Creator (DS) musics. I just wanted to post this, because I thought it was interesting and I think that both OSTs deserve more love. Thank you for listening!
  5. Just recently found out the hard way that the entirety of the original OST (not the songs introduced in Unlimited such as Sixth Floor, Electric City, etc. for whatever reason) is on Twitch's "no-go" list: Bleh.
  6. Music Folder Missing?

    Trying to add SC3K music to my SC4, but realizing I don't seem to have a Radio/Mayor folder anywhere (downloaded from Steam)... anyone know how I can do it without having to run it through iTunes?
  7. Cities: Skylines - EP27 - The British Challenge - Music Festival Hello Guys, and Welcome back to another episode of Cities: Skylines with me, Pug Gaming. In this Video I make a start on the main stage for our outdoor music festival https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hgk82Ao1rE
  8. A Music Update From Dane

    Dane, one of the two composers working on Citybound wrote an update about his work! He doesn't have an account here, but if you have questions, I'll forward them to him. Anselm
  9. Hello, I have the digital copy of SC4 Deluxe from Steam and I added music from Sim City 3000 Unlimited. I put it in Sim City 4 Deluxe/Radio/Mayor, but when I start SC4, and went to audio settings, I checked the box for adding custom music in SC4. The SC3000 music files are not shown in SC4. I put it the right folders, but I just can't seem to have the files shown in SC4. Is there a way to play custom music in SC4? I tried to put it in the right folders, but it's just that SC4 didn't see them for some reason. Can you guys help me with it? Thanks. citybuilder234
  10. I've played SC4 for a long time and I always wanted to put custom musics in there, but out of the 25 songs I put only about 8 of them worked. Recently (in fact, 3 days ago) I started playing again in my new laptop and the same issue occurred. I did try to find solution in this thread --> many others and none of them as the solution... Until now. I googled the problem and found thread of a Chinese SC4 forum teaching people how to put custom music: http://www.gamebase.com.tw/forum/3736/archive/topic/312822 (Warning: Traditional Chinese inside) It turns out that the reason why some music don't work is very simple: the music's channeling mode. According to that thread, custom songs need to be Joint Stereo for them to work. I did the test myself with all 25 songs I put into the game directory: before converting them only 8 out of 25 worked, and after converting all 25 songs actually played in game! BTW, I used Free MP3 Converter http://sur.ly/o/free-audio-converter.net/free_mp3_converter.html/AA001290 to do the job because it's easy and fast. All you have to do is to change the channel mode in options to Joint Stereo and you're good to go. P.S. Can you believe they already figured it out back in 2007 while we still don't know what to do about that problem until now?
  11. So I've noticed that there are a lot of us here on Simtropolis that have an interest in Asian Pop music. Interestingly There's no thread regarding asian music (Despite the big Hallyu wave and all) Anyways, I've made this thread to cover and compile all this including J-Pop (Japanese Pop) and C-Pop (Chinese Pop), along with the all well known K-Pop along with discussing culture, News, New releases, Biases, Celebrity News, Fashion etc. This thread isn't only limited to Korean, Japanese and Chinese music, so feel free to discus other types of asian music as well. I've used these three because these are generally bigger ones out there that most people are aware of. Anyways I've compiled A list of Official Charts here for those to keep up with the latest hits from Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo : K-Pop: Gaon Charts Mnet Charts J-Pop: Oricon Charts C-Pop: G-Music Charts KKbox Top 100 Hit Fm Taiwan HITO As usual, Forums Rules Apply, So please No fan wars. Feel free to add new charts and point out new ideas and I'll try and update this OP for easier accessibility for others. There's only one word now, DIscuss~ I'll try and Improve this OP along the way, so feel free to suggest some new ideas~
  12. Well, my mourning break was at last as long as I usual break (you may have noticed, i usually post new entries at friday), so it was probably pretty normal for you. I think it's a nice idea (though I not invented it) to connect SC4 with music sometimes. This is a song by a relative famous (reggae) singer from Germany (Translation here) I'm sorry but the copyright control company "GEMA" has blocked the original video (yes, it's kinda facism), so I could'nt show you the music video but one with just the song (without any visualizations). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKg4PZANeUU The music thing is also a good excuse for uploading fewer pictures^^ Well I think I'm relatively over the thing with my cat, though it still hurts. Just a small tribute to my companion for over 10 years: Rest in peace Gurki. Thank you all for your understanding in the last week:/ Replies 47ply: Thank you for your compliments, I already posted you the link for the fences:) schokoladeneis 1: Cool, man:D I really like HSB since I saw them on GoTV during a hardplay night. Before this, I didn't even liked metal, but now I'm kinda into it:D feeroz123: You don't have to wait anymore:) Lost Realist: Thanks! pasqualegiò: Thank you for your sympathy:/ dlsni: Thanks for your understaning:/
  13. Did you agonize over those scales and chords? This and/or learning a second language to fluency is a great way to hold off the inevitable.
  14. Hi, I was wondering whether its possible to listen to your own music when you play Simcity. The stock music does get a bit tiring after a while. Whenever I have my iTunes (or VLC/WMP, whatever) music on and I start Simcity, the music gets overrun. If anyone knows which folder the music is stored in and if I can replace that with my own MP3s, please post. thanks, syga
  15. Hello all. I just reinstalled SC4 on my new laptop, ACER Aspire V3 771G-6851 with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M Graphics card. A few minutes into the game, "We Will Rock You" will start to play, then another song, then another. The music is clicked OFF, yet this continues to play. The only other program I downloaded was SimCity Launcher, which I uninstalled. I uninstaled the game as well, then reintalled it, but the music keeps coming back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  16. Simcity 4 comes with some of the most epic tracks, like and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhsY0uBbgyo, but it's also possible to add new tracks and customise the music player. If you also add custom tracks to the game, feel free to share them with us. Let me start with my custom music. Since my style is eco-futuristic, my music is somewhere between utopian and cyberpunk, where flowers and cyborgs co-exist. Here are a few of the extra tracks I add in my game: Tiberian Sun - Dusk Hour Suggestions are always welcomed. Don't be shy, share your Simcity 4 music list
  17. Is there a folder in which we can place MP3 files to have them played in game, as in SC4 and The Sims? I understand we cannot mod the game because of DRM integrity checks, but something like a music folder should not be part of DRM checks as people's choice of music should not create any kind of unfair advantage or instability. And before anyone says "just use Winamp in the background", the Alt-Tab functionality with this game is sketchy and I would also hope to fully integrate my music into the game - i.e., the disaster music still comes on when there's a disaster, before returning to my custom music after the disaster subsides. The music which I intend to add is mainly the soundtrack from SC3K and SC4. There were some real musical gems in those games. It would be nice to mix it all together with the soundtrack from the new SimCity. However, the new SimCity music alone is starting to get old. Most of the tracks are very similar and it seems like about 5 variations of the same track currently. Also, Ocean Quigley recently teased a bunch of SimCity videos on YouTube in which SimCity 2013 gameplay was shown with SC3K and SC4 music. I almost expected the old music was going to be in the game after watching these videos. I was pretty disappointed when it wasn't. http://www.youtube.com/user/oceanquigley That sinking feeling when you realize EA is probably planning to release a retro music pack as DLC for $10...
  18. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to announce the: SimCity 2000 Music ReTexture Project or: SC2KMRTP I first posted this in the (thanks again, mate! ), but now I'm on an official thread, in which I'll post new songs as soon as I make them. But let me explain what I am doing. I'm reconverting (and, sometimes, writing new parts for missing voices/instruments) all the 2K music into new "listenable" Mp3s, using better and professional instruments and a little of music geekness More songs coming up! So... Please, let me know if you like it and... enjoy! Ok, this is an update. These are the links to all the track uploaded. This list will grow as new remixes come along. City Shimmy Downtown Dance Subway Song Disaster Decision Virtual Village Heaven Haven Harbor Hymn These, instead (on a side project) are the remixes for the game 688 i Hunter Killer At Sea (an original composition) Escort Grinder Ostinato Manic ...more to come...
  19. The jazz thread

    This is the ultimate forum for sharing your favourite jazz music, artists, videos, soundtracks etc. Please, feel free to post videos and links! The entire point of this thread is to enlighten people with the world of jazz. To start us off, I'll post a rather familiar, beloved soundtrack, from a nostalgic game... http://youtu.be/bzWLwASzJpM
  20. Space Jam

    An concert from space. Chris Hadfield with the Bare Naked Ladies from the ISS.
  21. A Song by a few friends

    A few friends of mine are working on a band. They made a first song, and I would really appreciate it if you guys could provide some feed back for them on YouTube. They are really dedicated and deserve a chance. I know it may seem like it is not pofessional, but they cannot afford anything right now, and really need some help getting going, by having some people take a look at what they have, voice and music wise, and provide them with some feedback on how they did, what they need to improve, ect. Thanks so much! ~Frex_Ceafus
  22. Two line song

    Similar to three word story, this is a game with the aim to create a song. You may write two lines, and please make them rhyme with the previous line. Eg: 1: It's not safe In this place 2: If you see someone Hide your face I'll start: On the STEX, On the LEX,
  23. Andy Williams Passes Away.

    Andy Williams, R.I.P.
  24. Update 2: The Downtown Core + Cultural Square

    Welcome to another update of Holt District! In today's update we are still in The City of Manatee, this time looking at its downtown core and the surrounding area. Its downtown is a mix of both new and old buildings, and a mix of high-rises, mid-rise and low-rise buildings. The downtown core starts at the edge of the Shorecrest Shopping Centre to the north, working its way down to one of the major throughfares in the city. The are surrounding downtown is a mix of suburban housing, retail, parkland, office space and government buildings. Before I get to today's update, I would also like to mention that the Holt District street map is up, but only uses the default in-game look at present. It will be upgraded and updated as time goes on. Okay, now we can go on to the second update... The Downtown Core + Cultural Park 2.1 | Manatee is not just a suburban sprawl nightmare. It does, in fact, have a large and bustling downtown core for a city of 120,000. The downtown core is where the majority of jobs in Manatee are located, though there are other concentrations of offices. In this photo we see the "core" of the core, the 4 largest buildings in the city. The empty strip of land of the top of the picture is rumoured to soon be for sale... for $10 million. 2.2 | Just south is another area downtown - Historic Manatee. As you can see, the area is made up of several mid-rise and low-rise buildings which range from very new to protected architecture-age. The city enacted legislation several years ago that protected this area from large-scale redevelopments. In addition to offices, this area houses several residences and as such the height-limit is lower in this portion of the city. While the legislation itself is solid, redevelopment does still occur. A history housing block was torn down, and 2 new, large-scale condominium buildings are being built in its place. Estimates show that between 4000 and 6000 people with live in the new towers. 2.3 | This is another view of "Historic Manatee." Here you can see more construction which is considered outside the downtown barrier. Since it is outside the downtown "subdivision" according to city planning guides, it is not subject to the same stringent development laws. The closest construction lot is schedules to be a complex of office buildings while the one just visible is more condominiums. The city is currently experiencing a building boom in this area, as there is easy access to everything. You can also see the Manatee Performing Arts Complex, a city-owned stage venue. Various National and local productions are put on here. Rumour has it the city is considering selling the land the parking lot sits on... 2.4 | In this closer look of Historic Manatee, we can see some of the finer details on the older office buildings in this section of Manatee. These buildings house several web-based media companies and other various electronics companies, including games developers Lugnut Gaming. (It occupies the blue, glass building on the bottom right corner of the intersection.) 2.5 | Of course, no downtown would be complete without construction. Here we can see a closer look and Denten Condominiums, developed by Viscal Properties, Ltd. There was strong opposistion to this proposal, since Viscal has been known for creating bland, repetitive developments. The city worked with the developed on the style of building, and eventually approved the project. Reisdents still point to the Viscal development in neighbouring city Sherkston as a reason it should not have been approved. Even with the changes made to the original proposal, some residents still complain it looks un-original and unfitting to the downtown area. 2.6 | One of the reasons the downtown has been growing steadily is easy access - this station (Cultural Park Terminus) provides access to a portion of the northern area of Manatee, and fast access to various parts of Sherkston. 2.7 | These are the three main office buildings in Manatee - Samsung Orchidsen HQ, MNC Tower and Rebran Tower. These towers occupy the site of the former city hall and grounds, which burnt down due to an electrical fire in the 1970's. City hall has since relocated for a second time to its current location, next to the Cultural Square Terminus Station (seen on the bottom right of the above photo.) 2.8 | Moving away from the job and skyscraper side of downtown, we have the recently completed Cultural Square. Consisting of 2 buildings, this building is the Manatee-Centurion Concert Hall. Various orchestras play here, and is also known for hosting more intimate concerts. A group of residents to this day resent that the naming rights were sold and the facility be commercially branded. City hall's response? "If you come up with the million dollars a year they pay the city and the cancellation fee, we'll drop the name." The resident's group folded quickly after this comment. 2.9 | The other portion of this venue is the art gallery. The city has put a strong emphasis on local art in this facility, with artists of all ages getting their artwork in this facility. Touring art exhibits also join the museum. Admission is generally free, but the travelling exhibits usually have a fee for entry, typically $5 to $10. 2.10| And no story attatched to this image. This is a night view of Downtown Manatee. That is it for today's update on Downtown Manatee. I hope you enjoyed this update and liked some of the history of the area and resident unhappiness. Are done in the comments section of each update. Comments of each update are kept open. Next Update: We will be venturing outside of Manatee to one of the coastal municipalities... 1 update, over 1000 views. Thanks everyone!

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