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City-building game(s)

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    Ah, eight months. A lot has happened since that very last update. New interests. New realization. New experiences. There was a moment where I wanted to start over fresh but couldn't because of several commitments, like funding for a trip, finishing up school and contemplating about my future. Not anymore, I'm starting fresh. Welcome to the underground. --- It was definitely not at that time, my あの頃じゃねえ (ano koro janee), when I was thinking that this thing would not happen. I hated all of this before, that side that no one would talk about. Then slowly and steadily, I suddenly feel like I'm going to take off from the things I hated. What I hate is what I like now. It felt that the old had died but the new had been here all along, waiting for me to make my move. And so, my story begins... Disclaimer: Please watch the video on its entirety. After the video, you can begin the Spotify playlist located to your right-hand side. --- 01_IN DREAMS WE TRUSTED In dreams we trusted. I had thought for it for such a long time, the dream of moving to the big city. I had been stuck at this place in the middle of the country for such a long time that I had forgot what the big city looked like in my childhood. I’m already 23 years old and there’s no employment for me that can be found in this small town. All I can see are farms, farms and more farms. I mean, what kind of future would I have if I stayed here this way? Most of my schoolmates had already abandoned the town and moved to the big city. So, I decided to leave my parents and live away from my own from now. For sure, that was the dream that I trusted. I don't expect being familiar with the city and all, but it was worth the damning try. I said "ittekimasu" to my parents. My parents are sad and all, but it was for my future. You see, my mom was a hardworking woman running an agar-agar company and a meat packing company. My dad is a businessman in a construction company, but for sure I don't want to work at that place. I am that determined to move to the city and see it for myself. In my mind, I started to imagine how the city would look like. A lot of jobs are on demand, and I for sure can find something that I could make good money with. They all said to follow my dreams. So, I am goind to follow it through even though I may end up falling to hell. I boarded the local train to the prefectural capital so that I can transfer to a bus that would take me to the capital city. Internally, I am screaming "[expletive] it, I am going to the big city". I am on my way. On the way to the prefectural capital, I saw trees and lots of them. I thought that somewhere outside of this forest of despair will be that city of dreams. I stuck to my dreams because I trust it. In no time, this scene will be over and would have been replaced by a thicket of concrete, or whatever it's called. A sea, an ocean that I may not as well navigate like [expletive], I dont care. I had come to realize to not notice the same-old-same-old things and look for that one opportunity. After a long while contemplating about a new chapter in my short life, I had arrived at the prefectural capital and boarded a bus bound for the big city. For me, I thought this prefectural city is good enough for me; however, it really is the big city where everyone's at. The companies are all there as well as some people that I may have known from school. I haven't seen them in years. I decided not to enter college and all that [expletive] but it was mostly because I am too lazy to take exams in order to make myself some sort of a company slave. During the journey I realized how crazily dumb it was for me to not enter college. Of course everyone in the city will be looking for those degrees that they sought with university students. I only have a diploma in high school and a degree specializing on nothin'. if I could have entered the lowest university level that I could find then I could have entered it, but too late now. I'm already at the highway heading to the big city. So far, aside from a few houses, I could only find other cars and lots of green things that I prefer not to discuss anymore. You never know how [expletive] excited I was to finally reach the big city. Everything was so different from the countryside! There are a lot of concrete, not so much trees, there are more cars than I thought and the amount of people is vexing. I've been at the bus long enough to see the slow gradual change from the inaka to the big city. I couldn't wait for my new adventures in here. What's in store for me I do not know yet. I still have so many big expectations about the big city, but so far, so good. I have finally reached the end of my bus trip and had arrived in the big city. I could not believe how gigantic these buildings are in real life. There are so many people selling various fruits, vegetables and other things on totally overblown prices... I don't think the money saved for this trip would be enough for even a week here in the city, and I still haven't found any employment as of yet. My landlord had been expecting me for a while now to move into the new apartment near the station for a while now. Walking through the neighbourhood, it isn't that bad after all. Since it was a holiday today, there weren't that much movement in traffic. I could only see a few cars down the road. The buildings were all pretty good and all and there's a large theatre that I don't know what in the world they playin', probably a thing called damn kabuki. I wasn't that interested in all of that jazz so I didn't learn that much about theatre at school. I was more interested in music back then. i think I'm still interested in it but had forgotten which one was my favourite. Oh shoot, I forgot to get money! Oh well, the bank was accross the street so that I could get that. Just around the corner from here is probably the apartment that I will be staying. Maybe it'll be that tall building behind the theatre... First, I thought the apartment that I will be staying at was that. From what I could remember, that was the one that was advertised to me. Upon arriving at the building though, they said that it's not really an apartment but more of an office space. [expletive]. Looking accross the street at the park you can see a couple of people doing acrimonious things. I don't even know if they have a home or something. Is this the dream that I really trusted, a life in the city that would eventually end up in ruin? Looming over these people at the park is a memorial for people who had died in the war that happened a long time ago. It had been kept meticulously clean but you can also see the marks where graffitti once occupied the white marble. The more that I walked through the neighbourhood the more I feel depressed. For sure, this will be my life from now on, seeing people sell and cut beef, "Yankees" wearing the most hip-hop clothes out there in the country. Immigrants trying to sell me local food at a cheaper price but of varying quality. Actually, there's a lot of people here, but they're mostly either tourists looking for latest beauty products or medicine, or locals looking for the lowest priced deal. I don't mind the sheer amount of people, but I would have been [expletive] scared of everyone around. You don't know which one would beat you up or steal money from you. Foreigners said that we as a country is safe but could you really trust them? Of course you will be really scared. Who the hell are all of these people? めっちゃ人が狭いだよね! (It's so claustrophobic in here with this much people) in here. Adults, children, teenagers, you never know which one is which, as if it is just a blur mostly. I don't remember any of their faces, the people that I see on the street. I may be just overwhelmed with confusion right now. I tried to walk in a straight line but there are just too many of them along the way. But I think I have reached my apartment tonight. It's still on a pretty busy portion of the arcade, but at least the roof of the structure shields the noise away from me. It's quite the measly apartment. I got it for cheap but I need to pay a portion of the electricity and water. Below it is a store owned by someone I have yet to meet. They said that he usually sells clothing and only goes to the establishment every two weeks to see what's up with everyone. And so, this is what it's like in the big city. I thought my dream would work out as it should be, only to be crushed by reality. In dreams we trusted, all right. --- July 5, 2006. Stepping out of the Azusa (Super Express), I arrived at the vast expanse of the railway station. The walls were depressingly blood red and the paint on the steel pillars used to hold the structure is peeling off. On a nearby wall was an unsightly spectacle of competing graffiti from rival gangs, none of which am I part of. Wearing a black hoodie with a striped black and white t-shirt, brown pants and a rucksack for an extra shirt, I begin anew to the hustle of this huge city. [expletive] Komaki, my future isn’t there and everyone’s at the city nowadays. Though I don’t fit in with the rest of these city people I could not give a [expletive] about them waiting to get into the red-striped loop line train. I need to get to Takadanoura to meet my landlord. My landlord's head office on this tall building in the big city. They said that I will be staying at some shambled apartment nearby on a shopping arcade sans the amenities that he has just on his office. Oh well, I guess it's a dog eat dog world out there. But in dreams we trust. === Thank you for viewing this update. As a lot of you may have been surprised with this release, let me set things straight out of here. No, this is not an Okaiken update. This is not a continuation on anything but a new story with new characters in a nation that I refuse to name.
  2. Hello everybody and welcome to the Transit and Aviation Geeks Club. There are many of us in this world... people who design systems to pile up airplane miles in order to fly in business class just because; some who (like me) obsessively collect rail transit tickets from around the world, those who wake up in the wee hours of the morning to photograph a specific locomotive bound to pass by their town, or who wait for hours in the cold just to snap a good picture of the A380. If you fit in the description, or if you just want to hang out with like-minded individuals, here's your place. And you... what are you into?
  3. Hola! Nos encanta de que hayas venido a vernos. Simtropolis es sobre todo un sitio para la gente que ama los juegos de simulación urbana. Tenemos importantes foros para SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines y SimCity (2013), así como algunos otros en la sección de Temas de Jugadores (Gamer Topics). Nuestros miembros son amables, corteses y serviciales, y van de principiantes a gurús técnicos. Los foros son donde discutimos todo tipo de ideas de construcción de ciudades. Si juegas, o creas contenido personalizado (o ambos) tenemos secciones adecuadas para tus necesidades. Si aún no te has hecho una cuenta, ¿por qué no hacerla ahora? También tenemos el SimTropolis EXchange, que es nuestra sección de archivos que contiene (literalmente) miles de archivos para mejorar los juegos básicos. Estos incluyen correcciones de errores, mapas, texturas para cambiar el terreno, lotes (sitios), edificios, accesorios, mods, y más. Estos están disponibles para su descarga tanto por miembros como por invitados. (Aunque los miembros no tienen que ver publicidad) Ahora, por supuesto, tenemos algunas reglas fáciles de respetar que querrás leer en las Reglas Guías del Sitio y en el Código de Conducta de STEX. Asegúrate de revisarlas en detalle porque aplican en toda su fuerza a todo el mundo aquí, sin importar si las leyó o no. De acuerdo. ¿Ya te hiciste una cuenta? ¿No? Esperaré. . . ¡Estupendo! Ahora que ya la tienes, puedes Presentarte Aquí. Así sigue este hilo introductorio: Conceptos básicos del uso del software del foro Visión general de los foros Descripción general de STEX Visión general del Omnibus Puedes hacer clic en los enlaces de arriba o simplemente ir bajando, ya que cada uno está en su propio mensaje independiente en este hilo. Además, si tienes algún problema que crees mejor discutir en privado, no dudes en enviar un mensaje privado a uno de nuestros miembros del Staff. Sugerencia: Mira en el lado derecho de esa página para ver cuál de nosotros ha estado activo recientemente. Eso no garantiza que no acabamos de cerrar sesión 2 segundos después de que revisaste la lista, pero aumenta las probabilidades que obtendrás una respuesta más rápida. Ten en cuenta que, incluso si estamos en línea, no siempre podemos responder de inmediato, ya que podemos estar trabajando en otro tema importante. Espero que encuentres este sitio tan agradable como yo. -@CorinaMarie (traducido por @matias93)
  4. Introduction to Simtropolis Image created by @Cyclone Boom using: Simtropolis Sign by Ceafus 88, and MYOS Make Your Own Sign by jbizzle. Hiya! We're so glad you dropped in to see us. Simtropolis is primarily a site for people who love City Building games. We have major forums for SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, and SimCity (2013) as well as a few others in the gamer topics. Our members are friendly, courteous, and helpful and range in skill levels from beginners to technical gurus. The forums are where we discuss all manner of city building ideas. Whether you are a player or a custom content creator (or both) we have places ideally suited for your needs. If you haven't signed up yet to be a member, how about dropping by our New Member Registration Page? We also have the SimTropolis EXchange which is our files section containing (literally) thousands of files to improve on the basic games. These include bug fixes, maps, textures to change the terrain-related aspects, lots, buildings, props, game altering mods, and more. These are available for download by members and guests alike. (However, members are not presented with any ads.) Now, of course, we do have some easy to abide by rules you'll want to read in the Site Guidelines and for custom content creators and users in the STEX Code of Conduct. Be sure to check those out because they apply in full force to everyone here whether you read them or not. Ok. Have you registered yet? No? I'll wait. . . Great! Now that you are a member you can Introduce Yourself Here. And here's how I've laid out the rest of this introductory thread: Basics of Using the Forum Software Overview of the Forums Overview of the STEX Overview of the Omnibus You can click those links above or just scroll down as each one is in its own separate post in this thread. Also, if you have any issue come up which you feel is best discussed in private, feel free to send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members. Tip: Look over on the right side of that page to see which of us has been most recently active. That doesn't guarantee we didn't just log off 2 seconds after you view the list, but it does increase the odds you'll get a quicker reply. Do keep in mind even if we are online we cannot always respond immediately as we may be working on another important issue. I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do. -Cori
  5. Welcome to Federal Republic of Siculia Siculia , officially Federal Republic of Siculia (Italian: Repubblica Federale di Siculia and Portuguese: República Federal de Siculia) is a Federal Republic situated in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South america, with a population 21,856,345 inhabitants. The capital is San Foca. Federal Republic of Siculia joined the Alliance of Independent Nations on 10 December 2015. Here's the official position of Siculia. Here are the 10 federal States (and its smaller islands) that make up the Federal Republic of Siculia A State that has a mix of the wet tropical and Mediterranean climate, I mean a State that sees little winter. The official language and Italian and English. But now we go into specifics:. How will this City Journal? The financial district of San Foca It will be a city journal where I show you the various cities and natural landscapes of Siculia How will it be structured? High speed train that runs through the countryside I'll try to do it in a particular way: City Journal Standard The classic version of a city journal where I show you the various cities and counties. City Journal Story A city journal that talks about a story of people who travel to the Federal Republic of Siculia. SBC News 24 The most important news of Siculia pass through Siculia Broadcasting Corporation News 24, then you will discover the political parties and key people of this State. Siculia Web 2.0 Facebook and Twitter with politicians Siculian. (Laughter secured) Tropea's main square during a sunset In short, we would see much about this city journal, also thanks to the support WIKI of Siculia where there are facts about Siculia, culture, companies and key people of this State. Most of the activity will take place in this Siculia in Alliance of Independent Nations site that minor news will only be posted there, anyway see you next week to start this new city journal.
  6. • Update #1 / WELCOME TO SAITAMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT • ################################################################## • After a long journey, we finally are about to land on one of the two international airports in Saitama Prefecture. We hope that your flight has been enjoyable and that everything has been to your liking. Thank you for choosing ANA Airlines and welcome to Japan • • Before disembarking, we will give you dear passengers a brief information about the new Saitama airport • • The name of the airport is "Saitama International Airport" / SIAT. It was open in september, 2015. It is located on an island in the bay of Saitama. There is a bigger airport in the prefecture, the Nagano international airport, for that reason the authorities in Saitama decided to build a medium-sized airport and not another big airport, in this case was possible to built the airport on an island in the bay of the Prefecture • • Thanks to the new airport, air transport in the prefecture is more fluid. Now international flights from Europe, Africa and America are operating in the other International airport (Nagano International airport). The new Saitama international airport operates most of the flights in Asia. The airport is a base for the japanese air company ANA Airlines. There is a dedicated terminal for Japanese flights and another dedicated to international flights • • If you are lucky you could see and enjoy the new airplane by ANA airlines, it is dedicated and decorated with the STAR WARS colours and it has a stop from its fly from Tokyo in the new airport in Saitama • • There are many ways to get to the different cities of the prefecture from the airport. You can take the special fast train connecting the airport with the city and with the other airport. You can take a bus or a taxi, but the most special, fun and definitely the most famous is to take the new Saitama's ferry. It connects all the important points in the bay of Saitama • • If you need to stay in the airport because you don't want to suffer the trafic problems and th noise of the big city, that is not a problem. There are hotels, restaurants, stores and all those things that you could need in your stay in Saitama • • During the night the airport looks amazing, it is a new and modern airport and you can see that, the blue is the color of the Prefecture and also the color of the new airport. I hope you enjoy your stay here and please be welcome to Saitama Prefecture • |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| ~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~ cmdp123789 Thanks for your support my friend. What are you doing now? Still working with your NYC recreation ? Saludos amigo. jmsepe Hello, Thanks for your comment ! Well after alot of time playing in this style I think I got a good result, but I have to work more on it... there are some hard points to recreate, like the urban areas, for example areas like Sumida in Tokyo with that medium density... raynev1 Thanks for your comment and your support my friend. Here you got the first update, I hope you like it and enoy it. Tonraq First of all, thanks for your comment ! I also want to say that I respect and enjoy with the work of everybody in this community. This is a game and we cannot forget that. When I said those things about the realism in others regions is not a criticism because players are free to make whatever they want, I just was talking in terms of realism. For example if you know about japan you will know about the importance of earthquakes and how much they influence in the Japanese architecture... I say this, because for example I see alot of people using buildings from Hong Kong or China (I know Some of them can perfectly fit in a Japanese environment) and is very common to see a "Japanese themed city" full of pencil towers which is... well we can say totally impossible... this is just an example, there are more things, such as a good transport system, a real map or a real location for a Japanese city which I think is really important... but as I say this is not a critic to other players, in the past I also made japanese cities with alot of tall buildings from USA or China, cities located in wrong maps, etc... and after make alot of regions and work with all kind of plugins I think I got a good result... so please don't take that message as a critic,its just my opinnion about the japanese regions in simcity4. I respect everything, every city and region created in this big simcity 4 community. Thanks again for your comment and I hope to see you again around here. I really like your CJ and I enjoy a lot with it. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  7. "There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it." - Napoleon Hill It is foretold that you can accomplish anything if you have the necessary drive to succeed. This is true. Rolanda is a small region consisting of three-thousand three hundred and seventy-one people. These people live in the town of Garrettsville, but we'll get to that later on. Rolanda is a region created by a wise and noble man named CapTon, who now resides in an abhorrent and disgraceful city by the name of Cleveland. It is said that CapTon created this region for the people and only for the people. It is said that his selflessness was so immense that it nearly consumed him. But now we shall move on to Garrettsville. Instead of providing you with an extensive description of the town, I have decided to provide you with images of Garrettsville that are supplied with terse captions. This first picture shows off the current industrial side of town. It is rather small, but it supplies the commercial areas with the freight they need to strive. This second picture takes a look at the elementary school and the town's hospital along with part of the residential area nearby (this is not the only residential area in the town). This picture is almost the same shot as one the above, but provides you with a better view of the residential area. It also provides you with a shot of part of the highway. This fourth pictures provides with a look at all of the other residential areas as well as all of the commercial in the town. This final shot takes a look at the entire town as a whole. Garrettsville is far from being completed, but the town is already quite the place to live. I hoped you enjoyed these pictures! An update will be coming soon! Welcome to Rolanda.
  8. Welcome to Verde Delta!

    Welcome to Verde Delta! Hi all and welcome to Verde Delta! I recently installed SimCity 2013 and will now be showcasing my work in this journal. I hope you guys like it. Here's a shot from my first city. I'll have a more detailed update later. Also, New Philadelphia (my SC4 journal) will resume here. See you later!
  9. Welcome to the Republic of Evean Vansop

    Welcome to the Republic of Evean Vansop Schulmania’s roots date way, way waaaaay back before SimCity version 1 was just a twinkle in Will Wright’s eye. Back at the dawn of time, when I was in elementary school, when the first feline entered the Schulman house, some friends and I invented countries led by our various cats. Over time, all of these countries faded into history, save for Schulmania, which of course found new life in SimCity. These countries suddenly came back to the forefront during a cleanup of the room over the garage (neat people do not make these kinds of discoveries) and a folder was found containing old documents and correspondence from that bygone era. Please tell me you are not surprised by the feline motif on this folder! One of my friends had his country of Evean Vansop. Finding the folder has given me the opportunity to bring his country back to life in SimCity 4. Occasionally, I like to build more modern stuff than I do in Schulmania. I will now use Evean Vansop as my vehicle to do so. Updates will be intermittent when the mood strikes me. And there will be a page on the Schulmania website for this new country: http://schulmania.info/index_files/eveanvansop.htm. Here’s an interesting fact I uncovered whilst reading these ancient documents: the map of Evean Vansop actually includes the first ever reference to Schulmania. There were the Schulman Islands and a town of Schulmania. For the record, my country was not Schulmania in those days; it was named after the BFA Governor-General, H. J. “Hoppy” Franciflora, since this was a few years before the Supreme Wirdle was born. Behind the letters is the first poster size map of what would become Schulmania (done in Technicolor with the aid of Crayola markers). Many place names and some landform features now (or will be) in use in Schulmania come from this map. Evean Vansop now has its own SC4 map and I have done some work on it. When I am in the mood for more modern cities – suburbs and urban areas – or roads with cars on them I will head over to Evean Vansop. This thread will be updated every so often. It is not my goal to make a super detailed urban core with hyper realism and all that. It will be more of a venue for me to do something different. I hope you enjoy it!
  10. Welcome/Teaser [Update 01]

    New Philadelphia Welcome/Teaser (Update 01) Welcome to New Philadelphia. This update is simple and to the point. I know it's not much but I hope to have more in the coming weeks. This is New Philadelphia. The name comes from the fact that I live in Philadelphia and that this region represents a fresh start for my SimCity experience. All of the city names come from neighborhoods or towns that surround the real world Philadelphia. New Philadelphia is a modern place, home to many different types of people. The main plan for this region is for me to have fun. There's no major story line that goes along with it, just me having fun. Below is a teaser shot of the first "real" update. It's of the town of Grays Ferry. A mostly agricultural community, Grays Ferry is the basis of the new region. Most Sims come here for the "small town" feel. The master plan for this city is to develop a modern suburb that will gradually spread to the city limits giving me a good base society ready for neighboring high density cities. Some basic info about Grays Ferry: Population (City/Region): 5131/5131 Main industry: Agriculture Commercial jobs: 2662 Industrial jobs: 2138 That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Note: I'm in the process of recovering from a hard drive failure. I've lost all of my SimCity files including past regions, so I'm starting fresh. I need to draw up graphics for the journal so please pardon the rough appearance. If you have any tips/suggestions for how the journal entries should be laid out let me know. Thanks. Update: Since I'm a big road geek I'm going to go for a road sign theme for the journal. The banner above is just a rough sketch I made up in Word. Once I get Photoshop installed I'll get more detailed. Update 2: Okay, the banners above are the final Photoshop creations. Let me know if you like them.

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