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Big Cities, Small cities, Green farms, Green Trees. The Nation of Mirani.

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As I was too busy studying to release this update on the weekend, I can now seeing as I have had most of today and tomorrow off! Enjoy! :)

(warning, pictures are from pre-updated city, maxis buildings will most likely show)


We arrived in Avno, it was such a calming city, small but full of life. As much as I can understand, the city was once the site of a large port, the largest before Crestview's, although now it has transformed into a vibrant city centre.


The docks were turned into extensive parks, stretching right across the coastline. This may be one of the only cities in the whole of Mirani without a CBD beachfront? Nevertheless, my friends and I wondered through the waterfront, visiting shops and cafes across the road, and setting down for a short brunch.


We continued to walk the waterfront for an hour, reaching the town hall, which was separated into 3 different buildings, above ground at least.


Now, we had to check into our hotel, we caught one of the cities bright green taxis and headed back to the centre of town, driving past the cities' suburbs which made me think of suburban Melbourne minus a few tropical roofs here and there otherwise the architecture were quite similar!

We got to out hotel, unpacked what we needed and collapsed onto our beds, each having it's own carefully placed chocolate for us to enjoy. We were to stay the night and then head to the next city, Kingstown.




Around Crestview's CBD and the inner city

Parliament house is by the 2nd Marina heading north, with a quite large park.

I still need to update the other parts of the city that haven't been updated yet, as you can see the style of hosing varies greatly in between the newer/updated tiles with the older versions, hopefully will update those parts soon!

Replies - Swimming over the coral

Schulmanator: No sharks here! Only friendly dolphins and turtles!

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Woodnava: And a lot of fish too! :P

Harbin91: Oh dear, looks like i'll have to reshape the island! :P

MayorJacks: Why thank you sir.

Replies - Long Overdue Update

Schulmanator: Yes, it was very overdue.. heh The disk-shaped building looks to be a hit!

Hazani Pratama: Thanks! :)

ROFLyoshi: Thank you! I'm in yr11 now, English, Maths, Geography, History, Media & Visual Communication! Only 2 more exams to to! :D

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Fox: Thanks! No problem, your hotel makes Crestview's skyline iconic!

Prophet42: Glad to see you checking out my journal! Yes, make sure to keep updated with Mirani! :D

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Newyorka: Thank you! The downtown may expand in the future, but not by much, maybe 1 or 2 more skyscraper here and there. :P

Geometry: Thanks! I can't remember off the top of my head, but go ask in the "Can't find it thread", link above! :)

Visit Mirani's AIN wiki to find more about the country!


The first comment will become Mirani's 100th comment! Who will it be?


Ok, so It's been a while since my last update, I've been very busy with school, exams in 2 weeks! But, I have redesigned Mirani's capital, Crestview to be more in line with the country size.

Here's some pictures from around the city! (Keep in mind, some of the sea walls broke while taking these pictures, they haven't been edited in anyway other than cropping and the city is largely a hotel/resort city.) Enjoy!

The suburbs


Asgard International Hotels, Cresview


Close up of the downtown


Whole city shot


Another further out shot, but further south, showing the port redevelopment areas. (The large clump of tall buildings near the bottom of the picture are public housing, every city needs them!)


CC Observation, the international landmark of the city


The Crestview Cricket Grounds (CCG)


The city's extensive beachfront


And the city's tallest building, Capri Tower. ()


Replies in the next update! Which will hopefully be soon, continuing on from where I left off from.


We were still on our way to Avno, when the ship stopped in the middle of the ocean! I couldn't think of any reason for it to do so, but everyone around me seemed very calm, I was baffled. I asked one of my friends what was going on and he replied: "Did you forget? Today we get to swim and tour the coral reefs!" I had completely forgotten!

We were quickly transported from the cruise ship to smaller boats, enough for me and all my friends. There was a licensed boat driver, of course! We came up the the coral, there were so many fish and coral species! I was amazed!


The coral reef is huge! And we were still approaching the larger part! I was over excited, I could not wait to get to our boats!


We finally got to our boats, some of which has glass floors! We were the lucky ones, we had a glass floor and decided to stay in the same place, many others did the same. We stayed for hours, staring down at the native life, it was amazing! So much life all right underneath out boat!


We finally left the coral reef and came to a series of small, sandy, flat islands. These islands were remarkable, they had rocky coastlines with small areas of clear, white sand with lush vegetation all around. I could have been a desktop background they were so beautiful!


There were many of these islands scattered across this blue ocean, all in a unique shape and form!


Our driver got a call, time for us to head back to the ship, we'd be in Avno very soon!

-Sorry for the late update, been very busy with schoolwork, lots of homework, sacs & essays..-


Schulmanator: Very tasty treats! You'll love the coconut drinks served at most bars!

Ggamgus: Oh yes, many, many exports to Queensland! lol

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!

Pedjica: Thanks! I do love those beaches! Nothing dramatic today, just another calm, clear day!

Omer584: Oh, well it is upside-down so it can fit nicely in with the runway and taxiways!

Benedict: It is upside-down, I think it is ok. :)

Spursrule14: Oh this is lovely! Thank you! :D


I continued to see more of the City, this being the last day in Fernston before heading off to Avno. Right on the fringe of the city is the airport, with only one runway, it serves as a hub for domestic flights, mostly business. There are talks for an expansion, but that is far off in the future.


Right down on the waterfront is the 4th largest port in Mirani, it is fairly large for a city of it's size, it serves as the main port for the Jervis Islands division, bringing in various imports from all over the world, such as computers, tablets food and clothing. Vast quantities of sugar cane and coconut is exported here, both being some of Mirani's largest exports.


The port has become increasingly busier every year, many expansions have been planned, including 2-3 more piers and more space for container areas.


We drove back into the city centre for some last minute shopping, getting some food and accessories so we wouldn't get bored. We also bought a gift for the captain for being so nice and generous towards us. Well, it was time for my friends and I to head off, we drove back to the cruise terminal to set off for Avno, which is well known as a resort city and will take at most 24 hours to reach. I hope the city was as beautiful as Fernston and the other cities we have visited so far! We parked the car back at the hire car place, and walked to the terminal. We were there right on time! Walking up threw the gates and up onto the deck, I asked one of the crew members to give the gift to the captain as a thanks.



TowerDude: Yes those suburbs! :D

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!

Schulmanator: That's my goal! It can be a word now! :P

Simul8ter8: Oh thank you! :)

Ggamgus: Really? Thank you, appreciate it :D

Ace: Will do :D

Yanzoxe: Thank you! :)

Fox: Thanks! The palms do very make it seem very tropical!

Ajee: No problem! Thank you!

1234: Thanks :P

SimRico: That was my goal :P know you know where to fly to!


In the Suburbs

After getting out of our hotel, we went back to the beach for a while. Mirani beaches are some of the best in the world! We had to come back, I had a go at some fishing, I caught a rare native fish, but due to strict fishing regulations, I was not able to keep it, not that I wanted to. I gently placed it back in the water and watched it swim away.


I will decide when I get back home to Coffs Harbour, wether or not to stay in Australia, or move to Mirani. I began looking at one of the few suburbs in Fernston. They are very green and have various different styles of architecture, mostly Australian mixed with European and American styles.


There are lots of open parks and green spaces in the suburbs, with Australian Football dominating the local sport, there are always many parks open to everyone. My friends and I stopped off at one of the parks and kicked around a footy, I felt like I was back home!


Upon getting to the edge of town, we realised we were in the richer areas of town, where famous Miranians live to get away from the bustling streets of Crestview. Drving past, I saw that they were relatively new buildings, is this the true Miranian style? I would love to live here!



RepublicMaster: Thank you! :D

Fox: Thanks! Ah well, people do some crazy things!

Sylvio Jorge: Thank you! :)

Schulmanator: Beach party? Great idea! I'll send out the invites! haha :P

Hazani Pratama: Thanks!

Ggamgus: Glad you liked them! I like those boardwalks! :)

Sam.: Thank you!

Dabadon5: Thanks :)

Jeckyll: Thank you! Looks like I did! :D

Felano: Thanks! A simple effect can make a great photo! :)

Ajee: I use this beach kit,

TekindusT: Thanks!

Spursrule14: I am honoured to have won "Excellent" Thank you! :)

-Note, Miranian cars drive on the left, the cars are on the right because I have had a problem with NAM, reinstalled it so the cars will be on the left in one or two updates, thank you-


Arriving in Fernston

It was early in the morning, the sun rising behind us as we welcomed a new morning, we were also welcomed into Fernston, the Capital of the Jervis Island division. It is one of the largest cities in Mirani (6th largest) with a population of 26,000. We were only minutes away from docking, the excitement took over me, I couldn't wait to get off, as we were going to stay here for a few days, my friends and I would spend the first day at the beach. These docks were one of the most beautiful so far!


We left the docks, and walked straight to the beach, the sand, glowing white, just beautiful! We walked down the beachfront with the bustling mid-rise city behind us. It was one of the best scenes I had seen.


We continued to walk up the beach, and came up to a small cafe and other beachfront areas, perfect place to rest and have a small bite of the local cuisine. We all ordered tropical ice drinks, and while I was waiting I noticed that we could see many other smaller islands in the distance, including the big island, all of which were lush green with vegetation, with the odd resort or town poking out. We sat down at a table, and sipped on our drinks.


We finished our drinks and continued our walk down the beach, we noticed a public pier not too far away, we decided to walk to it, we noticed that it was very crowded with other tourists from our cruise and locals relaxing before they start work. We stayed there for a while, gazing into the ocean, without saying anything, as nothing was needed to be said. It was a stunning site.


Replies From "Seatown Views"

Spursrule14: I am honoured! Thank you!

Replies From "Running to the cruise"

Toxtethtiger: I am glad they made it too! Thanks for your comment!

Replies From "Maps of Mirani"

Schulmanator: The citizens look forward to meeting you!

SimCoug: Thanks! Yes, there are a few active, dormant, and inactive volcanos on the island.

Fox: Thank you!


Maps of Mirani

Hey guys! Thank you for all your kind comments of my previous entries!

This entry will just be for maps of Mirani, mostly regional.

Replies next update!

As Mirani is part of the AIN, you will sometimes see other AIN countries in the maps.

Location within Oceania.


Plain map


Divisions outlined in grey, with their capital cities in red.


Colour Coded Divisions map


Red: Big Islands

Yellow: Capital Islands

Blue: Gips Island

Green: Jervis Islands

Orange: Capricorn Islands

Purple: Seastern Islands

Pink: Western islands

Brown: Jennis Islands

Keep checking back every now and then for more maps!


This will be a short update today

What we dreaded had happened! None of our alarms went off and we were going to be late! It was almost 11am, the ship leaves at 11:30. We had to quickly pack our bags and head out of the hotel! We ran down the waterfront trying to keep our half-open luggage from falling apart and also looking out for any taxis that may be driving past. A taxi finally stopped for us, we crammed up the boot of the car with all of our luggage, driving straight to the docks! No time to look at the empty construction areas!


The captain was waiting at the top of the stairs, looking very angry but also concerned. We apologised for being so late, quickly got on bored and before we could get to our rooms the ship left port. Next time, for any of our stops, we will not stay up as late, and get to our hotel on time!


We hope to see you next time in Fernston!

I will put out a "Maps of Mirani" WHich I will update from time to time.


Aaron Grahm: Thank you! Will do! :P

Schulmanator: Night time is deffiantly the right time! haha

SimCoug: Thanks! Diaganal BATs are very interesting to use! :D

Fox: Thank you!


Seatown Views

After leaving the huge city of Crestview, we got back onto our cruise ship at roughly 6pm. It was a direct route to Seatown, the 2nd largest city in Mirani. It is much smaller than Crestview but is an amazing city from what I've heard. The night life is one of the best in the country! My friends and I planned to spend the night out at nightclubs and party! Not too much though, we're only staying here for a night! We will head off in the early afternoon. By the time we had arrived in Seatown, it was dark! We were eager to get the night started! It was getting darker, the moon's light was obstructed by dense clouds, hopefully it wouldn't rain! The ocean went black, our ship's lights was the only thing that was bright.


We docked, and walked along the waterfront, not as nice as Crestview's, but it was still beautiful. We saw some lights and walked over, it was a nightclub! It was time to party! Thill will be a night to remember! I had little time to note the landmarks, the lights were so bright! Maybe I can get a better look tomorrow? Ok, less talk, lets party!


Hours past, it was now almost 1am! We had to get to our hotel to get some sleep if we wanted to get on the cruise! We caught a cab and went to our hotel. All I could remember of the Hotel is that it had great views, well everything has great views here. I noticed as we drove past, there were a lot of empty plaza areas. I noticed a sign saying, "construction & demolition site", maybe something big is going there? Ah well, we checked in and went to our room. We jumped onto our beds and fell right asleep. (hotel is bottom-right corner)



Huston: Thankk you! :)

Mystic_destiny: Thanks :)

Fox: It is a great tourist destination! There are parks hidden by the skyscrapers and plenty in the inner city and suburbs! Don't worry!

Ggamgus: Another welcomed visitor! haha.

Aaron Grahm: Thank you! :)

Starmodem: It is from the Thailand BAT team, a quick google search should find a list of all of their BATs.

10000000000000: Thanks! I try to have as many different buildings as possible!

IL.: Thank you! :)

Hazani Pratama: Thanks! :D

Ioh969: Haha, :D

Wustmann: Thank you, I was aiming for very realistic!

SimCoug: It is quite a mix! Thanks! :)

Kakado_to_save: Thank you! :)


Downtown Crestview

Today, while still in Crestview my Friends and I decided to walk around the CBD and look at the many skyscrapers and maybe go up to some of the observation floors.

We started off by taking the metro to the main station, which was located along the beachfront and right on the edge of the CBD. It was fairly busy, as all train/subway/bus services come to this station. It was a very modern building, built on top of where the old station, which was heavily damaged in a fire 20 years ago. When we got outside, we noticed that it was no longer overcast, and became a bright, sunny day,


Our first stop in the city was one of the most iconic buidlings, now called 'Optus Centre', Optus' main branch in Mirani. It was built as a symbol of Mirani's economic strength, it is quite old and was one of the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere. Today, it is still quite iconic and the observation deck in the top floor, it had some of the best views, vast ocean and many islands in view!


The next building we visited, the Capri Tower, the facade is completely blue, reflective glass. It has one of the most luxuary resturaunts in the Pacific Ocean! It is currently the tallest building in the city, unlikely to be supassed by any new developments. The food was amazing and so was the view! Just as amazing as the view from the Optus Centre!


After that amazing 2 corse meal, we went back to our hotel to enjoy our last night in the capital. In the morning we would be leaving Creastview for Seatown, Capital of the Big Island! This should be exciting! It is much smaller than Crestview, but I know that our hotel will be great!


-I might be less active, school just came back and I'm already overflowing with homework, will do my best to have an update atleast once a month!-


Schulmanator: Thanks! Deffianally worth a visit!

Ggamgus: Oh yes! Mirani and Queensland should have some close relations!

Fox: Thanks! I know, I don't see that stadium used much, it is a very nice stadium!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you! :)

Smf_16: Thank you! I'm not sure about the parliment, ask in the thread

Forthwall: Thank you! I try to use as many original pieces as I can :)

Runnerguy347: I think it is one of Paegen's parks, i downloaded it a long time ago, so ask in the "cant find it" thread, someone should know :)

Eastgatemac: Thanks! The stadium in linked above :)


Crestview City Parks

Crestview has more than just beaches, it is has various prime areas as to where you can sit and relax, my friends and I found that out after we left the hotel.

It was a little overcast today, but that didn't stop us from visiting Central Park, right next to the CBD. It was only 1 block away from the beach! It was a great place to go for a jog or just sit down and relax, watching the clouds go by.


In the centre of the park we found a huge statue. There was a messaging at the base of the statue reading:

"This island was the gift of the gods, brought down and protected by the angels from the heavens,"

I assumed this is what the natives of the island believed before european settlement arrived, but it was a beautiful statue nevertheless.


We took the subway to get to our next destination, which was the CCG, Crestview Cricket Grounds, used to host most cricket events in the summer and also Australian Rules Football in the winter, it was a spectacular stadium, unfortunately there were no matches on and it was closed, a day too late! Although the car park was full, I think it was for the less impressive convention centre. Are they planning something big?


Next stop, parliament house! The building was huge! It was very impressive and as we were walking by, a group of people came out and looked very happy in deed. I saw a news crew interviewing a politician, not sure who but he had this to say:

"Mirani has opened it's arms and is seeking diplomatic friendship between any country, always seeking to start good relations. An embassy for Asgard is planned for Crestview, location and design is still not confirmed but we are glad to be setting up this long-lasting relationship with the country. Crestview is also seeking to become sister-cities with numerous cities"

That sounded great! Maybe I might move here after my trip?



Schulmanator: And what a vacation it will be!

Clarkjordan12345: Thank you! Beaches do go well!

SimCoug: Thanks!

Dabadon5: Thank you!

ggamgus: Thanks! Oh ok :)

Fox: Thank you! The waterfront seems to have been a big hit!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!


From this entry forward, they will be written in first person, although there may be a few exceptions.

We set off on a long voyage, leaving at midnight from the Gold Coast and arrived after some long hours later across the Pacific Ocean, I decided to skip the party on the deck where my friends decided to go and went and sleep so I wasn't tired when we were to leave the ship in the morning.

We arrived and was greeted by a breathtaking sunrise, or was it the lights from all the tall skyscrapers, or maybe a bit of both? It was beautiful nevertheless.


When we docked, we walked up and down the beachfront before we were checked into our hotel. The view was amazing, both the ocean and the city behind us, it was almost a life changing experience.


After a while of staring into the vast ocean, we noticed other tourists from our ship walking to the hotel, we quickly got up and followed.

The hotel had spectacular views of every angel, we were to stay at the hotel for a few more hours and then we would go off and explore the city!



SimCoug: Thank you! Yes, Captain Cook loved the Island himself!

Schulmanator: Thanks! The city will always be in development, always improving!

Hazani Pratama: Thank you! :)

dubaidude303: Thanks! The lighthouse is nice, overlooking the city.

ggamgus: Thanks! I tried to make the skyline look like an Australian city, which explains the grid layout. The Southern is in many other Pacific Island flags, it made the flag look more interesting!

Fox: The map will be in a future update for sure! Mirani is always looking to have diplomatic relations!

benedict: Haha woops, bit of a typo, fixed it up now. :)



Application for the Nation of Mirani to join the Alliance of Independent Nations.

National Flag


Coat of Arms




(I've added in a few islands which are not part of Mirani, just to make the islands make more sense with the surroundings.



There are 8 Divisions in Mirani, in decresing population are the following: Capital Islands, Big Island, Western Islands, Gips Islands, Seastern Islands, Jervis Islands, Jennis Islands and lastly, Capricorn Islands.

The Capital is home to most of the population, it has the oldest settlement in the country, Crestview and the most efficient transportation system in Mirani.

The main port is in Crestview, in the north of the Capital island.

The capitals of each distract and location within the division are as following:

Crestview, Which is on Capital Island, is not just the capital of Mirani, but also the capital of the Capital Islands division.

Seatown, capital of the Big Island Division.

Shoreline, Von Island, capital of the Western Island Division.

Harbourtown, Harvy Island, capital of the Gips Island Division.

Avno, Fair Island, capital of Seastern Islands Division.

Fernston, Burch Island, capital of Jervis Islands Division.

Gune, Gaviour Island, capital of Jennis Islands Division.

Kingstown, Capri Island, capital of Capricorn Islands Division.

Divisions are much like states, territories or provinces, only they are easier to control with a smaller population. The government in Crestview has stated that if the population exceeds 2 million, the divisions will 'transform' into states and territories. the population is expected to reach 2 millions in the 2030s with the help of a seemingly expanding mining boom. The population has already grown by 200,000 since 2000. Surpassing 1million in 2005. The divisions will be kept as they are, turning into states or territories, Crestview would become a single island territory, like the A.C.T in Australia.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs, providing protection from devastating waves from storms that frequently hit the area when El Nino and La Nina passes over. The island has already seen the damages of rising sea levels, although the island is very mountainous, and parts will be safe from rising waters, only a few islands will stay above. Mirani, along with other low-lying pacific nations are trying to organise something to relocate civilians to either Australia or New Zealand. IF this passes, hundreds and thousands of people will be relocated to Canberra and Queenstown, which are high enough to avoid any further rising sea levels. Hopefully no nations will have to come to this, but this will be there incase sea levels keep rising.

Nation Name (Longest Official Form) : Commonwealth of Mirani

Nation Name (Native Form) : Mirani

National Anthem : God Defend Mirani

National Motto : No official Motto

Capital : Crestview

Government : Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Head(s) of State : Prime Minister Airini Irirangi

Offical Language(s) : English

Population : Estimated at 1,134,756 (2012), 1,098,143 (2011)

Area : 9,145 km2 km2

Climate : Semitropical

GDP ($ - Per Capita) : 2011 estimate 13.2 Billion ($13,188)

HDI : .893

Drives on the : Left

Internet TLD : .mi

Telephone Code: +67

Major Natural Resources: Large deposits of oil offshore, large coal deposits found on the Big Island, Gold, Iron, Silver and copper mined only in eastern potion of the Big Island. Other deposits of materials found in the southern and western parts of the Big Island, not mined yet.

Major Import/Export Partners: Australia, NZ & China

Main Industries: Industries, Mining, Manufacturing, High Tech goods and services and Tourism.


Before the first european settlement in 1792, the natives (Mirinioan people) which were descendants of Polynesians, no one knows exactly how they got to such an isolated island, but one theory is that they went through New Caledonia when sea levels were lower. Currently, they make up around 32% of the population. Mirinioan people lived a peaceful life, living mainly in the Harbourtown area, which is still where they live, comprising 70% of the Harbourtown population.

The Nation of Mirani, or the Commonwealth of Mirani was founded in 1905, when a vote was passed by the citizens. It had to chance to join Australia and become a state, but the people did not wish to do so, and became a country under the commonwealth a few years after Australia federated. The nation helped allied troops at the battlefield by sending and manufacturing food and weapons. The island was reluctant to join the war, as there were to few citizens to send out, only those who wished to join were to be sent, which would be sent with the Australians.

The island was hit hard by the great depression, many citizens were out of work. The government acted by building a huge dam in the north of the island and upgrading creeks and rivers in Crestview and surrounding areas so they were less subjected to flooding. This dam hold's all of the islands drinkable water.

During WWII the island was severely bombed by the Japanese, the United States along with Australia helped protect the island from further bombings. This time, Mirani sent out troops as Mirani Soldiers, not putting them in with the Australian troops. They sent to help the Australians in Port Moresby. Approximately 2,500 troops were sent out, only 1,722 returned back.

The island experienced a huge boom after the government allowed the mining of oil off the coast. This combined with the small area of the island, allowed many tall skyscrapers to be built in the capital and surrounding areas, which is highly unusual when you look at other island countries close by.

Today, Mirani enjoys a strong economy, high living standards, long life expectancy and a very modern lifestyle. The citizens like to think of the island as a smaller Singapore. The country has very close relations with Australia and New Zealand, but is trying to stay fairly neutral.

The Nation or Mirani is located in the Pacific Ocean, in-between the islands of New Caledonia and Norfolk Island.

The small island has a tropical climate. Rainfall for most of the year allowing rivers and creeks to flow all year long.

The nation was once a British Oversea Colony, but gained independence towards the end of the the 19th century. It, like many other Oversea Colonies served as a port for the British, being in an ideal spot from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The island has very similar vegetation of that of Australia, having Eucalyptus growing in small quantities, in national parks.

The biggest city on the island, which is also the Capital, is Crestview. Which was founded just after James Cook discovered the island, and was first used as a penal colony, in the late 18th century. That later changed in the early 1800's when it became a favourite getaway for many rich Europeans. It one of the oldest cities in the region. The city has had major economic growth over the years, resulting in a huge, jammed pack CBD and housing almost mostly apartment living.

Home to the tallest skyscrapers, parks, beaches, sporting facilities and more, it is by far the biggest city in the Oceania region outside of Australia & New Zealand.


A lighthouse looking over the sea, along a rocky coastline.


And a night view of Crestview's Downtown area


Any comments and criticism are welcome!

If you have ideas as to what I should do or improve this CJ, please leave a comment!

This is a W.I.P, constantly being upgraded along the way. So there may be a difference betweens updates.

-slight edit, thanks to ben for pointing that out!-


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