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Well, it's certainly been a while since I've posted here, why not spice things up again? Much has changed since the last time I posted, I have completely moved over to Cities Skylines and remade all my previous cities in cities skylines using the original SC4 maps. 

Anywhoo, no more chatter, let's get to the pics!


Outside Blois Stadium, the main stadium for Blois' bid for the Alliance's Summer Games, showing the flags of New Duveland's provinces and territories in alphabetical order starting (left to right) with the national flag, the territory of Avaiki, Laperouse, New Caledonia, New Herault, New Munster, New Ulster, the New Duveland Capital Territory, Norfolk, Tasman, and finally, the national flag of New Duveland once more.


Apartment living in Blois is becoming incredibly more popular, as it offers a luxurious lifestyle close to the heart of the city, while maintaining peace and quiet.


Even though Blois is home to just under 400,000 people, the city's metropolitan train network is one of the most efficient in the country. Here we see commuters at Pontlevoy Station heading towards downtown during the morning rush.


Another view of Blois Stadium, showing the lush sub-tropical vegetation that is featured in every park around the city. With a seat from here, you would get an impressive view of the city skyline!


The city from above, laid out on a warped grid system, driving through Blois can be a breeze. Wide tree-lined boulevards offer an efficient way to get through town, or you could take the Devereaux Freeway, which travels along the edge of the city.


The city skyline from Île de Waipapa (Waipapa Island), one of the most popular getaway spots for exclusive holidays, and is also home to a large collection of early French colonial housing, as well as several large open-air events. It's just a shot ferry ride from the heart of the city.


Nothing says national or provincial pride like having your flag everywhere! Just in case you forgot that you were in New Hérault, New Duveland.








The Big City

Welcome to Tasbury, population 3,649,987 is the largest city in New Duveland. it is also the largest city and capital of New Munster Province and is arguably the economic, cultural and historic centre of the country. The city began as a penal settlement of the British but soon begin to thrive as an economic point, due to increasing immigration after gold was discovered in the surrounding areas, leading the a rich mix of cultural heritage today, with strong European and Asian settlements in the city, most notable China Town in the CBD. It's location also gives it a unique style, being on the entrance to the New Munster Sea, the largest brackish water in the Southern Hemisphere with cities such as Albury, Parahaka, Port Laoise, Tralee and Kinsale all relying on the small opening for shipping.

That's just some history of the city, now for the images!


The city is constantly changing, with new skyscrapers popping up all over the CBD and in key activity centres.


The current tallest, Royal Tower stands 300m tall, overlooking Central Park and the crystal waters below.


The Tasbury Opera House is the most famous landmark of the city, millions of tourists visit the site each year.


Well into the night the city is still very much alive, offices still lit up as people work well into the night and residents and tourists getting ready for the night.

I hope you've enjoyed Tasbury! Next up, the southern city of Leinster, capital of New Ulster Province.

Bonus night view of New Duveland! See if you can match the cities from my wiki!






1234, 976, Benedict:

Thank you all!



Your embassy will be shown again!



Thanks! You can too if you're interested.

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Hopefully this time it will keep going!



Capital City of New Duveland

We start off with an over view of the central business district of the city.


And what's the best thing to do when you visit a city? Take a day to the Royal Auroa Botanical Gardens after visiting the city town hall and staying a night or two in the Royal Queens Hotel.


But if you really wanted a view of the entire city, then the best place for that would be Tower Auroa's public observation on the 26th floor. If you're lucky, you could even have a tour of the luxury Vision apartment Tower, which soars 32 floors into the sky.


After that, you could venture to Central Park, in the heart of the city's CBD.


Next stop, Parliament house, home of New Duveland's government and surrounded by embassies.


From there, you could walk along the Seminole River's extensive riverfront.


Across the city museum,


Up to the city's historical area,


And then to the St. Marks cathedral.


But why stop there, head out to the marina's edge where old, victorian aged architecture mixes with modern hotels and residential buildings.


And finally, the Auroa Cricket Stadium which is by far the largest stadium in the city. Why not stay and watch some cricket?


Well that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed Auroa!



New Duveland, officially the Commonwealth Realm of New Duveland is a multilingal nation in the south Pacific, north of New Holland, east of Australia and south of New Caledonia.


It is the largest country in the Oceania/Pacific region outside Australia, with a population of 6,256,366 as of 2013 and is experiencing some of the fastest growth rates in the region.

The Largest city in New Duveland and capital of the

Abel province is Plymouth, named after Plymouth in England.


Followed by

Seatown, the capital of Mirani province.


And the capital of the French-speaking province of

Laperouse, Esperance.


Portsmith, the capital of Norfolk is the 5th largest city in the country.



Auroa is just the 6th largest city, it is the most important as it is the capital and most vibrant city in the country.


Most cities here are constantly being upgraded or changed, so don't be surprised if some of the cities in this post look different later on!



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