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  1. This is beautiful work, the amount of props used in this is staggering.
  2. Everyone is invited to witness the opening ceremony of the 7th AIN Expo live from the Exhibition Center in Hakata ward, Kaijo Metropolis, Federal Kingdom of Teiko. The ceremony will feature a wide array of Teikonian culture ranging from folk to modern popular music. Join us as we celebrate AIN's largest gathering of minds. VISIT HERE for more details.
  3. I must say this is a great surprise. I thank everyone who supported my city journal. Congratulations to all winners and I look forward for the next session of Trixie awards.
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a ferris wheel that would look good in a marina and has awesome night lights. Thanks.
  5. Guess Who's Next V2

    Yup! Toothless.
  6. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Nice, how many times did you try to get that mosaic? Lovely view, it looks like mini Manhattan.
  7. Weird Traffic Chart Movement

    Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with other charts such as jobs and population. One observation I have is that this occurs when the game is restarted or newly opened.
  8. Interesting but with all the dlc CSL has now, I think buying it all together would cost some fortune.
  9. Hi guys, I want to ask what is with this abnormal changes in traffic? Update:
  10. Wilton Height

    Definitely not your usual style but it looks good nevertheless.
  11. The Preference Game

    Kayak. Winter games or summer games.