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Discover the 7 Republics of Mother Veratlantea

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Where exactly? (Wiki)


Hello everyone! And welcome to the Discover Series!

In this series of updates, we are going to follow the lives of a bunch of ordinary Veratlanteans and see where it leads us.

I get to narrate it, but we're still going to listen to what's going on from the characters themselves! Who knows what these guys will stumble upon... and where...







Our story begins somewhere the middle of nowhere. Meet, Tim, 20, Business Student, currently working for his uncle at an investment firm, and Greg, 22... dropped out of Motor Mechanics last semester. Currently a pizza delivery guy. These two have been friends since long before High School. Tim drives the red van.





Greg: And why are we here again? We've been driving forever now mate!




Tim: Just chill, we are almost there.




Greg: And why is it your rotten rich uncle lives... nowhere?









Tim: Oh don't you dare call this place nowhere in front of him.

Greg: Just saying...

Tim: Do you want to make some money?

Greg: Oh yes. And it's even better that we get to travel for free...




Tim: Looks like this is it. Welcome to Keetem.

Greg: Is that seriously what this place is called?

Tim: Let me do the talking when we meet him, ok?

Greg: Do they even speak English here?

Tim: Of course they do.


I have to agree, this is the middle of nowhere. Very typical for this region, though.












A 50-something, rather short white man waves to them from the window and rushed to open the door, greeting the boys as they park and come inside.





Tim: Uncle Gordon!

Uncle Gordon: Hello, hello, please, come inside.




Tim: So what's the plan?




Uncle Gordon: Ah yes, well, I need you to go all the way to Dalston to meet a very special client. We are talking a really big and heavy fish here. You must deliver this envelope, too. This can potentially be a million-pounds deal sons.




Tim & Greg: Millions?!




Uncle Gordon: Ah yes, yes. My client is very well connected. In the envelope are all the instructions for this deal. I must also ask you to keep it all secret.




Tim: You show up with a million-pounds worth trade and tell me to keep this a secret and doesn't even tell me if it's a him or a her we are dealing with. Come on, you've got to tell us a little more about all this. Plus, are we only supposed to hand The Client the envelope? Why not just mail it?




Uncle Gordon: There's some Straight Stuff¹ involved, son. I need you to trust me on this. You'll receive further instructions along the way. Anyway, you must be tired from driving all the way from Amerion. You could stop by Greyston and buy some supplies...or actually, Greyston has a HSRS station. You could park your car there and go by train.




Tim: I think we'll need the car when we get to Dalston... But yeah... let's go, Greg.




Uncle Gordon: See you soon!










And so the boys drive a bit back to a not-so-small town they saw along the A20. Greyston.










Greg: Wow this whole thing is a bit weird... I hope all of this is, you know, legal...




Tim: Relax man. I say we go for some food, then rest a bit and hit the road early at night.










Greg: Sounds alright to me. I'm so hungry!




Tim: Dude, you're always hungry. Just accept it.




Greg: Well turn right, and you're the one who gave the idea...










There it finally is!











After getting something to eat and parking for a short rest, they took to the road again. I know we haven't really explored the town, but, all this time we have been within Greyston's municipal territory. Keetem is but a borough, 2 KM away from the town center. Yes, the AF is metric... like the rest of the world. Expect Celsius!












It was night when they woke up from their nap, but the lights here aren't all that amazing.











Greg: How far away is it again?




Tim: It's not even in this state, so at least another 2 hours until the state border...




Greg: Ah, here we go. Good night man!









???: Yes, I'm right behind them.





Well, I don't know what to say about that.





I guess we'll find out soon!






Thanks for Viewing!









000 | Introduction

by Spy


Thanks everyone! I take this as a very positive and motivating start and the next update is already being worked on!


Kim Sunwoo : Thanks! And yes, editing will definitely be present at every step in this CJ!


ulisse : The Wiki too, will be a big part of the CJ! =)


Schulmanator : I'll do my best to deliver! On a side note, I swear I almost put a little cute cat at the very bottom to brainwash humbly remind people of the upvote option =)


jmsepe : Means a lot to hear that! I think the Simtropolis platform will allow for even more branding possibilities. Branding is key. I try to sell AF as if I was a minister of tourism. Stay tuned!


Tekindust : Thanks! Ha ha, you know, you'll be seeing a-lot of Coat of Arms in AF. At least 61. Plus every city shown will have its own crest displayed. So yeah. =)


Sexyark:P : Thanks a lot! That's really good to hear someone has been waiting for a CJ like mine! Woooo!


slickbg56 : Thanks!


takemethere: Well, I did try to do something a bit new and different, and it would seem it's working! Thanks!




Welcome, welcome!


It is a Union of 7 Republics over the 'subcontinental'

Veratlantic Archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean.



There are a lot of complicated details about how exactly it works. I'll leave those to tell you on the go...

But you can always check the infoboxes to the sides!



How it started, and why now?

Since I discovered Simtropolis and the community, I have been devoted to creating my own country for the world to see. I mustered up all ideas and decided to start a big what-if-land in the middle of the Atlantic. But it needed to make sense in the world, I didn't want it to be alone. I thought it was a good idea to join a CJ Union, the AIN.

Early May 2010 and I got my Junior Membership and an avalanche of ideas for my Atlantic nation. In these 5 years, I learned from some of the finest CJers and decided to continuously improve my CJ, in all aspects I could. Now the result of all these years is the Union of Veratlantean States, a fancy name for the "Atlantic Federation v6.0", which btw has been my sole endeavor during all these years. No other CJ's, no side projects.


What style will this be?

The AF is very diverse. It is made of 7 Republics with very singular histories. After all, I think its the diversity of it that made me stick with it. There's Dutch, Americanized, French, British, Latin-Iberian-Mediterranean architecture, along with some communist blocks in the previously red republic of New Oren.

:ooh: There is a touch of Hong-Kong and Tokyo in some of its east coast largest metropolises, since they tend to be very dense.

Here's what I mean in this WIP image:


Besides that, the AF has a beautiful geography, with extensive climatic variety. I will do my best to portray its beautiful beaches, mountains and countryside.



La Nouvelle Aquitaine, is truly beautiful, IMO. Can't wait to drive you through it!


Hint hint, they speak French there!


Ah the South... The Portuguese/Spanish speaking, ever-summer south...


We have Overseas Territories too, like the gelid Greenlandic island of Svärda!


Where we maintain not-at-all suspicious activities...


How will the Updates be like?

Most of the updates will fall in one of the below:

1: The Discover kind of update

These will be narrated updates, in which we'll travel the federation using its means of transportation and following the stories of a

character or more.

2: The BBC VBN kind of update

These updates will be documentary-like, narrated updates, covering the most various topics about the AF.

3: The WIP kind of update

These will be Work-In-Progress updates and teasers mostly so I can ask for your help to keep improving the CJ and also try suggestions left in the comments, if there are any.


4: The TV/Media kind of update

These will be brought mainly from the Alliance itself and will feature newspaper articles to tell what's happening in the AF and its CJ neighborhood.

:ooh: Accidents, elections, music festivals, sports, international events, these fall here.

5: The Random Kind

Whatever else comes to mind!


How often?

I will try to have them be regular, one a week, but certainly I will keep you informed about what's going on with it. I'm currently on a "gap semester" since my college schedule went out of sync as I will be moving across hemispheres this year. So basically it means lots of free time.


Wiki Support

Beware that I will do my best to provide extensive Wiki Support to the CJ, thanks to the AIN's amazing wiki engine. So every city, state, and region you visit and most things mentioned about the Federation will have its own Wiki article, to further enhance the depth of the CJ and explain details too lengthy to post here. It is currently being revised, so bear with me if you're interested in that.

And finally...

I will do my best to keep those of you joining me immersed, with fancy graphics, mood boosting music and attention to detail. Suggestions are most welcome, and I hope to learn a lot by exposing the AF to an even larger community.

Welcome, to the Atlantic Federation!



Thanks for viewing!


and if you're coming with,

See you soon!


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