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City-building game(s)

Found 11 results

  1. Kaigata 92

    Version 1.0.0


    First building in about 7 years, being a little out of practice i figured I'd choose something nice and simple. A basic 1960s building, fit for European wall to wall environments. The name is Norwegian, and means Dock Street 92. Stats: Size: 1x2 Wealth: Offices - Medium/§§ Bulldoze Cost: 450 Plop Cost: 5250 Power Consumed: 10 Water Consumed: 15 Jobs §§: 160 Place the file/folder into mydocuments/simcity4/plugins Then paste the building you want, only one works at a time, so make sure you know wether or not you run standard maxis nights, or Simfox's Darknite mod. dependencies: Shouldn't be any
  2. Perth Council Building

    Version 1.0.0


    Perth Council Building, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Inspired by the Council Building in Perth's Stirling Gardens, here is another iconic early 1960's building. This is an example of the modernist style with Bauhaus leanings, and has distinctive external 'T' shaped sun-shades in alternating patterns over the curtain glass wall to block out the hot Western Australian sun. Conversely, the roof area has a perspex covered walkway which I imagine would be about as comfortable as an ant under a magnifying glass in the broiling summer heat! It is with the 'T' shaped awnings that I taken most of the liberties with this building; reducing the width of the top part of the 'T' to ensure that each sun-shade is clearly visible in game rather than blurring into one. The real-life building was actually slated for demolition in the 1990's, but was saved and renovated as well as adding one extra floor at the top of the building. Recently, the building was also fitted thousands of coloured leds: hence, the unusual, and prettily-coloured night-lights. This BAT functions as a government building and town hall in game. In addition to providing your sims with 185 highly desirable civic jobs, it will help alleviate the commercial demand caps that can hinder city development. Given the way that the game is designed, in addition to providing health, education, safety, etc, using rewards is an absolutely necessary part of being able to develop large cities and regions. It sits on a 5x3 lot and will easily blend in with other park lots (such as the SFBT mid-wealth set) that use the Maxis R$$ plain grass. Similarly, given the fact that the building is 13 floors high, it will also work well in a dense city environment. * It is offered as a reward without needing to meet pre-existing conditions. * It is located in the REWARD Menu * It can be placed more than once in a city. * It DOES NOT over-write the ingame town hall (or any re-lotted versions there-of), so can be used in conjunction with the standard Maxis town hall reward. * It DOES NOT over-write any of my other town hall lots (so can be used in conjunction with these as well). --------------------------------------- STATS: Lot size : 5 x 3 Plop Cost: §47,000 Monthly Cost: §1,170 Budget Item: Government Buildings Occupant Groups: Reward, Courthouse Demand Created: Jobs§: 23, Jobs§§: 151, Jobs§§§: 11. Landmark Effect: +105 over 33 tiles Pollution: Air 3 over 2 tiles, Water 2 over 3 tiles, Garbage 31 over 0 tiles Power consumed: 55 MwH Water consumed: 111 Gallons/Month Bulldoze Cost: §11,720 --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO file types in two seperate folders; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos or Mashty's night-mods) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must choose only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: To ensure proper functionality, make sure the following files are in your plugins: *BSC Mega Props - CP Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790) *BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol01.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=746) --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT PARKING TEXTURES: Sadly, negative comments/reviews from a few members of the community continue to force me to add this utterly ridiculous disclaimer...this building has underground parking, and I have not used parking textures. If you wish to add parking textures, please do so using the lot editor and keep your negativity to yourself. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
  3. Beverly Apartments

    Version 1.0.0


    Beverly Apartments, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- Bring some retro mid-century glamour to your cities with Beverly Apartments. It is inspired by a real-life US west coast building which was originally designed as an office building, but with its distinctive, cantilievered, bucket-shaped balconies, was ripe for a residential re-purposing in SC4. In game it is offered as an R§§ apartment. The apartments are mostly 1 bedroom, but with wide curtain glass windows feel spacious and airy. The ground floor and lower ground floors are reserved for shops and gallery spaces. Secure underground parking and a pool complete the ammenities for all the residents. These apartments are presented in 2 options: a 4x2 and a 4x3 lot. --------------------------------------- STATS R§§: Lot size : 4x2 & 4x3 Growth Stage: 6 (Medium & High Density Zoning) Bulldoze Cost: §565 Capacity Satisfied: R§ 1,589, R§§ 878 Pollution: 7 (Air)/ 3 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 5/6/0 Power Consumed: 12 Mwh Water Consumed: 33 Gal/Month Building Style: Houston/Euro/NY/Chicago Occupant Group: Medium Wealth Residential Building --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot File! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT PARKING TEXTURES: As these models contain garaged underground parking, the lots do not come with parking textures. If you wish to add acres of parking or change the concrete textures, please use the lot editor to do so. --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: This lot requires no external dependencies. --------------------------------------- To install, simply unzip the contents of this file into your plugins folder. Thanks.
  4. 2404 Wilshire Blvd

    Version 1.0.0


    Former American Cement Building, by Mattb325. --------------------------------------- While this is not a recreation, this building draws heavy inspiration from the American Cement Building on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles. This particular building style was very popular in the 1960's and features a complex concrete latticework exo-skeleton and raised parking platform. Such treatment, as well as being decorative, provided additional structural integrity. Despite being a very common place design, they are very under-represented in SC4. It is on a 4x3 and 4x4 lot as a high-wealth commercial office (CO§§§) for medium and high density zones. It is offered as a growable mid-rise building only - on all tilesets - and competes well with many of the Maxis mid-rises. Stats, links and dependencies are listed below. --------------------------------------- STATS (CO§§§): Growth Stage: 5 (medium and high density zones) Bulldoze Cost: §730 Capacity Satisfied: CO§§ 1440, CO§§§ 1008 Pollution: 6 (Air)/ 6 (Water)/ 4 (Garbage ) Pollution Radius: 6/7/0 Power Consumed: 41 Mwh Water Consumed: 447 Gal/Month Building Style: Chicago/NY/Houston/Euro Occupant Group: Commercial Office Building --------------------------------------- NOTE ABOUT DARK NITE vs MAXIS NITE: This download contains TWO model files; one for dark nite users (and other night-time darkening mods, such as Gizmos night-mod) and one for the standard Maxis nite. You must keep only one file - depending on which version you use. If you are unsure whether you have a night-darkening mod installed, then choose the Maxis night version. Regardless of which file you choose to keep, make sure you DO NOT delete the Lot or Desc files! If you use the dark nite version, you will need a dark nite mod. Either: (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/23089-simfox-day-and-nite-modd/) OR (http://gizmo.aplaceforwebsite.com/index.php) --------------------------------------- DEPENDENCIES: BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383) BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol03.dat (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2768) To install, simply unzip the file into your plugins folder. Thankyou and enjoy.
  5. MS Dom Artysty Plastyka

    Version 2


    "Dom Artysty Plastyka" (~"House of Artist") - exhibition and office building from Warsaw, designed by the architect Jerzy Kumelowski and erected in the years 1963-66. Perhaps the most characteristic feature here, is the original 19th century gate (re)used in the role of fence/curtain, which separates the building and its small "cold-tone" minimalist courtyard from the street. As a kind of monument, the gate has been mostly saved in its post-WW2 condition with traces of fire and many holes made by the bullets. In game as: Plop - museum, lot 2x2, capacity 3000 Plop - school/college, lots 2x2 and 2x3, capacity 1000 Plop - diagonal college, 1x1, capacity 1000 (grey or brown/sandstone pavement to choose) Grow - CO$$$5, lots 2x2 and 2x3, 300 workers. This is generally a W2W building, but it has been bated in such way, that can be used also as a stand alone one (if someone really wants). Dependencies: "MS Al. Przyjaciół 3" - version 2 or later (needed for the diagonals only): http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28174-ms-al-przyjaciol-3/
  6. MS Pensjonat Zgoda



    Guesthouse located in the centre of Warsaw under the Zgoda 2 adress. Building was designed in the 1960 by architects Z. Stępiński and A. Iłecki to replace the house destroyed during the WWII. Then it was erected in the years 1961-66 (but partly was finished and open already around 1963). Originally it was meant to offer rooms/apartaments(?) for lonely people and married couples w/o children. In game it is available as CS$$ PLOP (W2W half diagonal corner building). Mirror version is also included (orignal building is the one with the neon "Szwajcarska", what means "Swiss" and reffers to the "Swiss" restaurant located there since begining and for decades). There are two types of the lot - in triangular and trapezoidal shapes. Both lots are additionally available in 2 color variations of the pavement: 1. "Grey/Transit" - which generally uses the grey Maxis alike texture in default game settings. But I recommend to use this version also with texture mods (of any type), as with loaded custom textures it is able to create sort of "visual transition" between it and the standard grey Maxis texture. Well it is nothing extraordinary, but might be useful, since majority of the diagonal W2W buildings still have their pavements in bright, greyish or pinkish colors. Check the attached pictures to see how does it work. 2. "Sandstone" - with brown Paeng's sandstone texture to match his nice mod (thanks to him, he agreed to use it) You can install both or choose only one. NO DEPENDENCIES - all props are included.
  7. Version 2


    UPDATED: Please redownload and replace this version with the new one. You may have to demolish the old version. The model and desc. files are different, but the lot is the exactly the same. NYBT Presents, One Chase Manhattan Plaza by Sgt Pepper. One Chase Manhattan Plaza is a banking skyscraper for Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. It is located in the Financial District of New York City in Lower Manhattan. It is situated behind 40 Wall Street, and has close proximity to Wall Street itself. It is a glossy, slim, tower at about 60 stories tall and around over 813 feet tall. It was one of the first International Styled Skyscrapers to be built in Lower Manhattan or Downtown New York. Construction began in 1957 and was completed around 1960. Designed by Gordon Bunshaft of Skidmore, Owings And Merrill, Gordon is also known for designing the Lever House on Park Avenue. Chase Manhattan Plaza takes it's appearance from an earlier SOM project in Chicago, the Inland Steel Building. It's sparkly design and modern appeal made it stand out from the older, darker stone clad skyscrapers in Downtwon. It was certainly a skyscraper ahead of its time, and is currently an NYC landmark. STATS- Growable CO$$$- 6,200 jobs. Lot Size- 6x5 Dependencies- BSC CP MEGA Props Vol 1 NDEX Essentials NYBT Essentials Model by Sgt Pepper Lot by T Wrecks Modding by T Wrecks(Thanks buddy ) Some additional info- When I made this, I don't mean this as a replacement for the other versions of Chase that are available. I really liked this skyscraper and I really wanted to try it for my own. In the mean time, I hope you will all enjoy this upload, and consider it my Thanksgiving Gift from me to you. Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!
  8. Version 2


    Update: I scaled up the model to a proper scale to match the scale factor the team uses. You could simply replace all the files when redownloading. There's no need to demolish any lots. The only real change is the model file and it should simply replace the older one easily. NYBT presents- Home Insurance Plaza(version 2!) Around 2010, I created Home Insurance Plaza from NYC for NYBT, but now I felt that a new and improved version was necessary and thus here it is. Home Insurance Plaza is an International Styled skyscraper located in the Financial District of New York City, or in Lower Manhattan. Specifically, it is a block behind One Chase Manhattan Plaza and towers above and behind the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It was built to house(no pun intended ) the Home Insurance Company. Constructed in 1966, HIP was one of the first International Styled skyscrapers to be built in Downtown following the wake of One Chase Manhattan Plaza(in 1960). It's facade include white brick strips and darker spandrels. It also features a windowless "core" or outer core. The set up of the building, its core and it's main part, is similar to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building which was designed by the same person that crafted the design of HIP. Home Insurance Plaza also features a mural on one of its blind walls. The Liberty Mural I believe it's called. Home Insurance Plaza shares a city block with 3 other buildings that are all connected to each other. However, for the upload only HIP is included. Stats- CO$$ Jobs- 4,504 Lot Size- 5x3 Growth Stage- 8 Growable only. No ploppables 2 Lots are included, one grows on corners, while the other doesn't have to grow on corners. Dependencies- NYBT Essentials BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 1 (Must be registered at SC4 Devotion to download this, if you do not have it already.) Notes- I'd recommend deleting the previous version of Home Insurance Plaza from your Plugins Folders and cities before downloading this one. There could be conflicts having both but I'm not sure. This building is meant to be mainly W2W though there will be an alley. It's meant to be on an urban block with multiple buildings but it can be used as a stand alone tower, though I'd recommend having it sharing a city block with other tall buildings. Hope you all will enjoy this one! -Sgt Pepper
  9. Version


    One of the Warsaw's railway halt stations designed by the architects A. Romanowicz and P. Szymaniak. The station was opened in 1963. Its most notable features are the wide usage of the concrete shell roofs and the place where it has been located - right next to the Vistula river escarpment and entrance to the railway tunnel below the downtown. The add-on consists of four pieces to make it more universal: 1. Platforms – work as railway station (capacity: 15000 passengers) 2. Upper Pavilion - the function and capacity same like above 3. Lower Pavilion – works as bus stop (capacity: 5000 passengers) 4. Lower Pavilion in alternative version (w/o neon) - the function and capacity of the above (Also see the pics below) Dependencies: This add-on doesn’t require any other plug-ins to work(!), however to properly model the terrain, the following (or similar) tools/mods are recommended: - http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1544 - http://sc4devotion.c...c.php?lotGET=33 If you plan to place the platforms at the embankment in more realistic way, it is also recommended to have NAM: http://community.sim...-off-site-link/ Exactly you will need the NAM „Ped. mall” pieces (road menu), to connect platforms with the bus stop (the one from this set or different one). Please check the "read me files".
  10. Tokyo, Japan - 1965

    ENTRY TWO TOKYO, JAPAN 1965 (Showa-40) The mid/late-1960s in Japan are usually referred to as the 'Golden Sixties', representing the continuation of an great economic growth which had started in the 50s. Japan had rebuilt its cities, industry, infrastructure, and technology with astounding speed after the Pacific War. The year before, the Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, bringing Japan into the international limelight once again. Electric billboards and mid-rise offices spawned by new business and commercialization are beginning their early stages in these years, as you can see. A small retail district with a few apartment buildings. A large view of the business district. The new highway was built to accommodate the tourists of the Olympic Games. (Click the image to enlarge) The business district at night. Another small retail area, a few electric signs light up at night.
  11. Version


    A small addition to the SC4 parking lots theme - set of the functional car parks to plop on roads and one-way roads. 47 pieces in total - in different sizes, with different types of parking spaces (parallel, diagonal, mixed), with various types of trees (no trees, Maxis trees, semi-seasonal trees) and lots of different vehicles. This set comes together with a prop pack of my simple car models from the 60s and 70s - MS_Motokloss_60s-70s_CarProps. About 60 old European vehicles in several variants (parallel, diagonal and “less diagonal” ). More info. in “read me” files - please check them. DEPENDENCIES: - BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 - for the semi seasonal trees. It is required ONLY if you want to use the version with these trees. http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1180 - MS Motokloss 60s-70s Car Props - INCLUDED in this download. IMPORTANT - some people can't see the parallel asphalt parking spaces due to the "conflict" with some different plugin*. If you are one of them, please rename the folder "Motokloss" to "zzzMotokloss" to set it at the end of the loading queue. It should solve the problem. Many thanks to yigit007, who discovered this solution (see comments below). *It doesn't happen every time. I tested these parking lots in different plugin configs and never had any troubles, same with other users. _____ Notice, the pics below were taken with the loaded NAM Euro-road texture. If you do not use NAM or this texture, you will see the standard US yellow lines (in case of the two-way road pieces). Mod Edit: Fixed unparsed BBCode.

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