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Found 45 results

  1. I have tried and tried for years to get a proper tree controller working. A few days ago I decided to play this game again for the first time in two years. The Cascadia Tree Controller never worked for me despite carefully checking for dependencies and fruitlessly downloading files over and over again. Keep in mind I have never successfully used a seasonal tree controller, so I dont't think there are any conflicts running abound here Today I tried three separate controllers which require similar files, including the Central Europe, Cascadia and Arden. I tried my best to figure out the solution but I am about at my wits end on this issue. For context I have decided to attach a couple screen shots. This is with the Central European Controller. It appears I have far more trouble with the lower rather than higher elevation. I really do not believe I am lacking any dependency as I have downloaded almost every item more than once carefully installing it into the folder. I am starting to think there is a massive glitch I am not aware of. You can also see the dependencies in my plugins, I put all of the ALN files into one big folder. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Exact name of a dep

    Trying to establish a list of deps for upcoming uploads, and I am confused. Is BSC Holiday Park Prop and BSC Holiday Park SG Vol 01.dat the same thing ? I found the first one's URL, but no luck with the other one, and all the searches direct me to the first one. But. Help ?
  3. Help me find the dependency?

    I downloaded the Moonrise Appartments mod by Daeley (this is the link: But it comes up as an empty lot. Can anyone direct me to the dependencies which are obviously not listed? Thank you!
  4. Hi I am looking for NOB's road and street overlay pack I just found this mod , he said it needs support files which is i am looking for and also gave an URL but the URL is not functional anymore And I did check on the google of SC4D but i got none result of this, so if anyone knew this file, plz tell me thx alot
  5. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    Version 1.00


    KOSC presents: SuperPaths Pathway Textures Introduction Take your park pathways to the next level! SuperPaths is a brand new set of texture aimed at tackling the ever so saturated territory of pathways with... err... many twists and turns! Overview This set contains a total of 373 overlay textures geared towards dynamic and flowing park paths.. In additional to covering standard fare orthogonal pathways, this set deeply explores inter-connectivity with other less utilized pathing options. Diagonals and FA2 pathways are given a chance to shine with an insane amount of options. Couple that with wide radius curves and s-curves and the layout options provided are practically limitless! The release contains 6 different base texture options for you to choose between. Install Instructions NOTE: As this is a dependency package, there are no lots included. Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. Lotters, copy the contents of PIMXGroups.txt into your groups.ini file located in the PIM-X install directory. This will allow easier access to these textures in the lot editor. Dependencies None. Acknowledgements Thanks to rivit and rsc204 for their work on GoFSH, as well as cp for some of the base textures that I used as a template here. This set would not have been possible without their work. Enjoy!
  6. I downloaded the Heretic Seaport Project as well as its dependencies, but the railway textures are still missing. And I already downloaded the railway textures. What did I do wrong to cause this issue?
  7. IdM - Trucking Essentials

    Version 1.00


    KOSC Presents: IndustryMania - Trucking Essentials Introduction Do you want to recreate a large distribution center with ample truck parking space of all angles and populate them with tons of random trailers from different freight and logistic companies? This essentials package, which is the prelude to my upcoming IndustryMania re-lot series, provides a set of custom truck parking textures and prop families for @MushyMushy's HD North American trucks which will allow you to do just that. Package Overview This package contains a set of 38 unique overlay textures, offered in either white or yellow paint for a total of 76. Additionally, there are 36 prop families that cover all of the props included in the original trailers and semi cab sets. Additional details are in the enclosed README. Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. Note that the prop families DAT supersedes the original props' .sc4desc files. It is recommended that you relocate or remove the original from your plugins folder to avoid potential conflict. Dependencies The textures are standalone and will not require any dependencies. However, the prop families will not function properly without the original trucks: Props HD North American 40ft Semi Trailers Vol. 1 HD North American 53ft Semi Trailers Vol. 1 HD North American Semi Truck Cabs Vol. 1 Credit goes to MushyMushy for the wonderful set of trailers and semis! Enjoy!
  8. I had a system crash at Christmas and have been slowly reinstalling files. I'm FINALLY getting to reinstall my SC4 files.I keep getting the dreaded boxes, despite the fact that I have downloaded every file I can from the Boxes? section in here. I took a screen shot in hopes that maybe someone can tell me what I have neglected to do.Shoot! The screen shot won't paste. Here are the first three Plug In Pack numbers it shows missing:PlugIn Pack 1372154730PlugIn Pack 736382342PlugIn Pack 1871687276Among other things, there are buildings and bus stops that are showing up as boxes. City Error.doc
  9. SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures

    Version 1.0.0


    KOSC presents: SuperSHK+ FA3 Parking Textures Introduction Happy New Year! Need some irregularity in your lotting? SuperSHK is back with a plus and a whole assortment of FA3-aligned textures for you to play with. Overview This set contains at total of 482 new overlay textures. SuperSHK+ takes the original set and adds quite a bit of additional support for FA3 angled pathways. Additionally, there are a host of extra textures included meant to patch some missing areas from the first set. Details These textures are broken into 4 DATs. The included resource guide offers a slightly more detailed look at the different texture options offered here. DAT 1 - Curbs: Contains an assortment of FA3 aligned curb pieces and connectors. DAT 2 - Parking Transitions: Contains transitions and intersections between different parking types with FA3 curbs. DAT 3 - Pseudo-FA3 (PFA3): Contains a set of FA3 aligned orthogonal parking spaces and a few basic transitions. DAT 4 - Extras: Adds medians and additional support for S-Curves from the original set. Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. Dependencies NONE. This set is a dependency. Lotters that want to take full advantage of this set will need the SHK Parking Pack and base set: Credit to shokthrpy for the original SHK set. Additional thanks goes out to rsc204 & rivit for their invaluable work with GoFSH (and Bender) and texture replacement - this set would not be possible without their tools.
  10. Essentials by Edvarz

    Version 1.0.0


    English This is a dependency pack currently containing some prop families, it groups several props found in the LBT Mega Prop Pack. I will be using this upload as a dependency for my next releases. I will also be adding some prop fixes, more families and maybe textures in the future, so be sure to check for updated versions! Included in this download is a "Dev Files" folder for those who want to use this pack for their lots: This folder contains Prop Family names for easily identifying the families in the Lot Editor and PIM-X. There's also a couple of test lots showcasing all the props i grouped in this pack. This pack does not contain any new props, only new instances of already existing props, it also doesn't contain any overrides of already existing files, so you don't have to worry about bulldozing anything in-game. For further clarification you can refer to the "Technicalities" section below. Dependencies Make sure you download and install these files to your Plugins folder. If you don't, you'll get brown boxes instead of props. LBT Mega Prop Pack vol. 01 Yes, this dependency needs a dependency; the files contained in this download are not redundant, however. To understand why you can refer to the "Technicalities" section below. Technicalities This pack contains new prop exemplars made out of existing prop models. For any model made for SC4 (be it vanilla or custom made) there can be multiple different instances (called exemplars), these exemplars can all have different properties but they all refer to the same model; this is why you can have a building model serve as both Commercial offices and as a static Landmark. The props included here have properties different from the original ones but link to the same models, one of such properties is, for example, belonging to a prop family. Thus, the original packs linked as dependencies do not include my prop families, or any of my modifications or fixes; conversely, my pack does not include any different prop models, only different prop instances. Notes You can use this pack for your own lots if you wish, just make sure link to this pack as a dependency, along with any of the cascading dependencies. I did not make any of the models, and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to the authors of the original packs. If you run into any issues , want to see upcoming updates, or other things I'm working on, pay a visit to my lot thread in Simtropolis, you can also PM me here @Edvarz. Thanks for your download and enjoy! Español
  11. SCAM.dat

    I have a file called SCAM.dat and its a dependency in something I posted on STEX, where Can I find it so I can link it. I have a feeling its a texture but I am not to sure.
  12. American School Bus Prop Pack

    Version 1.0.1


    In the largely low density population centers of the United States, how does one get their children to school if they can't drive them? Schools are often too far (or the cities are too unsafe) for the children to walk there, and public transit is hard to come by. The answer? The yellow limousine. Whoops, I meant the school bus. How do you know that you're on a school bus? You might see dirty windows that are impossibly difficult to slide open, and the floor might be strewn with lost homework. Used gum will likely cover the bottom of every seat. You might feel very hot during the summertime because there's no air conditioning... or if there is, the unit will leak on people who sit under it. You may also notice that every other vehicle on the road is passing you, including city buses and garbage trucks... but you'll only notice this if you can keep your thoughts straight while your brain is rattled by every bump in the road. Yes, school buses really are the dream. They're something you dread getting on in the morning, but once you're on you wish that the bus will never stop... because once it does, you know you're at school. --- OK, all comedy aside, this a simple prop pack that includes 20 HD models. It has 5 different bus designs rendered in 90 degree (ortho), 45 degree (diagonal), and both 22.5 degree (FA2) angles. Four of the buses are built off of a Navistar International truck chassis and the other one is a Ford E-Series bus with a handicap door. These are not automata. I do not know how to make automata, and these models have far, far too many tris to be directly converted into automata. In other words, please don't ask me if these are automata and please don't ask me to make them into automata. Thanks. I have already tested the models and did not encounter any problems, but if you find a bug or issue, please post it here or on my BAT thread. --- Please be advised: currently these props may not appear 100% right next to other car props made by other users. People who have made cars for SC4 over the years have adopted wildly different scales. Since my end-goal is to redefine the world of vehicle props for the game, I decided to use a near-realistic scale for my cars and trucks (probably somewhere between 100-110% scale). Because of this, they will appear small next to the shk cars and very small next to the VIP cars. The same problem plagues truck props made by different creators (or sometimes even the same creators... some people aren't consistent with their own scale!). They will look about right next to the Jim car props, but that set is rather limited (no angles). Eventually I'll release other sets of cars, trucks, and buses (and textures) so eventually there will be a unified scale that can be enjoyed using my props.
  13. Hi guys. I had a bad surprise with some bixel buildings. It seems the same texture is missing in several of his buildings from thses two packs : Could someone using these tell me where this texture can be found ? Or is there a way to know in what dependency pack a particular texture is ? Thanks in advance !
  14. SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures

    Version 1.0.1


    KOSC presents: SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Introduction Take parking lots to the next level! SuperSHK MEGA Textures is the backbone of my Superparking Project, and combines the original Volume 1 alongside the newly complete Volume 2 set. This MEGA set combines both for the ultimate parking lot texture resource for SC4. Overview This combined set contains at total of 1281 overlay textures (352 from Vol 1). Volume 2 contains a mind-boggling 929 new overlay textures. This set focus on expanding the core aspects of Volume 1 while adding some rather ridiculous new options. As with before, many of the new textures influences were found primarily from around North America's tech centers including Overland Park, Denver Tech Corridor, Silicon Valley, and Irvine. Additionally, some other inspiration came from various locations around the UK, including Portsmouth - these were largely responsible for my designing of a bunch of UK-style road markings. As it is now officially part of this combined set, SuperSHK Parking Textures Vol. 1 is now obsolete! This set retains every single texture from volume 1 and provides some overall enhancements to a large amount of them, including the following: Smoother curves Alignment fixes Smoothing and resizing of existing road markings to maintain consistency Furthermore, the "Extra" textures included with both modular sets are also no longer necessary. To aid you in cleaning any leftover old stuff, there is a Cleanitol file included. You may also refer to it for manual deletion as well. Details These textures are broken into 8 DATs. The included resource guide offers more detailed explanations. DAT 1 - Ortho: Combines a ton of new pieces with the original Ortho set. Deals mostly with orthogonal parking and associated transitions. DAT 2 - Islands, Paths & Curbs: Combines the original set of Islands & Curbs with Paths (excluding markings). Adds many brand new curb pieces and transitions from various different parking types. DAT 3 - Diagonals: Combines the original set of Diagonal with new ones. Adds islands, offset diagonals and more orthogonal transitions. DAT 4 - Markings: Contains road marking goodness! Highlights include more block-end stop markings, pathing, and an entire section of UK-specific ones. Also comes with a way to transform standard parking spaces into "boxed" ones. DAT 5 - D-Types: Contains significant support of the original SHK diagonal-oriented spaces. Includes a full complement of transitions, curbs and some bonus special pieces including handicapped spots and an alternate style. DAT 6 - Combo Pieces: Adds an enhanced set of standard parking and curb textures with sidewalks and grass. DAT 7 - Miscellaneous: Includes some additional pieces that didn't quite belong elsewhere like parking-to-path transitions and S-curves. DAT 8 - Alternate Style: Adds an alternate orthogonal parking style in two colors. For Lotters Included is a resource guide containing a general breakdown of the set as well as a sample lot (found in the parks menu) and layout examples. There are also PIM-X groups included, for better organization and some time saving while digging through this massive set! Install Instructions Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. These should show up under the overlay texture section in the lot editor and PIM-X. Lotters, copy the contents of PIMXGroups.txt into your groups.ini file located in the PIM-X install directory. Dependencies None. This set will serve as a future dependency for my lots. While it is technically a standalone texture pack, SHK Parking Pack is very, very highly recommended to take full advantage. Credit to shokthrpy for the original set, which served as the template for me. It wouldn’t have been possible to create this without it! Additional thanks goes out to rsc204 & rivit for granting me tools to refine this development process, nos.17, Belfastsocrates, MushyMushy, T Wrecks for various texture tweaks and suggestions, and everyone that left a like/commented on any of my parking posts! Enjoy!
  15. Hello. I have a big problem finding dependencis - PEG security props.dat. I'm building a large Airport an wanted to have a fence - Airport Security Fence Addon-and -ASFA Expansion Pack1. Peg Security Fencing Kit it not the same at Peg security props.dat. Please Help.
  16. WB3KM Texture Pack 1

    Version 1.0


    This texture pack contains over 100 Lot Editor overlay textures. All of them are park paths compatible with the BSC Park textures, and many contain paths at the FAR2 angle of 26.6° relative to the SC4 grid. You can use these textures to create parks or other lots of your own, similar to the parks shown in my CJ, Nyhaven. To install this texture pack, simply unzip the file and move it into your plugins folder. There are no dependencies for this download. If you use these textures on a lot that you upload to an exchange, be sure to list this texture pack as a dependency. Thank you, and enjoy!
  17. Dependency Question

    Hello all! I really love the website here and I can't believe how much more fun I have since I've started using mods. What cool stuff, I think the creators here are so talented! But my question refers to dependencies. I seem to have a problem loading up simcity4devotion website properly, as I've never been able to make an account there on either of my computers, and you need an account to download any type of file there. Most of the dependencies I see lead me to that website. I guess I was just wondering why the dependencies are not here on this website? Or are they, and I'm just not finding them properly? I really wish I could use some of these other BAT models and such, but if I see that it requires anything else besides Day/Nite mods or NAM I kind of just leave it alone. Does anyone have any advice I could follow? Thank you everyone! (Kind of new here, but playing SimCity4 since it first came out^^ ) Katie
  18. SimCity 4 Buddy

    Version BETA


    Sorry if the frequent updates annoy you people. Now I actually have some time to work on this project again The SimCity 4 Buddy application aims to make life a little easier for SimCity 4 players out there. NOTE THAT THIS IS A BETA RELEASE Do NOT expect a fully functional tool with zero bugs. I have tried to break the program in every way I could imagine to see if it broke, but I may have overlooked something. * * * Now that that is out of the way, what does this program do? Features It has multiple purposes. This early version has the following features: Manage your user folders through a friendly user interface without having to mess around with folders and files manually. Let SimCity 4 Buddy install the plugins for you (dat, rar or zip files. Multi-volume rar archives (zzz.part1.rar, zzz.part2.rar) Launch the game with a specific user folder (i.e. a Paris region, SimMars, MTP, Futuristic etc.) Handle launcher command line switches through a user interface (stuff like no intro, no audio, 1 cpu, resolution, window mode etc.) Let SimCity 4 Buddy save your game at regular intervals Let SimCity 4 Buddy identify your plugins against the central database so you can easily manage your plugins onwards - Don't worry if all of your plugins aren't identified. The database is being constantly updated. Let SimCity 4 Buddy check if you are missing any dependencies (for plugins known to the central database) Check out the support thread below to see what features are to be implemented in the future (the dependencies stuff is quite nifty if I may say so myself) Guides, support, bugs and feedback: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/58814-the-SimCity-4-buddy-project/ Source code: https://github.com/IrradiatedGames/SimCity-4-Buddy-Project Server source code: https://github.com/asser-dk/SimCity-4-Buddy-Api
  19. Someone should really re-think the whole mods, bats, lots etc. system. It's really annoying to get files that have dependencies. 1 or 2 dependecies isn't bad if they're easy to find. But it really sucks when there's 10-20 dependencies often posted on various sites, needing to log-on to each site. And some dependencies are really hard / impossible to find making the mods/bats unusable. why not include all the dependency files and the bats/etc... in one package ?? then there's the problem of having all that clutter in plugins folder.
  20. Version


    The Statue Collection 01 started out the whole statue craze with a request to re-texture the whale, shark & dolphin statues used in the old RTK kit. It mushroomed into a larger collection of statues intended for use along beaches & the CDK3 shorelines... then expanded further to include a variety of both practical and whimsical statues. Pretty much anything we could put on pedestal and give a patina finish to... we made into a statue. Feel free to use them in the lots you develop and distribute. Enjoy!! * These custom props are free to use and distribute in lots your create for your own use or to publicly distribute. If re-distributed, please reference the original prop pack as a dependency. Do not copy and redistribute the original prop material. Most of the props are larger in-game than the their bounding boxes will indicate in the L0t Editor. Most notably, the statuues with longer tails may extend beyond the tile that the prop is placed on. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  21. The Classics



    The Classics is a collection of classic statue props that you can use in the Lot Editor to make parks, museums, art galleries... or whatever your imagination comes up with. Enjoy!! * These custom props are free to use and distribute in lots your create for your own use or to publicly distribute. If re-distributed, please reference the original prop pack as a dependency. Do not copy and redistribute the original prop material. Most of the props are larger in-game than the their bounding boxes will indicate in the L0t Editor. Most notably, the statuues with longer tails may extend beyond the tile that the prop is placed on. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.



    Pegrassic Park is a collection of dinosaur statue props that you can use in the Lot Editor to make parks... or whatever your imaginations comes up with. Enjoy!! * These custom props are free to use and distribute in lots your create for your own use or to publicly distribute. If re-distributed, please reference the original prop pack as a dependency. Do not copy and redistribute the original prop material. Most of the props are larger in-game than the their bounding boxes will indicate in the L0t Editor. Most notably, the statuues with longer tails may extend beyond the tile that the prop is placed on. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  23. PEG SNOW MOD 2



    Let it snow, Let it snow... Let it Snow!! The PEG Snow Mod has been completely revamped and updated to turn your cities into Winter Wonderlands. All the old separate mods have been updated and combined into a single download that will install everything into a single folder. Just move that folder in or out of your Plugins folder to turn the snow on or off. Everything is automatic. No need to bulldoze or replop. Just install the mod, fire up the game... and see your cities instantly transformed with a completely new look. There's plenty of new mojo under the hood, Boys & Girls. Not only has the number of converted textures tripled, the mod now turns off or changes many props and lots to snow covered versions. Trees get covered in snow, ponds freeze over to ice... and seasonal flowers and shrubs go away until you decide that Winter is over and Spring should be sprung. A large part of the mod is dedicated to converting MTP material. But if you do not use the MTP, fear not. Everything is in separate files and you can easily remove any part of the mod that you don't need or want to use. The mod focuses on soft textures (grass & dirt, etc) and leaves most of the hard surfaces (concrete & asphalt, etc) as they are to create that "snowed on but shoveled" look. The game will remain fully playable as you can still see roadways and other transit routes... and undeveloped zones will still be visible. Lets unwrap this puppy and see what you get: 1. The Main Mod. Contains snow versions of the game default textures and terrain textures. 2. The MTP Patch Mod. Contains snow versions of custom MTP textures. Also includes some extra mojo to modify certain MTP props and lots. 3. The Flora Fix. Turns off various game-default flowers you normally wouldn't see in the snow. Changes bushes to snow covered versions. Also converts game-default trees to winter versions; pines to snow covered pines and leafy trees to snowy leafless winter trees. Palm trees are converted to snowy pines. 4. Snow Covered Trees. Turns the PEG Pines into snow covered versions. Separate files for both the old and new versions of the trees. 5. Seasonal Tree Patch. Forces the PEG Seasonal Trees to remain in their winter state. 6. Mayor Flora Patch. Hides many of the PEG Mayor Flora menu ploppable props, such as super-detailing terrain textures, that do not look good with snow. It also hides the menu icons so you can't accidental plop what you can't see. 7. MTP Rural Avenue, Road & Street Patches. Separate patch files to make the MTP Rural Avenue, Road & Street mods blend better with the snow. 8. MTP Plaza Patch. Replaces the lot-sized plaza models with snow-covered versions. Iced over fountains, snowy trees & planters. Even the fence posts and rails are topped with snow. 9. OWW2 Patch. Converts the trees and parkways of the OWW2, Marina and Seaport Village lots to snow covered versions. 10. Diagonal Network Patch. Converts the straight sections of diagonal roads and avenues to not have the "zig-zag" staircase appearance when lots or zones are placed next to them. * Please consult the included readme file for more detailed information about each file included in the mod. * Please note that the Snow Mod creates a snow-covered effect by converting game ground textures to snow versions. While this mod converts all game-default and PEG custom textures to snow versions, it is not possible to also include snow versions of custom textures provided by other developers. However, the required base & overlay textures required to convert other textures can be copied from the mod and used by any developer who wishes to make compatible snow versions of their own textures. ** This file has no direct dependencies. However... the MTP patches require the installation of the various MTP components they modify. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  24. LBT Billboard Ads



    These are 22 lots of the billboards released in LBT TX PROP PACK VOL 01. The lots are very simple and don't have custom icon. The size is 1x1 and have a minimum monthly cost. They will appear in the Parks Menu ingame. Installation: Unzip the file to your plugins folder. Dependancy: LBT TX PROP PACK VOL 01



    Faster than a speeding Llama... ( a really old one... with gout )... More Powerful than my breath after a Tequila and burrito binge...... Able to leap tall brown gift boxes in a single install. "LOOK !! Up on the STEX !! Its a Mod !! Its a Lot !! Its... its..." "Oh forget it. Its just a dependency." You asked for it! And now you got it! The all-inclusive... the all encapsulating...one size fits all... MTP SUPER PACK !! * Tights & Cape sold separately. Tights void where prohibited. Do not wear capes near jet aircraft engines. Installation of the SUPER PACK may not enable you to fly. The MTP SUPER PACK combines all the standard MTP dependencies into a single download... and also includes a substantial amount of new material that will be used in future development. This file will be the primary MTP dependency listed on all future MTP lots. Please Note: This dependency contains no material that alters the appearance ofgame default props or textures... and will not interfere in any way with playing a non-MTP or rural themed city. The MTP SUPER PACK combines both MTP props and textures into a single download. However, it will install props and textures as separate files to make any future updates easier and faster. The MTP SUPERPACK replaces the following previous MTP dependencies... which can now be removed from your Plugins folder: * PEG Mountain Theme Pack ( PEG_MTP_RESOURCE_vol1.dat & PEG_MTP_TEXTURES_vol1.dat ) * PEG-MTP Texture Pack Volume 2 ( PEG-MTP_TEXTURES_vol2.dat ) * PEG-MTP Resource Pack 2 [beta] ( PEG-MTP_RESOURCE2_b102.dat ) * PEG Pine Tree Mod [ resource file only ] ( PEG-MTP_GM-TreeMod_RESOURCE ) ** This dependency has no dependencies. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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