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- - - - - (0.00) 0 reviews
8 downloads (61 views)
added Today, 12:43 PM
EN: Here you can download a further modified map of Travemünde. The region is kept flat so that you can create your own ups and downs. The course of the river mouth and the lakes you offer enough challenge to create this region according to your wishes.    Have fun with it.   ...
FILE: Maps

BusAngland 1.1

by HyugaHinata | View other files
* * * * * (5.00) 6 reviews
91 downloads (547 views)
updated Yesterday, 11:06 AM
Hi all ! i Present my mods Realistic Bus Angland in London
FILE: Vehicles
* * * * - (3.57) 7 reviews
77 downloads (1368 views)
updated Today, 06:33 AM
<p>This is a mod that modifies guides in order to reflect the road functionality.</p><p> </p><p>What happens to guides with this mod?</p><p>Edge guides always respect the road density: if you're placing a dirt road or a low density stre...
* * * - - (3.09) 8 reviews
173 downloads (2493 views)
updated 22 Jul 2014
Introduction   NoCarsForLowWealth modifies the Sim and SimCar packages and sets the number of possible sims for a Low wealth vehicle to be 0 - meaning that driving is no longer an option for low wealth sims.  They will be forced to walk, or use the tremendously hideously broken public t...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (4.79) 10 reviews
258 downloads (1288 views)
added 21 Jul 2014
"Rome wasn't built in a day". There's a saying that has been passed on for generations. And it's true, no major project can be done in a couple of hours.. except for building Metropolis in SimCity 4. You can literally plop paradise and create titanic skylines that belittle New York City and Shang...
FILE: Props
* * * * - (3.94) 4 reviews
250 downloads (1302 views)
added 21 Jul 2014
This is my first BAT, nothing really else to say but that the house is a 3x4 landmark that costs 1000 simoleons and has 40 simoleons worth of monthly payment.   Hope that this is a good start :)
* * * - - (3.40) 1 reviews
94 downloads (801 views)
updated 19 Jul 2014
Here is My Short Bus(based on the Orion V)that i made in 3dsmax for various games.This is the Sc4 Version.I just got back into modeling after a long time.This bus is finished for the most part except the windows which i will do soon & update. This bus is the short version fully text...
FILE: Props
* * * * * (4.93) 19 reviews
1,538 downloads (2526 views)
added 19 Jul 2014
108 St Georges Terrace (formerly known as Bankwest Tower) is a 50-storey office tower in Perth, Western Australia. Completed in 1988, the building measures 247 metres to the tip of its communications antenna. It was the tallest building in Perth from its completion in 1988 until 1992 when it was...
* * * * * (4.50) 14 reviews
510 downloads (4918 views)
updated 18 Jul 2014
This Mod removes perspective and DoF.  Make sure you don't have PMC (Camera Mode) selected in your settings  and game play options.  As this mode uses the default behaviors.   You will not only be able to get higher quality close ups of your cities without depth of field getti...
FILE: Game Mods
* * * * * (5.00) 26 reviews
2,182 downloads (7079 views)
updated 23 Jul 2014
    Added 82 additional parks under Parklets Menu !! (Only applies for HighRes users only) For LowRes users as well as non Akar users, all parklets will be stored under Parks Submenu's (Basic $, Nature $$, Formal $$$)       How to install?   1. Download Rar files....
FILE: Buildings
* * * * * (5.00) 7 reviews
984 downloads (1751 views)
added 18 Jul 2014
Hey guys :)   This mod adds a brand new module to your wind power plant: wind storage batteries! These batteries can store up to 50 MWh and matches the daily power output of the plant itself.   The module can be bulldozed and can be found in the wind power plant's module menu. It will b...
FILE: Buildings
* * * * * (5.00) 9 reviews
501 downloads (2765 views)
added 17 Jul 2014
Hey guys :) here's a traditional mod for you.   With this mod, you can now plop the freight rail terminal as a module for the passenger train station.   A video will be posted here soon.   How to install:   1. Unzip the file after downloading. 2. Copy and paste the .package fi...
FILE: Game Mods

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