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  • Large Bus By aldywaani

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    This just a simple Bus Asset modified from the default one. It can holds 60 passengers to reduce passenger spawning on Bus stops. It works!
    This bus is double sized it's default one, it will take about 1 1/3 of a single lane. I haven't tested runs Bus route thru small 2 lane roads with this. Only tested on 1 way Small Roads, and larger roads to highway.  So obviously it will overlapping thru all trees, lights, vehicles on it's other lanes in Small 2 Lanes road.
    It might impact on traffic conditions specially on small roundabouts.
    You can edit this Asset on Asset Editor to max out passenger capacity. Screenshot & asset_tooltip.png included
    Tested on 1.0.7c only
    General Tip:
    Don't create Bus Stop very close to junctions, or stop lights. (Passengers can walk to bus stops though)
    Please re-Load Saved Game after you activate from Content Manager To load this asset to avoid issues.