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  • Real Freightyard V2 By Fantozzi

    This small project was strongly inspired by the „SFBT Rangierbahnhof“ by Royal ( which I used to built up big railyards. So I tried to make something similar for Real Railway (included in the NAM).
    These means the engines are german/european style - but you could simply replace them in lot editor to make the lots fitting other areas.
    The props are timed - this means the trains appear and disappear from time to time, giving the impression of sweat and work and productivity.
    Sadly the engine models have no nightlight. If someone has an idear how to put some "overnight action" on the lots please tell me. Thank you.
    1 x functional freight station, size 5 x 7, capacity 6000 (tons per minute?)
    4 x single shunting tracks (right english word?), size 1 x 9. They can be connected to the rail system, but have no transport function. They have a small positive effect on economies.
    2 x shunting tracks with junctions, size 3 x 8, can be used alone or in combination with the single tracks.
    2 x filler lots, size 1x1.
    BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat
    BSCMegaProps - JES Vol05.dat
    1. Please make shure you have all required dependencies
    2. Unzip your dowload.
    3. Put both files RRW Freightstation 4x7.dat and RRW Freightyard.dat in your Plugin folder. Or take only one, if you don't need f.e. the station.

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