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      Urgent Request: Simtropolis Needs Donations To Keep Going   12/05/2016

      Hi Community As Simtropolis turns 14 years old this year, we're asking your help now more than ever to help us keep the site and everything you love about our Community and STEX up and running. A donation goes a long way to help us offset the costs of keeping the site up and operational. As you know, we're a completely community-driven not-for-profit website, but we do have to deal with some modest real-world expenses from month to month. Lately, we've been feeling a big pinch with a slump in donations, and we're hoping to drive that up so we can continue to keep the site running. In return for your donation, we're offering several STEX Collection Discs which you can learn more about here, if you wish to receive one. We would really appreciate your support by way of a donation of any amount in order to keep the site up and running. Of course, as always, we'll send you a gift with a minimum donation as a Thank You. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!  Donate Any Amount Here To Receive a STEX Disc(s) Donate a Specific Amount Here Sincerely; Dirktator & The Admins PS. Thank you to those who have stepped up and donated -- we really appreciate it!


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  • 120 Wall Street (DarkNite)   By Solid_Snake0911

    120 Wall Street is a skyscraper in Wall Street, New York City, Unite States  which was completed in 1930.The building is 399 ft (122 m) tall, has 34 floors, and is located along Wall Street, Pine Street and South Street. This is a version modeled in order to increase the amount of buildings available to build a region based on the New York architecture, starting by my perspective of this skyscraper. I modeled based on the plant view of the structure and it is not completely rectangular, actually i worked it in order to find a balance between a simcity version and the real one, that is why the right upper corner is out of the lot. I has thinking in recreate this block (hey, just thinking) of Manhattan with 120, 110 and 129 Wall Street as a long-term project. Down i give you the plant view that i used. Thanks for all the advises... I keep learning from you guys. https://res.cloudinary.com/view-the-space/image/upload/a_-90/v1355426990/prod_additional_floor_plan_photo_location_1vutckw08bots1jcolyeia.png Building Name:  120 Wall Street Building Type: CO$$ Occupants:  2616 Jobs Growth Stage:  8 Bulldoze Cost: 1746$ Construction Time (Days): 174 Fammability: 40 Max Fire Stage: 5 Air Pollution/Radio: 26/5 Water Pollution/Radio: 26/5 Garbage Pollution/Radio: 31/0  (31/6 in Darknite Version, Sorry) Power Consumed: 53 Water Consumed: 2268 Dependencies needed: