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  • (WARNING-UPDATED) STU Office - Growable 2x3 Lvl2 Office By Cool_Z

    Add (some) variety to your Office zones... with the STU Office building. 
    Some stats : 
    Grows on a 2 deep x 3 wide lot 
    1394 tris - 1024 textures 
    Custom LOD 78 tris - 128 textures 
    4 floors 
    Grows with two slightly different shades of emerald green tinted windows. 
    Purpose built to take the place of some of the small blue office buildings that grow everywhere like weed. 
    Growable commercial. Level 2 
    Thanks for your time, enjoy the game. 
    Cool_Z - Zed68

    Installation (Windows) :
    The .crp file inside the archive must be placed in c/:users/[yourname]/AppData/Local/Colossal Order/Cities_Skylines/Addons/Assets
    If there is no "Asset" subfolder you can create it yourself. (happens if you haven never created any new asset).
    If you can't see these directories, change your windows explorer options to "show hidden files and folders"