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  1. are you still releasing lots on ST? you came released absolutely amazing content then vanished.

  2. you still active on ST?

  3. Victorian Style El Rail Station

    A beautiful design...did you got architecture school?
  4. Highway Speedtrap Set

    Good thinking..
  5. Shmails Organic Market

    Great lot. Attaching the out buildings and farm land is a terrific addition to the concept.
  6. Christmas Tree Pack

    Great way to use the flashing light effects!
  7. NexisPeanutCorpOffice

    This is really sleek and original. Gorgeous.
  8. Navigarden

  9. Garden USA

    Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!
  10. Park and Playground Complex

    I love this lot. Real feel. Make sure those knock around guys don't throw you off the handball court. Putting it in my city now.
  11. NexisTerraceHousingProjectA

    The way you have been using the "terrace" concept as of late is quite interesting. This is the best "terrace" structure yet. Nice work.
  12. Reichstag

    This is really great. You created a very realistic building here. Good thinking.
  13. Statue of Victory

    I don't deserve this honor...but thank you.
  14. Church ruins

    BTW...is anyone working on the Great Wall of China?
  15. Church ruins

    This is really beautiful in it's simplicity. I can really sense the ghosts of this old building and the silence and solitude are deafening.