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  1. Thalys High Speed Train

    Right! - and indeed funny in the way you describe - explains why I stopped with the experiment - it's prompted me to remember that the textures had been rendered differently (90 deg out) on the HSL props - so the rotations come out wrong for some of the T21s (Network prop exemplars) used to make the poles show up. Also I think more than one person has contributed to the T21s so they're not all consistent either. How are your Prop and T21 exemplar editing skills? (rhetoric) I hadn't even tried the HSR ones. I'll send you a PM after having had a deeper look and formed some plan for fixing it. Better to carry on the discussion there. btw that's a good underlay for with MGB's reskin, and I like the custom HSR too.
  2. Thalys High Speed Train

    @JulianMIA Good news and bad news I'm afraid - Bad: the track on this image was made just for the straight although I kept the colorways for reference. Its not very far from my preferred colour scheme Good: In My Onedrive SC4Resources archive I've just put a file 201802 RUM for RRW - XCatenary.zip which contains instructions and the HSL prop exemplars. I don't know if they're completely OK because it was a quick experiment from about a year ago that I never formalized. Took me a little while to find them again. They use the default RRW catenary setup which, as you know, does have complete coverage.
  3. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    @simmaster07 - a truly brilliant piece of sleuthing and fixing, and a fun tale too.
  4. Show us Your Oddities!

    not only fake but also recursive news...
  5. The False News and False Science Movement

    The latest solution to fakin' it seems to make it even harder to believe... If you are advised that an article could be fake by an agency that relies on misdirection then what must you conclude? Nothing.
  6. Nice description of the problem and your environment. Nothing sticks out as yet. I have run the same GOG.exe on Win10 throughout without problems since Win10 came out and am now running Win10, 1709, AMD 7870. I'm running it at XP SP3 compatibility (its that old), as ADMIN, suppress High DPI scaling. At face value it feels like a device related problem on the machine - music looping suggests the exe has entered a loop somehow (the hang). - are there any entries in the Windows Logs (Computer Mgmt Event Log) that might suggest generic issues. Do any other programs exhibit the same problem saving? or with music playback.? Are you sure the latest device drivers are loaded - sometime new machines aren't quite up-to-date. (check Motherboard, Graphics, Disk devices, Audio Devices) Don't change anything until you are certain its the cause. Is it running off Slow Hard Disk or SSD? Intel or AMD machine? I'm presuming plenty of space. Have you got the Graphics adapter in the Video Graphics.sgr file? (Programs\SC4). - no special overrides by the graphics card app? with a bit of luck others have more ideas of how to pin this down.
  7. Show us your - Region

    see Brisvegas
  8. mipro

    Wasn't so much a discussion of Color Temperature but rather a look at Hue, Saturation and Value and the Gamuts that SC4 presents us. Ultimately things being rendered for SC4 are subject to the color setup in the game - which is not a full R8,G8,B8 bit color, but rather closer to R5,G6,B5 because of the compression in FSH files. The game does its best to reconstruct missing bits but has a truncated gamut What this means is, that no matter how much you try to get reality, you get SC4 reality and the true test of it is in the game itself. The article below from the archeology of the batting history shows something of the problem, and how to precompenste (up to a point) https://community.simtropolis.com/omnibus/SimCity-4/bat-lot-editor-tutorials/calibrating-photoshop-for-gmax-r60/ The newer rendering tools don't necessarily produce exactly this curve, and the quality of the FSH makers can also affect color. Ultimately the best way is to render a test object with multiple swatches close to the one you think you want, then pick the one you like best once its in the game. (i.e. render and select the best source afterwards). Aaaah modern science!! - trial and error. Even the maxis team had problems with color - the game renders different things by at least 3 different ways - BATS, terrain, Networks, Network Models , Day and Night are all rendered by variations which is another reason why color matching in game can be a nightmare. Further my eyes are different from yours, our color perception is learned not absolute eg. orange was just called red until about 500 years ago, the displays we use are different, etc etc. At a minimum use the defacto device standard colorspace sRGB IEC6 1966 2.1 through everything you do (camera, monitor, editors, printers etc) and most things will work out OK. Starting with good sources is surely a great help, but SC4 will nobble you when you least want it.
  9. Colossus Farming

    This is a massive mod and a testament to your sense of art, rigour and perseverance. As a long-time SPAMmer I now face a difficult choice, and a few rainy days to fill. I do hope I'm as lucky as Farmer Ruprecht...
  10. The False News and False Science Movement

    Discoveries of real patentable worth are seldom reported in full - in fact even so-called "scientific papers" often leave out a critical fact or detail to make sure copiers can't replicate it easily. Real advances are often hidden behind pay walls. The amount of "knowledge" available on the internet has shrunk over the last 20years - what was once free to reach for all is now owned for profit by few or presented so superficially as to be useless. At best we are presented with much speculation, fact free reporting, obfuscation and omission. Exaggeration always get attention. When benefits or advantages or gains are quoted or implied it must be remembered to divide them by at least 100 and conversely the negatives or sideffects or losses are often under-reported so multiply them by 100. This is especially true in politics and business but also in the crossover from science into technology - think the "AI revolution" which is really "analytics to spy to sell" Read as many "independent" sources as you can - you are going to have to synthesize the conclusions yourself.
  11. Show us Your Oddities!

  12. Finally!! I have uploaded/updated the latest RUM for RRW v5 which is to be used with NAM36 or later. Its a deep change so make sure you read the installation instructions. It will work with earlier NAM versions but will be incomplete as older RUM fixes have now been incorporated into NAM. So for optimal results upgrade your NAM to NAM36 as its been a big release for the Real Railway. 8 Additional viaduct skins can be found at the link above (6MB zip) (three posts back) I have also uploaded the previous RUM v4 there should it be needed for some reason Sources will be released in due course when the RRW Reskin is released. As always if you have questions or "finds" post them here - then everyone can see and act accordingly
  13. OK and Thanks , I will spend a little time being more observant of my actions as my post (in retrospect) was a bit ambiguous. From a mail notification (messages top right) I go directly to the pm, but from the left hand list of mail threads it always goes to the first entry in a thread of mail - pretty sure that used to be the last one or first unread. I probably click the Topic Titles - would not think to click on the Date - which would explain what I observe, so will try that out.
  14. Not sure if you've noticed this one or had it logged before (I did check) In previous times clicking a link in Recent activity or Mail would take you to that post that was the most recent end of the list of items. Now it always goes to the first. I've only noticed this the last two days or so - but I haven't been on a lot recently. Not critical but disorienting and irritating.
  15. Water mods an "side cut on the map"

    Cori "Sherlock" has certainly put us on the right track here It turns out that SC4 uses a number of textures and gradients in addition to parameters in the Terrain Exemplar to control how the water looks. Here are the textures: We know the Beach (Foreshore), Inshore (merged at the shallow waters) and Water textures. Less well known is perhaps the Bottom texture (merged at deep water). The next ones, and I certainly didn't understand this when I made the Coastal Modd, are the textures 69EFB6F8 and C9EFB727 which are 1x128 pixel gradient textures that control merging of colours in the sea and at the edges of the map. In the image above I've expanded these to 128x128 and separated the component color from the gradient - essentially the texture = color x gradient and then clipped to 1x128. Finally a Sun Overlay is put over the ocean - this manifests as shading changes as you rotate the map. In this second picture we can see top/left the default SC4 look, the changes at the edges when each of those textures are made white and an experiment I did after I worked this out. Most notably the texture 69EFB6F8 not only changes the edge of the map but also the body of the sea as it varies with water depth. What this means is that making the edges match the water can have more side effects than expected, and if these are made solid (no gradient) then the body of the sea will look fairly solid too. Attached finally is a little zip with enough content to try your own experiments. You will need GoFSH to make it into a basic Water Mod. I'll leave it to you to figure out how to make it yourself. Run the script when you've finished making the textures. Experiment.zip