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  1. Textures attribution

    That range is used in the Maxis set (simcity2.dat) - corresponding to grass used in the Golf course and some parks
  2. GoFSH and visible terrain grass

    hugues, If I understand you correctly, you want the grass in your parking textures to match the grass match in your terrain mod. For LOTS this means the Base Texture must match the terrain - which is hard to do exactly as they are rendered by different methods in the game. There may be color differences that cannot be resolved. There are two ways to (get close to) achieve this: 1) You can put the terrain grass you want into the textures in photoshop and then make base textures 2) You can change the grass in a set of textures to any other grass you want through GoFSH editing, then make base textures. ~~~ Method 1 is the simplest. If you have already made the color textures as one big picture of tiles, you can use slice'n'dice to make the textures in one go and you're finished. You do not need to make a separate D0 layer for this method. p21 in the manual -> Cut + Pack to dat. Method 2: is a lot more work but you can make any number of different sets: you need C0 and D0 layers, and then make a set of replacement grasses for using in the script. These go into then Userdata/GoFSH folder . p58 in the manual. You've done almost all of the work for this, but I can't tell if the replacement grass textures are OK or what else is going wrong. The exposure problem could be that the CYAN in the D0 textures is not 0, 255,255 i.e. too pale - this means not all of the grass is replaced, but I'm guessing. If this is what you really want to do, send me a link to the textures in a PM, and I can take a closer look with you to see how to move forward. You're almost there, and it's something small going wrong. ~~~~ Looking at your textures above, you seem to have the grass you want in the textures already so unless you want many variations I would use method 1 to finish the job. Load the tableau of parking textures (colour only) into slice'n'dice and then cut and pack them. One step and finshed. You will have a .dat of base textures.
  3. GoFSH and visible terrain grass

    Gadoonk, sorry to pop in again, but looking again I notice you're working with Lot Textures G=0986135E, not network textures. In this case if you wish to change textures through editing grass then the GENERATE=EDIT options are the important ones to use. Page 47-49 in the manual. In these cases for the D0 Cyan = grass, Green is paving, white is road or anything that should stay the same. In your examples only the grass should change. Numbering in this case is not important as we are taking one C0 and using its D0 to say how to change it. In your script GENERATE=EDIT22 and replace Grass20 and Paving20 in the dialogue. You do not need to use VARYING unless you have special requirements for shading, but if you do its probably VARY=GRASS.
  4. GoFSH and visible terrain grass

    Its quite possible that the following has occurred. The script you show, and your examples suggest that you are on the right track, but the numbering of the pieces is very important when using the Wealth generation options like GENERATE=W13. Wealthing (W13) takes the 7th digit of the ID and makes it 1,2,3 if it is 0 to start with. To do this you need C0,D0 textures that are numbered abdcef04-C0.bmp and abcdef04-D0. The 4 can also be 9 or E. If the 0 value in the ID number is not 0 then the generate output is hard to predict because it will not use that texture to generate a 1,2 or 3 texture. So first step is check that all of your c,d textures are numbered with a 0 in the 7th place. These will probably all be correct. Any starting textures with something other than 0 will have been treated as they go and may or may not have resulted in new textures. Your bottom example ending in... A9 is one of these. Also you have generated with W13F which will lead to fixed alpha result - normally use W13 for network textures to allow the game to change paving. Hope that helps a bit
  5. 3 word story

    thinking about the...
  6. 3 word story

    but not if ...
  7. From Windows 8.1 to... beyond

    I'm at the other end of the spectrum - Win10 Professional v1709 patched up to date which I do because I develop programs on it. I started at Win8 on this 5 year old machine and upgraded inplace through 8.1,and various versions of 10. Only the security change forced me to the GOG version of Simcity4 (which is nicely patched up to date too) - everything else kept working. After a graphics driver update failed oddly (BSOD) recently I was forced to reset a Windows installation for the first time. Much to my surprise the machine came back clean and faster than ever. (although I should have known blowing away and rebuilding the registry would make it quicker). I did have to reinstall everything not Windows of course, which forced me to clean up. All of the SC4 Tools work fine. Some of them do need careful setup (compatibility settings, patches or updates to libraries issued after they were made (.net, java, python)) - which is well documented here on Simtrop and will take time - but I haven't struck any that won't work at all. Whatever you move to will require reinstalling things. Despite all the noise about look and feel, Windows has technically continued to improve as a OS and program compatibility over extended timeframes is one of its strengths. Add a Solid State Drive to the equation and you wont recognise it.
  8. Chevrolet C7 Corvettes

    Nice ones again - more detailed than is obvious from these pics.
  9. As a word of warning here: Microsoft Defender has recently added AI (Automated Idiocy) to its scanning algorithms. This works by using completely different approach to scanning i.e. more probalistic than by signature. As a consequence some (seemingly trivial) VB.NET programs are now flagged as infected. This is a pain because Defender has actually done a good job for me on Win10 since it first came out. My adjunct program Gamut (a program in the GoFSH package) has been flagged as having a Trojan: Win32/Azden.A!cl marked as severe, and will be quarantined. Despite my submitting this to Microsoft for verification (result - is clean) it keeps getting flagged every time I compile it. So this may pop up for you at random. If this affects you I suggest you just remove it - it isn't going to end the world - its not an important program. If the problem doesn't stop I'll remove it from the package altogether.
  10. 3 word story

    said that cows...
  11. I have found that laying out the lot first (with say LE or PIM-X) - base and overlay textures and a basic building - and then TEing the lot is a convenient way to see what you're doing. SC4Tools displays the texture tiles of the lot so you can the see exactly which tiles are rail, road etc and what settings you have to make.
  12. The main thing it wants is the location of the SC4 Install FOLDER in Programs\Maxis\ or Programs x86\Maxis\. Browse to it, select the Folder and save (using the little Disk Icon). This may be located elsewhere if you have GOG or some other version. The other one it wants is User Documents:\Plugins - although this is usually found automagically. You will not see that you've selected the folder as the textbox stays black and the ink is black (), just select, save and pray
  13. 3 word story

    subversive sentences at
  14. I have struck this problem too as I had to reimage and reinstall my machine. It seems something in Win10 1709 works a bit differently now. I have fixed this by changing compatibility settings this way. You may still get the "default folders requester" but after selecting these and save, restarting SC4Tools should work with these settings.
  15. Gone FSHin'

    Just to confirm - redfox85 did highlight a bug which I hadn't seen in testing. The PNG texture he was using had transparency. Windows loaded this correctly, but saved it as an empty file after the color processing. Since I cannot change or bypass the underlying GDI+ code I cant remove the bug. From a deep search on the web it looks like Windows .Net (GDI+) will not save the PNG correctly if it has transparency which this does. All examples of saving PNGs avoid the issue. PNGs that have no transparency are OK. Ironically BMPs are correctly made from transparent PNGs but not going the other way. The GoFSH PNG<>BMP conversions always produce separate color and alphas for that reason. So I would always use the bmp path to color correction. Use GoFSH fsh<>dat to get the texture, unfsh it, color convert, enfsh it, (fsh<>dat) done You wont need to change any ids except GroupID if you're going from network to lot texture.