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  1. Pyynikki Observation Tower

    Nice:) So now we have two observation towers from city of Tampere :) http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=4191 btw, it's not a big deal but correct Finnish spelling of the name would be Pyynikin n
  2. JPN Diagonal Parks

    ^ I'll give you 10!
  3. SYM Prod Ympyratalo by prepo

    Great to see this here, thanks Bongo and others!
  4. TrianglePark Set diagonal

    HandsOff: Thanks informing me, I'll write about it in the description topcatdk: Yes, they got park effect. drdoe: Those are Euro road textures, nowadays part of NetworkAddOnMod (NAM) if I remember correct. I suppose my parks work as well without them too.
  5. OpenBooks Library

    Updated the EQ boost stat, it was 20, now it's 0,5. It's closer to other library BATs now.
  6. LORDI wall

    Lordi rulaa!!! You could put a night light there...that's why I gave you just 9. And why black and white screenshots?
  7. OpenBooks Library

    oh, then I need to put smaller values there.. I'll try to upload an update soon...
  8. Apilatalo

    if I remember correct, those lanes are part of NAM.
  9. OpenBooks Library

    the entrance is in the second smallest "book", glass doors you know :)
  10. OpenBooks Library

    Actually on that blank-looking wall has been written the word "Library" in many languages. (My apologies if i forgot some important languages or something is spelled wrong...) Parking lot is not transit-enabled.
  11. OpenBooks Library

    Version 1.01


    Yeah, it's a library. I made this originally for SYM prod. chained university project but it never progressed much further. Lot is size 4x4, plop cost is $3500 and monthly cost is max. $1000. Gives jobs for 100 librarians I think. No dependencies. UPDATE: Version 1.01, updated the EQ boost stat, it's now closer to other library BATs on STEX. To install, unzip the file into your plugins directory.
  12. Apilatalo

    noin niinkun ens euroviisujenkin kunniaksi... vois tuotakin harkita
  13. Apilatalo



    I originally made this building just to test omni night lights. It's a fictional building - someone said it looks like sci-fi greenhouse, but I thought more like an office building (you may call it what ever you like:) There is a ploppable version (Landmark, no jobs) and a growable co$$ with 921 jobs, at growth stage 7. Both of the lots are 4x2 size. No dependencies. To install, just place the unzipped folder in your plugins directory, if you don't want this to grow, remove the subfolder "Grow" or if you don't want landmark version, remove the folder "Landmark".